My Lucky Encounter From The Game Turned Into Reality Chapter 124

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Episode 124: Dream in the game becomes reality

31. Reorganization of power (4)

“Now that I think about it, my congratulations are late. “Congratulations on becoming the official president, not just a proxy.”

The presidential office of the Republic of Prius.

I offered my congratulations to the new President of Israel, Oscar Prius, who was sitting across from me.

For some reason, Israel, who went from being the commander of the revolutionary army to becoming president, shook his head with a stern expression.

“Looking at the election results, it is difficult to simply celebrate.”

“No matter what, isn’t winning a win?”

“If the other candidate’s corruption had not been disclosed as if someone had helped him at the end of the election campaign, he would have lost in the end.”

I smiled bitterly at his sorrowful appearance.

The reason why he reacts this way even after becoming president is simple.

This is because this presidential election, which was thought to be easy, turned out to be a mixed race.

First of all, since it advocates democracy, it is a good thing for the country and the people to have a variety of candidates to choose from.

However, the problem is that it was not those who played a big role in the revolution that formed a rivalry with the President of Israel, but a young extreme politician who revered the executed President Fairmont.

‘Ricardo Ordain.’

He, who announced himself as President Fairmont’s successor, was an eloquent speaker and agitator who denied the revolution and blinded the eyes of citizens.

He quickly rose to power by absorbing the support base of former President Fairmont, who remained influential throughout society, and caused a big stir in the political world by claiming that Israel, a member of the royal family, becoming president was a return to feudalism.

In addition, Fairmont said that he was a pitiful victim of the royal family’s conspiracy, exaggerated his achievements during his lifetime, and criticized him, saying that he could not understand why Louis Fairmont, who had acquired the fortune of Archduke Lucas, was handed over to the Brigham Empire.

At first, Israel also dismissed Ricardo’s claim as nonsense, saying, “What’s the problem?” The Fairmont father and son were clearly guilty and were punished for it.

However, no matter how proud one was, the destructive power of negative propaganda was beyond imagination, and later, public opinion became dominant that Ricardo Ordain should be supported as if it were a trend.

‘A force full of contradictions. But Ricardo’s supporters rationalized everything because they thought his actions were just.’

This is the moment when I realized how incomprehensible it is to be a person who closes his eyes, closes his ears, and only makes his own claims in a one-way street.

I thought that a new Prius Republic would emerge from the revolution, but with the advent of President Fairmont’s version 2, Israel fell into a major crisis.

If things continue like this, a strange man will take over as president, and the revolutionary army will be treated as traitors.

So in the end, I had to step forward.

Through Blue Moon, all of Ricardo’s wrongdoings were revealed without fail, and even the contents were revealed through the SNS that he usually used.

“Don’t get too hung up on it.”

As a result, it turned out that Ricardo was not called President Fairmont’s version 2 for nothing.

People said it was a conspiracy theory and supported Ricardo until the end, but there were no more people among the general public who changed their minds and said they would support him.

As a result, Israel won the election with a margin of about 5%, and they were able to sit together like this.

“But we will have to work hard to prevent Ricardo from becoming the next president.”

“Whoa, that’s right.”

Even though he didn’t say it, he seemed to know that it was I who helped him.

Thanks to this, our relationship became stronger, and I was able to grant a somewhat unreasonable request.

“Anyway, Duke Lawrence seems to be very interested in foreign affairs.”

Naturally, we looked at Princess Xia Lin, who was receiving Arcia’s passionate gaze.

For some reason, it looks like Arcia is glaring at Princess Sia.

In response, Princess Xia only let out an awkward laugh, like a gentle sheep in front of a wolf.

“You happened to be holding the card I needed.”

“You mean tourmaline?”

“Did you notice?”

“Didn’t they take away a large-scale tourmaline mine from me on a 50-year lease? Even expensive opal is mined in our mine.”

“Oh, you’re tearing it apart. And there wasn’t much opal left?”

Two gifts I agreed to receive from him in exchange for helping him with the revolution.

One was an Auror Master rental ticket, and the other was a tourmaline mine.

So he made this analogy.

“What on earth are you planning to use tourmaline for?”

Why collect tourmaline?


Because it was a means of earning me a huge amount of money.

A means of profit that could possibly drain the empire’s national budget.

“It’s a secret.”

But is it okay to reveal that?

I know that he has a good sense of humor and is secretly collecting tourmaline after me.

Basically, you shouldn’t talk about making money, even to your family and friends.

He licked his lips regretfully.

“Mr. President.”

“Is there a problem?”

“The Minister of Military Affairs of the Kingdom of Roberto is asking to see you.”

And then.

The reason why we gathered together like this has emerged.

“Oh, it’s fast?”

Israel asked me after the secretary’s report.

“I guess we can just put him here, right?”

“Yes, you can do that.”

“You really have a bad personality.”

“Because I have a tendency to be merciless towards villains.”

Israel told his secretary to bring him in, and then the Minister of Military Affairs of the Kingdom of Roberto appeared, accompanied by a male adjutant and a beautiful secretary.


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“It is an infinite honor to meet His Excellency the President of Israel. I am Unduin, Minister of Military Affairs of the Kingdom of Roberto… … .”

The Minister of Military Affairs was a fat man who looked completely incapable of fighting.

He bowed to Israel in a servile manner, but then reacted incredulously at the thought that there were many eyes looking at him.

Next, the Minister of Military Affairs, who found Princess Xia Lin among the people who greeted him, stiffened his expression and trailed off.


“This is Grand Empress Unduin. “That person is His Highness Duke Lawrence of the Kingdom of Reinharts.”

The Minister of Military Affairs, Grand Empress Eon Duin, seemed to have had some sense of what was going on.

“This is disappointing. Her Royal Highness. Are you really trying to win the lottery by using foreign forces?”

“That’s not what you’re going to hear. “Emperor Eon.”

When I saw that the two people were not hiding their hostility towards each other, I spoke to the President of Israel to support Princess Xia.

“Mr. President of the ‘foreign power’ Republic of Prius? “What did I come here for?”

“well. What do you think of His Highness, the Duke of the ‘foreign power’ Kingdom of Reinharts?”

“Couldn’t you have come here to start a fight? ‘We, Roberto’s Kingdom, will never forgive an invasion by a foreign power with our will to fight to the death!’ like this?”

“Hmm… .”

The Minister of Military Affairs, whose face turned white, was greatly embarrassed by the sight of the two of us getting along so well.

“no. “I have come only to ask you, Mr. President, to support the new kingship of our Roberto Kingdom.”

“Is that so? “I thought they were trying to declare war because they were treated like a foreign power right in front of me.”

Israel’s answer made the Minister of Military Affairs break into a cold sweat, take out a personal letter and hand it to him.

Paper personal letters are not common these days, but there were some people who insisted on using paper for security reasons.

When I looked at the contents of the letter using the Mangyeong’s clairvoyance function, I did not know if it was really written by the Empress Dowager Moon, but it was written as an asshole show containing all kinds of rhetoric.

In conclusion, I will give you 500 trillion won and tell you to get out of this matter.

“Can the Kingdom of Robert really give you this much money? “This is almost equivalent to the national budget, right?”

Certainly, 500 trillion won doesn’t feel like it’s too rushed.

Even based on our Kingdom of Reinharts, it was about 30% of the annual budget.

At best, it was an excessive amount for the Kingdom of Robert, which had about half of our kingdom’s economic power.

“Considering the future of our kingdom, it is an unavoidable expense. “Wouldn’t it be okay if the Republic took care of me that much?”

Even if you rub your hands with a confident expression, there is no trust.

And he seems to be misunderstanding something. There are relationships in this world that cannot be resolved with money alone.

Moreover, Israel would not know that the burden of funds is the burden of the people.

“great. “I accept it.”


“Oh, you thought well.”

However, it was Israel who easily gave in to the other party’s proposal.

At that, I gushed out the tea I was drinking, the Minister of Military Affairs’ expression brightened, and Princess Xia’s face turned red as if it were going to explode.

“I guess it’s up to me how I spend that money, right?”

“of course. “The moment it leaves our hands, that money belongs to the Republic of Prius.”

“Then, please put the money into Princess Xia Lin’s account here.”


“If you do that, our republic will not get involved in the affairs of Roberto’s kingdom.”

I did something unbecoming, and it looks like I was angry at their suggestion.

In any case, the Republic’s army was just a threat and had no real intention of moving, so only Princess Xia Lin was making a lot of money.

‘It’s a novel method of bullying?’

The Minister of Military Affairs was very embarrassed.

If the president’s proposal was followed, the purpose would be accomplished, but it would be like entrusting a large amount of money, equivalent to the national budget, to a political opponent.

“why? “Didn’t you say that no matter how I spend the money, it’s my heart?”

“Can I come and discuss your thoughts with His Majesty the King for a moment?”


In the end, perhaps because his head was overloaded, he said that and left the President’s office as if running away.

I chuckled after they disappeared.

“I almost misunderstood for a moment.”

“I decided to live for the people. “I can’t suck the blood of the people of another country, can I?”

His proud appearance is dazzling.

If it were me, I might have thought about eating first.

“And that money looks nothing but spoiled. “If I eat it, it will cause indigestion and make me vomit again.”

As he said that, he pointed at Princess Xia with his chin.

Princess Xia waved her hand, saying she was sorry for misunderstanding.

“Oh, no. “How can I?”

It’s definitely not wrong.

If she gets reinstated with my help, the first thing she will do is try to get back the government treasury that was inadvertently lost.

If that happens, it will lead to a legal dispute between the two countries, which is a big poison for Israel and the revolutionaries, whose image is important.

“Well, they seem like greedy pigs. “You can’t believe they’re pouring money in right away.”

Israel also nodded as if he agreed with what I said.

After a while.

The Minister of Military Affairs returned with a pale complexion, as if he had heard harsh words from Empress Moon.

“great. Instead, we will give the money to the President of Israel. After that, I won’t care whether you hand it to Princess Xia or use it in any way.”

Israel said he understood and accepted their offer, but he once again showed an expression of boredom.

It’s an amount that would make even the Republic, a large country, shake its hands, but they don’t hesitate to spend it to preserve their position.

Israel received the money and immediately handed it over to Princess Xia under the pretext of a refund.

The look on his face made it seem like he didn’t want to get involved anymore.

“You better be careful, princess.”

“It is you.”

Thanks to this, Princess Xia Lin’s ransom price unexpectedly rose sharply.

They probably think that if they capture Princess Xia, 500 trillion won will follow.

The Minister of Military Affairs, who seemed angry, left and I got up together with Princess Xia Lin and Arcia.

“Are you planning on moving right away?”

“Yes, that person seems useful in many ways.”

Israel didn’t do much, but he said he was tired and sat down to see us off.

“The Duke of Lawrence is like a typhoon.”

“That’s too much praise.”

“It’s not a compliment, is it?”


As we left the presidential palace, we secretly followed Minister of Military Affairs Un Doin.

* * *

I don’t plan on investing much time in this case.

We plan to quickly hit their heads and deal with the instigators.

However, in order to do that, advance preparation is necessary, and the seemingly easy-looking Minister of Military Affairs was chosen as the subject of that preparation.

He was neither a knight nor a wizard, but an ordinary politician who rose to his current position through flattery and lobbying, so he seemed like the perfect person to exploit.

“What do you plan to do?”

“I plan on shaking it up for now.”


“Originally, when a rebellion succeeds, it is called a revolution, but a rebellion that only pursues profit without faith lacks one thing.”

“You mean trust?”

“you’re right. There can be no trust between forces united by betrayal. “I am sure that if even a small spark is thrown, internal division will occur on its own.”

I set up a tea table in the mountains overlooking the mansion of Grand Empress Unduin, Minister of Military Affairs, and consoled Princess Xia Lin, who seemed very worried, while drinking tea.

“Did you call me?”

A man approached our table, and Princess Xia trembled when she saw his face.

“It is time for Sir Auguste to step forward.”

“Please order anything.”

A face reminiscent of a clown and a suit as bright as blood.

He was Auguste Nox, who summoned the highest level spirit of the spiritual world.


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