My Lucky Encounter From The Game Turned Into Reality Chapter 122

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Episode 122: Dream in the game becomes reality

31. Reorganization of power (2)

Princess Xia Lin.

She is the second princess of Robert’s Kingdom on the Triton continent, which can be said to be Rondel’s version of Asia, and a woman who won the title of Pearl of the East in the last saintess contest.

She is 19 years old and has a small body, but she is talented, passionate, wise, and a proper royal who knows how to take care of the common people.

I don’t really have any rational feelings for her, but I don’t know if I was attracted to her because of her Korean-like appearance that reminded me of my past life, or if I liked her because she resembled a singer, but she was a person that caught my eye quite a bit.

Every time I saw Princess Xia Lin, I couldn’t help but feel sad.

This is because she was typically a person with ability, but whose surroundings did not support her.

Princess Xia Lin’s country has a low international status compared to the title of the loser of the Triton continent, so it is a neighborhood drum that gets hit and run, and due to the domestic situation where the nobility is stronger than the royal family, it seems that it is carrying too much on its small shoulders.

I wanted to help if possible.

But I didn’t actually reach out to her because my feelings for her were nothing more or less than pity.

As the contest ended with Ivril’s victory, she returned to her home country with nothing to gain, and as about a month passed, interest in her faded.

‘Princess Xia Lin escaped with serious injuries?’

However, the moment the Minister of the Palace of Internal Affairs heard the news about her, her evaluations and feelings that had been forgotten for a while came to mind, and a feeling of discomfort bloomed along with them.

‘Who touched the poor kid?’

Forgetting that I was in front of the King, I walked up to the Minister of the Palace and asked a question.

“Where is the emergency teleportation gate?”

In response to my question, the Minister of Palace Affairs belatedly covered his mouth with his hand, but when I looked at him intently, he broke into a cold sweat.


“Yes, Your Majesty. “I will go.”

And Michael, who was taking the handover as well as teaching, approached me and said.

“He is someone who participated in the contest, so you must be familiar with him. Would you like to come with me?”

“Yes, shamelessly.”

“Your Highness, but that place is strictly managed within the royal castle… … .”

As expected, Michael, who was quick-witted, scratched the itch.

However, the subsequent reaction of the palace affairs minister brought a coldness to my eyes.


It was as if permission was given the moment the Crown Prince suggested that they go together.

When Arcia and Gregory, who were by my side, looked murderous, he turned pale and quickly backed away.

“The emergency teleport gate is located in the basement of the Rose Palace. Shall we go quickly?”


Instead of walking down the hallway as if it was normal, the crown prince led the way to the palace interior minister’s room located outside the throne hall.

He then took out a suspicious-looking switch from his pocket.

There are only three areas in the castle where teleportation is possible, and except for those three areas, teleportation is basically impossible.

However, the switch he had was to temporarily disable the teleport obstruction spread out in the castle.

When the crown prince and the second prince were fighting over the throne, it was often used to avoid the attention of enemies, but it appears that it has not been discarded yet.


As soon as I saw the switch, I cast a teleportation spell, and the crown prince gave me the movement coordinates.

When the Crown Prince moved, naturally Count Acres, who became the leader of the 2nd Guard Knights, and his subordinates were with him, so more people had to be moved than expected.


Teleportation occurred, and the surrounding scenery changed in an instant.

“Get out of the way.”

There I found Princess Xia Lin being treated by the wizards manning the teleportation gate.

She had suffered such serious injuries that ordinary heels could only provide life-sustaining treatment.

None of his limbs were broken, and a long piece of metal of unknown origin had penetrated his abdomen.

Honestly, it’s a wonder he didn’t die.

As soon as the wizards spotted me, they quickly retreated.

“Princess, what happened?”

I looked down at her with calm eyes and began to take action.

First, the metal that penetrated the abdomen was lightly broken down into powder and measures were taken to prevent it from flowing inside.


Next, I used recovery magic.

Then the tattered organs and broken bones were put back in place.

‘It’s not enough.’

But I had to bite my lip.

Recovery was a healing spell, not a revival spell.

The extent of her injuries was not something that could be treated with recovery.

“The Duke of Lawrence… … .”

“Princess, are you awake?”

However, even though her condition was not completely healed, Princess Xia Lin woke up and called me.

“help… … please… … .”

No, I didn’t wake up.

Her blurry eyes were still motionless.

Princess Xia Lin’s words were reflexive and no different from drooling.

But the moment my name came out of her mouth, I felt like the cord of reason was suddenly broken.


I immediately picked her up and chanted the teleportation spell again.

“I will take her with me.”


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Notification, not request.

Nevertheless, the crown prince nodded as if he understood.

“Now I see you were the duke’s guest. All right. Do by that way.”

“thank you.”

Did he have no choice but to accept it because he didn’t want to confront me?

Or is it because I decided that I was the only one who could treat her?

Despite my rudeness, the Crown Prince said just that.

“Please wait a little while.”

As soon as he answered, the teleportation spell was completed, so I immediately moved to the secret space of the duchy with only Princess Xia Lin, Arcia, and Gregory.

* * *

A vast space blocked on all sides that cannot be entered except through teleportation.

As soon as I got there, I used the 8th circle magic I had been saving.


If there is Recovery in the 7th Circle and Resurrection in the 9th Circle, there is Revive magic in the 8th Circle.

If the 7th circle heals illness and injury, the 8th circle’s Revive is a regenerative magic.

Even the lost body is completely restored.

Currently, the princess’s organs were not at a level that could be treated with recovery, so regeneration magic was needed.


A light and energy incomparable to Recovery dwelled in Princess Xia Lin.

Revive healed the princess at a rapid rate as it had an effect comparable to Elixir.


I breathed a sigh of relief as the light faded and I saw her in perfect condition.

The princess looked so sad that I almost used Revive in front of the crown prince without realizing it.

However, my last ray of reason changed the Revive spell to teleportation, and thanks to that, I was able to heal her without revealing my state.

‘We still need to prepare to reveal that we have become Circle 8.’

No one would be convinced if I told you that I became the 7th circle at age 20 and the 8th circle at the age of 21.

Although there was only one level difference between the 7th and 8th circles, the gap was very large.

Naturally, many people would associate it with Archduke Lucas.

It was safer to announce that Arcia, a swordsman, had become the Grand Master rather than me, a wizard.

“What? “What’s going on?”

At that time, Bug, who had modified the maid’s uniform to his liking, flew in from afar on a hoverboard accompanied by two knights.

“Aren’t you an outsider? Are you crazy? “I always admonish you to be careful with me!”

Seeing the guy nagging me as if everything was going well, I signaled to the driver standing behind Bug.



Then the knight delivered a body blow to the bug’s side.

“I’m sorry, I want to beat you up if you nag me like that.”

“Bwak! This bastard… … .”

The knights following her were actually master-level autonomous vanguards obtained by clearing level 8 of the Giyeon Quest.

Simply put, it means a vanguard robot with master-level strength.

And this space with those two and the bug was also the underground base Hecate, which was a quest reward.

[Underground Base Hecate]

-A closed underground base where no one except authorized personnel can enter.

-Ability to move through space on its own

-Not affected by surrounding environments such as underwater, underground, or lava fields.

-Coordinate tracking disruption function

– Sky Fortress repair function

-Wide: 3㎢, height: 200m

I asked Bug, who was getting up grumpily.

“Have you done your homework?”

“Well, okay.”

“Those two are like your subordinates, so teach them hard.”

“Load? haha! okay!”

The homework I mentioned is upgrading the artificial intelligence of the two autonomous Vanguards.

In fact, it was not an upgrade, but a simple labor of teaching various things through the learning function.

Although I was anxious about entrusting this kind of work to a very smart guy, I gave him the job as a test because bugs work well with artificial intelligence and can be reset if something goes wrong.

However, I was surprisingly good at handling things, so I thought it wouldn’t be a bad idea to form a unit centered around bugs.

Bugs, who were born in the virtual world, are no different from hackers in the heavenly world, and no matter how foolish they act, in the online world they have shown the second best information gathering ability after Chester.

I think it would be quite useful to have him as an operator and use the autonomous vanguard.

“huh? “Let’s go right away?”


I came here while blindly looking for a place to use the 8th Circle magic, but if Princess Xia Lin finds out my secret, it will only become more dangerous.

When I stood up and picked up the princess, Bug reacted with disappointment.


I said, throwing a ring to the bug.

“what? Propose?”

“shut up.”

I held back the fist that almost went out for a moment and explained the function of the ring.

“It’s a teleportation ring connected to the lord’s castle. “If you need anything, the Yeongju Castle will take care of it.”

“Oh oh! “I thought you were locked up!”

“It’s because you keep doing stupid things.”

The guy shouted hurray with an excited expression.

I burst out laughing at the sight of such a bug.


However, seeing Princess Xia Lin tossing and turning as if she was having a nightmare, his expression hardened and he quickly headed to the Lord’s Castle.

* * *

‘Abama! ‘Oh my!’

In deep, deep darkness.

Princess Xia Lin screamed as she watched her parents being sucked into the swamp of flesh and blood.

However, her screams only lingered in her throat and did not come out of her mouth, and her body did not move freely, as if it were trapped.

Princess Xia Lin struggled and stretched out her arms to save her parents, but the two people rejected her as if they were rejecting her.

[Buy it.]

And with those last words, her parents completely disappeared and she was devastated.

‘sir… princess… … princess… … .’

But then.

A ray of light came down along with a warm voice as if comforting her.

When Princess Xia Lin looked up at the light in a daze, the darkness and blood swamp surrounding her suddenly disappeared and a pure white space appeared.

“thank god. “You’ve come to your senses.”

The hem of the curtain fluttering in the wind with the scent of grass.

Sunlight seeping through the curtains.

A young man with silver hair shining in the sunlight was relieved as he looked down at himself.

“Duke Lawrence.”

“Yes, princess.”

“uh? Duke Lawrence?”


Is it because I just woke up?

Her dazed mind returned and she stood up straight away.

Only then was Princess Xia Lin able to look around and realized that this was not the Triton Continent, but a building from another culture.

“W-Where is this place?”

“This is the guest room in my lordship’s castle.”

“If it’s the duke’s permanent castle… … . You mean the Kingdom of Reinharts!?”

“That’s right.”

For her who looked somewhat confused, Adrian informed her that she had entered the country through the emergency teleport gate of the Kingdom of Reinharts.

“Why am I here? I’m obviously trying to get help from the Republic of Prius.”

But she couldn’t speak until the end.

As mentioned, the princess tried to ask for help from the Prius Republic, which supported the royal family of Robert’s Kingdom.

However, this means that she, who was on the verge of losing her mind, chose the Kingdom of Reinharts, not the Republic of Prius, as the target of help.

The princess could not understand her choice, and while looking for a reason, she blushed when she saw Adrian staring at her.

‘Could it be because of personal feelings, not political judgment? ‘What kind of disgrace is this?’

When the princess beat herself on the head as if reprimanding herself, Adrian snatched her arm and said,

“I personally investigated what happened.”

“yes… … .”

She thought that if there was a mouse hole, she would want to hide there.

There was no significant connection between Adrian and her, except for the fact that they were competitors in the saintess contest.

From his perspective, he was a stranger, nothing more, nothing less.

No, rather, it was a burden worse than others.

A burden that will only embarrass him politically.

But Adrian’s next comment was unexpected.

“I will help you find your kingdom.”



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