My Lucky Encounter From The Game Turned Into Reality Chapter 12

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Episode 12: Dream in the game becomes reality

4. Time to grow (2)

I quickly took off my headgear and was able to see a large man being held by the wrists by Arcia in the familiar scenery of the container barracks.

“Lord Dalton?”

He was the Vanguard who spoke bitterly to me on the levitating train.

Dalton quickly tried to shake off Arcia’s hand, but it didn’t budge.

“What strength a woman has!”

I took out the Mangyeong that was lying next to the bed and used it.

And I had to frown after looking at Man-kyung’s information, because Dalton’s condition included sexual desire.

‘Huh? This bastard… … .’

After making Arsia take her hand away, I pushed him away.

“You’ll have to explain well what the situation is.”

If he enters my room without a justifiable reason, no matter how much of a Vanguard he is, I cannot tolerate him.

“As a guard, I was just trying to check on the master’s condition while he was playing a game for a long time. But this woman is everything!”

When Dalton got angry, I expressed my feelings by kicking his joint.

“Tsk! what?”

Could it be that he didn’t expect me, who was just smiling like an idiot, to react like this?

Dalton was greatly embarrassed.

“I told you to leave a message if anything happens, right? And even if you don’t need to check, Arcia is waiting next to me. “Please come up with a more plausible excuse.”

How should I understand this, as he is trespassing into my room without my permission as the commander and acting lord of the brigade?

Moreover, everyone knows that I have been the victim of an assassination attempt.

“Why are you trying to assassinate me?”

“Isn’t that harsh? “What do you think of Dalton, the Vanguard!”

“Then you’re going to have to convince me of your actions, you idiot.”

I don’t think there’s any need to be polite to a guy who doesn’t respect me.

I withdrew my courtesy and kicked the joint again, and as there was a commotion inside, the drivers waiting outside came rushing in.

“Arsia. “What exactly happened?”

You can tell through Mangyeong that he wasn’t just trying to convey the division commander’s orders.

At my question, Dalton’s bloody eyes turned to Arcia.

An atmosphere that tells you not to say unnecessary things.

However, threats had no effect on Arsia, a homunculus.

“You tried to separate me from Adrian.”

“Does that mean he was trying to drag you away?”

“That’s right.”

The first emotion I saw through Mangyeong was sexual desire.

Even so, there was no way he would show abnormal sexual desires toward me, the master’s child, so it was not difficult to figure out that the target was Arcia.

That’s because all the knights know that once I log into the game, the beautiful Arcia just sits next to me for 4 to 5 hours without budging.

Moreover, since Arcia was a commoner by nature, she probably thought she could silence her as much as she wanted.

‘All the knights outside must have been in the same boat.’

This clearly shows how little I am looked upon in my family.

But he forgot one thing.

The fact that this is not territory.

Cedric, a strong supporter of the Knights, is not here, and not only have I been given the authority of brigadier general by the government, but I am also the acting lord who participated in the war on behalf of my father.

“Are you framing me now!? young master! Are you suspecting Vanguard of being framed by a woman whose origins I don’t even know where she came from?”

That damn Vanguard.

I smiled at the sight of Dalton holding out his flippers until the end and held out my hand to Arcia.

She understood what that meant, pulled out the dagger hanging from the waist of her military uniform, and handed it to me.

“Violation of military discipline. No, this is the worst, right?”

Thanks to this, the atmosphere in the room was greatly disturbed, but I paid no heed to it and pointed my sword at Dalton and gave an order.

“Come on. “One step forward.”

My sword is aimed straight at Dalton’s abdomen, so if he takes a step closer, it has no choice but to dig into his black skin.

“Are you out of your mind?”

“Brigadier, please calm down first.”

Dalton snorted as if that was some bullshit, and the knights around stopped me.

“Calm is bullshit.”

Nevertheless, I stood still and lifted the tip of my sword.

Thanks to this, everyone who sensed that this was not a simple threat was left speechless.

I haven’t put up with it because I have a good personality.

I killed my personality just to survive.

Since Anna and Cedric didn’t touch this place, I didn’t have to worry about what others thought.

‘I just happened to have a good cause, so I should grab it.’

* * *

“B, Vice Captain William!”

William, the vice-captain of the Knights of Lawrence and the commander of the expeditionary force, looked at his subordinate running in fright and expressed his doubts.

“What’s going on?”

Could this be an open war?

Otherwise, William thought there was no reason for his subordinate to be so surprised.

But what followed was so unexpected that he had to believe his ears.


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“The Brigadier will appear immediately.”


“Brigadier General. “You have to go quickly.”

William let out a laugh.

Because I never thought that there would come a day in my life where I would hear such instructions from Adrian.

I can’t believe the master ordered him to come and go.

“Why are you so restless?”

“There is an uproar that the Brigadier General is executing Sir Dalton. “You have to go quickly.”

What kind of ghost talk is this?

William could hardly understand what his subordinate was saying.

I had no choice but to move forward at the urging of my subordinate, who said that I would find out once I got there, but I did not lose my composure.

however… … .


Upon arriving at Adrian’s residence, what greeted William was a fiercely flying bloody dagger.

William took the sword without any hesitation, but when he found out that it was Adrian who had thrown it, his frown narrowed.

“Didn’t you hear me tell you to jump back quickly?”

And then I saw Dalton kissing the floor, clutching his bleeding abdomen.

“Can you please explain what the situation is?”

Adrian sarcastically looked William straight in the eyes.

“I don’t understand the idea that a knight would harass the commander’s woman. “What do you think, vice-captain?”

Naturally, William looked at the knights around him to see what this meant, and when the men assigned to guard Adrian avoided their gaze, he realized that Dalton and they had made a mistake.

“What on earth are these kids thinking!”

William urged his subordinates with a stern expression.

And he honestly admitted his mistake and asked Adrian for forgiveness.

“It all happened because of my lack of management. I’m really sorry. “Please show leniency.”

Seeing his common sense, Adrian briefly clicked his tongue and pushed Dalton, who was making a groaning sound with his face on the floor, with his foot.

“I am stripping Lord Dalton of his position as Vanguard. After retrieving the weapon, place it in the dungeon. And since those three knights are also accomplices in allowing Sir Dalton’s intrusion, let’s send them to prison as well.”

“… … .”

“As long as I am the commander, I will not accept any objections.”

I was reluctant, but I couldn’t refuse because the situation was not good right now.

William nodded, saying he understood.

Adrian came up to him and tapped his shoulder.

“This is not territory.”

William stood still and said nothing until Adrian left the room.

“I can’t use this room because of the smell of blood. “I will move my residence to the next room, so have the servants sort it out.”

The knights looked at Dalton’s injuries while looking at William, and the atmosphere around them became heavy.

“Is that what nature is?”

Talk to yourself, not ask someone.

It was an extremely unpleasant situation for William, but for some reason, the corners of his mouth were drawn into a straight line.

‘It must have been difficult to live with it until now.’

It was William who thought he should change his evaluation of Adrian.


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