My Lucky Encounter From The Game Turned Into Reality Chapter 119

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Episode 119: Dream in the game becomes reality

30. Giyeon Quest Stage 8 (3)

[You will be moved to a secret space by Ariel.]

A forced transmission message that follows when you reach the Giyeon Quest target level.

It’s already been more than half a year since I saw this message.

It took about a month to raise from level 1 to 150, and 2 months to raise to level 151 to 200.

And since it took about half a year to raise levels from 201 to 250, the period in which I was in the 7th circle was longer than the period in which I was not in the 7th circle after learning the talent.

As with all RPG games, the experience required increases exponentially as the level increases, but the inability to participate in party play or raid battles, which become natural after level 200, took more time than regular users.

[This is the first floor of Manuel Lucas’ Magic Tower.]

“Arsia, let’s fill it up with blood quickly.”


“But shouldn’t bugs also be seen as half-officials? “It would be nice if he could enter the Giyeon Quest subjugation mission, but he is not an official and cannot enter.”

“Even if I was able to enter, wouldn’t I have died this time and couldn’t come in?”

“Oh, that’s right.”

Even after absorbing all the power, I plan to hide the fact that I am Archduke Lucas’ successor as much as possible.

It’s bothersome to turn the Bringham Empire into an enemy, and I need some free time to increase my strength after resolving the situation.

If we are inevitably caught, we will respond accordingly, but revealing ourselves will be the time when we feel that it is at least worth a try against the Brigham Empire.

It took a little over half a year to go from level 201 to level 250, so I think it would take at least a year or more to go from level 251 to 300.

It may be a little shorter due to the presence of bugs, but it will still be difficult to finish within a year.

[The named monster Balrog Tarnis appears.]

[It is impossible to use consumable attack items such as bombs or scrolls during the Giyeon Quest subjugation mission.]

Well, anyway, all I can do is always try.

Because my path has already been decided.

“Strength, Haste, Divine Enchant, Iron Body, Magic Curtain, Forward Attack, Forward Defense.”

[Strength increases by 10%.]

[Agility increases by 10%.]

[Holy attack power increases by 10%.]

[Defense increases by 10%.]

[Magic defense increases by 10%.]

[Melee attack power increases by 10%.]

[Melee defense increases by 10%.]

Due to the buff, various effects enveloped us and a holographic message appeared before our eyes.

Next, the giant monster Balrog appeared in front of us, roaring and staring at us with bright yellow eyes.


At the same time, the first floor of Manuel Lucas’ Magic Tower, where Balrog Tarnis and us are located, expanded like a rubber band to the size of four sports complexes combined.

Naturally, as the battle space expanded, the distance from Balrog Tarnis also increased from about 50 meters to about 200 meters.

“It’s scary.”

A demon-type monster that looks like it has the head, wings, and tail of a Drake attached to the body of a Minotaur.

To briefly explain the Balrog’s appearance, it was like that.

Although it is not large for a raid monster, with a height of about 10 meters, it has a force that makes you reluctant to approach it when you look at the flames that surround its entire body and the floor that sizzles with a single flap of its wings.

“I guess I should also cast a fire resistance spell.”

However, in appearance alone, they are not much different from the dragon demons that we have been hunting down until now.

Therefore, without being intimidated by his mood, we quickly approached as planned.

Black Eagle flew high in the air as if it would touch the ceiling. Arcia, holding a shield, took the lead, and I followed closely behind her.

As an Aura Master, if she gets the buff and runs as fast as she wants, we won’t be able to chase after her, but we are fully aware of each other’s strength and agility.

The speed she dropped was my maximum movement speed, and I didn’t feel like my running was being hindered at all, even though I followed closely behind her.

“The first pattern is the same.”

“Shall we avoid it?”

“No, you have to bump into it first. “We need to accurately understand the enemy’s attack power.”

In the case of regular Balrogs, their first attack is often an AoE breath, and this was the same for Tarnis.

The reason I, who was confident in my evasive movements, bothered to follow Arcia was because I was wary of Breath.


A laser-like flame breath that extends in a straight line.

Arcia slowed down her running speed with her shield in front of her, and I stayed close to her and used cold magic to support her back.

The cold is to prevent Arcia from suffering from the heat of the breath.

First of all, I did not directly support her in order to understand the power of Breath.


The beam of light that had been extending in a straight line scattered in all directions based on Arsia’s shield.

-Quaaaang! Quaaaang! bang!

Behind us, a loud sound of destruction rang out from the ceiling, floor, and walls, and an enormous pressure swept over us. Arcia, who was pushed three steps back, took a deep breath and said.

“It’s bearable.”


A normal Balrog’s breath lasts about 3 seconds, but Balrog Tarnis’ breath lasts about 5 seconds.

Just before the guy’s attack stopped.

An artificial fog field was created using fire breath and water cannon magic.

The Water Cannon magic was a 6-circle magic, so it required a bit of casting, but the few seconds Arcia was blocking its breath was enough time.


Unlike low-level fog creation magic, the fog created when 6th circle magic evaporated naturally was very thick.


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In fact, even this would have disappeared with just one roar from the guy, but Arcia and I took advantage of the moment when we were caught off guard by the fog that suddenly spread and obstructed our view, and attacked the guy’s side.

-fault! fault!

If a tiger has the same speed as a bullet, it will become Arsia.

She closed the distance of nearly 50 meters in just two steps and snuggled into Tarnis’ side, and I chased after her using Blink to match her speed.


At the same time, Arcia’s Aura Blade and my anti-magic magic tore off Tarnis’ left and right wings one by one.


There is nothing more troublesome to deal with than a flying monster.

When fighting a flying enemy, the attack route is shortened, and the swordsman Arsia’s speed and destructive power decrease the moment she uses a stepping stone, so fighting on the ground was easier in many ways.

[Insignificant bastards!]

Tarnis, who until now had only made sounds like ‘kieeek’ and ‘kieaak’, seemed to be angry and expressed his anger directly.

However, in the heat of battle, without being able to determine the location of the enemies hidden in the fog that has not cleared, being so excited only seems like a signal to attack them.



Arcia’s Auror Blade and 7th Circle’s light attribute laser blast severed the Achilles tendons of both legs and took away his mobility on the ground.


Tarnis must have thought that things couldn’t go on like this, and immediately let out a scream-like roar and cleared away the fog.

However, immediately after our attack, a black eagle that had been flying stealthily, as if anticipating this behavior, quickly grazed the guy’s cheek.

and… … .


Like a bomber, a large explosion occurred where Black Eagle passed by, and the source of the explosion was Tarinis’ left eye.

[Quaaaagh! Damn it!]

It was an attack that used magic sharing among Black Eagle’s skills ‘Share vision’ and ‘Share magic’.

I sent a 7-circle explosion spell to Black Eagle, and the spell succeeded in hitting Tarnis’ eyeball from almost zero distance.

“let’s go!”


It was a combination of almost instantaneous speed to tear off a wing, rupture an Achilles tendon, and blow out the left eyeball.

-Quaaang! bang!

-Slap! Fit!


Tarnis is definitely a strong monster.

A raid monster that is much more difficult to challenge than the Death Knight we challenged when reaching level 200.

But why?

Even while dealing with such a powerful enemy.

For some reason, I didn’t feel like I was going to lose.

“Earthquake wide area!”


Arcia, who moves like her own limbs, and Black, who cuts off the enemy’s flow as if scratching an itch at the right time, are currently with only one ally per person, but they overwhelmed the raid monsters that had to be attacked by forming a subjugation team.

At this moment, my mind was clearer and clearer than ever, and I could see Tarnis’ movement at a glance as if it had slowed down to 0.5x speed.

‘Is it because we shared a sense of reality and experienced countless deaths indirectly?’

‘Is it because we have been fighting battles that are almost as real as the real thing against tens or millions of monsters?’

I was completely in control of the battlefield.

* * *

“Black! Hehehe!”

The southern jungle area of ​​Roberto’s Kingdom.

A woman who had not yet taken off her girlish clothes ran through a dense forest as if being chased by a tiger.

“Abama, ummama.”

She shed tears as she remembered her father and mother, and the reason had nothing to do with the warriors chasing her fiercely.


At that time, a light flashed from a warrior chasing her, and the rock right next to her exploded.

Fortunately, the attack missed.

However, in the aftermath of the explosion, she, who was so fragile, was thrown far away, and it was a swamp that was notoriously deep and wide, making escape difficult.

“Why are you making me suffer like this? princess.”

“How can you all be like this…?” … . “I believed it!”

Her fancy clothes became covered in mud, and the swamp that had swallowed her dragged her into the ground, little by little, as if it would not let go of its long-awaited prey.

She vented her anger at the other person, and the response she received was sarcasm.

“I’m sorry, but the world is not generous enough to strengthen relationships through faith alone.”

“But still! How could the captain of the royal guard kill the king he was protecting!”

“Don’t be so naive. Stick to the one that is profitable, and cut out the one that is not profitable. “Isn’t that natural?”


“If the princess had become a saint, the situation would have been different. The ministers of Snake Eyes would not dare to dream of usurpation, and Her Majesty would have enjoyed peace without death.”

Princess Xia Lin of the Kingdom of Roberto, who quickly gained public support as a dark horse in the sainthood contest and was also a strong candidate for sainthood.

Although the status of saint was passed to Ivril, no one could have predicted that she, who fought hard until the end and showed good performance, would become a dethroned princess covered in mud in just one month.

Currently, Robert’s Kingdom is in a state of civil war.

The reason is an obvious attempt by nobles driven by a thirst for power to usurp the throne.

As the regime of President Fairmont of the Republic of Prius, who was a strong supporter and supporter of the Robert royal family, collapsed in the revolution, gaps appeared in various places in the dam that supported the royal family.

Since Robert’s Kingdom originally had a larger aristocracy than the royal family, there seemed to be no good opportunity for powerful ministers to aim for the throne like now.

The result was a situation that was a tragedy for Princess Xia Lin and a comedy for the greedy opportunists.

“I’m sorry, but you have to die. Even if you let someone else live, you can’t live as long as the princess. “The unreasonable popularity hastened Myeong’s fate.”

“Ahhh… .”

Princess Xia Lin’s eyes sink as if she were dead.

Her eyes, once filled with goodness and intelligence, became blurry, like those of a corpse.

As she lowered her head, exposing her pure white neck, as if she were waiting for death, the warriors also cleared their throats and exchanged glances, as if they were uneasy.

She was intelligent.

He also had a great heart for the people and a desire to develop the country.

It’s just that there is no power.


In the end, it was the guard captain who drew his sword.

But then.

Princess Xiarin, who was slowly sinking into the swamp and lowering her head as if dead, muttered something.

“… … I guess… .”


“… … “I’ll throw it away.”


“I will kill you! “I will definitely take revenge on you!”

They flinched at the sight of Princess Xia Lin suddenly acting like a crazy person, wondering where her angel-like innocence and shyness had gone.

She, who was secretly reciting a spell with her head down, shouted.

“North, northwest, Suya, Hyeonmu!”

Then, a huge snake with a circumference the size of a human body rose from the swamp and shook off the knights.


“this! “What are you doing!”

The snake was cut to pieces in an instant by the hand of the guard captain who was holding his sword, but as a result of the wasted blow, Princess Xia Lin hid in the swamp with the help of her summoned beast, Hyeonmu (a phantom beast with a turtle body and a snake’s head as a tail). .

“Holy shit.”

Those who had never thought that they would burrow into the swamp that had swallowed them were panicked and fired force after force to the place where the princess had disappeared, but the swamp was too deep and wide.

A moment of carelessness left behind a big problem.


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