My Lucky Encounter From The Game Turned Into Reality Chapter 118

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Episode 118: Dream in the game becomes reality

30. Giyeon Quest Stage 8 (2)

After finishing my day’s work (playing games) and returning to reality, I lay down on the bed and looked at the data on the hologram.

It was a book handed to me by Korea Research Institute manager Chester, and it was a somewhat unusual title titled ‘Why Rondel can’t go into space despite having high technology.’

The data contained the reason why Rondel’s technology had no choice but to develop asymmetrically even though science fiction-level technology was commercialized due to magic.

[Physical power is a sub-concept of supernatural power (magic, auror, divine power, elemental power).]

Even though there is Archduke Lucas from Earth, the weapons of this world are completely biased towards magic.

Considering the cost of individual firearms for infantry soldiers, it would be much cheaper to use gunpowder and bullets rather than magic artifacts, but why are they providing expensive magic guns?

Gunpowder, metallurgy, casting, and alloy technology were all superior in this world, so it was not impossible to manufacture firearms.

Nevertheless, the reason why lords persistently arm their soldiers with magic firearms is because the physical power of gunpowder and ammunition cannot demonstrate its power in the face of magic and supernatural abilities.

No matter how much you fire a heavy machine gun, you cannot penetrate even a 2-circle shield.

No, you don’t even need shield magic.

A personal firearm would not be able to penetrate even simple enchanted leather armor.

Tank armor-piercing bullets are also useless against the 3-circle defense magic, and high-explosive bombs from ballistic missiles, Earth’s main weapon, can also be sufficiently blocked with a 4-5 circle shield.

Therefore, Archduke Lucas assumed that the 7th Circle’s Great Shield would also block nuclear warheads, and eventually gave up on introducing Earth’s weapons into this world.

‘A different ability becomes a different ability.’

Even Archduke Lucas did not understand this at first.

The shields, which were easily destroyed by the sword wielded by the knight, were too powerful in the face of simple physical power.

So, I tried adding magic to regular physical attacks and tried all kinds of other things, but I came to the conclusion that creating an artifact was simpler, more economical, and more effective.

That is why, even though the Great Wizard from Earth changed the world, bullets cannot be seen on the battlefield.

‘There’s a reason why people in this world say missile systems are outdated.’

Missiles were a weapon system that Archduke Lucas ambitiously attempted to introduce, but disappeared after having a brief moment of enjoyment.

So, it comes to mind that during the war against the Croisen Empire, the Kingdom of Reinharts dealt extremely harshly with the suicide attack on the sky fortress, calling it an old-fashioned missile attack.

Unlike missiles, the Sky Fortress’s suicide attack was effective because the warhead was not gunpowder, but caused dozens of magic engines of the Sky Fortress to run away at the same time, causing a magic explosion.

However, this does not mean that Earth’s military power is insignificant in front of Rondel.

This was clearly stated in the book.

[However, this law applies to Rondel, where the Sepia God’s power is strong. If an experiment is conducted under the same conditions on Earth, the results may be different.]

In Rondel, even if you launch a nuclear warhead like a regular missile, you won’t be able to easily take down even a single sky fortress.

The thick magic-treated armor and the shield covering the entire body were like a UFO itself.

However, it was unclear whether the Sky Fortress would be able to display the same majesty if it left the realm of Sepia and fell to Earth.

[The reason why cost-effective Earth-based science failed to become mainstream and magic engineering gained prominence was largely due to Sepia’s policy of prioritizing these abilities.]

The book then pointed out the asymmetrical technology of this world in relation to the universe, which is the title of the book.

[Rondel has conditions that make it much easier to enter space than Earth. If you want to fly an object into the sky, you can easily float it with a 2-circle float spell, and using teleportation, it is also possible to set up a space station beyond the atmosphere in an instant.]

[But Rondel does not even try to launch a satellite, let alone a space station.]

[I investigated to find out why, and eventually found out that it was all because of Goddess Sepia.]

I was interested and touched the hologram window to turn the book to the next chapter.

[It is said that the goddess restricted each race’s area of ​​activity to prevent them from invading each other’s environment.]

[Then doesn’t this mean that planets of other powers exist in the universe like Rondel?]

[Just as the saying goes that there is a spirit garden on the moon, the Elyos and Demons may also have their own planets not far away.]

The Rondel people, the goddess’s loyal servants, strictly followed the rules she set, but Archduke Lucas, who was born in another world and came to Rondel by accident, had a rebel temperament.

Thus, when Archduke Lucas achieved the 8th circle, he proceeded with a plan to launch a probe equipped with a Rondel version of the Hubble telescope to explore the universe, and as a result, he realized a scary truth.

[I realized that this world is completely different from the universe that Earth belongs to.]

The first emotion I felt from the words written in the book was deep despair.

Although he was putting it off as curiosity, as he launched the probe, he had hopes that the Earth’s solar system might be found among the stars twinkling in the night sky.

However, as you can see from the phrase, he was expressing that this world is fundamentally different from the universe to which the Earth belongs.

[Except for Rondel, the moon, and the sun, nothing existed in the vast universe.]

[When you look up at the sky from Rondel, the stars and the Milky Way are all just an illusion.]

Thanks to this, even I looked at the night sky beyond the balcony with a blank expression.

“That’s all an illusion?”

In the end, a rondel means a huge birdcage with a limited activity area.

However, I did not jump to conclusions despite Archduke Lucas’ angry reaction.

The reason is that there was still a lot of volume left in this book.


In addition, there were many things that did not make sense if Rondel was the only area of ​​activity in this world.

Where do the demons that frequently invade Rondel come from?

Is it something the goddess sends periodically for entertainment like an event match?

[No, this Rondel is a magical world. You should not approach it with a general mindset. I, Manuel Lucas, need to break the stereotype as an Earthling.]

And it seems that Archduke Lucas also had this same thought, so he decided to approach the world magically, rather than just looking at the world visually like in the previous expedition.

Instead of the Rondel version of the Hubble telescope, he loaded the probe with a horsepower indicator.

It was decided that magic power would inevitably be concentrated on a planet, and that if one could find similar energy, one would be able to examine the true, invisible state of the universe.

“Oh oh.”

Archduke Lucas’s prediction came true.

There was one document attached to the book, and I was able to check out the countless dots on the pure white background.

That was the true face of the universe disguised as desolation.

However, Archduke Lucas could not continue space exploration.

[Suddenly, a saint came in with the Holy Knights and arrested me.]

[I did something forbidden by the goddess, so is it blasphemy?]

[Now that I see it, I am convinced that the reason people are not interested in space is not because they are devout believers in the goddess, but because of this damned religious cult.]


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I burst into laughter while reading the book.

I only thought that Archduke Lucas was a genius to be admired, but I had never thought of him as human like this.

[The Emperor of the Brigham Empire donated a large amount of money to prevent recurrence and was able to escape by asking for forgiveness.]

[But I couldn’t give up my interest in space. So he created equipment that could observe the true state of the universe from the ground.]

[Because a large amount of money was spent on the previous two expeditions, there was a shortage of funds, so the emperor provided some loans.]

Is it an illusion that the Emperor of the Brigham Empire at the time seemed somehow pitiful?

[After making the equipment like that, I confirmed three facts.]

[First, they cannot ignore each other due to the camouflage effect, and there are two more manned planets in the same solar system. There is no doubt. It was clearly the world of Elyos and Demons.]

[Second, the coordinates are distorted to make random movement between each planet impossible. In order to invade another planet, one must cross space directly, but this method is strictly forbidden by the goddess. Now I think I know why the devil puts on such a shit show to come to Rondel.]

[Third, many of the constellations known on Earth also exist here. This world has a deep connection with my hometown.]

As I looked at the research diary he had written over a long period of time, I swallowed my saliva when I discovered what could be said to be the core of this book.

“The constellations overlap?”

The implications of this were very significant and hopeful.

But I had to tilt my head at the constellation data he attached… .

“Inverted left and right?”

This is because some of the constellations I know were turned left and right as if they were reflected in a mirror.

[I thought that maybe this was a world behind the Earth I was on.]

I narrowed my eyes at the book’s final conclusion.

“… … .”

I understand what Chester meant.

I don’t know for sure, but I have a vague guess.

“Does the ‘black star’ that the goddess spoke of mean a planet on the other side of the world? I mean, Earth?”

When Chester recommended this book, I thought to myself, ‘Oh, it must be another planet.’

But what if this world is the ‘back side’ of the Earth?

Then, it can be interpreted to mean that problems will arise between this world and the Earth.

“Then it must be a global threat, so why did the goddess say it was going to go by?”

What will happen between Rondel and Earth in the end, but does that mean the damage won’t be significant?

I stared into space and gathered my thoughts, then shouted out to the sky in protest.

“Ah, so what are you saying!? “Can’t you just tell me what’s going on!?”

Even though I realized something I didn’t know before, I still felt frustrated because there was no clear answer.

“This data cannot be shared.”

What on earth should I do?


What should I do? I have to level up.


As soon as the game’s access time limit was lifted, I logged in and continued hunting.

For the past few days, I have been fighting against dragon demons in preparation for the Balrog battle, and the great warrior of the named dragon demon tribe I found deep in the dungeon had a combat power comparable to Balrog, so it was perfect for rehearsal.

But was it too ambitious?

Or is it because what happened yesterday messed up my mind?


A disaster occurred when the timing of the guy’s wide area was misread.

I had to get back to Arsia quickly, but it seemed impossible due to time constraints.

“uh? Hey, what are you doing?”

So I used bind magic towards the bug located a little closer than Arcia.

He was also running to get behind Arsia’s back, but when I suddenly grabbed his ankle, he reacted curiously.

I hid behind that bug’s small back.



“I’m sorry, I don’t want to lose experience.”

“Fucking shhhhh!!!”

Even though I lost a lot of blood, I succeeded in surviving the AoE and ran forward, thanking the bug who had collapsed into charcoal soot.

“Don’t forget this favor!”

And then he poured out 7th circle level magic towards the named dragon demon warrior.

[You have leveled up.]

Thanks to Bug’s noble sacrifice, I safely reached level 250.


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