My Lucky Encounter From The Game Turned Into Reality Chapter 114

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Episode 114: Dream in the game becomes reality

29. Goddess Sepia (1)

“100 million!”

Isabella, who didn’t know what was going on about the pet, reacted with a mixture of fear and wariness, asking what he was talking about, but I easily knocked her out and laid her on the sofa.

“It would be more useful than having your head blown off.”

Then I took out two spare virtual reality headgears, put one on for me and put the other on her head.

As I put on the headgear, it automatically turned on and a hologram window filled my field of vision. I left Isabella on the sofa in the study and accessed Chronicle Online alone.


“Oh, sorry, I should have told you earlier.”

When I accessed Chronicle Online, Arcia called me from behind.

Since she can check my online information, she couldn’t have been unaware of the access.

Apparently, while watching a movie and eating popcorn in the break room, I logged on to a game without saying a word, and he followed suit out of habit.

“I logged in for a moment because I had a favor to ask from Mr. Chester. “I’ll be leaving soon, so you can just rest.”

“no. “I will leave with you when you log out.”


Arcia says that’s the case, but there’s no need to force her to return.

I visited Manuel Lucas’ Magic Tower, a secret space in the game, with her.

And when I stepped onto the 8th floor, the highest floor that was currently open to me, the Korea Investment Bank manager Chester appeared as if he had been waiting for me.

A palm-sized grandfather fairy who looks exactly like Manuel Lucas when he was alive.

No matter when I look at it, I can’t seem to get used to it.

“I have prepared what Chester requested.”

“Oh, thank you. What kind of beast have you prepared?”

Chester bowed his head in thanks to my words, and then became curious about the gift I had prepared.

“At first, I tried to prepare a flying beast like a black eagle, but when I thought about it, I realized that there was nothing better than a human.”


However, he expressed his doubts as to whether this was something he had not thought of.

What he wanted was an animal that wouldn’t be noticeable even in the city, not a human living in the city.

“I’m thinking of making a brain out of blank paper and turning it into a doll, but it’s a human.”

No wonder he is surprised.

Using humans as test subjects is an idea that only black magicians would do.

“There is one more person wearing headgear in my room right now.”

“wait a minute.”

And he used the signal from my terminal as if he was hacking and broke into the Duchy of Lawrence Castle.

“uh? she is?”

Was it only 1 second?

When he realized who I was talking about, his expression relaxed.

“I was wondering why you made a choice that didn’t suit you. Is it revenge?”

“you’re right. “She is the worst enemy in my life, even compared to Anna and Cedric.”

If I hadn’t been reincarnated with the memories of my past life, it wouldn’t have been strange for me to have taken extreme action due to her bullying.

What made me happiest after shaking off the 2nd Prince faction was that I was now able to deal with Raven Margrave and Isabella.

“It’s revenge worse than death.”

Chester just shrugged his shoulders because he knew I had a personality that showed no mercy to my enemies.

He gazed into space and stroked his long beard, as if he was taking a look at Isabella lying down in reality.

“I thought it was a flying animal at best, but it’s a human. This thing has gotten bigger. It’s not easy to rewrite the human brain… … .”

We know that many people, including the leader of Blue Moon, have been brainwashed and restrained through the Hollywood system and virtual reality headgear.

So I thought it wouldn’t be a problem because I’m human, but isn’t it?

“But since humans are capable of complex actions, it would be good to use them, right?”

Of course, you have to listen to the end.

After thinking for a moment, he answered that it was possible.

Then, he took out a small birdcage out of empty space, like subspace.

“Is that what you said?”

“Yes, this is a bug that occurred when the system went down due to the gunmen. Although it is a product of coincidence, it is a highly complete artificial personality.”

When I heard the word artificial personality, I looked at Arcia for a moment.

As a homunculus, she must also be viewed as an artificial person.

“Arsia is special. There’s no comparison. “In terms of level of completion, he is above even me as an IBRE manager.”

Than Chester, the pension manager?

Wasn’t Chester a being created by replicating the memories of Archduke Manuel Lucas?

“In the first place, she is not a data-based artificial intelligence. In fact, horses are ‘artificial life forms’ and are no different from humans. “In addition, everything that humans can do is possible, so it has endless possibilities.”

“is it so?”

It was a line that made me feel once again the greatness of Manuel Lucas.

Isn’t this completely God’s domain?

What kind of life did Archduke Lucas live that allowed him to create so many things that someone would have to spend a lifetime studying?

Is it possible if I only have 9 circles?

As I looked at it with new admiration, Arcia let out an ‘ahem’ sound as if she were showing off.

With his unique calm and gentle expression.

I couldn’t help but laugh because his actions and face didn’t match.

“I can’t compare, but this bug is just as likely as it is. As the learning ability is excellent, if you use it well, you will be able to become a butler like me. “If you attach it to the shell properly, it won’t be difficult to imitate a human.”

“Is it possible to copy and enlarge it?”


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At my question, his expression hardened.

“This is not just data.”

Anyway, since we are both artificial personalities, I think my remarks felt rude.

“Artificial personalities are different from simple artificial intelligence that only carries out human instructions. It is like a ‘soul’ born in a virtual world. The soul is not cloned, it is born. “I cloned Archduke Lucas’s memories, but just as he is not Archduke Lucas, it is impossible to clone his soul.”

“sorry. “That was insensitive.”

“no. Because you didn’t do that on purpose. In any case, artificial personalities cannot be easily created. “Even Archduke Lucas was the only one who created an artificial intelligence based on the Hollywood system.”

“It won’t happen that an artificial person clones itself and takes over the world.”

I said that, recalling a movie I saw in my past life.

Chester laughed, saying he had a rich imagination.

“It’s impossible. In the first place, Hollywood’s management system won’t just sit back and watch. “If this guy messes up just one thing, he will be sanctioned.”

Even though it is a world of data, it is a place based on magic, but it seems to be too simple to think about.

“Then I will transplant this to Isabella Caskvel.”

It’s as if he’s asking for permission.

‘If the transplant is successful, Isabella will no longer be Isabella. It means that the existing woman is no different from death.’

Because of this, numerous thoughts passed through my mind in a short period of time.

But my choice didn’t change.


“let’s begin.”

I am quite a humane person.

I take great care of my people, and I hate it when others get hurt because of me.

So much so that they are secretly providing financial support to over 26,000 people who were affected by the war between the Brigham Empire and the Prius Republic.

However, there are targets that my sensibilities do not apply to, and those are ‘enemies’ or ‘beings who have the potential to become enemies’.

Isabella is the enemy.

Therefore, the hesitation was very brief and passed by like a fleeting moment.

* * *

Magic Century February 23, 2021, Holy Land Everhill.


“You became a duke?”

With only the selection of saints and saints by the goddess left, the candidates and sponsors who supported each candidate gathered together to look up the huge relic called the ‘Way of the Goddess’.

It looked like a pyramid or a human sacrifice altar from the Aztec Empire. It was made entirely of white stone, so much so that it was dazzling to look at during the day.

I calmly approached Duke Francis and greeted him as if we were friends.

Is bad luck also a fate?

Perhaps because we exchanged a few words, he surprisingly seemed to acknowledge me.

There were many applicants for sainthood and sainthood, but among the aristocratic patrons other than the royal family, the only ones who were greeted by Duke Francis were Olivia and the Duke of Riverdale.

“Thank you.”

“Hmph, you live a very busy life.”

From the greeting to the snort, he was truly like Duke Francis.

When I looked up ‘The Way of the Goddess’, Duke Francis suddenly spoke to me in an unexpected way.

“Anyone who is not permitted to enter the Goddess’ Path cannot enter, even if they are a Grand Master or Grand Wizard.”

“Is that so?”

“Yes, they say you can’t move forward, as if you’re blocked by an invisible wall.”

“ah… … . “Is there a reason why it is said that among saints and candidates for sainthood, there may be someone who cannot climb those stairs?”

“that’s right. Originally, this was a place where only saints and saints could climb. The only exceptions are those who are allowed to enter: saints or candidates to become saints during this period. “If you can’t enter, it just means you’re not qualified, so you can go home right away.”

Since the contest to elect saints and saints is an event that all people in the world make together, it is said that the goddesses also take into account the performance of the contest and the support of humans.

Therefore, Everil will not be eliminated without being able to climb the stairs.

“But you know what?”


“Excluding saints and saint candidates, saints and saint candidates, there was one exceptional person who got here?”

Duke Francis suddenly turns into an explanation junkie.

However, because my interest was piqued, I obediently expressed my doubts, and he mentioned an unexpected person.

“It’s Archduke Manuel Lucas.”

“is it so?”

I shrugged and pretended not to be interested. It was a reaction as if they were bragging about the great people of your country.

Duke Francis laughed and fortunately told me the story behind it, which I was very curious about.

“It is said that Archduke Lucas had a conversation with the goddess here. It is said that even saints and saints do not know the content of that conversation. “They say it was the first and last time in history that a goddess spoke out for an individual.”

“Did anything happen to the Archduke after that?”

“No, the Archduke is confined to the lab as always. That’s why the conversation between the goddess and Archduke Lucas has remained a mystery to this day.”

“Hey, what… … . “I thought something happened again.”

Even if you’re having a conversation, if it ends like this, you can’t help but feel frustrated.

I looked at Duke Francis, wondering what the heck was that important, and he added the story I had left out.

“By the way, for a few days after Archduke Lucas took the path of the goddess. For some reason, the goddess did not allow her saints and saints to enter her. “It means that the great people of our Brigham Empire were given priority by God over saints and saints.”

“I hope it’s a great country.”

In the end, it was a matter of pride.

Well, the content was interesting, but I couldn’t help but feel uneasy because there were only questions and no conclusions.

“Maybe you could get the goddess’s attention?”

“What are you saying out of the blue?”

“No, I just said that.”

I tilted my head, and with those words, Duke Francis stopped talking about the facility.

However, his gaze was directed somewhere else.

“You have some strange woman with you?”

Duke Francis showed interest in the woman standing next to Arcia.

That’s because there was a strange maid who sighed deeply and showed an extremely annoying expression.


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