My Lucky Encounter From The Game Turned Into Reality Chapter 112

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Episode 112: Dream in the game becomes reality

28. New Wind (4)

“This time, Viscount Tianne was executed and his family’s titles and fiefdoms were confiscated, and the family ended up on the streets, right? So she went to Viscountess Tianne and asked if she would be interested in becoming my mistress.”

“Mischievous, so?”

“I heard you’re being arrogant when it comes to a local baron whose territory is just like a snot!”

“Huh, I need to figure out my fractions. “What will a woman who has lived her entire life as an aristocrat do now?”

“So, I’m going to use people to harass me a little and suggest it again. Do you understand? “Are you going to beg me to give it to you?”

The sound of arrogant conversation while enjoying the feeling of victory.

“You have no idea how annoying Lady Caskbell was during her school days. The way she looked down on those around her as if she were the first lady was so unsightly. “You say you feel relieved because your family has fallen?”

“Now that I think about it, there was a rumor that Lady Caskvel was the one who harassed Marquis Lawrence. Is that true?”

“that’s right! “Now that there is no one behind it, it looks like it’s going to die.”

“I’m looking forward to that!? Ho ho ho!”

A thrilling laugh that sublimates jealousy and anger into joy.

“How do you think the political world will progress in the future?”

“Isn’t this a two-way war between His Majesty the King’s maternal family, the ‘Duchies of Haines’, and His Highness the Crown Prince’s maternal family, the ‘Marquis of Argonne’?”

“Hey man, why are you leaving out the Marquis Lawrence? “If Marquis Lawrence becomes a duke and Count Klein becomes a marquis, we can never ignore it.”

“But no matter how good those two people are, don’t they have any support?”

“It’s because the Marquis of Lawrence is not interested in central politics. If he steps forward, people from all directions will immediately rush to throw straws in, and a huge power will be created in no time.”


“And don’t forget. On the day when the girl he sponsors becomes a saint… … .”

Even discussions between political aristocrats who put their heads together for profit.

The place where various emotions and thoughts are swirling is the royal party hall, which can be called another battlefield for nobles.

Arcia and I, who have good ears, heard the sounds of people talking clearly, and approached the door of the royal party hall, which was at the end of the splendor to enter.

Then, the nobles around me stepped aside to make way for me, and the gatekeeper, an official of the palace interior, came to show respect.

“Please call my name.”

“all right.”

Then, the palace affairs official cleared his voice and spoke into the ring-shaped microphone.

“His Excellency the Marquis Adrian Lawrence! Countess Arsia Klein! Miss Ivril Barnett enters!”

As the name was called, the door to the party hall decorated with gold and white jade automatically opened.

I entered the party hall, escorting Arcia with my right hand and Ivril with my left, and as I took each step, the surroundings were filled with silence.

Even though the music didn’t stop, people stopped dancing, and a path was created in the crowded hall in front of me, like the miracle of Moses.

‘Does this make you feel like you’re the main character?’

No matter what anyone says, the star of today’s party is the crown prince.

However, at this moment, people’s attention was focused on me rather than on the Crown Prince, who had entered with his family earlier.

I approached the head table where the King, Queen, Crown Prince and his wife were seated.

Next, Arcia and Ivril gently lifted both ends of their dresses and bowed their heads as they had learned, and I placed my right hand on my left breast and bowed my head.

“I meet the golden lion of the Kingdom of Reinharts.”

That is a greeting to the king.

“Welcome the Marquis of Lawrence, Count Klein, and Miss Ivril.”

However, the King responded to our greetings very insincerely.

Ivril, who was attending a royal party for the first time, flinched, but I didn’t seem to care too much and pulled up my arms and raised my upper body with my partners.

It looks like Prince Luke’s death is still on his mind.

His death is also the fault of the king, who had sufficient ability but was unable to maintain focus.

Anyway, the throne will soon pass to Prince Michael, so there is no need to panic about his feelings.

I slowly turned my head and looked around the king.

‘The author.’

When I found the person I was looking for without difficulty, I slowly raised the corners of my mouth.

[Gabriel James, former Marquis / Grand Master]

Race: Human

Age: 65

Affiliation: Leader of the Shadow Knights of Reinharts Kingdom

Talents: Physical ability (highest), Auror (highest), learning ability (high), command ability (medium), political power (low),

Traits: Slaughter Ranger, Stealth, Terrorist

Relationship: Interested/Neutral

Status: Observation / Interested

He was a hidden contributor to this war, appointed by the king, and the only Grand Master of the Reinharts Kingdom.

So far, the Grand Master has only seen two people, including Duke Francis, but Duke Francis’s abilities, expressed as talents and characteristics, seem to be slightly better.

However, this evaluation cannot be seen as an unconditional measure of strength, so it is not known who is stronger until the match.


The hidden black knight who made eye contact with me looked slightly surprised, and then glared at me.

Thanks to this, the status changed from ‘observation/interest’ to ‘observation/vigilance’.

‘By the way, his true identity was the former Marquis Gabriel James.’

He was the first sword of the kingdom of Marquis Vincent’s squadron and was known to have died from a runaway of magical energy.

To be honest, I was surprised because I thought he was an assassin who was secretly trained from outside.

Why is it that a high-ranking noble with the rank of marquis is hiding his true identity even after achieving grand master status?

Many questions came to my mind, but for the time being, I had to ignore him like cows and chickens, so I stopped paying attention and turned my attention to the crown prince.

“I thought you would come with Diana, but I’m surprised.”

Although he calmly dismissed it, is he still worried because he is my younger brother?


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I answered his question calmly and with a smile.

“Unfortunately, my two arms are pre-existing conditions. “Instead, we got a good partner.”

“is it so?”

Smiling, but feeling reluctant.

However, when his eyes turned to Arsia and Ivril, he smiled kindly as if he had always done so.

“You are both very beautiful.”

“So, I’m sorry.”

Arcia, wearing a silver evening dress with a soft green glow that matched the color of her eyes, and Ivril, wearing a white and blue mini dress like a priest’s robes, were more beautiful and extravagant than anyone else at the party.

Even the diamond necklace worn by Arcia and the sapphire necklace worn by Ivril were treasures worth enough to acquire a mid-sized company, so it would have been difficult if they weren’t flashy.

Ivril, a commoner, bowed her head in response to the crown prince’s praise, saying she was extremely sorry, but Arcia, whom he was familiar with, nodded as if it was natural.

“This is my first time seeing Ms. Ivril in person. “I only saw this on TV, but now that I see it in real life, it feels like I’m seeing a celebrity.”

“I’m embarrassed.”

Ivril was unable to continue the conversation despite the repeated questions, perhaps because the Crown Prince’s attention was burdensome.

Five times the conversation was cut off like that.

The Crown Prince, who thought he had done enough, introduced his family to me.

The Crown Princess was not of outstanding appearance, but she was full of dignity because she was the princess of a neighboring country.

“Wow, wow! This is the real Marquis Lawrence. Wow, you’re so handsome.”

“Haha, thank you. “Your Royal Highness.”

The Crown Princess and the Crown Prince had a son and a daughter, aged 9 and 7 respectively, who looked very mischievous.

Even though he is a royal, he is still a child, and his unique bright atmosphere made me smile.

The boy showed great interest in me, and the girl showed great interest in Arsia.

Thanks to this, I had to be held by the crown prince’s family for a long time, and a long line of nobles came up behind me to say hello to the king.

Looking at all the impatient nobles waiting patiently without saying a word, they seem to be gangsters with a lot of power.

It was only after a long time that I was able to escape from the children. Although the children were separated, the crown prince followed me.

“The victory of Marquis Lawrence and Count Klein will be decided within two to three days at the earliest, or a week at the latest. Youngji decided to do as you two wanted.”

That’s good news.

Permission was granted for the fiefdom to be a combination of the Duchy of Lawrence, the Marquis of Klein, and the Viscounty of Lawrence, as planned by the vice-lord, Baron Walker.

This must have been quite a burden for the royal family, but the fact that permission was granted so easily showed that the Crown Prince’s evaluation of me had further increased.

Well, you can tell just by looking at Princess Diana… … .

“It is always a pleasure to talk to the Marquis of Lawrence. haha.”

Afterwards, we had many conversations about national affairs.

Most of the time, I broke out in a cold sweat because I felt like my insight was needed, but I somehow overcame the crisis by utilizing the knowledge of Earth, which was more advanced than here in terms of technology and political system.

The crown prince did not hide his favor for me with his expression of utmost satisfaction.

‘When did we get together like this?’

Around them, nobles who wanted to somehow get involved in the story flashed hyena-like eyes.

But I completely ignored them and looked at the clock.

Seeing me like this, the crown prince tilted his head.

“What’s wrong?”

“I think it’s almost time for Princess Diana to arrive.”

And then.

With perfect timing, the gatekeeper announced Diana’s visit.

“Her Royal Highness Princess Diana Anne Reinhart! Israel’s Oscar Prius, interim president of the Republic of Prius, enters.”


“Who did you just say?”

Princess Diana is currently the center of attention.

Not on the good side, but on the bad side.

Rumors were spreading that the crown prince had gifted her to me as a gift of victory in the civil war.

She, who was famous for her great personality and beautiful appearance, has now been reduced to a laughing stock in social circles.

However, everyone reacted with confusion as she took a stand with a person likely to be the next president of the Republic.

No matter how chaotic the state of affairs was, the Prius Republic was undoubtedly a stronger country than our kingdom.

“You are mobilizing the Israeli Oscar Prius. “You are truly amazing.”

“I used some strength. First of all, isn’t Princess Diana under my protection? Should bad rumors spread about such a person?”

“Should I call this kind or a violation of common sense?” … .”

I shrugged my shoulders.

I originally tried to ignore Princess Diana, but the more I looked at her, the more I thought she was a waste of character.

So I felt the need to accumulate some debt.

If I build up goodwill like this, wouldn’t I be able to go on stage without any rejection of my requests?

Of course, it wasn’t really decided to have her debut as an idol.

It’s just a metaphor.

Anyway, thanks to Israel, who I had a hard time recruiting, I was able to meet two people who I thought were very similar in terms of ability, ability, and atmosphere.

Prince Michael, the prospective king of the Kingdom of Reinharts, with blonde hair.

Commander Israel, prospective president of the Republic of Prius, with black hair and eyes that look evil.

I greeted the king and introduced the Israeli commander who returned to the crown prince.



I guess I wasn’t the only one who thought they looked somewhat similar, but the two showed a rejection towards each other at first sight.

Is this some kind of homophobia?

In this way, the night of the party became even more ripe.

* * *

Everyone has a good plan, but putting it into action is almost impossible.

This is because life is a series of ‘unexpected events’ and many accidents and failures occur.

However, sometimes failure and unexpected coincidences overlap to produce unexpected results.

‘The Hollywood System, Archduke Lucas’ masterpiece that changed the lives of mankind.’

A month ago, there was an incident where Hollywood’s management system was attacked by dark monsters and the system went down temporarily.

Although it was quickly recovered when a spare system hidden in another location was activated, this was the first incident that occurred after the Hollywood system was commercialized, and as a result, a small, unexpected error occurred in the system.

A kind of bug had been created, but the problem was that the bug was moving around the virtual world as if it were a real bug.

However, the bug was a minor issue and not a priority for Hollywood’s system, which manages massive amounts of data.

The bug was completely neglected and a month passed.


However, just as a small drop of water makes a hole in a rock over a long period of time, minor and neglected bugs gradually grow in size and become more prominent.

At this point, even the Hollywood system could no longer ignore bugs.

“Exit Online, a famous rival game to Chronicle Online,” said Chester, an investment manager, as he stepped into the strangely data-destructed landscape of Exit Online, a rival game to Chronicle Online.

“It’s a real bug.”

There, several NPCs came together and there was a monster in the form of a huge caterpillar.

[who… … nine?]

“Huh, are you even expressing your opinion? “An unexpected artificial intelligence was created.”

Berg, who sensed hostility in Chester’s bewildered voice, recoiled.

They instinctively recognized that the total amount of data the other party had was overwhelming.

“I want to take him right away and experiment on him, but there’s nothing I can do if he ruins the surroundings like this. “It should be removed.”

Chester, an artificial personality created by replicating Archduke Lucas’s memories, reached out to Bug.

Soon, the data that had been altered around him was recovered.


At Chester’s touch, the bug let out a bloodcurdling scream, and soon began spitting out the NPCs that had come together as if they were vomiting.

And after a while.

“huh? This?”

When all the ugly shell was peeled off, a core emitting a very beautiful light was revealed.

The moment Chester saw the core, he gained strength and was amazed.

“It seems like you have acquired a lot of knowledge while traveling around the virtual world.”

The core had evolved and evolved into a highly complete artificial personality.

A completely unexpected situation.

Chester, who had been trying to get rid of the bug right away, changed his mind.

“If I put it in a doll, wouldn’t it be useful as an errand boy in real life?”


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