My Lucky Encounter From The Game Turned Into Reality Chapter 111

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Episode 111: Dream in the game becomes reality

28. New Wind (3)

King Kalitz of the Kingdom of Reinharts has four sons and three daughters.

Among them, Princess Diana is the current King’s fourth child and first daughter, and is second in line to the throne.

Originally, he was 3rd in line to the throne, but the 2nd prince won the pot from Arsia, so he rose to 2nd place without any effort.

However, the next king of Reinharts Kingdom has actually been designated as the crown prince.

Therefore, her line of succession to the throne was nothing more or less than a purpose to raise the ransom.

‘A beautiful princess who is second in line to the throne of the powerful Kingdom of Reinharts.’

Isn’t it a great title to sell to other countries for goodwill purposes?

No matter how developed Rondel is, love marriage is something that royals in a feudalistic country cannot even dream of.

There is no alliance stronger than blood, so it was natural to choose a spouse based on the political situation.

The Crown Prince also married a princess from the ally Kingdom of Jordi, and the 2nd Prince Luke, who shamelessly flirted with Arcia about a married man, also married a cousin from his mother’s family, the Duke of Anaheim.

It is fortunate that the current king loves his children, but the previous king, who was bloodless and without tears, once sent a prince to be a concubine to an ally queen.

Therefore, it is not difficult to predict the future of Princess Diana, who is of marriageable age.

“I’m reluctant to meet you… … .”

I can’t help but feel uncomfortable that such a person has come to my feudal lord’s castle.

Even if you get involved with a princess you’ve only met a few times, you’ll only end up with strange rumors.

“The other person is Her Royal Highness Princess Diana?”

Ivril showed an expression of astonishment beyond surprise at my actions.

In fact, how many people in this country would express that they are reluctant to meet the beautiful Princess Diana?

Her reaction was natural.

“I can’t just ignore the princess, so I guess I have to meet her. Miss Ivril, can you understand?”

“Sure. “You don’t have to worry about me.”

“Arsia was watching a movie in the lounge. If you’re interested, come visit us.”

“Then I guess so. lol.”

My time with Ivril ended quickly due to the unexpected visit.

So she left, and the living room was cleaned up.

And soon, Princess Diana, with light platinum hair and cobalt blue eyes, entered the drawing room, guided by a butler.

“Please meet Her Royal Highness Princess Diana, the jewel of the Kingdom of Reinharts.”

“I don’t know what to do with you since you welcome me so much even on an unannounced visit. How have you been, Marquis Laurence?”

Even though he looks so fragile that he might break if he touches him, he is a tough and confident character.

But what she looked like to me now was completely different from what I had heard through rumors.

This is because he showed an extremely low attitude.

[Princess Diana Anne Reinharts / Senior Administrator]

Race: Human

Age: 20

Affiliation: First princess of Reinharts Kingdom royal family

Talents: Administrative power (high), political power (middle), learning power (middle), command power (low), divine power (low)

Traits: Justice, Benevolence

Relationship: Hopeful/Neutral

Status: Observation / Nervous

Her information written as Mangyeong.

His abilities were decent, but he couldn’t be considered special for a royal, and his current feelings toward me were very complicated.

However, when I looked at the items of justice and charity in her characteristics, I could see that Princess Diana was a person with proper character.

As I guided the princess to her seat, I took in the sight of the guard guarding her with a dark expression.

“These are tea leaves that Miss Ivril Barnett bought as a gift from the Holy Land. How are you feeling?”

“The scent is unique. “I like the refreshing, clear-headed feeling.”

“This car is popular among priests. “It’s not expensive, but I liked it.”

“Are you on good terms with Miss Ivril?”

“sure. Aren’t you the girl who bet her life on my plan? “Even if she doesn’t become her saint, she plans to take care of her until the end.”

The atmosphere was friendly, but an invisible battle of exploration went back and forth between her and me.

But I’m not in a hurry.

Even though it may cause misunderstanding, she came to my castle in person as a princess.

“Actually, I came because I had a favor to ask.”

“I will listen.”

As expected, Princess Diana first mentioned a favor.

Instead of reacting negatively, I decided to listen first.

“Would you please marry me?”


However, the request was too much to call a favor, so I had to squirt out the tea in my mouth.

“Kek! “Kekkeek!”

When I got sick, I had to cough for a long time, and only after a while did my true self narrow my eyes and say,

“This is an unexpected request. “May I ask why?”

“Brother Michael wants to send me to the crown prince of the Croesian Empire.”

A marriage proposal out of the blue.

It was so absurd that for a moment I thought it was a joke.

But as she continued to talk, I understood her actions.

The Croesen Empire was a hostile country that was no different from the enemy of the Reinharts Kingdom.


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I can’t believe I’m sending my younger sister to such a chaotic place.

The Crown Prince didn’t see it that way, but he was quite cold-hearted, wasn’t he?

“Has the story already been discussed?”

“No, we are now at the stage where we are going to send a restraint letter. But you are sincere.”

I am not saying this because the Croesian Empire is an enemy country, but they are a people that cannot be viewed favorably.

If I were to confidently choose the nation with the highest sense of authority in the world, I would without hesitation choose the Croesian Empire.

Unlike the global atmosphere where the prevailing tendency was to guarantee a certain degree of freedom to the commoners no matter how feudalistic the country was, the commoners of the Croesian Empire were merely chess pieces and workaholics that existed for the nobility.

Even though slavery has been abolished in many countries, it is still legal in this country, and women cannot hold imperial titles, titles, or become magistrates or knights.

Since it was said that there was even a super-opposition faction depending on the region, I couldn’t help but wonder if she had done something wrong to the crown prince.

“Do you know why His Majesty the Crown Prince is acting like this all of a sudden?”

“It seems that he is trying to promote friendship with the Croesian Empire, and I think he is trying to gift me as a token for him.”

The intention is understandable, but even if it was for goodwill, how would she be treated if she were sent to a country that has been a long-time enemy?

“Moreover, our kingdom has a principle of direct succession, so if my brother becomes king, my line of succession to the throne disappears. “My price is the highest now.”

“hmm… … .”

“And I don’t know what the Marquis thinks of you, but he’s actually a cold person to his brothers.”

Now that I think about it, can we say that the Crown Prince’s brotherly love was not that great at the time when he tolerated the expansion of his power in order to differentiate between factions, even though he was able to suppress the Second Prince Luke in advance?

This may be because the only direct child of the current queen is the crown prince, and the remaining siblings all have different maternal lineages.

“So you proposed to me to avoid being sent to the Croesian Empire?”

“Yes, I won’t give up on the idea unless you offer benefits comparable to or equivalent to the Crown Prince of Creusen card.”

I could tell that she thought very highly of me.

It meant that I was the card that would replace the Crown Prince of Creusen.

“Your brother thinks very highly of you, Marquis. “If the Marquis becomes your spouse, your brother will also recognize you.”

To put it bluntly, I am the heir of Archduke Lucas, so I can say that I am the best groom in the world.

However, in the aristocratic society of this country, I was a bomb that could explode at any moment, and a rabid dog that could kill me if bitten.

“I don’t even want love. It doesn’t matter if she’s a concubine. She just needs a cause. “If you marry me, the Marquis’s authority will increase even more.”

It’s a pity to see the always confident princess look scared.

After thinking for a moment, I quickly shook my head.

“I’m sorry, but I can’t marry you for the princess.”

It didn’t work out, but there would be no end to it if we kept wives just because we felt sorry for him.

I don’t intend to abuse marriage like that.

Of course, if you live together, you may become attached and love may blossom, but that’s just in case.

Now to me she was just a pretty princess, nothing more and nothing less.

“iced coffee… … .”

At my answer, she looked as if the sky had fallen.

Still, even though it was reckless, I couldn’t just drive away the woman who trusted me and came to me, so I decided to help her as much as I could.

“Instead, we will prevent it from being sold to the Croesen Empire.”

From the beginning, this marriage seemed like an unreasonable number.

‘No, wait.’

So I immediately called the crown prince.

‘Aren’t you targeting this human, Princess Diana, for this behavior?’

Suddenly it occurred to me that he might have caused this situation.

He probably knows that although I am merciless towards my enemies, I am surprisingly soft towards other people.

‘Oh, that’s right. Do you see this man?’

When the puzzle was roughly put together, I clicked my tongue.

Is it true that characters with narrowed eyes are sly?

“No matter how much you are the Marquis, I don’t think your brother will listen to your request.”

“You won’t know unless you try.”

I called the Crown Prince with Princess Diana looking desperate.

[Oh, I’m surprised that the future Duke Lawrence contacted me first.]

Then the Crown Prince greeted me slyly, even using the title of Duke-to-be.

“I’m contacting you because I have something to ask you.”

In response to my answer, the crown prince tilted his head, saying he didn’t know why.

To be honest, I was expecting it, but I can see that they are all pretending not to notice.

I spoke to him bluntly.

“Princess Diana. “I don’t want you to send it to the Croesian Empire.”

Princess Diana placed her palm on her forehead at my unfiltered remarks.

But what was even more shocking was the crown prince’s answer.

[Yes, got it. Let’s do that.]

Not only I, but also Princess Diana, who was half dead, looked dumbfounded at the fact that the goal was achieved so easily.

However, you have to listen to what people say until the end.

[Instead, let’s leave Princess Diana to the Marquis.]

“Leaving it to you doesn’t mean you have to get married, right?”

[It would be best if you married Princess Diana, but I know very well that the Marquis will not do as I wish. Since his administrative ability is quite good, you can keep him by your side and use him as a vassal, or you can use him for image making in social activities.]

The tone of speech is as if one is passing things around.

It was a sight that showed him once again the value of his brothers.

“It looks like you want to attach yourself to me somehow.”

[Because the Marquis is such a valuable person. I want to somehow have a connection with the Marquis.]

Considering Princess Diana’s status, this is a ridiculous measure.

But the crown prince was sincere.

I turned my head to look at Princess Diana, and she looked at me pleadingly.

Due to the Crown Prince’s decision to go to the Croesian Empire, she no longer had authority as a princess.

“All right. “It can’t be helped.”

[is it so.]

That was the end of Princess Diana’s personal story.

[By the way, this time I will introduce my children at the royal party. In particular, the eldest son greatly admires the Marquis.]

Afterwards, we talked about various things, but the nonsense conversation was longer than Princess Diana’s story.

However, rather than being angry at the Crown Prince’s harsh treatment, Princess Diana was just relieved.

[Then I will see you at the party.]

Princess Diana said to me as I hung up the phone.

“That’s amazing. “An equal conversation with that brother.”

“So I was very surprised by this incident. “I thought His Royal Highness the Crown Prince was a kind person to everyone.”

“That’s because the Marquis was recognized not only for his political value but also for his personal value. “My brother is not as kind as the Marquis said.”

Even if it is because he thinks highly of me, it is still true that the Crown Prince’s impression has changed significantly due to this incident.

Of course, this is not the problem.

At least as a king, it is natural to pursue practical interests.

Princess Diana stood up and bowed her head to me.

“thank you. And we will do our best to be helpful in the future.”

I unexpectedly ended up with the most beautiful woman in the royal family.

Well, the process wasn’t very pleasant, but it was clear that he was a good player if used well.

However, I think we need to think about how to use that hand.

‘Why don’t you make an idol with a K-pop feel by bringing Arcea, Ivril, and Princess Diana together as an event later?’

It seemed like a good idea for image making, but it wasn’t a realistic idea.


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