My Lucky Encounter From The Game Turned Into Reality Chapter 11

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Episode 11: Dreams in the game become reality

4. Time to grow (1)

Although my body still felt creaky, I quickly approached the treasure chest and stretched out my hand without hesitation.

[500 billion routes have been obtained. Please enter the account you wish to receive the deposit from.]

Wealth is growing rapidly.

Right now, I have about 635 billion won worth of money, which may not be much in terms of wealth hidden away, but to me it is a huge amount of money.

Above all, in the next stage, the funds held would increase to trillions of won (root), so it was necessary to think about management methods.

[You have acquired the Mangyeong.]

Next, I was given the treasure that would succeed ‘Subspace’ and ‘Elixir’, and I expressed doubts about the expected item.

‘what’s this?’

The thing called Mangyeong was none other than glasses.

I quickly looked at Mangyeong’s detailed explanation.


– Glasses with built-in functions of emotion, observation, clairvoyance, and clairvoyance.

-Check the purpose, usage, and abilities of creatures and objects.

-Check whether the creature’s emotions and conversations are true.

-Check for something beyond the obstacle.

-Check something from hundreds of meters to tens of kilometers away.

I couldn’t help but burst out in exclamation.

Isn’t this a very useful item for someone who is often suspicious of people?

If you have this, you can clearly classify allies and enemies.

As expected, as it was a gift from Archduke Lucas, no random items were left out.

[Mangyeong is transmitted to reality. Please log out and check your inventory.]

And just like the last time I acquired an elixir, the item in my hand evaporated with light, and a notice appeared.

[4 circles are created.]

And as always, the coordination of the synchronized bodies began with the circle creation message.

* * *

I was a little worried because it was my first time creating a circle among so many articles, but as expected, no one realized what was wrong, just like before.

Fortunately, the circle concealment technology was being applied properly.

And soon I was able to arrive at my destination, the Western Headquarters, and the local military staff tilted their heads as they watched me report my joining.

“huh? “You’re Viscount Laurence’s second son?”

A reaction as if asking, “What are you?”

Unlike me, who was the acting lord, they were nobles who directly held titles.

“If it was Viscount Lawrence, I thought Yeongsik with his good physique would come?”

“that’s right. Did you say Cedric? “I heard that when he was young, he immediately raised the expectations of those around him with his outstanding learning ability.”

“No, it’s not Cedric, it’s probably his brother. “Didn’t you say that he became a fool after eating poison?”

“It did. That’s right, I remember now.”

“huh? “Wait a minute, that little brother.”

No matter how precious a noble is, there are hundreds of families in the entire kingdom.

Although Viscount Lawrence was from a lordly family that could be considered the noblest of nobles, he was not very famous due to his location on the border.

Even though the conversation included disturbing content, I nodded with a smile.

“Yes, it’s my younger brother who took poison when I was young.”

“Aha, I see.”

“You don’t look like an idiot, do you? “After all, you can’t trust rumors.”

You must be remembering wrong.

“Nice to meet you, I am Viscount Evans, Chief of Operations at the Local Army Headquarters.”

“I am Viscount Miller, Chief of Support Staff for the local forces.”

When the key staff members introduced themselves, I repeatedly bowed and said, ‘It’s an honor to meet you.’

Nobility can be classified into two categories.

Nobles with fiefdoms and ordinary nobles without fiefdoms.

Lords’ titles are permanently hereditary, but most ordinary nobles hold single-win titles.

Unlike hereditary titles, Danseung title refers to a title that is not passed down to children, and was mainly reserved for high-ranking officials belonging to the administration and military.

That is why the lord is called the noble of the nobles.

Perhaps these are people dispatched from the military to efficiently manage local forces.

No matter how high the title was, he was a 5th rank noble, so it was natural to be as polite as possible.

“Let’s see, if it’s the Viscounty’s convened troops… … . “There are five vanguards and fifty vanguard candidates?”

‘Vanguard Candidate’ refers to a general article.

The Vanguard’s basic equipment, Force Armor and Force Sword, are so expensive that not all knights can be equipped with them.

Therefore, when the existing Vanguard had difficulty deploying to the front line due to injury, the expression ‘reserve Vanguard’ was not incorrect as regular knights put on their equipment and went into battle instead.

In response to a question from Viscount Miller, the Chief of Staff for Support, I nodded and informed him of the troop status.

“Yes, that’s right. “There are 5 Vanguards, 50 Knights, and 1,000 Soldiers.”

“Ah, there’s no need to tell the soldier. “The war will end on the Vanguard ship anyway.”

I smiled awkwardly at the overly honest remark.

Even in a fantasy world, it is highly unlikely that a soldier in this era of advanced civilization would normally swing a spear or shoot an arrow.

The army is all armed with firing artifacts.

In the case of our territory soldiers, they are elites armed with artifacts with an effective range of 1km that can fire up to 300 magic arrows (class 2) without mana recharge.

Normally, I would be angry and say there is no reason to be treated like this, but… … .

Unfortunately, everything he said was true.


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No matter how expensive the soldiers were armed with, the Vanguard’s defensive and offensive power was no different from that of a medieval army armed with a bow.

The reason modern wizards are reluctant to participate in war is because of this Vanguard.

Vanguard cannot be dealt with unless you are an archmage of 7th circle or higher.

‘The Vanguard system was also created by Archduke Lucas.’

For your information, there is no reason for a wizard to be treated poorly just because he has less work to do on the battlefield.

As can be seen from the modern notation ‘Magic Century’, the technology that formed the basis of this society was magic.

Although knights were active on the battlefield, wizards were by far the most influential in society.

“Well, let’s see.”

Viscount Miller, the Chief of Staff for Support, began to search for something by displaying a hologram in front of him.

He spoke with a solemn expression, as if he had found the information he was looking for.

“The Lawrence Territory Army was organized as the 2nd Independent Brigade under the 3rd Division of the 2nd Corps. “As a brigade commander, please assist the division commander, His Excellency Count Otis.”

“all right.”

There is no need for nobles to salute each other.

I politely gave an aristocratic greeting by placing my right hand on my left chest and left the local army staff barracks.

In front of the barracks, Chief of Staff Sir Haman, the Knights, and Arsia were waiting.

For reference, Arcia was dressed in the territory commander’s uniform to make her less noticeable.

“The Lawrence Territory Army was organized into the 232nd Independent Brigade.”

“It means that it is the second independent brigade belonging to the 3rd Division under the 2nd Corps.”

“The division headquarters is Fort Denin, 30km north.”

“Well sir. “Please board the train.”

Although he was also called by the country, he was not mixed with other units, perhaps because he was a private soldier of his family, but was organized as an independent unit.

This was just as my father expected.

However, if there was a variable, it was the personality of the division commander, Count Otis.

‘Count Otis was the great lord of the East, right?’

If his personality is right, he has no choice but to suffer.

Hoping that he would be a little more flexible, I boarded the levitation train again.

* * *

Since the area we are in is a military area, the speed of the floating train was slowed down, so it took about 30 minutes to reach the division headquarters 30km away.

I decided to pay a large bribe if I had the chance and went to say hello to Count Otis, the division commander.

however… … .


A handsome young man welcomed me in the commander’s office at the division headquarters.

Even if I didn’t know anything else, I could tell just by looking at his clothes that he wasn’t a count.

“Are you the brigade commander of the 2nd Independent Brigade?”

“That’s right.”

“His Excellency the Count was unwell and returned to the estate. He does not need to report his placement separately.”

Are you going back to your territory?

I didn’t understand easily so I asked him.

“Are you, by any chance, the minor lord of the Count Otis family?”

It was an outfit that was completely invisible in the English language of a noble count family, but my opponent might have a simple personality, so I was cautious in my actions.

If the lord could not participate in the war, his son, like me, would have to maintain his position.

“No, I am Count Otis’ staff.”


“Oh, if you’re worried about the Count’s empty seat, you don’t have to worry. “I plan to commute to work by teleportation until the war begins.”

There might be a war, but you leave your troops at the front line and go to work.

As expected, the scale of the great nobles is different.

Isn’t this an action that completely breaks common sense?

If a war breaks out while he is away, teleportation will become impossible due to interference with the enemy’s spatial coordinates.

This means that you can fight without a commander at critical moments.

This basically means that you have the confidence to catch the enemy’s attack in advance or that you will not be harmed even if a problem arises.

I asked, suppressing laughter.

“All right. “Can you tell me the brigade headquarters that our unit will use?”

“Yes, I will appoint a guide right away.”

Count Otis’ actions were absurd, but from my perspective, there was nothing bad about them.

‘I’m at that level myself, so I wouldn’t say anything if my subordinate played a game on the front line.’

Surprisingly, it’s off to a good start.

It wouldn’t be much better if the war didn’t start like this and just dragged on for more time.

* * *

Count Otis was truly the best commander.

Since I had lunch with several commanders the day after deployment, I haven’t seen them face to face.

Each subordinate unit had a set perimeter and exploration mission, but these were tasks that could be handled by Lord Harman, so I was able to concentrate on the game without any interference.

The connection time is almost the same as when I was at the mansion.

Thanks to this, I quickly raised my level, and in a week I was on the verge of reaching level 120, which would allow me to create 5 circles.

Given the location, I expected it would take two months to reach level 200, but at this pace, I think the time can be drastically reduced.


I was immersed in Chronicle Online as usual.

Arsia’s unexpected story greatly embarrassed me.

“Someone has entered the room.”


“I don’t think they came here with good intentions.”

Arsia’s warning is linked to reality.

I quickly quit the game.


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