My Lucky Encounter From The Game Turned Into Reality Chapter 109

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Episode 109: Dream in the game becomes reality

28. New Wind (1)

[The surrender of the two princes who lost their heads and torsos!]

[A long standoff, but the rebellion of the 2nd prince ends very simply!]

[It is known that the people who put the rebellion to rest were the marquis Adrian Lawrence and Count Arcia Klein!]

[The Duke of Anaheim, who did not directly participate in the war due to old age, was demoted to second rank! Other nobles who supported the second prince were also demoted or stripped of their titles… .]

[The fall of the powerful Two Princes faction! A large number of members of the Crown Prince faction will be appointed!]

[The death sentence given to the lords who served as the leaders of the Second Prince faction.]

[Duke Adrian Lawrence and Marquis Arsia Klein? Is it natural for the heroes who brought the civil war to an early end to win? Their age is only 20 years old.]

-Hey, Brother Adrian and Sister Arcia appear, and there are no windy days in the kingdom.

└You could really make a separate Adrian Lawrence section in the news section.

└It seems like there was some trouble in the Prius Republic a while ago.

└Are you criticizing my older brother and older sister?

└But thanks to those two people, a major war didn’t break out.

└That’s right. An achievement worthy of being called a hero.

-But isn’t the punishment for rebellion weak? If the rebellion fails, isn’t the original ending where the entire family is wiped out?

└Isn’t it hard to see guilt by association these days?

└Isn’t that because the fight over the successor between the crown prince and the second prince was carried out openly with the king’s connivance in the first place?

└Still, all parties involved are subject to the death penalty.

└No, Marquis Vincent and Margrave Igris were spared.

└Ah, it’s still a waste to kill the Auror Master. It would be better to let him rot for the rest of his life in the border forces near Creussen.

-But is he really a self-made man at the age of 20?

└It’s a story from a completely different world.

└I am worried that a force that threatens the Crown Prince will emerge following the Second Prince.

└They are both on the same side, but they are worried about everything.

└I seem to have forgotten, but Ivril Barnet, who is sponsored by the Marquis Lawrence, is also the person closest to being a saint. What if Marquis Lawrence creates a saint? You don’t know what happens next.

└But it’s really amazing. A person like this lived quietly in a noble family on the border.

└At least Adrian is one of the few nobles who can communicate with commoners. Shouldn’t we like people like this when they become powerful people?

Even today, the online world is extremely peaceful.

There are always a lot of comments on my articles, so it’s fun to see them.

“Your Excellency, are you listening?”

But I had to close the news window on my terminal when a man showed me his face.

That man was Baron Harris Walker.

He is an excellent administrative talent whom I discovered when he appeared before the Noble Board of Audit and Inspection, and is the Vice Lord of our territory, whom I actively recruited.

There is no position called vice-lord in the Kingdom of Reinharts, which is a hereditary feudal system, but since he is the person who will actually run our territory on my behalf as I have a lot of work to do, I kept calling him ‘acting lord’ and gave him a new position.

He is a sincere person who does his best in his duties. He is a magician-like administrator who makes it possible for me to draw up a big picture of a policy, adjust it, and apply it to reality.

“Oh, I’m sorry. “What did you say you came here for?”

In response to my question, Baron Walker unfolded a precious paper map on the table.

“I came here because I have a suggestion to make regarding your Excellency’s success.”

Although the royal family has not directly mentioned it yet, since Arsia and I took most of the credit for this civil war, victory is almost certain.

In the first place, the Crown Prince is not a great person to fool around with things like this, and there is no longer anyone in the noble world who is big enough to challenge me, who is infamous.

So there was no need to point out his behavior, which seemed to be preparing for victory, by saying he was drinking kimchi soup.

“Please speak.”

Then he circled the map with a magic pen.

Because writings written with a magic pen can be easily erased, there was no hesitation in his actions.

[Marquis of Lawrence]

[Marquis of Hammington]

[County of Klein]

[County of Trinity]

[Viscounty of Lawrence]

And when he stopped drawing the circle on the map, a huge land mass was created.

“This time, when His Excellency Marquis Laurence becomes Duke, do not receive the Dukedom of Anaheim, but receive the Marquisship of Hammington. And if His Excellency, Count Klein, becomes a marquis, he will receive no other marquisate but rather the earldom of Trinity.”

I was able to easily understand the intention of what he wanted to say.

“Gather together the lands that can be called my power?”

“Yes, the advantage of this method is that you only need to expand the administrative district around the existing territory, so there is no need to go through a difficult adjustment period. In addition, unnecessary territorial wars that may occur in the future can be prevented, and the northeast and northwest parts of the kingdom are divided around that power, making it the center of northern trade.”

Although it was for easy management from an administrative point of view, there were definitely a lot of benefits if the territory could be inherited like this.

As a bonus, the closed Duchy of Anaheim can be divided, so it is not a bad idea for the crown prince who will newly ascend to the throne.

“That’s definitely a good opinion. If we later make his father the Margrave of the North, we can connect directly from the capital Lionel to the Kingdom of Jordi.”

“Well, if that’s possible, it’s the best scenario.”

At first, I didn’t attach much importance to it, but I once again became interested in Baron Walker’s proposal.

“And if Arsia becomes a duke, where would it be better to expand?”

He started the conversation himself, but when I started to elaborate too much, Baron Walker broke into a cold sweat and pointed to the northeast.

“It would be best to take Count Magnus and Count Gerard together. “Then it will be exclusively connected to the kingdom of Greece in the northeast.”

“Oh, then a huge power will be born that connects the two northern kingdoms with the capital?”

He expressed doubts about my actions.

“It sounds as if it won’t be long before His Excellency Count Klein becomes a Duke and Viscount Lawrence becomes a Margrave? “Is there something there?”

“You know. “It is an auspicious event that will bring great blessings to this country.”

How to make Arsia a duke and her father a margrave?


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It’s very simple.

All that needs to be done is for Arsia and I to advance to the next level.

‘There isn’t much left.’

If I become the 8th Circle and Arcia becomes the Grand Master, the kingdom will have no choice but to provide appropriate compensation.

Otherwise, you won’t be able to catch it.

Wizards and Grand Masters of the 8th Circle are in a position to attack any country they go to.

However, since I already hold the title of duke, I will ask my father to give me the title of margrave instead.

Clearly the royal family would not be able to refuse.

Baron Walker showed interest by sticking his face in as if he wanted to hear more details, but I did not reveal the truth, saying it was a secret.

He seemed very curious, but he was professional in not asking more questions than necessary.

“I won’t pry. Instead, please let us know in advance so we can respond quickly if something happens.”

“Yes I will.”

Baron Walker did not leave my office immediately.

He noticed the young administrator who followed him.

“What is this?”

Then the young administrator put a shopping bag on my table with a very nervous expression.

It was filled with cute letter envelopes.

“It was sent by the children of Lawrence Orphanage. “These are words of gratitude to the lord.”

“Didn’t the director force the children to write this to impress me? Just send it by email… .”

“I don’t think there was such an intention, but after briefly looking at the content, I found it to be honest and funny. “It is not an unconditional piece of praise, so I recommend reading it if you have time.”

I spilled the contents of the shopping bag on the desk.

Various, crooked letters.

He smiled and nodded his head.

The orphanage director probably did it to impress me, but honestly, it doesn’t feel that bad.

“Now the people of the territory are worried that their lord may become a duke and leave for another province. “Everyone hopes that the lord will remain here.”

“Fortunately, it looks like you are not hated by the territory’s residents.”

“How many lords are this kind to the commoners? Moreover, taxes are the lowest in the Kingdom of Reinharts, various welfare policies are in place, and the economy is developing rapidly, so there are many jobs, so the people of the territory like you more than you think.”

“It’s all thanks to Baron Walker.”

“no. “No matter how much administrative power is provided, nothing will change without the will of the lord.”

“It’s a little cringy.”

“Well, anyway, that’s it.”

When I realized what he wanted, I smiled and said.

“Are you asking me to post something on the online diary (SNS) so that the residents of the territory can feel at ease?”

“Yes, that’s right.”

I immediately left a message on social media, and when he saw the content, he nodded with satisfaction.

“thank you. “I’ll just go.”

Is it because his efforts are everywhere?

It was nice to see his love for Yeongji.

* * *

With the development of virtual reality technology through the Hollywood system, many aspects of the world have changed.

Even nobles who disdain virtual reality are expanding their business into the virtual world to steal money from commoners, and various changes have occurred not only economically but also culturally.

Among them, the most notable cultural change is the rise of ‘virtual influencers.’

The fictional character has numerous fans by using social media, releasing albums, and filming videos just like a real person.

The money they earn is as much as that of celebrities in real life, and as they are made of data, they have no complaints about hard work, and since they never age, their value can last forever if they are good at marketing.

However, as it is a virtual entity, there is also a risk, which is that data can be damaged from attacks such as hacking or viruses.

The Hollywood system is a kind of Internet network, so although its own safety is high, the services operated within it are a separate story.

Of course, it is very safe compared to Earth, but since hacking and virus threats exist in all programs, it needed its own security system.

[First-generation virtual influencer ‘Iri’ data completely evaporates. Even the cloud backup has disappeared completely.]

[Data on ‘Teresa’, a recently popular virtual influencer, evaporates.]

[Data evaporation of adult virtual influencer ‘Michael’.]

[Already the fourth time in a month. Who is carrying out the attacks against virtual influencers and for what purpose?]

[An eyewitness account of seeing the lost first-generation virtual influencer ‘Airi’ in a game.]

Events that can be ignored and passed by if you are not interested.

However, in the virtual world based on the Hollywood system, incidents centered on virtual influencers were steadily increasing.


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