My Lucky Encounter From The Game Turned Into Reality Chapter 108

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Episode 108: Dream in the game becomes reality

27. Civil War or Comte (5)

– Perfect!

I used a space movement disruption spell that was temporarily released to prevent people from escaping.

Thanks to this, the Second Prince nobles who gathered at the Marquis Hammington’s Sky Fortress, the flagship and headquarters, were so embarrassed that they missed the opportunity to escape.

I smiled deeply as I looked at the Marquess of Hammington, who was holding my arm around his shoulder.

“I thought I would take advantage of the confusion to dispose of Margrave Raven, Margrave Caskvel, and Earl Brooks, but I didn’t expect it to be done so easily.”

Suppress the rebellion of the 2nd prince faction and dispose of the enemy.

Isn’t it really killing two birds with one stone?

[Check for problems on board.]

[It is recommended that you run the Intruder Occurrence Manual.]

Confusing situation.

Even though the alarm system of the Sky Fortress was ringing loudly, the nobles were unable to adapt to the incident and showed a foolish appearance.

“Why Raven Margrave?”

“Even the Margrave Caskvel and Count Brooks… … .”

I am for those people.



In order to silence the annoying alarm sound of the sky fortress, the control tower was blown up with magic to force a awakening to reality.

“Ji, what are we going to do now!?”

“Explain Marquis Lawrence!”

Could there be a better situation than this?

Communication was disrupted, spatial movement was blocked, and the navigation system was destroyed.

And wouldn’t it be possible to use the Auror Masters of the Republic of Prius, who were scheduled to be used only after the Second Prince’s guerrilla force and the Marquis Hammington’s main force joined in the capital?

Thanks to the king’s arrangements, things were resolved easily.

“Well, anyway. “We are arresting traitors to our country.”

Normally, if the Marquis of Trenton and I, who do not trust each other, betrayed each other in a place like this, we would have been quickly defeated.

However, the situation changed 180 degrees as I could not hope for support due to a communication failure and three Auror Masters joined me.

In this way, we were able to suppress the key figures of the Second Princes faction on our own.

[Oh, no!]


And just in time, some very good news arrived.

The second prince, who was cornered by the king’s arrangements, ended up dying a truly unremarkable death, wondering where the image of a big man who had been holding his weight had gone.

And that too by the hands of Arcia, who trusted him.

Since he was killed by the woman he loved, wouldn’t it be the most unfortunate death?

Of course, that doesn’t mean I have any sympathy for him.

‘Negro, help Arsia.’

In the royal castle, Marquis Vincent and Margrave Ignis, angry at the betrayal, attacked Arcia and a second battle took place.

This time, the king’s arrangement was to just watch and not help, so he gave Arsia a black eagle for her safety.

Arcia, who receives Black Eagle’s support, will never be defeated by them.

If you just suppressed the two people, it would be the best, and even if it wasn’t, it was enough to just waste time.

As Arcia is specialized in defense, she was better than anyone else at wasting time, so there was no need to worry.

‘In other words, if we just clear out this sky fortress, won’t the war be over?’

I said, going up to the table in the center of the situation room with an extremely satisfied expression.

“Marquis Trenton, now that we are out of communication, we cannot wait for instructions from His Highness the Crown Prince. “Let us detain them.”


At my words, the nobles of the Second Prince faction swallowed their breath.

In other words, I was a liaison under the crown prince’s orders, and that liaison also included the Marquis of Trenton.

“this person! “Traitor!”

It’s because I’m so slow in judging the situation.

If people like this had followed Prince Luke into power, Reinharts would have become like the Republic of Prius.

“I know what Prince Luke thinks of Arcia and me, but did you think he would quietly bow his head?”

“Hit!” “Pun these traitors!”

The Marquess of Hammington shouted in great excitement.

The guard knights who were frozen in place and the nobles who were confident in their abilities rushed in from all directions.




But they couldn’t get closer than 5 meters to me and all of their heads fell off.

“Oh, Auror Master?”

“You didn’t see it in the chaos? “All three of them are Auror Masters.”

When I shrugged my shoulders and said it as if it were a medicine, the faces of the Marquis of Hammington and the nobles of the Second Princes faction became as if they were about to explode.

By the way, Marquis of Trenton, why is this man still?

“Do you think it will be okay like this? “If your Majesty comes back with guerrillas, I will cut your head off!”

Ah, I got it.

The reason why this man, the Marquis of Trenton, is looking at his liver is because of the second prince.

The second prince has the king in his hands as planned, and if all the troops reach the capital like this, it will inevitably become dangerous.

So, I delivered the good news to the Marquis of Trenton, who was just watching with a confused expression, and to the nobles of the Second Prince faction.


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“By the way, Prince Luke is dead.”

A short remark.

However, with just that one word, the movements of the nobles and knights of the Second Prince faction stopped in place as if by magic.

“dog sound!”

“All of the deployed guerrillas are dead, and only Marquis Vincent and Ignis Margrave survive and are fighting against Arcia.”

“Could it be that Count Klein tried to hit His Majesty in the back?”

I was annoyed so I just nodded without any prior explanation.

“Well, that can’t be…” … . “Your Majesty passed away?”

“Stop talking nonsense! Do you believe what the author says!?”

I want to believe that it is not, but the situations that are happening now are unusual.

I couldn’t just ignore my remarks.

Thanks to this, they didn’t get angry, fight, or make a fuss while debating whether it was true or not.

At that time, two Vanguards took advantage and launched a surprise attack.


“So stop struggling and be quiet. “Before I kill them all.”

I, who is ready to go toe-to-toe with an Aura Master, would I be defeated by a mediocre Vanguard?

I easily dodged the surprise attack and blew off the Vanguards’ heads.

The Marquess of Hammington, who was close to me and covered in Vanguard’s blood, swallowed the air and collapsed on the spot.

As the atmosphere was created, it was not until then that the Marquis of Trenton and his group noticed me and offered to help.

* * *

The sight of Arcia so effortlessly blocking the fierce combined attack of Marquis Vincent and Margrave Ignis aroused admiration even from the spectators’ point of view.


“Hey, what about eagles!”

In addition, due to Black Eagle using body slams and magic in between, they were never superior even though they were 2:1.

Marquis Vincent and Margrave Ignis are trying to break through somehow.

However, Arcia did not allow even the slightest gap.


at that time.

Black Eagle spoke to Arsia.

When the surprised Margrave Ignis missed the timing of his attack, Arcia took the opportunity like a ghost and swung the holy sword to pressure the two.


Energy release ability more powerful than any other force equipment.

Marquis Vincent and Margrave Ignis were thrown away helplessly, and Arcia, who had a moment to spare, answered Black Eagle’s call.

“Yes, please tell me.”

[Can I fight alone for a moment? I need to talk to His Majesty.]

“I don’t think there will be any problem.”

After Arsia’s permission was given, Black Eagle leisurely flew to the king, who was directly collecting the body of the second prince in the corner.

However, they could not get closer because the Black Knight blocked their path.

[Your Majesty, this is Marquis Adrian Lawrence.]

Adrian spoke through Black Eagle.

The Black Knight reacted on behalf of the King.

“This is amazing. “I thought it was a divine beast, but was it a chimera?”

[You can think of it as something like a familiar.]

“Can the message be conveyed even amidst communication disruption? “Isn’t it great?”

[As expected, the disruption of communications was carried out by the Black Knight.]

Although it was strange to see him talking to a bird no matter how huge it was, the black knight was deeply interested in Adrian.

At first, I thought it was just a childish person who became an archmage, but Arsia’s fighting skills made me feel like she had more than I thought.

“I roughly understood the situation. “You and Count Klein were agents planted by the Crown Prince faction, not the Second Prince faction.”

[Then it will be easier to talk.]

“So why are you looking for His Majesty?”

[I hope you can end the situation before a war breaks out. Because the second prince is dead anyway.]

“Wouldn’t it be too early to end the competition for the throne just because His Highness Luke is dead? The power of the 2nd Prince faction remains intact. “If it’s urgent, you can serve other royals on behalf of His Highness Luke.”

The tone of voice is as if it doesn’t matter what happens in the kingdom as long as the king is safe.

For a moment, Black Eagle seemed at a loss for words, but then he burst into laughter.

[This is not a line a subject of this country would utter. Well, it doesn’t matter. Because that won’t happen.]


[72 key nobles, including the Marquess of Hammington, who leads the rebel army, are being detained. If we drag on like this, the confusion will only increase.]

Perhaps unexpectedly, the Black Knight became dumbfounded.

The king, who had been silent, took off his coat and placed it on the second prince’s body and stood up.

“Are the nobles of the Second Prince faction safe?”

[Some nobles were dealt with during the suppression process. If Your Majesty so orders, all leaders of the rebels will be summarily executed.]

Nominally, the cause of the fight for the throne lies with the crown prince, the traditional heir.

Therefore, Adrian had no hesitation in using the word rebel to refer to the Second Prince faction.

To Adrian’s suggestion, King Kalitz van Reinharts of the Kingdom of Reinharts responded with a tired look.

“If we treat it like that, the war cannot end early. “Because the successors of each territory are just carrying on their parents’ will and shouting for a desperate struggle.”

[I agree. So it would be better to use them rather than kill them.]

No matter how much he looks like a scarecrow, he is a person who has sat on the throne for decades.

It was easy to understand what Adrian wanted.

“Are you trying to induce me to surrender?”

[you’re right.]

There’s nothing complicated.

With the second prince dead and the leader of the second prince faction subdued, the issue could be resolved quickly if the king stepped forward.

What can the Second Princes faction, which has no cause and has lost its leader, do?

The fight is already over.

The King nodded obediently.

“I understand.”

[You thought well. First, can you help me subdue those two people?]

* * *

‘When I came to my senses, everything was over.’

This is an idea that occurred to the crown prince as he began to assess the situation in order to control the situation after the communication-blocking spell that had covered the entire metropolitan area was lifted.

“This is it.”

Instead of winning the battle for the throne, he was defeated.

By Adrian.

“Should we consider it the wit of the Marquis Lawrence?”

In response to a question from Auror Master Count Acres, one of the few people who knew that Adrian was a spy planted by the Crown Prince, Prince Michael, who was walking through the castle with him, shrugged his shoulders.

“Even this was within his prediction range. “I didn’t expect that His Majesty’s hidden faction would be so powerful.”

“Isn’t that too much of an assessment?”

“The Marquis Lawrence asked me the other day. “What happens if the second prince is suppressed instead of suppressing His Majesty the King?”

“Huh, did something like that happen?”

“Yes, it’s proof that he definitely had this situation in mind. I can’t win. “He is truly a great person.”

The sudden change in the situation was quickly recognized, and even in a situation covered with communication interference magic, the three Aura Masters of the Prius Republic who were hidden in the castle were quickly summoned, so it only felt like everything had been prepared.

Thanks to this, Adrian’s presence within the crown prince could not help but grow further.

“uh? Wait. “Anyway, this will end up being a mutiny, right?”

“of course.”

“Your Majesty’s arrangement is to keep your identity hidden?”


“Then, don’t the Marquis Lawrence and Count Klein take the credit for putting down the rebellion?”

“Is there such a thing as monopolization? In fact, they ended the war early.”

“If the Duke of Anaheim, who made the wrong move, is removed from power, the empty seat will be… … .”

“Wouldn’t it be the Marquis of Lawrence’s place?”

“It’s only been half a year since he received his title?”

“What does it matter? “It’s a matter of whether you have the ability or not.”

The shocking title of Marquis.

However, less than half a year has passed and the commission is already being discussed.

For a young man of only 20 years old.


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