My Lucky Encounter From The Game Turned Into Reality Chapter 106

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Episode 106: Dream in the game becomes reality

27. Civil War or Comte (3)

A situation occurred that no one expected except Arcia, who was on guard just in case.

“What are you!?”

The appearance of a black knight who cut down five members of the elite guerrilla unit with one blow.

Prince Luke Win Reinharts was puzzled and asked him for his identity.

Then the black knight, who simply cut off the handcuffs that bound the king’s arms, pointed his pitch-black saber at the second prince’s guerrilla unit as if protecting the king and spoke.

“This is His Majesty’s knight.”

“what? I have never heard of a knight like you… … .”

“That’s right, His Highness the Second Prince is not qualified to know. Did you think that the King of the Daerainhatz Kingdom would be defeated so easily?”

Words and actions that leave you speechless.

However, contrary to his sarcastic tone, his impression revealed by his all-black armor and sword was very profound.

Brown hair and beard that are gray in some places as if the color has faded.

Deep brandy-colored eyes and deep wrinkles all over the face.

The age revealed on his face looked similar to that of the king.

“You are such a scary person. I can’t believe there was a gang like this that even my children didn’t know about. “No, I was the only one who didn’t know!”

The king averted his gaze at the sight of the second prince biting his lip and shouting in exasperation.

However, unlike the king who seemed uneasy, the black knight took a stance and snorted.

“Isn’t it over the moment you handcuff your father? “Don’t imitate a tragic heroine while being a traitor, and surrender.”

At the same time, the black knight lowered his upper body.

The moment I blinked, the heads of 10 guerrillas rose into the sky.

The decapitated heads fell to the ground with expressions on their faces that showed they did not understand what had happened to them.

Just twice.

With only two swings of the sword, 15 Vanguards of the highest rank, the elite of the elite, Auror Experts, lost their lives.

“Auror Master?”

Thanks to this, only 9 of the 24 guerrillas remained.

Still, since 4 out of 9 people were Auror Masters, it seemed like an advantageous situation to someone who didn’t know them.

“That’s the Auror Master?”

However, Prince Luke and his guerrillas, who were actually involved, were unable to move.

That’s because the level of the Black Knight could not be measured even by the level of those who were Auror Masters.

No, without making it complicated, the four Aura Masters were unable to respond and had no choice but to watch, so they were definitely not ordinary Aura Masters.

“You are not surrendering? Then we will continue to attack.”


At that time, the back of the black armor that completely covered his entire body opened and two beams of light shot out.

The ray of light, which was difficult to follow with the eye, soon deflected and attacked the second prince’s guerrilla unit.

The elites of the guerrilla unit tried to block the attack by raising their force armor and force sword to maximum power, but… … .

-thud! Coo!

It was all pointless.

This is because the blue beam of light tore through the Vanguard’s force and pierced everything that stood in its way.

-Kang! Wow!

The Aura Masters, Marquis Vincent and Margrave Ignis, succeeded in blocking the beam of light that attacked them with their Aura Blades, but were thrown back helplessly by the enormous repulsion force.

When the third attack was over, among the 24 guerrillas who attacked the King’s office, only the 2nd Prince, Marquis Vincent, Margrave Ignis, and Auror Masters including Arsia survived.

“Oh my, this can’t be right…” … .”

However, what shocked them was not the fleeting lives of their subordinates, but the two swords circling around the black knight, gliding through the air like snakes.

The identity of the previous attack was two swords flying in the sky, and the blue light was the brilliance of the auror blades covering the swords.

The Auror Blade does not remain in effect once it falls from the user.

Even more so, forming an aura blade on a distant object and making it move at will was clearly not a swordsman’s domain.

However, there is an ability that makes such miracles possible, and that is ‘Eogeomsul’.

It is the unique ability of the Grandmaster, who is considered to be on a par with the Grand Wizard, an 8th circle wizard.

“Crazy, Grandmaster?”

The Second Prince laughed out of futility, and Margrave Ignis lost his will to fight.

However, the cool-headed Marquis Vincent, the confidant of the second prince, clenched his teeth and shouted even though things were clearly wrong.

“Count Ignis! Count Klein!”

The story continues as if it is not over yet.

“I’ll take my time, so you can attend to His Highness!”

The plan went awry, but if only the two princes survived, there was a chance.

No matter how humiliating it was, in the end, if the crown prince was killed, he would be the one to succeed.

Margrave Ignis came to his senses and grabbed the second prince’s arm.

The black knight let out a mocking admiration at the sight of Marquis Vincent.

“You are a loyal subject. But the object of loyalty is wrong. “Don’t you think that if a student makes a mistake, we should correct it rather than cover it up?”

“Shut up!”

Marquis Vincent excitedly lunged at the black knight and swung his sword.

However, the black knight blocked his sword very easily, and when the two faced each other with their swords locked, the two swords that were wandering around like fish slapped Marquis Vincent on the cheek as if making fun of him.

Every time the sword covered with an auror blade grazed Marquis Vincent’s cheek, the force armor protected him, but if he was swung with intention, he would not be able to survive.

“Your Majesty, is it okay for everyone to be summarily executed?”

The black knight held on to Marquis Vincent’s sword, which was as strong as possible, and asked the king.

However, the King rejected his request.

“Can not be done. “They are an important force for this country.”


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“They are traitors.”

“If there is no central point, it is a force that will collapse. So, just Lu, Luke… … .”

The king could not bear to say anything about dealing with his own child.

However, the black knight, who clearly understood the king’s words, took his gaze away from Marquis Vincent and looked at the second prince.

“I take orders. “I will only deal with the 2nd Prince Luke Winn Reinhart.”

The king placed his palm on his forehead and lowered his head, and the second prince’s disposition was decided.

Marquis Vincent tried to get away from him and swing his sword, but he was stuck on the black knight’s auror blade as if it had been coated with glue, so he could not get away.

Even if I tried to let go of the sword, it was no use.

Marquis Vincent, who was called the best sword of the Kingdom of Reinharts and was respected by many knights, was easily subdued by an unknown person.

“Where did this monster come from?”

The sword that was teasing Marquis Vincent by hitting him on the cheek flew towards 2nd Prince Luke, who had decided to retreat for operational purposes, like a missile with a fixed target.

From a normal person’s perspective, the speed appears to be nothing more than instantaneous movement.

However, since they were also Aura Masters, there was no reason for them to be attacked no matter how fast the attack flew in a straight line.

The Second Prince and Margrave Ignis struck down two swords.

-Quaang! bang!

But they didn’t know.

Just because the opponent only uses two swords, that doesn’t mean it’s his maximum.

Didn’t they say that a skilled Grand Master can swing up to 4 swords?

“It’s at your feet!”

The moment when they threw away the sword that flew in a noticeably straight line and flew toward the exit.

This is because two additional handleless blades fell from the Black Knight’s carapace and dug into the ground.

The two handleless blades quietly and secretly advanced towards the Second Prince like a submerged submarine, and the moment he let his guard down, they rose from the ground.

-thud! thud!


As it was, even if he reacted late, he wouldn’t be able to block both swords.

That was the Black Knight’s decision.

However, Arcia, a female Auror Master who had no animosity toward her to the point of questionability, swung a pure white sword of light to block the attack.

Moreover, when others were attacked by him, they were greatly repelled by the force of the attack, but Arcia was so calm.


“Lord Klein, well done!”

The Black Knight was impressed, and the revived Second Prince and Margrave Ignis praised her and jumped at her.

However, they were unable to escape the king’s office.

The swords they had thrown out earlier roughly pierced and destroyed the wall and came across, blocking the two men’s path.

The Second Prince and Margrave Ignis swung their swords again and tried to deflect the fish sword, but it was no longer so easy.

This is because swordsmanship was performed as if the sword had free will.

The will and depth of swordsmanship embedded in the swordsman’s eyes were too extraordinary to ignore as simply a sword being swung.

If they used their aurors, the exit was only two or three steps away, but these two people felt that distance was particularly long today.

Thus, the Second Prince and Margrave Ignis unexpectedly had to engage in a swordsmanship battle with a shapeless knight.

Even though I was wearing vanguard equipment, I had no time to release the force.

The movement of the sword that was not connected to the arm was very free, smooth, and fast.

“what? “I thought you could easily subdue me because you’re the youngest?”

However, the person who stood out the most among them was Arsia, who offset all attacks by lightly moving her shield instead of swinging her sword against the two fish swords.

The way she defended herself against the sword as if she had planted her feet deep in the ground made her look closer to a shield fighter than a swordsman.

She blocked all fierce attacks without wavering, and even showed the composure to gradually approach the second prince, who was about 5 meters away.


And in the end, she succeeded in joining the Second Prince and Margrave Ignis.

“Not only the individual abilities but also the equipment is special.”

Dealing with the strong Arcia is a waste of time.

In any case, the king’s order was to eliminate only the second prince, Luke.

The Black Knight withdrew his sword attack towards Arsia and aimed them all at the second prince.

-bang! bang! bang!

However, she was not embarrassed by the unexpected situation and showed off her spirit by swinging her shield and white light sword against the four fish swords to protect the second prince.

“Lord Klein!”

The second prince, who was completely distorted, called Arsia’s name with a grateful expression.

They realized that Arcia’s performance was essential for them to escape.

but… … .


What followed was beyond everyone’s expectations.


There seemed to be a flash of white light, and the second prince rose into the air with a strong impact sound.

“Oh, no!”


In an unexpected situation, Margrave Ignis shouted and Marquis Vincent screamed.

However, the person who was more surprised than anyone else was none other than the Black Knight who was dealing with them.


He was so embarrassed that even he, who was putting everyone down with his overwhelming inaction, stuttered.

The Second Prince, who had a large hole in the center of his chest, looked at the person smiling at him with an expression of disbelief.

The owner of the smile was Arcia, who had become her shield and reliably protected her back just a moment ago.

“Arsia Klein.”

The second prince, who was unexpectedly attacked by the woman he loved, vomited blood and stretched out his hand toward her.

His actions seemed like he was asking what he had done so wrong.

“Eradicating sexual harassers.”

However, in response to his question, she gave a cold answer and was so surprised that she threw away all the fish swords that had stopped moving and swung the holy sword in her hand.

At the same time, the second prince’s head rose in the air, making it a complete confirmed kill.


Marquis Vincent despaired, making a strange noise that was neither screaming nor crying, and Margrave Ignis collapsed on the spot.

Their future and hopes came to an end in the form of betrayal.

The black knight shook his head excitedly and lost the momentum that overwhelmed those around him.

“Were you pretending to be on the same side, just looking for an opportunity to kill the second prince?”

“The original plan was a little more complicated, but this will make things easier to complete.”

“her… … .”

According to the crown prince’s plan, the second prince was a decoy who would occupy the castle with the king, sit down, gather rebels, and surround and isolate himself.

However, the plan went awry when the unexpected Black Knight invaded.

Of course, in a good way.

Isn’t it as if the most powerful being called the Grandmaster has become an ally?

“If your goal was to kill the second prince, why did you block my sword?”

“I can see the timing to kill him without any regrets, but I don’t want to hand him over to someone else.”

Arcia shrugged her shoulders and bowed to the king who was sitting on one side.

Unless you were a fool, you couldn’t have known that her existence was part of the prince’s plan.

Nevertheless, the king looked at her with mixed emotions over his son’s death, but did not express anger.

“I don’t like it.”

However, the black knight who was taken advantage of unexpectedly responded that he could not understand the current situation.

Arcia looked at him with a calm expression, saying, ‘What should I do?’

“You said it was an opportunity to kill the second prince without any hesitation, right? “Will there really be no setbacks?”

And the Black Knight unchained Marquis Vincent.

Then Marquis Vincent, who was gaping like a carp, rushed at her, screaming like a demon.

“Yes you bitch!”

He got excited and rushed to kill Arsia.

However, even though it was not a direct attack, she was able to defend against the Grandmaster’s sword.

There was no reason to fall victim to his simplified attacks.


She lightly defended herself from Marquis Vincent’s attack and spoke to the black knight.

“I am a subordinate of His Royal Highness the Crown Prince, the legitimate heir of the kingdom. “Can I assume you won’t attack me?”

“We won’t attack, but we won’t help either.”

“That’s enough.”

“That’s disgusting.”

And the Black Knight stood guard in front of the weak-hearted king until he came to his senses, and watched the battle become 2:1 as Margrave Ignis stormed in.

“Until Adrian organizes the main force of the rebels. “I will take up some of your time.”

As the situation changes, the operation and the roles each person performs will also change.

As of the current time, Arcia’s role was to delay the Marquis Vincent and the Margrave Ignis from joining the main rebel army.

However, it may not be easy to deal with two Auror Masters on your own… … .


Black Eagle, who could share magic with Adrian, broke in and supported her by destroying the wall.

The battle for the throne of the Kingdom of Reinharts, which was expected to lead to war, had a major rift from the beginning.


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