My Lucky Encounter From The Game Turned Into Reality Chapter 105

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Episode 105: Dream in the game becomes reality

27. Civil War or Comte (2)

“Arsia, if the second prince misbehaves, don’t hesitate to kick him with his dick first, okay?”


“The black eagle will continue to fly around the castle. So, if an emergency occurs, be sure to send me a telepathy message. “I will support you right away with the Black Man’s magic sharing skills.”


One day before D-DAY.

As if I were releasing a child to the water, I gave Arsia caution, checking each and every item of her armament, which was fully equipped with Force equipment.

That’s how much the second prince was not trusted.

Because I know that he still likes Arcia.

It was obvious that he would do something as soon as he could afford it.

If I were an emotionally broken piece of trash, I would have selfishly taken care of whatever she was going through, but I care about Arcia like a family member and my alter ego.

That’s why I didn’t want to give them even the slightest unpleasant experience.

So, in case of an emergency, her safety was considered the top priority, regardless of whether it was a disaster or not.

Thanks to this, 10 bracelets were tied to the gauntlet inside the shield that did not hold a sword.

They were all artifacts for her self-defense.

“Then I’ll be back.”

That’s how they plan to send her to the second prince’s guerrilla unit.

Even though I made sufficient preparations, something was not satisfactory.

So I thought of one item and clapped my hands.


Then, a short white stick was pulled out from subspace.

That was the holy sword that I gave it the Earth-style name Excalibur.

“It’s a holy sword.”

“Isn’t it precious?”

In response to Arcia’s question, I lifted her chin and spoke the line in a way that sounded like a voice actor dubbing a movie.

“You are more precious.”

“I’m getting chicken skin.”

At Arcia’s reaction, I chuckled and took my hand off her chin.

And he gave serious advice, removing the playfulness from his expression.

“There’s one thing you should know.”

“Please speak.”

“I’m not sure, but maybe there’s a grandmaster hiding in the castle. “If an argument arises with him, he surrenders unconditionally.”

She knew what I meant because she was always with me.

This is the arrangement of the kingdom that my father spoke of, as well as the king’s unknown secret unit.

“No, I surrender not only to the Grandmaster, but also to unexpected dangers. got it?”

“You’re telling me to put my personal safety first.”


Only after hearing that answer did I let her go.

Arcia was walking calmly.

But soon she stopped walking.

“Adrian, be careful too.”

A short word spoken hesitantly.

With those last words, she entered the Lord’s Castle teleportation gate alone.

Then, as Arcia disappeared along with the light, I turned around and expressed a short sentiment.

“It’s cute.”

* * *

“Oh, welcome back. Count Klein.”

The place where Arcia appeared was a small mansion on the outskirts of the capital Lionel.

No matter how small the mansion was, it was enough to hide a guerrilla unit of less than 30 people.

When Arcia appeared, the three Auror Masters, including Prince Luke, Marquis Vincent, and Margrave Ignis, and all 20 high-ranking knights belonging to the guerrilla unit welcomed her.

“I meet His Royal Highness Prince Luke Wynn Reinhart.”

Arcia bowed to the second prince with her characteristic calm expression.

The second prince patted her on the shoulder and nodded, saying she was welcome.

‘Should I hit it?’

For some reason, Arcia didn’t like those two princes.

However, there was no change in her expression, and after being greeted in a stereotypical manner, she also greeted Marquis Vincent and Margrave Ignis.

The Second Prince’s eyebrows twitched at that, but he too did not show his emotions, perhaps thinking that now was not the time.

“This is reassuring. “I still can’t forget what I saw at the hunting ground.”

“I’m sorry.”

Marquis Vincent and Margrave Ignis welcomed her wholeheartedly.

Adrian was so eccentric that he had a strong negative image among the nobles, but Arcia had a completely opposite image.

Even though she is a genius who became an Auror Master at the age of 20 along with Adrian, she never shows off, is always polite and elegant, and even has flawless beauty.

Since being a knight itself is a tough job, Arcia had no choice but to stand out among those people.

In addition, he silently stood by his fiancé’s extreme behavior, so he could be said to be the ideal type that every knight hopes for.

No, it could be said that he is the ideal type not only for knights, but for all men.

Therefore, although nobles were capable of Adrian, they were reluctant to approach him, while they wanted to approach Arsia at all costs.

“Are you really marrying Marquis Adrian?”


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At that time, ‘Wesley’, the eldest son of the Caskvel Margrave family, who was greatly pushed out by Arcia but was expected to become an Auror Master in his 20s following Prince Luke, asked such a question without notice.

The Caskvel Margrave family was the family of Isabella, the leader of those who harassed Adrian during his time at the Academy.

Marquis Vincent glared at him as if he was asking some nonsense ahead of the war, but not only Wesley Caskvel but many other knights also looked curious.

Arcia answered simply, keeping her original expression and without any sign of offense despite the rude question.

“If Adrian wishes.”

It was natural that Arcia could not refuse Adrian’s orders, but from the listener’s perspective, it gave off the feeling that Arcia liked her more than Adrian.

The second prince, who became uncomfortable, cleared his throat and settled the situation.

“Are we on a school trip?”

“Haha, sorry.”

Wesley Caskbell scratched his cheek with an embarrassed expression.

Once the situation was settled, Arcia asked the second prince.

“Are there any strategies I need to be familiar with?”

The second prince checked the time on the bracelet terminal and nodded.

“Okay, now that Count Klein is here, shall we begin the explanation?”

Still, everyone seemed to be professionals, so they each stopped what they were doing and looked at the second prince’s reaction.

Prince 2 tapped the bracelet-type terminal with his finger.

Then, a large three-dimensional holographic map appeared in the center of the hall where they were located.

“The key to this war is whether we can achieve victory while preserving the kingdom’s strength. We are always in a position to be concerned about the movements of the Croesen Empire, so if we can prevent the loss of even one Sky Fortress or one Vanguard, we should do our best to prevent it. That’s why our guerrilla unit is inevitably important.”

The Second Prince is a guerrilla unit whose mission is to bring the war to an early end.

Of course, when it comes to premature ending, there was no surer way than hitting the enemy’s head.

“It’s cowardly as a knight, but wouldn’t it be okay to use poison for the country?”

This time it was Wesley Castbell.

The second prince, who had not known this before, shook his head, feeling slightly offended.

“I guess you haven’t tried it? “The poison doesn’t work on that guy.”


“This guy has a relic called ‘Mandok Resistance’. It’s a royal treasure given to me by my father. So don’t talk nonsense and listen quietly.”

“Oh, I understand.”

Wesley Caskbell kept his mouth shut in response to the second prince’s harsh response.

“This guy should stick a sword directly into his throat. But it’s not easy. After all, he is the crown prince of the Great Reinharts Kingdom.”

The Second Prince, who had been shrugging his shoulders, changed his expression and curled the corners of his mouth.

“But, with what I got my hands on this time, I’m confident I’ll be able to hit that guy’s head without difficulty.”

He snapped his fingers, and a side road leading to the Crown Prince’s Palace and the main castle appeared on the map.

“This is the blueprint used to build the royal castle. “There’s even a secret passage marked here.”

“Oh oh.”

The royal castle’s secret passageway was a top secret.

It is a top secret that only the owner of the palace is authorized to know.

“Although most of the secret passages marked as old are broken, we were able to confirm that two passages can be used as a result of preliminary investigation.”

When Prince 2 snapped his fingers again, an X was marked on several passages on the map, leaving only two.

But those two passages were valuable.

The king’s office was connected directly through the crown prince’s bedroom.

“If you send a half-baked assassin, it will fail, but if it were us, it would be a different story. Use this passage to deal with the Crown Prince and secure His Majesty. “That is the core of this operation.”

‘We are going to invade through a secret passage,’ was the second prince who could barely say this at length.

But those who heard his plan clenched their fists.

It was a simple operation whose success could easily be predicted.

If a force of this magnitude appeared from beneath their feet and made a surprise attack, who wouldn’t be at risk?

“To prevent leakage of operations, the use of communication and telepathic artifacts will be prohibited as of now. “You’ll understand, right?”

Everyone nodded in understanding to the second prince’s cool question.

The second prince nodded with satisfaction.

“Okay, now let’s start simulating each situation.”


So, one day before D-Day, preparations for the second prince, who would become the signal for a civil war, progressed steadily.

‘Should I hit it? No, it’s not within the neatness cutoff line.’

Of course, Arcia had to struggle with her violent impulses due to the actions of the second prince, who frequently massaged her shoulders and patted her back.

Fortunately, the second prince didn’t do anything that would raise questions about whether he had discernment or not.

The day deepened like that.

Everyone stayed up all night, perhaps because they had a big day ahead of them, and then D-DAY dawned.

* * *

An old underground waterway that is no longer in use.

The guerrilla unit, including the 2nd Prince and Arcia, rode quickly through it on hoverboards, fully armed with Vanguard equipment.

A distance where a considerable amount of time would have been wasted if one had run on foot.

However, in today’s technologically advanced world, the distance was so close that it took less than a minute.

Their primary goal is not to secure new soldiers for the king, but the life of the crown prince.

Therefore, they first invaded the crown prince’s palace through a secret passage.

“W-what is it?”

However, the crown prince, who was so surprised and had to run away from them in a huff, was nowhere to be seen.

The second prince, feeling that something was wrong, bit his lip.

“Was the operation leaked in advance?”

Unless you were an idiot, you couldn’t have known.

But now was not the time for sentimentality.

If the crown prince escaped, he would just move on to the next target.

“These guys! “How dare you tell me where this is!”

Fortunately, the crown prince seemed to have escaped alone in a hurry, so the king was unaware of anything and was met by an elite unit that appeared through a secret passage.

The second prince and his faction were greatly relieved, but the king was greatly angered when he saw his second son storm into his office with armed men.

“I’m sorry, father. “Please leave the new recruit to me for a while.”

“Luke you bastard!”


Unlike the Crown Prince’s Palace, loud alarm sounds rang out and guards came in without stopping.

However, the Guard Knights that protected the king were no match for them.

In the first place, Marquis William and Prince Luke, the second prince, were the leaders of the knights’ guard.

There are even people who do not have the confidence to swing a sword against their superiors, so they lose their will to fight and put down their sword.

Thanks to this, the king of Reinharts Kingdom was so helplessly bound by the second prince.

“Why are you looking so closely?”

Although they lost the crown prince, since they secured the king’s recruits, this was no different from victory.

Thanks to this, the guerrilla unit celebrates their victory by saying that they achieved their goal surprisingly easily.

For some reason, Arcia was the only one who did not let go of her tension.

Marquis Vincent tilted his head as he looked at her.

“We are preparing just in case.”


Her answer has no meaning.

Marquis Vincent laughed and told her to relax, saying she was overreacting.

But that was then.

[Your Majesty, do you need help?]

A stranger’s low voice rang out in the empty air, and the king, furious at it, shouted.

“Protect me!”

[I accept orders.]

At the same time, a man wearing black armor appeared and cut down the five vanguards surrounding the king with a single sword.

“W-what is it?”


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