My Lucky Encounter From The Game Turned Into Reality Chapter 104

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Episode 104: Dream in the game becomes reality

27. Civil war or skirmish (1)

“The Marquis of Lawrence surprises me in many ways. Since this number keeps getting worse, I can’t do anything foolish against the Marquis. “If your thoughts are so similar to mine, it feels a bit complicated.”

From the crown prince’s answer, I got a strong feeling that he never wanted to turn me into an enemy.

And he even responded that he was happy to have a comrade who understood him.

I thought I was showing off too much, so I tried to pretend that it was a coincidence.

“It was just a novel that came to mind as a fantasy and it turned out to be correct.”

“It means that the prediction ability is excellent. “The Marquis is so humble before me.”

However, the crown prince denied my statement, saying that was not the case.

Even though I said no, he praised me with humility.

I wouldn’t believe it if they said they made meju with red beans.

“Does the Marquis of Trenton know about me?”

“No, I haven’t told you yet. “The Marquis of Trenton’s inferiority complex toward the Marquis of Lawrence also played a part in his recruitment, so I don’t plan on telling him until the last minute.”

“His Royal Highness the Crown Prince is also a secret villain.”

“Haha, he’s clearly a villain. “I could have strangled Luke right away, because I created this confusion to clearly distinguish who was on my side and who was not on my side.”

Was that really the purpose?

As I changed my doubtful thoughts into confidence, I was able to realize once again how scary a person the crown prince was.

‘Now you know and tell me things I didn’t even ask.’

I cleared my throat and asked about the strategy.

In response, the crown prince opened his characteristic narrowed eyes and curled up the corners of his mouth.

Then, the face of a fox with delicious food in front of it was formed.

“Taken together, it is a siege, a betrayal, and a complete strike.”

It was a simple answer, like a painter with an afro perm saying, ‘It’s so easy, isn’t it?’

The idea is to gather the two prince factions in one place, surround them, and strike them all down, starting with the betrayal of me and the Marquis of Trenton. I can see that it is a simple but good strategy.

But what I ask is how to make it possible.

“Marquis Lawrence, what do you think is the biggest weakness of the Two Princes faction?”

Because he thinks so highly of me, he seems to think that I will give him an answer that meets his expectations.

I thought about it for a moment and then gave a simple answer as if I didn’t need to think about it for a long time.

“It would be exposure of the operation.”

“you’re right. Information is what determines victory or defeat in war. In that respect, we can be seen as taking one step toward victory.”

Prince Luke’s problem is that he is too honest.

When planning operations, he likes to exchange opinions with his subordinates, and the results obtained are always communicated to key personnel.

In some ways, it can be said to be the commander’s true self, but the problem is that there are many hidden people around him who pretend to be on the same side.

In the end, any operation will be leaked in advance, so the crown prince can easily respond.

Moreover, unlike the Second Prince, the Crown Prince keeps all of his plans in his head, so it is bound to be difficult for him to expose his plans.

It is clear that he will deal with the second prince only on the day of the operation, giving each person a mission.

“You must be boring because you keep talking in circles.”

I was just lost in thought for a moment, but the crown prince, who was fooled by my acting and thought very highly of me, gave me a puzzled look.

“Well, the Marquis Lawrence will recognize it right away, so there’s no need to hide it.”

No, I’m sorry, but I can’t tell without a lot of hints.

Although he had some sense, he wasn’t as genius as he thought.

However, the Crown Prince revealed his plan, saying that it would be useless to hide it from me.

“Second Prince Luke is preparing a guerrilla unit, right?”

“Yes, that’s right. Count Klein is also part of that unit. Four Auror Masters, including the Second Prince, Marquis Vincent, Margrave Ignis, and Count Klein, and 20 top-level experts will work as a team.”

“We are planning to create a gap and allow their intrusion.”

“indeed… .”

For no reason, I thought, ‘Indeed…’ I tried to pretend to know by saying ‘.’

I still don’t know what he’s talking about, but I don’t think I should disappoint the crown prince, so I responded that I think I understand.

The Crown Prince responded by playing drums and janggu by himself.

“Yes, that’s right. “We are giving away the royal palace that Prince Luke so desperately wanted to possess, as well as the real estate where his mother resides.”

Does that mean you will give up your royal castle? why?

The royal castle of Reinharts Kingdom itself is no different from a fortress in the sky.

Is there a need to give up the advantage of defense?

I nodded with a smile and desperately shook my head.

And that moment.

Suddenly, a possibility came to mind.

In the ‘siege, betrayal, and complete defeat’ he mentioned earlier, the first move was to give up the castle to the second prince’s guerrilla force for the ‘siege’.

The second prince cannot abandon the royal castle and king that he has held in his hands for so long to assert tradition.

In other words, the second prince will call his group to the castle and choose to isolate himself.

‘The moment the second prince locks himself in the royal castle, the positions of attack and defense become fixed.’

The crown prince becomes the attacker and surrounds the castle, while the second prince becomes the defender and forms a defense line around the castle.

But when the two princes form a defensive line, the worst happens.

It is I, Arcia, and the Marquis of Trenton’s faction that are betraying him.

‘What a Trojan horse these days.’

Although it is a classic, it is a strategy that is bound to work since he uses his own father, the king of this country, as bait.

“It’s a tactic that can’t be used if you don’t have internal collaborators. Without knowing it, the second prince must be happy that His Royal Highness the Crown Prince has run away.”

“As expected, it’s nice to have a good conversation.”

I just barely understood it, and he showed the same reaction by extending his thumb.


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Well, he is a difficult person to get along with.

However, there is one big problem with this operation.

“Unfortunately, there is one problem with this operation.”

And the crown prince also pointed out the issue.

“Are you saying that it is inevitable that I, Count Klein, and Count Trenton will be in danger?”

“Yes, it is. The Second Prince faction, which is caught off guard, will quickly collapse due to your betrayal. Inevitably, you become the target of a barrage of attacks in the process.”

If it is within our power, we will survive.

Otherwise, it is a strategy that could result in a goal.

Truly high risk, high return.

“Do you have any plans regarding this matter?”

“I would like to tell you about some secret passages hidden in the castle. “If you use secret passages and confuse the enemy, your chances of survival will increase dramatically.”

Although still risky, it was a plan that definitely increased the chances of survival.

I thought for a moment.

This is because I wanted to reduce the risk even a little, since there is no safe betrayal in war.

The crown prince watched me quietly and gave me time to think.

“It’s His Royal Highness’s plan, but may I make a suggestion?”

And after a short period of thought, he nodded, expressing interest in the remarks that followed.

“I made a significant contribution to the revolution by taking part in the Prius Republic incident.”

The Prius Republic appeared out of nowhere.

Moreover, the story was related to my deviation, which seemed to be nothing more than a whim.

Naturally, doubt appeared on the crown prince’s face.

“For that, they promised to give me some compensation.”


“That’s right.”

A story about compensation that was mentioned several times during a conversation with the commander of the Revolutionary Army at the Presidential Palace.

This is what the reward is.

“Like them, when a civil war broke out in our kingdom, we decided to provide troops.”

Troop support for the Kingdom of Reinharts from the Republic of Prius.

It was an arrangement made to increase my survival rate and secure victory for the crown prince’s camp when a civil war broke out.

“hmm… .”

However, no matter how the arrangement was made, it could not help but sound like it was attracting foreign powers based on the current words.

So, out of concern that the crown prince might be in a bad mood, he quickly continued speaking.

“It’s not grandiose support like a swarm of sky fortresses or anything like that.”

“What is the exact size of the support force?”

It was not the President of the Republic of Prius who made a promise to me.

This is Israeli Oscar Prius, commander of the revolutionary army.

If it’s the best military support he can promise… .

These are three revolutionary mobile strike leaders who were close associates of the Israeli commander.

“There are three Auror Masters.”

The crown prince’s eyes widened at my words.

It may be a huge troop support, but they only borrowed three people.

Then we can sufficiently dismiss the bullshit that foreign powers were brought in.

However, the presence and destructive power of those three people was something we desperately needed today.

“Huh, could it be that all the incidents related to the Republic that were seen as nothing more than aberrations were part of this plan?”

Not really.

Originally, the Republic incident was just me trying to clean up shit.

However, the answer to his question was determined.


“Well, there’s no way Marquis Lawrence would do something meaningless. “You are truly amazing.”

He just shook his head in surprise at my smugness.

‘There is a condition that it must be brought back alive, but there is no need to say it.’

In fact, they were asking for manpower as compensation for extorting money from the revolutionary army, and in addition to dispatching manpower with the condition of their return alive, there was one more compensation they agreed to receive, although it was not much.

However, in this good atmosphere, I don’t think there is any need to give an explanation that will ruin the atmosphere.

“Then let’s secretly hide those three Auror Masters in a secret passage. Then, quick support will be available, so you will definitely survive. “This is a party that includes four Aura Masters and two Archmages.”

“All right.”

“Thanks to you, we have created a situation where failure is impossible. “It was truly a godsend to attract the Marquis Laurens.”

It was the crown prince who gave me a look in his eyes as if he had fallen into a pseudo-religion.

After that, the story with the crown prince was not long.

After all, there was a lot of work to be done.

“It was a lot of hard work. Marquis Lawrence, Count Klein.”

After a while, I got up from my seat and moved to the secret teleportation gate to leave the Crown Prince’s Palace.

But then, I suddenly remembered one thing and stopped walking.

“But what happens if Prince Luke tries to subdue His Majesty the King and ends up being subdued?”

“I guess that’s possible, but then this matter will be completed more easily.”


What came to mind was the royal arrangement of Reinharts Kingdom that my father had mentioned.

Looking at the crown prince’s reaction, it seemed like he had no idea.

‘Really, does it exist?’

* * *

When Adrian was having a secret conversation with the Crown Prince.

Prince Luke Winn Reinharts had a private conversation with his closest associate and teacher, the Marquis Vincent, and the Chairman of the House of Nobles, the Marquis Hammington.

“Do you really plan to deal with him after we win this war?”

“There is no need to hold onto a mess that is difficult to manage in order to run a stable government.”

“He is a talent that would be a waste to throw away after being used as a one-time use during a war… .”

“The original plan was to liquidate the Marquis of Lawrence after winning the war. Marquis Vincent, why are you suddenly acting like you care?”

They were discussing assassinating Adrian after this civil war ended.

Marquis Vincent, the kingdom’s greatest sword, was reluctant to assassinate Adrian, whose reputation had grown, but the second prince was so strong that he could no longer express an opposing opinion.

The reason why the Second Prince strongly advocates Adrian’s assassination is because he is suffering from a disease that cannot be cured even with medicine.

“So far, we have accepted your opinions and have kept friction with Marquis Lawrence to a minimum in order to win the battle for the throne. But should I endure it even after everything is over? “Am I going to be king?”

“If you kill the Marquis of Lawrence, instead of winning Count Klein’s heart, you may end up further alienating him.”

The disease he suffered from was an incurable disease called ‘love’.

Was it after seeing the battle between Arsia and the ogre in person at the royal hunting ground?

Or had my heart steadily grown since then?

He had already decided in his mind that Arcia would be his future queen.

“Does her opinion matter? “I want it?”

But the problem is that his love is overly selfish and insidiously twisted.

Therefore, he thought that he must kill her fiancé, Adrian, in order to take over Arsia.

In response, Marquis Vincent let out a small groan and then nodded with a sigh as if he had no choice.

“All right. “I will assist you with your wishes.”

Marquis Vincent decided that traffic control was necessary for Prince Luke, who often lost his temper when it came to matters related to Adrian and Arcia.

The most important thing to them was Prince Luke, who would inherit the throne, and not an outstanding talent.

“Okay, I finally like it now.”

Although the war for the throne had not yet begun, the sight of those planning the next steps made it seem as if they had already won the war.

If Adrian had heard their conversation, he would have shaken his head and said that they would secretly plan a strategy to win the war instead of conspiring.


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