My Lucky Encounter From The Game Turned Into Reality Chapter 102

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Episode 102: Dreams in games become reality

26. Strange events (4)

There was a bit of a fuss, but from now on no one will have the foolish idea of ​​robbing me.

As a bonus, the Black Dragon Guild, with whom I am under contract, also became aware of my presence once again due to this incident.

‘How much did you spend on this?’

‘I think it’s roughly around 3 billion?’

‘omg. ‘Burn 3 billion just because you’re angry?’

‘That’s not all. From what I heard, it looks like Mingi had a hand in World Games. So this transaction was concluded quietly.’

‘What a great person he is.’

‘I don’t know. Instead, it is clear that we must treat them with even greater care in the future.’

Well, it was so severe that there was a misunderstanding and something I didn’t do became a rumor and was circulating within the guild, but I didn’t pay much attention to it.

Because they can confidently say that they are more famous than they can imagine.

Thanks to this, the guild is paying attention in many ways to make hunting a little more comfortable, so it can be said that it is not a bad income.

[Level: 241]

Although I wasted time because of some crazy guy, I recovered my experience quickly and leveled up.

I leveled up a day later than planned, but it didn’t have a significant impact on my activities.

So I became absorbed in the game.

However, there was something I couldn’t help but pay attention to while playing the game, and that was the presence of Ivril, who participated in the final contest to select a saint.

The final contest, the practical experience, was a round in which sponsors, including me, could not directly participate, but I could not ignore the girl who was swayed by my greed and tried to do well in any way and concentrate on the game.

‘But he’s treating me better than I thought.’

Because it was something he was not used to, he seemed a bit creaky in the beginning, but his lieutenant, Eric, was able to keep his balance well, and Ivril himself adapted quickly and was showing good performance after a week.

In particular, yesterday, it was a great feat to work together with my ally Judy Esther to purify the demonic energy that appeared in the Chase Kingdom and eliminate all the undead caused by the demonic energy.

‘Of course, it’s a problem because those two aren’t the only ones active.’

The top five are competing fiercely in the third contest as well.

However, what is surprising is that High Elf Grace, who has been maintaining the lead, shows weakness in practice, and as Princess Francis and Princess Xia Lin advance, the five-way battle is intensifying.

It feels like Everil is one step ahead of the others thanks to High Elf Grace’s slump, but we can’t be completely reassured.

‘Princess Francis is quite good. ‘She is arrogant, so I thought she would fall out of favor quickly, but her unique arrogance is sublimated into her character thanks to her endlessly cool personality.’

‘Princess Xia Lin is still a powerful dark horse. The appearance that evokes a protective instinct attracts many believers.’

‘Judy Esther is an example of a stable priest. Honestly, at this stage, I can say that she is more suitable for the position of a saint than Everil. And others know that too.’

‘Grace High Elven is showing a weak backbone, but the initial impact was very strong. He is a person with all abilities that are uniformly high, with nothing in particular lacking.

This was my evaluation of the other four people except Ivril.

Unfortunately there is nothing I can do.

All I had to do was trust Ivril, wait, and pray to God for her favor.

Thanks to this, I was spending my days checking Ivril’s situation while playing the game.

‘If this routine continues, you will achieve level 250, the first condition of the 8th level Giyeon quest, within the next two months, or at the latest three months.’

After reaching level 250, the second condition, the battle with the named monster, remains.

I wasn’t too worried because I knew I would somehow find a breakthrough and head upward, just like I had done so far.

but… … .

“It’s time.”

An incident occurred that threw cold water on this plan.

This is because 2nd Prince Luke Win Reinharts summoned the high-ranking nobles of his camp, including me, who were earls or higher, and said so.

“My father is thinking of abdicating. “Now is the perfect time and the last chance to overthrow the crown prince and take the throne.”

The battle for the throne in my country, the Kingdom of Reinharts, has come to a head.

If the king abdicates, the current crown prince becomes king.

Therefore, 2nd Prince Luke had to do something before that.

Since the crown prince would be aware of the current meeting, what will happen next will be a strong versus strong battle between the two forces.

In other words, it is a civil war.

‘There are too many accidents… … .’

Although something that was planned happened, I couldn’t help but sigh.

‘Aren’t we all participating in the war that has been taking place in Rondel recently?’

War with the Croesian Empire.

A territorial war with four Viscounty territories.

He even participated in the war between the foreign countries, the Brigham Empire and the Prius Republic, and this time it was the kingdom’s civil war.

It can only be seen that the war uniform has exploded.

“The power revealed on the surface is about 6:4, so we are quite superior.”

What on earth is the crown prince doing?

The gap became wider than expected.

If the strategy difference is about 20%, I have to betray at a critical moment and stab Prince Luke in the back to make them even.

Despite showing high abilities and confidence, isn’t his response too inadequate?

I have no intention of overturning the contract I signed, but I am having a hard time due to the poor handling of the work.


But then.

While I was chewing on the crown prince in my mind, I happened to turn my head and look around and discovered some strange information.

[Marquis Ali Trenton / 7th Circle Archmage]

Relationship: Vigilance / Alliance (Antagonism)

Status: Nervous / Noticed

[Margrave Ariel Royce / 6th Circle High-ranking Wizard]

Relationship: Vigilance / Alliance (Antagonism)


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Status: Nervous / Fearful

[Count Ariel Spinel / Highest Administrative Officer]

Relationship: Favor / Alliance (Antagonism)

Status: Nervous / Worried

Strangeness should soon turn into doubt.

This is because people marked as ‘ally (hostile)’ appeared in the relationship section with the person displaying a full mirror.

They were the so-called ‘Tranton faction’ in the Second Prince faction.

These are the people who argued that I should be punished when the Prius Republic announced in the past that it would impose economic sanctions on our kingdom.

Although they seem to be losing out to me in many ways, there is no doubt that they are the mainstay of the Second Prince faction.

So I tilted my head and looked at the others.

[Marquis Douglas Hammington / Highest Executive]

Relationship: Neutral / Allied

Status: Joy/Expectation

Then, didn’t the notation simply appear as ‘Alliance’?

Although I follow the Crown Prince, on the surface I belong to the Second Prince faction, so it was right to be perceived as an ‘ally’.

Someone is an ‘ally’, someone is an ‘ally (antagonist)’… … .

As I was organizing my thoughts, I opened my eyes wide as I remembered one possibility.

‘No way, they too?’

I have met many people and seen their abilities so far, but the Crown Prince is not only smart, but also has the greatest talent in politics and administration.

It was incomprehensible that such a person would just give up and be bullied by the second prince.

But isn’t it different?

‘The ‘ally (hostile)’ indicated in the relationship is clearly a potential betrayer.’

In other words, the Crown Prince not only brought in me, but also the Marquis of Trenton’s faction.

‘haha. indeed… … . ‘That’s right.’

I was able to see once again what a sinister person the Crown Prince was.

Unlike 2nd Prince Luke, who initially drew a line with the Crown Prince faction and worked hard to attract neutral nobles, Crown Prince Michael seemed to think that it would be of greater benefit to simply pull him out of the hostile forces.

It is certainly the most effective method if possible.

Since you can increase your power by causing losses to the enemy, taking out just one person was no different from bringing in two outsiders.

The problem is that if the opponent does not succumb to appeasement, there is a high risk that the plan will be leaked, but looking at the situation, it can be seen that the crown prince’s choice of character was exquisite.

Thanks to Mangyeong, I knew the crown prince’s plan in advance, and I felt a chill and was inwardly amazed.

“Marquis Lawrence.”

“Yes, Your Highness.”

However, I, who had been laughing internally without expressing it outwardly, had to harden my expression when I heard the story of 2nd Prince Luke.

“I’m sorry, but can you give me Count Klein?”

I couldn’t help but question the second prince’s remark, which seemed to demand Arcia’s new recruits.


“I plan to create a guerrilla unit centered around Marquis Vincent and I. “There will be no valuable talent who would be a better fit for that unit than Count Arsia Klein.”


I realized why he asked me for Arsia, but I couldn’t help but feel reluctant.

That has to be the case because this person has not yet let go of his attachment to Arcia.

[Status: Affection / Expectation]

It was inevitable that he would be displeased to see the change in his emotions every time he looked at Arcia.

“Then there is nothing we can do. All right.”

But I couldn’t say no in this situation.

If I were in the 8th Circle and Arcia was the Grand Master, I would immediately shout ‘Fuck you!’ and turn the 2nd Prince into a eunuch… … .

The good news is that the second prince is not the kind of person who harbors an explosive lust for Arcia.

Arcia nodded because she knew there was nothing else to do, and the second prince continued to express satisfaction as if it was so good, even though it wasn’t long before his head was blown off.

“This war cannot take too long. If the civil war prolongs and the kingdom’s power weakens, the Croesian Empire could invade at any time. So, you have to gather your strength and hit the head quickly.”

A common thought with the Crown Prince.

A civil war in a situation where there were hostile countries on the border was bound to be a huge burden.

Although he was more emotional than the crown prince, the second prince was also making sound judgment as the head of a political faction.

“Marquis Vincent will fight guerrilla warfare with me, so Marquis Hammington will serve as commander-in-chief of the territory army, and Marquis Lawrence will serve as second-in-command.”

“All right.”

Once again, it appears that the crown prince made a good choice in attracting the Marquis of Trenton.

2nd Prince Luke certified here that he was last in rank among the 4 Marquis of the 2nd Prince faction.

It was revealed here that he considered me, who had only been a noble for about half a year, more important than the Marquis of Trenton.

Glancing at the Marquis of Trenton, it feels like even the slightest bit of regret he had has disappeared.

I don’t know about the 2nd prince, but he ended up encouraging the betrayal of someone who had the potential to turn things around.

“Then, I will announce the units and missions each person will be in charge of.”

Following the commander and deputy commander, the personnel selection was decided by the second prince.

The Marquess of Trenton and the Margrave were made commanders of corps, the earls were made commanders of divisions under corps, and viscounts and lords above barons were made commanders of brigades under divisions.

The position was the same as that of the local forces that participated in the previous war against the Croesian Empire.

However, since it was not a gesture of sincerity to support the King’s army in local warfare such as the annual event, the size of the participating troops was more than five times larger.

“The operation begins in two days. It will be midnight. “Everyone, make up your mind and secretly prepare the military’s posture.”

After the meeting ended, the nobles who had been summoned quickly returned to their estates to prepare for war.

Since my territory and Arsia’s territory were already one and the same, we headed to the Marquis of Lawrence together as before.

And in the car on the way back, I said I was worried about Arcia, who was assigned to the second prince’s unit.

“If the second prince does something wrong, don’t tolerate it and beat him up. “I will take care of everything.”

“Then I will defeat you with peace of mind.”

I nodded seriously.

If the Second Prince had heard, he would have expressed embarrassment at his treatment, but to us, he was nothing more or less than a discarded card.


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