My Lucky Encounter From The Game Turned Into Reality Chapter 10

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Episode 10: Dreams in games become reality

3. Battlefield (4)

Current level 78.

When you reach level 80, you can create a 4th circle, so you will be able to clear the 4th Giyeon quest by today.

It will be possible to quickly level up through Salamander Tears for a while, but even if the damage is fixed, the power of 3,000 attack power is not enough to reach the level of circle 4, so it will not see much light after level 100.

Still, if you combine it with magic, you will continue to level up a little faster than fighting normally.

If the system hadn’t put the brakes on my growth due to abnormal growth, I would have been able to quickly reach level 200, but it’s disappointing in many ways.

For reference, while the 4th circle is level 80, the 5th circle is level 120, which greatly increases the difficulty.

Level 160 is 6 circles, and level 200 is 7 circles.

Starting from the 7th circle, he is called an archmage, a precious being who is sought after by any country by promising him the title of count or higher, so my primary goal is to achieve level 200.

‘If I become an archmage of the 7th circle, it naturally means that Arcia will also become an auror master of the same level.’

In a world with technological power comparable to that of science fiction, you might wonder why a knight’s sword-slashing, let alone a wizard’s, would make sense, but in reality, that’s not the case.

As technology advances, there are means to greatly amplify the power of Aurors.

In other words, the moment you reach level 200, which is your primary goal, is the time to throw away your past boredom and reveal your true nature.

Of course, there is a need to take some measures to avoid being suspected of being an agent of Archduke Lucas, but I have something else in mind regarding this.

It takes approximately 2 months to reach level 200.

Even on the battlefield, whenever I have time, I plan to log into the game with a steel plate on my face.

“How long will it take to reach Western Command?”

Chief of Staff Sir Harman answered my question while stroking his neatly trimmed beard.

“If we travel at this speed without changing the route, it will probably take about 3 hours.”

The maximum speed of a levitating train is 900 km/h, but for safety reasons it cannot reach the maximum speed.

The distance from Lawrence Territory, located in the northern part of the kingdom, to the Western Command is about 1,600 km, so the average speed can be considered to be about 500 km per hour.

I nodded and stood up.

“Then I’ll be resting in my room for a while. If anything happens, please send me a message on my terminal.”

“A message?”

He proudly took out his game access headgear and waved it at Sir Harman, who was expressing doubts.

“… … .”

A gesture that shows that everyone will enjoy the game.

The entire staff, including Sir Harman, frowned.

However, I asked with an attitude that I did not understand.

“Why, is there a problem?”

The staff could not criticize Miu, Gou, or me, the acting lord.

“Well, the rumors were true… … . Would you mind? “You will be seen as an incompetent commander by the soldiers.”

However, there was someone who clicked his tongue and expressed his thoughts without hesitation, a large knight named Dalton.

Since he was a high-ranking knight of the ‘Auror Expert’ level and one of only 10 ‘Vanguards’ in Viscount Lawrence, his remarks had a different weight.

Thanks to this, the atmosphere inside the train calmed down in an instant.

The classification of knights and wizards is as follows.

Circle 1~2 (Apprentice Wizard) = Mana User (Apprentice Knight)

Circle 3~4 (regular wizard) = Auror user (regular knight)

Circle 5-6 (High Wizard) = Auror Expert (High Knight)

7th Circle, Wizard (Archwizard, title) = Auror Master (Knight Commander, title)

Circle 8, Grand Wizard (Archwizard, title) = Grand Master (Knight Commander, title)

Circle 9, Lord Wizard (Archwizard, title) = Lord Master (Knight Commander, title)

As a high-ranking knight, he was of the 5th or 6th circle as a wizard, and ‘Vanguard’ meant special forces armed with tactical equipment, ‘Force Armor’ and ‘Force Sword’.

Vanguard is the center of war and is the most prioritized force in evaluating a country’s military power.

However, no matter how great the Vanguard was, their reaction to me, the acting lord, was clearly pathetic.

If my escort, Bison, was here right now, there would have been an uproar.

“Lord Dalton. “Be careful what you say.”

However, someone who intervened between us on behalf of Weiss appeared: William, the vice-captain of the Knights, who had not revealed his presence until now.

He was a Vanguard like Dalton, and was the commander leading the Knights during this expedition.

“It’s not wrong, is it? The rumors aren’t good either, but they say he’s bringing a woman with him and that he’s going to play games while heading to the battlefield. Well, I understand because the woman is pretty.”

“Uh huh.”

When Sir William glared at him with a murderous look, the bear-like Dalton frowned and retreated.

“Your subordinate did something presumptuous. sorry.”

And Sir William politely pointed to the gaming headgear with his hand, as if he understood everything.

“I think a little entertainment is necessary during long travel times. There will definitely be soldiers gathered together playing cards, but there is no need for the acting lord to pay attention to what his subordinates think.”

Contrary to his tone, his eyes were cold.

But in the first place, I had no intention of paying attention to what they said.

“Put a message when you arrive.”

“All right.”

I headed to the private room without hesitation.

Arcia followed as if it was natural.

I felt a lot of eyes on my back, but I was so used to this reaction that I didn’t even dream about it.

* * *

[You have reached level 80.]

[You will be moved to a secret space by Ariel.]

While the levitation train was heading to its destination, I succeeded in reaching level 80 and moved to the first floor of the Magic Tower of Manuel Lucas, who manages the Giyeon.

The Giyeon quest does not end with just raising your level.


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In order to completely clear the quest, you must defeat a special named monster.

[Giyeon Quest Stage 4]

Conditions: Reach level 80 (clear), ‘Defeat Demi Lich Emers’

Reward: Manuel Lucas’ Magic Tower 5th floor opened

This time, a lich-type monster known for being difficult to hunt appeared.

Demiliches are known to be dumber and have a slower casting speed than regular lichs.

“Welcome. “Prey.”

However, the demilich that my supporter Arcia and I were going to face from now on looked like a full lich, not a half-turned lich.

Those clear lines were proof of that… … .

“Stone Curse! Icicle Lance!”

Perhaps because they had already casted it in advance, they tied Arsia’s feet with ‘Stone Curse’ before they were ready for battle, and showed their cunning and agility by using the piercing magic ‘Icicle Lance’ towards me.


Arcia quickly escaped Curse, but it seemed difficult to block the attack magic directed at me.


I wish I could at least use Salamander’s Tears, but unfortunately I had to overcome this test entirely with my own abilities.

[It is not possible to use consumable attack items such as bombs or scrolls.]

It was a message I didn’t pay attention to before, but now it was a rule that was very painful.



I tried to throw my body, but the Icicle Lance ended up piercing my shoulder.

It was the most painful pain I had ever experienced since getting my training, and it was difficult to stay sane as my mind went blank.

“Hahaha! Where! Fireball!”

However, the moment I heard the demilich’s annoying laughter, the image of him and his enemy, Cedric, overlapped.

Now that I see it, doesn’t his voice sound very similar to Cedric?

Then, miraculously, the pain that was weighing down my whole body gradually disappeared, and my fists naturally gained strength and my mind felt refreshed.


In the meantime, a fireball flew in with a loud noise, and with surprising agility, I got out of the way and ran toward the demilich.


A scorching fireball pushed my back right behind me, and Alicia, who had caught up with me before I knew it, ran ahead with her shield upright.

In the meantime, I used healing, a 3-circle recovery spell, on the demilich.

Healing is a healing magic for humans, but it is an excellent offensive magic for undead lichs.


The triumphant demilich screamed.

As a result, his casting was delayed, and I swung the magic staff I was holding and beat the demilich with Arcia.

“Why is the wizard swinging a wand!”

The demilich was very confused and tried to cast magic, as if he had not thought that the reason I rushed at him was for a melee attack.

-puck! puck! Bah!

“Look back! “You bastard like Cedric!”

However, the guy who was being beaten like crazy at a 2:1 ratio failed to cast repeatedly, and when I gave light properties to our equipment, the screams in a voice similar to Cedric’s grew louder.

‘The most effective way to deal with a lich when there is no priest.’

That is ‘daguri’, a group lynching with a melee attack.

“Tsk! Firewall!”

The lich, embarrassed by the unexpected response, desperately casted a 4-circle firewall spell to widen the distance.

This person is a 3rd circle wizard, but his opponent, a demilich, even used 4th circle magic.

“Look back!”

“This crazy guy?”

But without hesitation, I went through the flames and swung my staff.

As a magician, he believed in his own magic and was confident that he would not die at this rate.



It felt like hot oil was being poured all over my body, but strangely enough, the pain seemed to go away when I heard the guy scream.

With one shot from Icicle Lance, the figure that was rolling around disappeared everywhere.

* * *

It is said that when fighting, adrenaline is secreted, making it difficult to feel pain.

Is that the case for me too?


I cheered as I succeeded in killing the demilich with Arcia.

However, the cheers soon turned into screams, because as soon as the excitement as if I had become a berserker subsided, a shock that felt as if my entire body was being torn apart was hit.

[You have cleared stage 4 of the Giyeon quest.]

If hunting named monsters among the basic quests is for practical experience, I think I got it right this time.

Did you feel sorry for me crawling on the floor?

Arcia opened my inventory without permission, took out a healing potion, and gave it to me.

I never thought a supporter would open the owner’s inventory of his own volition.

That probably means she is special.

[The conditions for opening the next area of ​​the Magic Tower have been met. The 5th floor of Manuel Lucas’ Magic Tower is open.]

[Would you like to go up to the 5th floor of Manuel Lucas’ Magic Tower?]

I don’t know if it was the effect of the healing potion or if the message secreted adrenaline again, but the pain gradually subsided and I was able to get up.

I nodded and headed to the new floor, where I was greeted by a more luxurious and grandiose space.


But what caught my eye was the treasure chest, which had the most distinct presence of all.


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