MEMORIZE Chapter 587

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Heavy hitting sound. The face of the man who was hit is caved in and red blood spurts out.

The fallen man seemed to wriggle once or twice and then went limp. As a result, another user died.

Baek Hyung-sik calmly massaged his fist. He kicked the man a couple of times, as if to make sure he was dead, and then stared at the remaining users with indifferent eyes.

Now, there were only four remaining users: Shin Jae-ryong, Ahn Hyeon, Go Oh-hwan, and Archer Woman. The number of people who initially joined was reduced by almost half.

Soon, Baek Hyung-sik’s blank eyes were fixed on a man. The blurry eyes seem to say, ‘You’re next.’

Shin Jae-ryong bit his mouth. He felt goosebumps all over his body. Aside from the monster’s physical strength, its indifference, showing no emotions throughout the battle, is even more frightening. They are just killing users as if it were natural.

It would be difficult to expect human emotions from a monster.

I was once human, but now I am no longer human. Of course, the memories from when he was human still exist in his brain, but even when he remembers those memories, Baek Hyung-sik does not feel any sensation. Because the current Baek Hyung-sik is no different from a newly born child.

In the process of being absorbed into the father’s body and being born as a mutant through the mother, Baek Hyeong-sik’s personality was lost. And in its place, the personality of a monster given by Father took its place. Baek Hyeong-sik as a human no longer exists.

In other words, rather than dealing with the memories of that time as a human being, you are accepting them as a monster.

So Baek Hyeong-sik does not hesitate to kill users. Since you have not yet experienced and grown as a monster, you are bound to be most influenced by Father’s position on users.

No matter how much he remembers from his time as a human, the current Baek Hyeong-sik only sees users as prey or mothers.

After a while, Baek Hyung-sik started moving quickly. The speed is so fast that the body creates an afterimage and charges straight towards Shin Jae-ryong.

However, Go Oh-hwan and An Hyeon did not stay still. Shin Jae-ryong’s desperate coordination was responsible for leading the battle without being killed so far. A priest must follow these rules unconditionally.

Go Oh-hwan, who thought so, raised a large amount of magical energy and injected it into the great sword and intervened from the front. And then, he struck the big sword with blue magical power at Baek Hyeong-sik, who was running towards him, with all his might.

However, although the momentum itself was truly explosive, Go Oh-hwan’s attack failed to hit Baek Hyeong-sik. Baek Hyung-sik suddenly turned his body to avoid it, and at the same time came closer and threw his fist.


Woojik, woozijik!

Even though it was just a fist attack, it made a loud noise as if a bomb had exploded. Fortunately, Go Oh-hwan was safe. Although he was driven to the brink of shattering by a single blow, the protective shield provided by Shin Jae-ryong absorbed the shock.

Anyway, it wasn’t something I liked. Because the battle was repeating the same pattern from before.

Since the battle began, he had been casting divine spells non-stop, but Shin Jae-ryong was now feeling his magic power slowly fading away. In fact, the protection spell just now was a spell created with magical power that had been scraped through the circuit.

Go Oh-hwan, greatly surprised, retreats in haste. At the moment when Baek Hyung-sik was about to chase after him as if he would not let him go, Ahn Hyeon suddenly appeared from behind. From the moment Go Oh-hwan attacked, An Hyeon secretly turned to the side. He planned to occupy Baek Hyeong-sik’s back and launch a powerful attack.

Finally, when he saw the opportunity, An Hyeon aimed his spear with all his might at Baek Hyeong-sik’s head.

Shoo shoo shoo!

Four spears fired from the tip of the spear hit Baek Hyeong-sik’s head as a target. It was a spear shooting that An Hyeon could not help but boast about.

At the same time, Anhyeon thought.

That guy is definitely not an easy guy.

Judging by the battle so far, this attack will definitely fail.

While Gohwan is drawing aggro, you need a continuous attack that can inflict additional damage.

Soon, Ahn Hyun’s new type, holding the spear tightly, slides in following the previous spear attack.

However, Baek Hyung-sik sensed an attack aimed at the back of his head.

For a moment, the cloudy eyes gave off an eerie light.

Puff puff poop!

All four spear strikes hit the back of the head. Baek Hyung-sik’s body naturally leans forward. And in that state, he fired the first weapon and plunged it into the chest of Go Oh-hwan, who was retreating.

Kwajik, janggrang!

The fist mercilessly broke the protective shield that had barely maintained its shape. Go Oh-hwan intuitively realized that it was inevitable. So, he gathered his magic power and tried to block it with his sword, but his fist bounced off even that and struck him in the chest.


Go Oh-hwan, who was coughing up blood, was pushed out while moaning. At the same time, Baek Hyeong-sik turned around and raised his right leg as he saw An Hyun raising his spear.

Other than that, no activity was observed.

In one word, it was a promise to welcome you.

Since he was looking for an opportunity, the right to attack first belongs to Ahn Hyeon. Even if there is a very slight difference, Anhyun’s attack clearly goes in first.

However, if this blow does not kill Baek Hyeong-sik, that raised leg will immediately counterattack. No matter how strong he is in self-defense, considering the destructive power Baek Hyung-sik has shown so far, we cannot be at ease.

No, if you are unlucky enough to get caught on the top of your head, Ahn Hyeon will die instantly.

However, Ahn Hyeon trusted Shin Jae-ryong and chose to go in as is.

The spear was struck down with all its might, making a powerful sound that tore through the air.

The waiting foot plunges diagonally toward Anhyeon.

And that split-second moment when Shin Jae-ryong aimed his cane at Ahn Hyeon.


Suddenly, a single gunshot rang in Shin Jae-ryong’s ears.

1 second.

For one second, Shin Jae-ryong sensed that the gunfire was heading towards him.

During this short time, countless thoughts passed through my mind.

“───. ───. ───. protect!”

However, without even having to make a decision, Shin Jae-ryong was already shouting.

Toward Anhyeon.


He then twisted his body quickly, only to feel something like a particle sticking into his side. Shin Jae-ryong reflexively clenched his teeth and controlled his shaking body.

Bang, bang!

But before I could collect myself, two more gunshots rang out.


What was thought to be a conversion attack failed. Ahn Hyun stared at the cracked protective shield in front of him, feeling devastated.

“Cluck, cluck! Oh, step away! Hyuna… !”

Shin Jae-ryong coughed violently but urged him to step down. Only then did Ahn Hyeon come to his senses and quickly retrieve the spear and retreat. How are things going now?

Thump, thump, thump, thump… .

However, before I have time to organize my thoughts, I hear weak applause. Ahn Hyun hesitated and stepped back, turning his head towards where the sound came from.


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Where I turned my gaze, a monster whose entire body had turned into a rag was walking leisurely, even though he was staggering. It was Joo Hyun-ho.

“amazing… . Very respectful… .”

Joo Hyeon-ho muttered in his characteristic soft voice and stopped next to Baek Hyung-sik. Then he slowly lifted his thumb and index finger and waved them as if asking them to look at this. At the tip of the index finger, a cold sphere surrounded by ice light was emitting an eerie light.

“Neglecting your own life to save the lives of your colleagues… . “Is this something you can do because you are a priest?”

At that moment, Ahn Hyeon couldn’t believe his ears. Ignoring your own life? Because he’s a priest?

“Don’t be swayed by what he says! “Don’t even look back at me, just focus straight ahead!”

Ahn Hyeon immediately tried to turn around, but he had no choice but to wince as Shin Jae-ryong continued to shout. Even though he confirmed that he was alive, an unexpected feeling of anxiety came over his body.

Joo Hyeon-ho chuckled. Then, he put his arm around Baek Hyeong-sik’s shoulder as he stood still, then gently leaned in and opened his mouth.

“okay. How do you feel about dealing with Hyungsik? “He’s a really useful guy, right?”

“… … .”

“As expected, my prediction was correct. Not because he’s my friend, but because he’s really useful. Well, that’s why I made it like this.”

“… … .”

“Anyway, how are you feeling? “Now the situation has completely turned around.”

“… … .”

Ask yourself, and answer yourself. The way he spoke while touching one foot was clearly teasing.

But users said nothing. No, I couldn’t. Because what Joo Hyun-ho said was true. Before we know it, even Go Oh-hwan has collapsed on the floor and has no intention of getting up. The number of people that started out as 7 has now been reduced to 3.

“Oh, you know what? “That archer girl, did she run away before?”

The moment he heard those words, Ahn Hyun’s eyes changed to the size of a flower lantern. Now that I think about it, it seemed like arrow support was cut off at some point.

Ahn Hyeon, the flagship, looked around quickly, although he was skeptical. However, as Joo Hyeon-ho said, the archer woman could not be found anywhere. She abandoned her fighting companions and ran away.

Hyeon Ahn and Jae-ryong Shin.

Now only two remain.

The moment she recognized that fact, the anxiety Anhyeon felt quickly turned into a huge sense of despair and hit her like a tidal wave. In the end, Ahn Hyeon, unable to overcome the fear surging into her, closed her eyes tightly.

It was always, always in a position to assist Kim Soo-hyun.

But now you have to step forward yourself.

We must take responsibility, defeat the enemies, and protect Shin Jae-ryong.

However, Anhyeon found it difficult to accept that fact. No matter how much he used, it was difficult to deal with just one person, but the number of people increased to two. Even though one of them looks tattered, he is difficult to deal with even the new one.

They can’t even be opponents.

No, if things continue like this, I will really die.

Fear of death.

Helplessness of not being able to do anything.

At the same time, I feel sorry for myself, hoping that my brother will come.

What kind of Qigong lancer is this?

What on earth were you thinking of doing?

The moment you think that, the frustration of not being able to do it fills your whole body.

In the end, even though she knew she shouldn’t do this, Ahn Hyeon hung her head. My vision became blurry.

“you… . Are you really crying? Are you crying? Heeheehee! You bastard! That’s why it would have been better if we had talked about it sooner… . Hee hee hee hee hee!”

Joo Hyun-ho laughs loudly. Shin Jae-ryong also showed a somber expression, as if there were no particularly sharp moves.

Joo Hyun-ho laughed once and tapped Baek Hyung-sik on the shoulder.

“ruler… . Well then, let’s get this over with. If the girl who ran away brings reinforcements, it will be a pain… ?”

It was then.


In one moment, Baek Hyung-sik’s whole body was suddenly bathed in bright light.

Joo Hyeon-ho, who was startled, quickly pulled away.

“What is this…?” ?!”

A phenomenon that occurred without any warning. Ahn Hyun, who was biting his mouth, slowly raised his head. And I was able to see a brilliant halo of light flowing out.

Light did not come from only one place. A band of light flowing from somewhere else illuminates the king’s cave.

“Hey, hey! Hyungsik! “Why are you doing this all of a sudden?”

Finally, the moment when Joo Hyun-ho grabbed Baek Hyung-sik, who was engulfed in light.


At the same time as the sound of phlegm boiling, a bright energy appeared in my blurry eyes.


And at that moment, a scream of pain erupted like a waterfall.

Something is dangerous.

Hyunho Joo took a step back with a start, but then turned his gaze to find Helena. However, Helena was already lying on her floor with her eyes closed comfortably.

So, what is really happening with Baek Hyung-sik now?


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