MEMORIZE Chapter 582

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00582 Everyone has a shining moment at least once. ————————————————– ———————-=

Although it is very obvious, Kim Soo-hyun is human. Therefore, regardless of whether it is right or wrong, there are many habits or mannerisms that are ingrained in us as we live as human beings. And among them, one of the things that can be classified as ‘wrong’ is that he basically has a personality of not trusting people.

In broad terms, it may refer to their relationship with each other, but if you narrow it down a bit, they have a habit of not trusting their subordinates to handle their work.

In other words, no matter what you do, you must lead the process yourself, and if that is not possible, are you the type of person who needs to at least check the results to relieve your senses?

From that perspective, Kim Soo-hyun must be a difficult clan lord from the perspective of his subordinates. On the one hand, it is safe to say that this habit is the starting point of the ‘excessive Kim Soo-hyun-centered system’, which is pointed out as the biggest problem of current mercenaries. Kim Soo-hyun’s excessive interference and activity kills other users’ ability to be active.

However, as there are exceptions anytime and anywhere, there are cases where Kim Soo-hyun puts aside his habits. Kim Soo-hyun also tends to minimize his touches when it comes to clan members, 6 to be exact, or now 5.

To name them one by one, first of all, Nam Da-eun is from the melee class, Seon Yu-un is from the ranged class, Vivian is from the wizard class, Shin Jae-ryong is from the priest class, and Go Yeon-ju is from the assassin class.

Of course, there is a clear hierarchy among these five people, and among them, Kim Soo-hyun’s most trusted user is definitely the ‘Shadow Queen’ Go Yeon-joo.

However, there was one more clan member that he trusted to a similar degree, and it was none other than user Shin Jae-ryong.

Shin Jae-ryong first met Kim Soo-hyun when his life was saved in ‘The Ancient Magic City of Magia’. And when Kim Soo-hyun went missing after Mule was attacked by vagabonds, he volunteered to go to a place where he might be killed with the intention of returning the favor.

‘then… . ‘Did you join the rescue team to save me?’

‘yes. Because you saved my life. If you didn’t know at all, you wouldn’t know. ‘I think it’s unreasonable to pretend not to know that your benefactor is in trouble.’

Kim Soo-hyun was deeply impressed by those words, and from there, their full-fledged relationship began.

Afterwards, Shin Jae-ryong followed Kim Soo-hyun like a shadow and handled various tasks. In that process, he never once deviated, and he knew when to step forward and when to back down.

However, it was not ostentatious.

In fact, if you have followed Kim Soo-hyun since childhood and accumulated countless experiences, influence will naturally follow.

However, Shin Jae-ryong himself refused that authority. Not only did he respect Kim Soo-hyun’s decision to choose to play, he also prevented any discord within the clan that could have arisen because of him in the first place.

Just quietly like a rhinoceros horn, and always silently.

That was a user named Shin Jae-ryong.

There is no way that Kim Soo-hyun and Ko Yeon-joo are unaware of Shin Jae-ryong’s attitude.

So, Kim Soo-hyun trusts Shin Jae-ryong. Go Yeon-joo is said to be nothing to be afraid of except for Kim Soo-hyun, but she is always polite in front of Shin Jae-ryong.


Shin Jae-ryong, a user who received recognition in both 10 lectures, was demonstrating his abilities to the fullest even in this situation.

“Jaeryong hyung!”

Ahn Hyeon, who quickly explained the situation and brought Helena in, looked shocked when he saw Shin Jae-ryong waiting for him with the users gathered to one side. While he was only able to find and bring in one user, Shin Jae-ryong had already gathered 30 users. To be exact, there were 26 people including Shin Jae-ryong. Soon Ahn Hyeon and Helena joined, bringing the total number of people to 28.

Warrior Lord Go Oh-hwan, Death Knight Yoo Ji-tae, Execution Princess Yeon Hye-rim… .

“Thank you for responding. Miss Helena. “To be honest, I was a little worried about the lack of wizards, but I feel like I gained a thousand armies and ten thousand demons.”

Around this time, Ahn Hyeon was looking around at the gathered users, thinking, “When on earth did they gather these users?” I could hear Shin Jae-ryong and Helena talking loudly.

“It was nothing. “On the contrary, I am infinitely grateful to have been invited to such a fun event.”

“haha. That might not be very fun. Anyway, you heard about the situation from Hyun, right?”

“If I hadn’t heard it, I wouldn’t have thought it was interesting.”

“great. I just finished explaining, so let’s get started right away. Hyuna! “Come to the side!”

Eventually, Ahn Hyeon came to his senses when he heard a voice calling him and ran to Shin Jae-ryong’s side. And after a while, 28 users, led by Shin Jae-ryong and Ahn Hyeon, immediately left the square and started tracking Joo Hyeon-ho.

Just before leaving the square.


Ahn Hyeon suddenly stopped walking and turned to look at the square.

Kim Soo-hyun is still fighting with all his might against Father. The remaining users were gradually making some preparations under the direction of Han So-young. As he watched the scene, Ahn Hyeon thought for a moment.

Soohyun hyung… . Do you really know that I’m leaving now?

It was a thought that came to me out of the blue. Ahn Hyun himself doesn’t know why he suddenly thought that way. My whole body was gripped by a mysterious and mysterious emotion that seemed to be both worry and anxiety.


But that feeling only lasts for a moment. Ahn Hyeon immediately nodded his head at Shin Jae-ryong’s greeting. And among the several doors in the plaza, I left the door with Joo Hyeon-ho’s blood stains on it and started running down the dark passage.’

The chase that started like that didn’t have any problems at first. Because the blood stains that fell on the ground showed the way Joo Hyeon-ho escaped.

However, less than 10 minutes after entering the passage, the chase team ran into a problem. As Han So-young said, at some point, the trace suddenly disappeared and the passage split into two.

“hmm. “This is going to be a bit of a problem.”

Yoo Ji-tae clicked his tongue as he looked at the two paths, then turned his gaze towards Shin Jae-ryong.

“User Shin Jae-ryong? What would you like to do? Do you want to follow the plan you mentioned earlier?”

The plan you mentioned earlier?

As Ahn Hyun looked at him in a puzzled mood, Shin Jae-ryong, who was standing silently, calmly nodded his head.

“yes. Let’s do that. As I said before, user Yoo Ji-tae, please lead the organized team members and search this passage.”

“Uhm. I agree with the opinion about dividing the number of people, but… . User Shin Jae-ryong. Isn’t there only one guy who ran away? And I don’t know how much the passage will diverge in the future, but it seems like the seven of us don’t have much of a sense of it.”

In other words, the idea was to reduce the number of people sharing. Yoo Ji-tae expressed his opinion in a quiet voice, wondering if he might offend Shin Jae-ryong. Shin Jae-ryong had a calm smile and lightly shook his head.

“I agree with what you said about the passage, but we still can’t reduce the number of people here any further. In fact, 7 people is considered the minimum number of people. It’s not that he doubts your skills, but I think he’s quite different from other monsters. I also want you to consider that he may have other monsters besides him.”

It was a soft reply. Did I sense something from Shin Jae-ryong’s calm voice and calm smile? Yoo Ji-tae blinked once or twice and suddenly smiled.

“okay. All right. “If anything happens, I will contact you.”

He then lifted up the communication crystal ball, quickly selected six people, and ran toward the left passage. After seeing the seven users disappearing into the distance, Ahn Hyeon quietly opened his mouth.

“Brother Jaeryong. “You’re splitting groups?”

“The passage is splitting. Since there are currently 28 people, the group was divided into 4 groups in advance to prepare for such a situation. Of course, you and Miss Helena are the same as me.”

Shin Jae-ryong explained carefully. And after finishing the explanation, he immediately announced his departure toward the right passage.

But unfortunately, Yoo Ji-tae’s worries became reality not long after entering the passage on the right.

Just when Anhyeon thought it was a lie that she was in the noisy square just moments ago, the passageway split again.

Moreover, this time it split into three parts instead of two. That meant that the remaining 21 people had to be completely torn apart.

“Hey, there’s no maze at all. “It’s really not a joke, is it?”

Yeon Hye-rim made a sarcastic expression and said sarcastically.

“I can’t help it. In any case, each team member should never divide the number of people arbitrarily even if a separate passage appears in the future. “You must maintain 7 people.”

“I guess so.”

“great. Then, the Princess of Execution can go through the left aisle, I can go through the center aisle, and the rest of us can go through the right aisle.”


Yeon Hye-rim responded with a refreshing voice and immediately disappeared down the left aisle, dragging six people with her. She then took the other group into the right aisle, leaving only 7 people left in the aisle.


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Ahn Hyeon suddenly looked around at the remaining people and felt a slight sense of anxiety. Go Oh-hwan, Shin Jae-ryong, Helena, etc… . Of course, it can’t be said to be weak, but with the Death Knight and Execution Princess that I trusted so well gone, I felt somewhat empty.

“Hey, Jaeryong. Are we going to be okay?”

“huh? “Are you going to be okay?”

“Well, that’s right. For example, the monsters from earlier suddenly appear in droves… .”

“ok? Hey, what kind of nonsense is that?”

It was then. Go Oh-hwan, who had been wandering around aimlessly from earlier, suddenly shouted in a loud voice. At the moment when An Hyeon was shocked, Shin Jae-ryong, who glanced at Go Oh-hwan, looked at An Hyun with a faint smile.

“Okay. Of course, a certain level of risk must be taken into account, but we divided the groups by taking everything into consideration as much as possible. And above all, there is also Lord Musa, right?”

“Ahmmm, ahhh!”

Go Oh-hwan, who was about to scream, suddenly switched to clearing his throat awkwardly. And he smiled with satisfaction and leaned on his greatsword.

“Okay then. You don’t have to worry, just trust and follow me. Even if there is a monster that escapes, I will slaughter it with one sword!”

After saying that, Go Oh-hwan turned around, aimed his great sword at the central passage, and shouted, “So let’s stop whining and get on with it!” And he even walked ahead with a slightly unsteady step.

Then, Ahn Hyun, who had been standing blankly, slowly narrowed his eyebrows. It seemed a little quiet these days, but it seems to have started again. They stayed quiet when other users were present, but started to come forward when there were only 7 people left.

“wait a minute. Musa Road.”

It was then. Just as Ahn Hyeon was about to get angry, he suddenly felt a gentle pressure on his shoulder. At the same time, Shin Jae-ryong’s extremely low voice, different from before, rang in Ahn Hyeon’s ears. Anhyeon suddenly turned his gaze away from her.

Shin Jae-ryong was staring at Go Oh-hwan.


I’m completely out of breath. I can feel my lungs constricting, and my whole body is drenched in sweat. Now that I think about it, it seems like my vision has become blurry, albeit slightly.

But I didn’t stop. No, I had no intention of stopping. He controlled his breathing as much as possible and continued to use Lee Heung-hwan Wei, without slowing down the reins of his attack.

Hwareuk, Hwareuk!

After confirming that the wound created by the sword was burning red, I started walking quickly as if I was circling around.

How many times has he already used Lee Heung-hwan Wei? I didn’t count, but I think it must have been over 100. Should we take some consolation in the fact that Father’s movements have become a little slower?

Actually, I’m a little puzzled. As he continued to attack successfully, Father’s body changed to resemble a mop. If this situation continued, Father might have tried something different, but Father was still insisting on attacking with tentacles and powder. It was as if he was going to hold onto me at all costs.


Just like this.

For a moment, the tentacle attack passing by my ear made me feel cold, but I immediately came to my senses. Instead of the sharp rushing force like in the first attack just now, I felt the force coming in without force.

What it means is clear. I can’t say that he was in perfect condition, but Father was starting to show signs of complete exhaustion.

– like. Whose idea was this? Pretty fun, huh?

At that time, Hwajeong, who had been silently supporting him, suddenly spoke up.

‘What are you talking about all of a sudden?’

– ah. I can’t explain it now. anyway… . Hey, Kim Soo-hyun. Get ready.

I was about to ask myself what I should prepare for, but I pushed myself into it and began to focus on the movement. … Now that I think about it, it seems like the frequency of tentacle attacks has strangely decreased?

– Listen carefully. Slow down from now on. Also, if possible, do not use heterogeneous pills.


For a moment, I couldn’t believe my ears. What did Hwajeong say just now?

– You don’t have to attack. Just focus on evasion, but keep aggro going. And when I say that, aim for that one timing. Other than that you don’t care about anything.

‘timing? ‘What the hell are you talking about?’

– I told you. When I say that, just stick your sword at that guy just once. I’ll take care of the rest. huh? Do you understand?

‘I don’t know what you’re talking about earlier. Anyway, does that mean you don’t trust me?’

Then Hwajeong suddenly became silent.

– … I’m sorry. I don’t mean that… . just… . I want to help you just a little bit… .

‘… … .’

– mood… . … Is it very damaged?


In the end, I couldn’t bear it anymore and started laughing inside. I was curious about the cause of the sudden relaxation, but for now, I was planning to follow Hwajeong’s words. Since you have a broader perspective than me, at least you won’t suffer any loss if you do as you are told.

Have you finally realized it?

– kill!

Hwajeong got angry and began to spin roughly. However, just in time, my entire body was covered in the powder that Father sprinkled, so I gave a quick thank you. And ‘No! ‘This is not it!’ He landed lightly on the ground, leaving behind the glowing Hwajeong.

“… her.”

And, I could see it.

Before I knew it, more than half of the tentacles, which had been so numerous until now, had disappeared. Even without my knowledge.

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