MEMORIZE Chapter 579

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00579 A monster that wishes for the sun and the moon. ————————————————– ———————-=

I think the reason I was able to defeat that monster was… .

Of course, there are many factors, but I think luck probably played the biggest role.

It’s not that I doubt the skills of my colleagues who fought with me back then. However, there were countless tentacle attacks that were mind-boggling and powder attacks that made it impossible to let one’s guard down. And the ability that did not allow us to approach, let alone attack, was really… .

– Ancient Library of Atlanta, New Continent. ‘A Memoir of the Battle of the Steel Mountains.’ Excerpt from China.


Barely, by a narrow margin, Han So-young was saved.

As I cut down with my sword, I saw Han So-young slightly staggering beyond the falling tentacles. I immediately went over and helped Soyoung Han.

“Istantel Low Road!”

Han So-young responded by slowly turning her head.

Han So-young had an expressionless face. But she didn’t have two eyes. She is different than before. The two eyes that look directly at me with a strange look are filled with a lustful glow that cannot be hidden.

“ha… .”

A hot, sweet-smelling breath came out from his slightly opened lips.

“Istantel… !”

But at that moment, Soyoung Han was suddenly embraced by me. Her arms quickly come up and wrap around my neck. As she slowly lowered her gaze, she saw Han So-young with an infinitely pitiful expression as she hung there.

“Merchantery… . road… .”

Han So-young’s voice sticks stickily in my ear. A persistent tone as if he was craving something from her and sensual touches that weighed down her entire body.

I felt dizzy for a moment, but I was barely and barely able to come to my senses. I must have bitten my tongue when I could smell the fishy smell of blood in my mouth. But I guess it’s good.

I immediately took a couple of steps backwards. Then, he carefully placed his hand near Han So-young’s solar plexus and unleashed the power of Hwajeong.

“Uhm… !”

As expected, Han So-young’s eyes regained their normal shine in an instant, as if Hwa-jeong’s power had no effect.

After a while, Han So-young fell into a much calmer manner. I opened my mouth quietly.

“Are you okay?”

“It’s okay now. No, no problem. “Thank you for your help.”

Han Soyoung quickly shook her head and bit her lip. It seemed as if he didn’t want any more questions about this, so I calmly nodded my head and looked away.

Users can be seen slowly coming to their senses, as if the pressure they felt when Father appeared has slowly begun to ease. However, the monsters that were bowing to the Father were also rising one by one.

… In the end, nothing has changed. Except for the new father who appeared over there.

“Ahhhh, ahhhhh!”

Suddenly, passionate teachings are heard. These were the moans made by the women who had been caught by Father earlier and were covered in powder.

“Ah~. Ahhh~.”

Among them, there was a woman who had already taken off her top and bottom and was frantically picking at her local area. I frowned as I saw the blood flowing down between my legs. If that powder is enough to make a woman break her virginity, it cannot be said that it simply has an estrous effect. It’s already like poison powder. … Not good.

I didn’t organize all my thoughts, but I was able to make a decision.

“Istantel Low Road. “Why don’t you step aside first?”

“Are you telling me to retreat?”

Han Soyoung raised her eyes slightly and asked. I quietly shook my head.

“Please retreat to the rear and command the remaining monsters. “As the number seen is quite high, it is urgent to clean up the litter first.”

“Then who is that monster… . Mercenary Lord!”

Perhaps only then did she realize it, and the tone of Han So-young’s speech suddenly increased.


– Come on, how dare you go beyond that! You crazy bastard!

It was that moment. At the same time that Father let out a scream, Hwajeong suddenly got angry, although I don’t know why. Before we knew it, all the monsters were standing up and looking at us, burning their will to fight.

There is no more time to persuade.

With that thought in mind, I immediately opened my mouth.

“If I can handle it, I will deal with it, but if I can’t, I will just take my time. “Leaving that monster like this now would be the worst thing.”

In other words, they were asking us to deal with the remaining monsters as quickly as possible and bring support. After saying that, I ran towards Father without delay.

“Well, that’s not it!”

I heard Han So-young’s anxious voice behind me, but I deliberately didn’t turn around. Because she trusts Han So-young. If she is really Han So-young, who has begun her awakening as the Iron Blood Queen, she will never make her stupid choices.

Well, now it’s up to me.

The behavior of the passing monsters was strange. I was thinking of reducing the number a little before reaching Father, but when I ran towards him, he was politely(?) dodging left and right. No, should I rather say that it opens the way? It’s as if he is recommending a meeting with the Father.

Eventually, with some distance left between me and Father, I stopped walking. Suddenly, a strange feeling came over my whole body. Should I say it’s a subtle sense of discomfort that I can’t pinpoint?

– be careful. Because right now, that guy is targeting you as his top priority.

At that time, Hwajeong, who had screamed earlier, spoke up.

‘Are you targeting me as your top priority?’

– okay. That guy is looking at you now… . Ah, anyway! I’m just looking at you. I’m focusing all my attention on you. You can never lose!

That’s right.

If so, it was actually good. Actually, I was worried about how I could attract the Father’s aggro, but if that guy himself is looking at me, I have nothing to worry about.

– careful!

Whirly! Whirly!

Whirly! Whirly!

However, the moment Hwajeong’s warning followed, I had no choice but to change my thoughts. In an instant, hundreds of tentacles rushed in and attacked me like a wave. Surprised, I tried to respond with my sword, but when I saw the number of tentacles, I decided to dodge.


As soon as the tentacle hit the ground, there was an explosion sound as if a huge stone had fallen. The power was so strong that the ground trembled.

Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom!

The attack did not stop with just one attack. The Father relentlessly chased me wherever I avoided and struck me with his tentacles. I was confident in my agility, so I was able to avoid it, but Father’s tentacles chased me at random, no, persistently. Really, as if he was going to hold on to it at all costs.

Before I knew it, the area around where I had just been standing was swept away as if it had been hit by a tsunami. I swallowed my saliva and stared at Father. It’s nice to be able to work one-on-one without other distractions, but I can’t help but feel like I shouldn’t let down my guard.

After a while, this time the tentacles split into three branches and began to creep in. As if I was wondering how I could catch it.

I watched the slowly approaching prongs and additionally heard the glory of Victoria. It wasn’t three tentacles, but three branches. It might be better if it was a magic attack. At most 200 to 300 tentacles per branch would move together, and the physical force exerted there would be at a level that could never be ignored.



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Again, here it comes.

This time it was different from a random attack. One sweeps down from the top of the head, the other aims for the side, and the last one sweeps low to the ground.

The first things to come were the tentacles that came into the ground and aimed for the feet. After immediately dodging the ground, I jumped forward, tilting my upper body as much as possible and kicking the air once more. And the moment his hands and feet touched the ground, he lifted his legs up and somersaulted with all his might, calculating the direction from which the remaining tentacles would come.

Then, as my vision flipped up and down, I felt a sharp touch passing quickly across my back and the nape of my neck. I smiled inwardly. I fell down and crossed my two swords towards Father’s body, which was rapidly approaching. It was then.

Paang! Paang! Paang! Paang!


Just before I slashed my sword, that is, when I got right in front of the Father.

Suddenly, the tentacles waiting near Father swelled to their fullest extent, and a strong pressure surged into his body along with the sound of a burst of wind. It felt like I had been attacked by a compressed storm. As soon as I was pushed back by the pressure and barely landed on the ground, I suddenly felt my body staggering.

– Kim Soohyun!

However, the moment I heard Hwajeong’s voice, I was able to immediately regain my body’s balance. It felt like something was melting in the hot energy swirling around her body. I think I got addicted without realizing it when I was attacked unexpectedly earlier, but Hwajeong came to the rescue just in time. However, the aftereffects of the pressure attack still remained, and I felt a slight dizziness on my forehead.

– Hey, you idiot! What should I do if you go in like that? You almost died!

‘You almost died?’

– You didn’t even notice the attack just now, or the powder attack earlier? It sucked in air with its tentacles, compressed it tightly, and then exploded it along with the powder just when you came in!

‘then… . Are you saying that while protecting yourself from the pressure that arose there, you also attacked me?’

Come to think of it, I think there was similar content in the records… .

Just in case, I summoned my fire spirit and magical power and stamped the ground with my right foot as hard as I could.

Hwareuk, Hwareuk!

In an instant, dozens of fire swords appeared around me. It felt like it had been quite a while since I had used it since the last war.

But without having to think about it, I fired all the fire swords that came to mind at Father. And at that moment, the tentacles floating around began to move quickly.

Was he aware of the danger of the thermal sword? The tentacles quickly gathered in front of Father’s body. And then, the stem was inflated again, and at the timing when the fire sword came in, it exploded! The air was released with a sound.

As a result, all the fire swords that flew with great momentum missed their trajectories and were scattered in all directions. I felt momentarily dazed.

The power of a swordsman expert who can cut down anything.

A fire that can burn everything.

If so.

Let alone the deafening noise and the fluttering uniforms, the fact that my authority or the power of Hwajeong did not work… .

– It worked! you stupid!


– It worked! Your power and mine definitely worked!

‘Then why… .’

– Damn, why are you like this today? No matter how strong you are, can you extinguish a storm with just one sword or one point of fire? There is none!

‘… … .’

I closed my mouth at those words. Because Hwajeong was definitely right.

If you look at each tentacle individually, it is nothing special, but the pressure emitted by more than 1,000 tentacles at once is a level that cannot be ignored. There is nothing I can do about pressure that is beyond the influence of authority or fire spirit.

Additionally, the air that is compressed and exploded is recognized as physical force, so you cannot get help from the anti-horsepower that I boast about.

The situation was recognized, but no answer was found.

I quickly gathered my thoughts while being wary of Father.

… Territory declaration?

no. It is also impossible to declare a territory. Because Father was not a monster with the attribute of fire.

So, cut off all the tentacles to reduce their number?

That too is impossible. Maybe it’s Mavolo, who has been artificially assimilated into the city and has a single mechanism throughout his body. I don’t think the Father in front of me can touch that mechanism just by touching the tentacle.

In other words, the tentacles will constantly regenerate even if you keep cutting them.

“… … .”

After a while, the tentacles started coming again like wriggling snakes.

Suddenly I felt stuffy. I was aware of Father’s abilities, but I vaguely thought that with power and passion, anything would work out. However, an unexpected difficulty was encountered.

Of course, I am confident that I will not lose even if it continues like this. Just as the Father’s numbers prevented him from being touched, the various numbers I had were rendering the Father’s attacks ineffective.

But what I really wanted was not to endure like this, but to win.

It was then.

“Brother Suhyeon! “I will support you!”

A shout was heard. Support? So are the monsters already dealt with? Or are you supporting me separately?

“Defensive Matrix!”

But before I could even finish thinking, the wind started blowing hard around me.

Defensive Matrix. It was a visible blue wind. Suddenly, the speed of the wind increased and it slowly came up in a circle, enveloping me. As I said, it seemed like I was seeing a defensive space.


And the moment Hangyeol’s voice continued, the blue wind finally began to emit a pure white light. Then, the size seemed to slowly decrease and a space about 2 meters in diameter was formed around me. As the size got smaller, the sound of the wind forming the shield became more intense.

Defensive matrix, and reflection.

“… … !”

The moment I thoughtlessly repeated those two words, I suddenly came to my senses. Suddenly a thought passed through her head. This is the one thought that can destroy the Father’s abilities.

Perhaps because a defensive space had been created, the tentacles that had been slowly approaching were already wandering around, looking for opportunities.

– I know what you were thinking, but you only get one chance. There are no second chances for an intelligent being like that. Keep this in mind.

Did you catch my thoughts? Hwajeong spoke in a slightly softened voice.

Instead of replying, I calmly bent my knees, crushing the sword and Victoria’s glory.

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