MEMORIZE Chapter 578

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00578 A monster that wishes for the sun and the moon. ————————————————– ———————-=


Blood-colored foam formed at Joo Hyeon-ho’s mouth. He looks at me for a moment, but then his body goes limp and falls to the side. But I didn’t miss it. In that split second of falling, something special passed through Joo Hyeon-ho’s eyes.


I knew it.

I felt something sharp in my ear. Out of the corner of her eye, she saw dirty feet rushing towards me. Joo Hyeon-ho pretended to fall and turned low and threw his kick.

But it’s an attack we already know about anyway. I lightly turned my head to avoid the kick. And as he took a step forward, he took a picture of Joo Hyun-ho’s abdomen and pressed him down as he fell. At the same time as the loud crashing sound, two wide-open eyes stare at me.

“Hey, you monster! why… !”

“Noisy. “You are the monster.”

I answered quietly. And then he calmly plunged the radish sword into his fluttering mouth. You can’t see the blade, but you can feel it. A sharp touch touching the inside of his own mouth. Anyway, if the body doesn’t die even if a hole is pierced in the neck… .

“… “If I cut off his head, he will still survive, right?”

The moment those words came out, a look of shock appeared on Joo Hyeon-ho’s face. It seemed like it was right, so I plunged the sword even deeper. The way to deal with those with good regeneration is surprisingly quite simple.

Finally, at the same time that Joo Hyun-ho waved his hand, I unleashed my magic power with all my might. It was a magical explosion.

“Now, wait… !”



A violent groan followed by an intense explosion sound. Soon, Joo Hyeon-ho’s entire body, including his neck, was drawn with bulging elevations. Whether congenital or acquired, high regenerative capacity is often based on some type of factor manipulated within the body. Then, all you have to do is to disturb or destroy the foundation by flowing the external magic directly inside.

Of course, once may not be enough.

Boom, boom!

I continued to unleash magic explosions one after another. Every time that happened, Joo Hyun-ho’s body shook mercilessly, rattling like a patient causing a fight.

Before I knew it, the two eyes that had been watching me were turned upside down, blank and unfocused. Thinking that this is enough, he gently removes the sword, and a large amount of blood gushes from Joo Hyeon-ho’s open mouth.

… Did you win?


It was then.

The moment I thought I had won, a loud roar suddenly rang in my ears. I reflexively looked up. The noise was coming from directly in front, from the opposite wall, about 5 meters away. And the moment I checked the wall, I felt my eyes narrow. The wall looked fine until a while ago, but at some point, cracks appeared. And not just a part of it, but the entire visible wall.

Boom, boom!

Wow… ! Wow… !

As the roar continues, the cracks in the wall become more severe. Before I knew it, the crack that had started in the center continued to the front like an eggshell on the verge of breaking. If it receives a few more impacts, it will definitely collapse.

– It’s him! Kim Soohyun! Get back!

Just then, Hwajeong’s warning followed. As I retrieved the sword, I hit the ground with all my might and somersaulted in the opposite direction.


Damn it, damn it!

The moment I escaped, there was a loud sound of something hitting, followed by cracks that had appeared here and there all at once. The moment I landed back where I was, I could finally see the entire wall collapsing.


As the crack continued, the collapse was momentary. It emitted such a huge shock wave that it even shook the ground we were standing on.

“… … .”

The battle entered a lull for a moment.

The situation so far was inevitably favorable. Nam Da-eun, Ahn Hyeon, and Heo Jun-young held up well in areas where monsters were concentrated, and they probably overpowered the monsters in other areas where there was relatively less pressure. In addition, I took care of Joo Hyun-ho, who seemed to be the mid-boss, so if time had passed like this, I would have achieved a clear victory.

There, a new variable just came into play.

The monsters that were attacking the lion upon his death have all retreated and are now looking at the collapsed wall and worshiping him. It was as if we didn’t even care. I swallowed my saliva and calmly adjusted my sword.

And after a while.

– Uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu… !

Even before the dust from the aftermath of the collapse had settled, a huge and solemn sound rang through the square.



The sound must be so annoying that An Hyun and Heo Jun-young, who were nearby, frown and cover their ears.

『Father’s energy exerts strong pressure on the user’s spirit!』

『User Kim Soo-hyun’s potential ability, Mind’s Eye (Rank: EX) responds. You are free from mental pressure and your mind becomes calm.』

Only after emitting such a tremendous sound, did the source of the wall collapse gradually reveal itself. The smoke had not all cleared up yet, but I raised my eyesight and looked ahead.

The first thing that caught my eye was a visible body so wide that I couldn’t even fit it all in my field of vision. The wide and large trunk split into several branches as it climbed, giving it a branch-like appearance, and it was covered with leaves-like things. I’ve only read about it in records, but this was my first time seeing it in person.

… What on earth should I say?

tree? okay. Would you say it feels like looking at an incredibly huge tree? Either way, it was a moment when I understood how the wall collapsed all at once.

Height is also no joke. The height to the ceiling appears to be 10 meters, but it appears as if it is barely touching the ceiling.

That wasn’t all. It must have been broken when the wall collapsed earlier, and countless thick stems appeared on the floor scattered by the heavy heating. Even if you don’t do it, it looks like there are over 1,000.


Suddenly, the stem wriggled and the sound of it quickly grazing the ground was heard. no. Are they tentacles? One thing is certain, it is a black tentacle that is much thicker and has a different color than the monster tentacles I have seen so far.

The tentacle wrapped around the fallen Joo Hyeon-ho and slowly lifted him into the air.

Eventually, the moment the tip of the tentacle entered Hyeonho Joo, I could see it. Joo Hyeon-ho’s limp body began to shrink in an instant. Soon after Joo Hyeon-ho turned into a dried, twisted mummy, the tentacles slowly released, and Joo Hyeon-ho fell to the ground.

“Um, what is that again?”

“Damn… !”

Is it finally starting to become familiar to me? Users are sighing here and there. The monsters were still bowing down and worshiping.

“… Everyone, gather your ranks.”

Han So-young spoke as if she had barely escaped the pressure and came to her senses.

However, it was that moment.

Whirly! Whirly!

Whirly! Whirly!

Whirly! Whirly!

Whirly! Whirly!


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Before the users had time to react, a thousand tentacles suddenly attacked.


“Aegis System!”

At the same time as Hangyeol shouted, a white curtain was created and enveloped the users. However, I felt like it was a beat late.

“Save me!”


In the outskirts, which were not affected by the shield, about a dozen users rose into the air, screaming. Fortunately, the rest were able to buy some time under Hangyeol’s defense, but they don’t know how long they can hold out.

Father did not overdo it. Thinking of dealing with the captured users first, he pulled them towards him.

As much as he was angry about the mass deaths of his precious children, the Father’s subsequent actions were also swift. To be precise, a kind of processing began based on gender, or rather, on the presence or absence of the ability to conceive.

The tentacles that were wrapped around the users’ entire bodies first forcibly opened the man’s mouth and dug in.

“Ugh, wow!”

Then a change occurred in the man’s body. Just like Joo Hyeon-ho did earlier, he shrunk in an instant and became a desiccated mummy. As all the men turned into mummies in an instant, the only remaining targets were women.

Soon, the tentacles wrapped around the women swell greatly.

Boom, boom!

And as if expelling something from within the body, it returned to its original state with a loud noise, like a balloon bursting. The pale yellow pollen that exploded from the tentacles rose like smoke and covered the women’s bodies.

“Knock, call!”

Each of the women acting sneezed and coughed violently. After three or four coughs, the tentacles loosened and the women fell to the ground.

Even though Father freed himself, the women had no intention of getting up. It wasn’t dead. Her body was shaking and her arms and legs were struggling.

But even at first glance, it doesn’t look normal. Transparent saliva drips from the mouth. The crotch was wide open, and both hands were groping the breasts and the area. That sight was like seeing a woman in extreme heat.

The time it took to get to this point was less than 10 seconds. Fifteen users were instantly neutralized by Father’s abilities.

Has the anger gone away now? Father wiped away his burning anger and looked around at the users with greater composure.

There is nothing we can do about dead children. Here, you can catch as many females as possible and supplement them later.

That was the moment Father thought so and looked toward the center.

When Father saw the woman glaring at him in the center, he was impressed without even realizing it. The father’s senses naturally analyzed everything about the woman.

She is an indescribably wonderful female!

It’s strong and noble, it’s like a female like the moon!

Of all the females I have ever seen, this is by far the best!

A female of that caliber has the potential to be twice as good a mother as Go Eun-sol!

The woman Father saw was none other than Han So-young.

Now that the evaluation was over, there was no more hesitation for Father.

Whirly! Whirly!

All tentacles rush towards Han So-young. Hangyeol’s shield seemed to block for a moment, but it was not enough to block the Father’s attack, which was focused on one point. Soon the protective shield began to crack and eventually shattered.

Eventually, the tentacles dug inside and tried to tie it tightly, but Han So-young did not stay still. He quickly chanted a spell and stretched out his hand towards the invading tentacle, and the tentacle’s thrust suddenly stopped. It is blocked by invisible resistance.

The father laughed inwardly as he saw Han So-young resisting rather than being dragged in right away. She felt a feeling of pleasure. Since it was such a great parent, I felt that that level should be acknowledged. Of course, it doesn’t matter if you don’t catch it.


The tentacles that were blocked around Han So-young exploded into yellow powder all at once. The powder poured down on Han So-young in an instant, and her resistance weakened in an instant. Soon, it was the moment when Father wrapped his tentacles around Han So-young’s body and slowly pulled her out.

Suddenly, I felt a tingling sensation from the tentacle that grabbed Han So-young. But the tingling sensation was only temporary.

Hwareuk, Hwareuk!

The energy, which was only a tingling sensation at first, soon grew in intensity at an incredible rate. It was like a pain that felt like my insides were being burned by a hot fire. The tremendous pain he felt for the first time and the sensation of his tentacles being torn apart were startling even in the midst of the pain, and Father searched for the source of the pain.

Finally, the moment he looked at the female he had marked. No, to be exact, the moment he saw the new creature carrying the female next to him, Father had to experience such a huge shock that it shook his entire mind.

It’s so, so amazing.

It shines so brightly that even I am dazzled, just like the sun.

It is the most powerful of all creatures I have ever seen. It is even comparable to this body.

It cannot be compared to the moon. No, I don’t need the moon anymore. That sun is truly a creature worthy of being my companion!

… However, the ability to conceive is not visible.

The moment Father realized that, he suddenly felt angry.

Suddenly, beyond disappointment, anger rose up.

It’s a shame, it’s a shame! That incredible physical ability! A hot and noble energy felt inside the body!

Now, I finally found someone worthy of becoming a companion!

Why, why, why, why, why, why, why, why!

Why are you incapable of conception? Why on earth!

Regret, disappointment, anger, sadness.


Father’s screams filled with such negative emotions filled the square in the ground.


– Come on, how dare you go beyond that! You crazy bastard!

Hwajeong, who felt such emotions, got angry and screamed.

—————————= Review of the work ——————– ——-=

Suddenly, as I was writing down today’s content… .

Soyoung Han: (Body wrapped around tentacles.) Oh my? me? I really~. The popularity of this body is~. Ho Ho.

Father: (discovers Kim Soo-hyun) Wow!

Soyoung Han: What are you doing? Why are you still?

Father: It’s noisy!

Soyoung Han: … uh?

Father: I don’t need you anymore! Get the hell away!

Soyoung Han: What, what?

Father: Haha! Su-hyun! Soohyunjjing! Ha ha ha ha! You are mine!

Kim Soo-hyun: Ugh, huh?

For some reason, I felt this way. Should this also be seen as Kim Soo-hyun’s devilish nature? -_-a

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