MEMORIZE Chapter 562

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00562 Become one storm. ————————————————– ———————-=

The moment I got to the top of the large hill, the hills that had risen so tightly that they filled my eyes disappeared all at once. And another hill appeared on the other side, about 500 meters away.

no. In fact, it is difficult to see that as a hill. As I was climbing this hill, I heard people saying it might be a mountain, because the hill on the other side was of similar size.

But the hill was not one. Based on the hill in front, hills of similar size extend endlessly to the left and right. Looking at the landscape lined up horizontally, it feels like I’m looking at a wall made of hills.

okay. It’s here. After passing through the shadow area of ​​the hill, we finally reached their main area of ​​activity. As soon as you cross the wall on that hill, you will reach their base.

But that wasn’t the problem.

The hill we stand on now. And one huge terrain sunken between the hills on the other side. There… . I can’t even count it.

There must be hundreds in the valley? There were probably more than 1,000 monsters gathered in groups and swarming around. Also, without a single exception, they were looking straight up at the hill. As if it was waiting for us.

“older brother… . That… .”

Jin Soo-hyun spoke in a voice that seemed lost. I began to relax my hands, twirling the sword I had drawn. I was worried about picking out Victoria’s glory, but I think it would be better to try it with one hand for now. It’s not that I can’t handle a two-handed sword, but I’m more familiar with a one-handed sword.

“Are you going to fight?”

A startled voice asked. I replied, “So?” and then slowly turned around and looked around.

Everyone’s face is completely devastated. They must have been mesmerized by the number of people who appeared to be three to four times more numerous than during the last attack.

I opened my mouth quietly.

“From now on, our vanguard unit will break through the valley head-on. “Make sure everyone is well prepared.”

“Tongue, brother! “Really?”

“why. “Are you scared?”

“no. It’s not scary… . Are you really trying to break through head on?”

“That’s surprising. “Isn’t this what you wanted?”

“… … .”

Jin Su-hyeon immediately closed his mouth. And as I was looking at me blankly, I suddenly saw several users running towards me. They were clan lords included in the vanguard troops.

Since he came without me calling him, he must have heard a story about a monster appearing. The Clan Lords quickly looked down and fell silent, then looked around and showed angry faces.

Before I knew it, the clan members had followed my instructions and formed a camp.

“Merchantry Lord. Are you really planning to break through this valley head on?”

The first user to come to his senses was a neat-looking man. Did you say light road?

“yes. “I intend to do so.”

“Well, Mercenary Lord. I don’t think it’s a very good idea. Now we are standing on a hill, and they are gathered in a valley. Wouldn’t it be better to take advantage of our geographical advantage and fire arrows and magic from this spot?”

“They won’t just sit back and let it happen.”

“Yeah, but!”

When I quietly shook my head, the Light Lord, who was about to say something, immediately closed his mouth. However, her puzzled expression cannot be erased, and it seems that she still does not understand how to approach it head on.

Actually, if you think about it, Light Lord’s opinion is definitely a correct opinion. Take advantage of your geographical advantage and launch a long-distance attack. It wasn’t that I didn’t know what that meant.

But I didn’t want to do that. To be more precise, me, Mercenary, and the Southern Expeditionary Force. So, just once, I wanted to test the all-encompassing power of the Northern Continent.

The reason is that not only the Steel Mountains, but also many other monsters will appear in the future, and compared to those monsters, the monsters in front of us right now cannot be considered that strong.

That’s why, no matter what trick they pulled, I wanted to know and see if they had the power to overcome it head on.

Of course, it wasn’t something I did just out of curiosity.

Above all, it is the same as the first time. During the first round, I stood in the same spot and saw the same scene as now. There is no guarantee that it will come out the same as before, but the possibility is high. There are almost 1,000 of them, but all you see are monsters.

There must have been quite a few captured so far, but not a single evolved human has been seen. then… .

“Then, let me briefly explain our breakthrough plan.”

In an instant, everyone’s attention was focused. I continued to open my mouth.

“First and foremost, only the Mercenary Clan will rush in. Our role is to disrupt the formation of the monsters below and cause confusion as much as possible.”

“What? Even if it’s really crazy… !”

“And, Lord Musa should take charge of the remaining troops.”

“uh… . “Uh, hmm?”

Then Go Oh-hwan, who was about to scream, widened his eyes for a moment. okay. It would be nice. It’s the command I’ve wanted for so long.

“The warrior lord can continue to watch for gaps here, and if he feels there is some level of confusion, he can attack and come down immediately. That’s the plan. how is it. “It’s so easy, right?”

“Merchionary Lord! Please reconsider. “No matter how powerful the demonic beast army is, it is too disadvantageous.”

“I will not accept any further disagreement.”

“Then at least the central unit…” !”

That is something that will never happen. If my predictions are correct, it will be the worst possible move. It would be better to build a castle using the hill as a castle.

All preparations have already been completed.

So, just before giving the order to charge, I had a fleeting thought and called four clan members separately. Still, I thought I would need at least some insurance. Soon, Kim Han-byul, Park Da-som, Vivien, and Seon Yu-un, who had called me, approached me one after another, and I quickly explained what I was thinking.

Seon Yu-un, who soon heard the whole plan, nodded his head heavily.

“I know what you mean. then… .”

“yes. Please tell Istantel Low Road so, and the rest… .”

Seon Yuun looked at me intently for a moment, then quickly turned around and hid himself among the users.

The next moment she looked at the three women standing with worried faces, Vivien raised her hand high in the sky. In Vivian’s hands, she held the Ordo of Order, shining brightly.

“come! Manubambe! “You self-destructive fire demons who rule the 5th Legion!”

Then, for a moment, a dark fog seemed to spread around the area, but soon it cleared in all directions, revealing a new army of demonic beasts.

– Kick, kick!

– Hehehehehehehehehehehe!

At first glance, they looked like skeleton troops from the Blue Mountains, but they were unique in that they had loose robes that covered almost their entire bodies and large horns sticking out from their backs. Additionally, the two round lights glowing red inside the robe were, as expected, exuding an evil energy unique to a demonic beast.

“Sorry. I originally wanted to give the 4th Legion, but as you said, it would be better to save it. “If your goal is chaos, the 5th Corps wouldn’t be bad.”

It was an apologetic voice that was uncharacteristic of Vivien.

I shrugged my shoulders as if it didn’t matter and went to the front. And then he opened his mouth to the clan members who were silent.

“let’s go.”

Is there any need to say it in detail?

I don’t think I’ll lose. They gave up the biggest advantage they could take advantage of and exposed themselves. Of course, since they are extremely cunning, they must have done some kind of trick, but I am confident that they will counter that as well. no. It will be so.

“And, let’s show it.”


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With those last words, I turned around. And looking at the hill stretching straight down, I started running down as fast as I could.

Starting with that, I felt the presence of clan members and demonic beasts swarming down behind me.

The monsters were quiet. There was not even a slight movement visible. The thing that was squirming little by little stopped moving at the same time as we started to come down. It looks as if it is quietly waiting to be caught in a trap.

As I ran at maximum speed, I was able to go down the hill quickly.

The distance from the monsters has almost become closer. They are all looking at me.

By the time the distance had shortened to a reasonable extent.


I kicked the ground with all my might and jumped into the air.

Seeing, the wind passes through my hair.


At the same time, a bizarre sound ringing in your ears. As if they had finally started to move, dozens and hundreds of tentacles rushed in all at once, targeting me as I hovered in the air.

okay. I was aiming for this.

I immediately used Lee Heung-hwan Wei. To the central point where they are concentrated.

Finally, the moment the ground came into view, I raised my magic power to the limit and without any delay, I plunged the sword deep into the ground. And, using the sword as a medium, he poured in the magical energy he had raised without hesitation. It was a magical explosion aimed at the ground.

1 second.

For one second, there was no change. However, the moment that one second passed, it finally began to react.

Quack! Quad deuk! Quadddddddddduk!

Through the swirling dust, the ground is cracking apart, like a field in a drought. Previously, the ground around 30 meters shook greatly once.

– Kieeeeh?

It’s still not enough. As if the divine form in the air had disappeared, I felt everyone’s eyes gathering on me one by one. I gritted my teeth, squeezed out all the strength I had from breastfeeding, and let the magic flow in even more powerfully. As the magic power that filled the circuit flowed out like an ebb for a moment, the amount flowing to the ground was also enormous.


At that time, the ground suddenly hit a wave. At the same time, her dazzling blue magic began to ooze out through her cracks. I inhaled with all my might, and as I exhaled, I poured out the last of my mana.


A bigger wave.


And finally, an even more intense cluster of lights exploded, illuminating the desolate land.


Kim Soo-hyun floated in the air, and countless tentacles rushed into the air. Users standing on the hill screamed.


However, the worries were unfounded. Kim Soo-hyun, who used Lee Hyung-hwan’s stomach, passed through the tentacles and landed on the ground without even getting hurt. Of course, no users would recognize that.


After a while, the area around the valley shook with a huge explosion sounding from inside the ground. What on earth does this mean? The users’ eyes widened.

It was that moment.


Before I knew it, the cracked ground became brightly bright, and a large cluster of bluish lights rose up. Then, starting from the place where Kim Soo-hyun was standing, it spread out in a circle and attacked the surrounding monsters.

It was no different from a wave.

One, two, three, five, eight, thirteen… .

The blue magical energy rising from the ground expands its range, swallowing everything ravenously like an angry wave. The monsters were spewing out bodily fluids as they touched the waves of light and were collapsing like water. Accordingly, the monsters that had been crowded together naturally became disorganized and began to shout here and there.

Before I could even blink a few times, my potential collapsed.

The users all opened their mouths blankly. I’ve seen magic with similar power a few times, but I’ve never seen or heard of a magic that explodes the ground using such huge magical power.

no. Previously. Wasn’t that user a prosecutor?

That was the moment I thought about it.

“Go, go! Go in! Archer, wizard! “Everyone, prepare to fire support!”

someone shouted. What does that mean?

The reason why Kim Soo-hyun ran alone at the front was to provide a foundation for the clan members following him to easily break through. Of course, it was also to create room for the demonic beast army to run wild more excitingly.

The results were visible soon.

The second wave crashed straight into the struggling monsters.

– Kick! Kikiki kick!

No, the 5th Corps lived up to Kim Soo-hyun’s expectations 100%.

First, Manubambe, who had dug his way through the monsters, burst into laughter. It doesn’t care whether tentacles wrap around its body or sharp teeth bite into it. He just raised his arms vigorously, and before long, the red eyes inside his robe began to glow brightly.

Then, the legionnaires who had squeezed in from all directions raised their arms vigorously, following Manubambe.

– Kelkelkelkelkelkelkelkelkel!

The magical beast’s roar, as if announcing the end.

And after a while.


Spectacular explosions erupted from all over, filling the valley with red.

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