MEMORIZE Chapter 537

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00537 The peaceful days are over. ————————————————– ———————-=

The clan member who knocked on the door was Shin Jae-ryong. This is internal news.

I did it just in case, but fortunately(?) it was nothing special. News that the clan members who left two weeks ago completed the mission safely and have just returned.

After hearing the message, I went down to the first floor and was able to make eye contact with the two men coming in from the front, making a fuss. They were Ahn Hyun and Jin Suhyeon.

“brother. “I have returned after completing the request.”

“older brother! I got it right this time too! It’s already 3 wins and 0 losses! “3 wins, 0 losses!”

An Hyeon bowed his head and reported his return, while Jin Su-hyeon spread three fingers and chattered excitedly. Looking at her face, she seems to be in a very good mood. He had 3 wins and 0 losses, meaning he received three requests and completed them all.

I responded by raising my hand.

“okay. Good work.”

“no way. Thank you for your hard work. “It was just fun.”

Is it because his nature is so aggressive that he doesn’t shy away from battle? Jin Su-hyeon quickly shook his head and waved his hand as if it was nothing at all.

Seeing Jin Soo-hyun like that, I smiled inside.

For the past two months, Jin Soo-hyun has been more active than anyone else and has adapted faster than anyone else. Some people have a good personality, but in fact, other reasons may be more important. This is because there is one thing that everyone feels in common when looking at Jin Soo-hyun.

ah. This user really loves the whole plane.

Literally, Jin Soo-hyun was a user who truly liked Holplane and knew how to enjoy it.

What I did there wasn’t really anything special. It just satisfied the circumstances.

A sense of belonging that allows you to relax your neck, great equipment, good colleagues, unique missions, delicious food and drinks, and a clan house where you can come back and rest warmly, etc. In other words, it has made it so that you don’t have to worry about anything while working.

The result?

As Jin Soo-hyun had gone through dark times in the past, he was currently immersed in the environment I had created and was unable to escape. Of course, that was exactly what I was aiming for.


It was then. Jin Soo-hyeon, who was laughing, suddenly got a serious look on his face, and looked at me and Ahn Hyeon in turns. Then she opened her mouth in a slightly lowered voice.

“… By the way. older brother.”


“Actually, it is. “I have made an important decision this time.”

“An important decision?”

“yes. During this request, I was able to hear in detail from Ahn Hyeon. “About user identity.”

“Shin Sang-yong?”

I tilted my head. Why does that guy’s name suddenly appear?

Jin Soo-hyun continued.

“The fact that he saved the lives of his younger brothers and died instead in the war just two years ago, and the fact that Ahn Hyun is collecting GP for his resurrection. … That’s Jin Soo-hyun. “After hearing the situation, I was truly, truly moved.”

“ah… . okay. “It’s all in the past.”

“That’s why.”

“… … ?”

Jin Su-hyeon paused for a moment and stared at Ahn Hyun with moist eyes. An Hyun also looked back at Jin Su-hyeon with her slightly wet eyes.

The two faced each other for a while and suddenly bumped their fists together. And Jin Soo-hyeon took the lead, followed by Ahn Hyeon.

“Even though I didn’t make it to Hall Plain on the same day of the same month of the same year!”

“I hope that when I die, it will be on the same day, same year, same month!”

“uh… . to… . Ugh, mmm! “I, Jin Soo-hyeon, will help Ahn Hyeon and lend a hand in the resurrection of user Shin Sang-yong!”

“hmm… . hmm… . Hmm, hmm! Anyway, that’s why I decided to become sworn brothers with Jin Su-hyeon!”

The next words are Hwangcheontohu. Please consider this meaning… . It’s okay, though.

However, it seemed like they only knew the first two phrases, so the two bumped their fists once more with extremely awkward expressions on their faces. And he even bit his mouth hard with a face that seemed like he was going to die in pain.

and. How can they act the same way?

The two men, who had gone through all the back and forth and reached a very simple resolution to help each other, walked towards the restaurant, arm in arm.

After looking at the two, I calmly turned my gaze to the dark garden. To be exact, it was in the direction of Shin Sang-yong’s grave.

Are you watching? Shin Sang-yong?

There is a user here right now trying to save you.



There are two of them too.

“Dad. Are you looking at people like that and calling them idiots?”

After a while, Mar, who was in my arms, slightly raised her head and whispered in my ear. I could greatly relate to that statement.

is it so. The problem is that I’m an idiot.

After finishing my message to Shin Sang-yong, I slowly lowered my gaze. Mar is looking up at me with her eyes wide open.

“Why do you think that?”

“Look, I feel strangely uncomfortable. “Do you feel this is pathetic?”

Hey. Sometimes being too honest is a sin.

After patting Mar on the back as he kept tilting his head, I followed the idiot duo to the restaurant. Now that I had come down, I was planning to have a cup of tea at the restaurant and then go up.

The moment I opened the door to the restaurant and entered, my ears were filled with commotion.

When I looked around, I was a little surprised. There were more clan members in the restaurant than expected. You can see empty tables here and there, but considering that meal times are not set and are free, the number of people seen today is unusually high.

I immediately turned my attention to the clan members who looked at me and greeted me, with Mar at the forefront. Marr grabbed my collar hard as if she didn’t want to fall, but I forced myself to do it and was able to sit down at the table next to the kitchen without any disturbance.

“uh. Clan Lord. “Are you here again?”

As if I was there at that moment, user Park Sang-nam, the chef of Mercenary Clan, approached me and said hello.

“ah. “I’m thinking about a cup of tea.”

“okay. “Then please wait a moment.”

User Park Sang-nam was a clan member with not only great cooking skills, but also a friendly appearance and gentle demeanor. He was so great that everyone, regardless of age or gender, called him “Sangnam Bro.” and liked him.

Eventually, I sighed as I drank the tea that Park Sang-nam brought.

‘Lee, leader! Hello, did you have a good night? Ha ha ha ha ha… .’

Shin Sang-yong. It was a name I hadn’t heard in a long time. At the same time, I felt a slight but subtle feeling. Rather than having anything in mind… .


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If I think about it in relation to the incident that happened with Mar in the past, I would say it feels a bit confusing. I didn’t know that I would feel the helplessness I felt back then again.

While I was drinking warm tea, I suddenly felt Sangnam Park sitting across from me. When she glances up, she sees a face smiling indulgently.

“Clan Lord. Now that I think about it, the clan atmosphere seems to be very calm these days. “Isn’t that right?”

“is that so? “I’m out of my mind.”

“ha ha ha. It’s definitely noisy. I am. Still, I really like this kind of noise. “Everyone is working hard without any major incidents or accidents.”

“In that respect, it is peaceful. “I understand what you mean.”

Park Sang-nam was staring to the side with a happy face. As I turn my gaze, I see clan members gathered in groups of twos and threes at several tables, chatting noisily. Among them, the best ones were Ahn Hyeon and Jin Suhyun. They must have already ordered and had their food served, so they filled the table with dishes and chatted excitedly, eating and drinking.

“Brother Sangnam! Here’s another order!”

As if that wasn’t enough, Anhyeon raised his hand and shouted.

Park Sang-nam slowly stood up.

“this. “I guess I’ll just have to get up now.”

“Don’t give too much. “My stomach is coming out.”

“haha. All right. … And Clan Lord. You’ll probably sleep well tonight. “I mixed some alcohol into the tea.”


“You looked a little unwell when you came in. Anyway, I hope you sleep well tonight.”

“… yes?”

I looked at him in a puzzled mood, but Park Sang-nam just smiled and walked into the kitchen.

And after a while.

As white steam rose from the car, I belatedly realized Park Sang-nam’s consideration. Encouragement shown through one action rather than ten words of encouragement.

indeed. Is this why clan members like Park Sang-nam?

Ahn Hyeon and Jin Su-hyeon were neatly organizing the plates on the table. It looks like he has inhaled all the food before he knows it. Then they looked at the table next to them and started giggling at each other.

At the next table, Yujeong, Ansol, and Cha Heeyoung were chatting and drinking. What are you going to do again?

The answer came soon.

Ahn Hyeon soon got up and slowly approached, holding a plate in both hands.

“Is that the beautiful lady with red hair over there?”

“So there I am…” . huh?”

When Yoo-jeong turned his head, Ahn Hyeon placed the plate on the table in an extremely polite manner. And before Yoo-jeong can even open her mouth, she points to the table where Jin Soo-hyun is sitting in a gentle voice.

“The gentleman at the table over there ordered it. Give it to the beautiful lady… .”

Yujeong turns her head blankly. When she turned her gaze, she could see Jin Soo-hyun with a smiling face, removing the fork from her mouth and shaking it gently.

“Then have fun.”

Ahn Hyeon showed a polite attitude until the end and turned around.

For a moment, there was quiet silence.

Of course, the silence was short-lived.


Yu-jeong stood up furiously, spouting all kinds of swear words from her pretty lips. With a face that looks like it’s going to kill those two at any moment. Then Ansol and Cha Heeyoung stood up together and wrapped their arms around Yujeong.

“hey! You crazy bastards! Are you crazy because you want to die? Why are you eating the dish you ate from? “What are you doing to make the food taste bad!”

“sister! Be patient! They are basically idiots! “If you do this, you will lose!”

“Let go. Don’t you let go? f*ck you! Those two bastards… !”

“Uh, sister. sorry. I will apologize on your behalf. calm down. yes?”

The already noisy restaurant suddenly became even more noisy. Soon, seeing the two running away laughing loudly, Yujeong screamed.

“You bastards who flush and poop!”

What kind of bastard is that again?

I chuckled and took a sip of my tea. And as I felt the tea gently melting on my tongue, I thought deeply about Park Sang-nam’s words.

A peaceful daily life where everyone works hard without any major incidents or accidents. okay. Maybe these are the happiest times.

When I think about what happens in the future, those peaceful days may never come again. Then me too… .


It was then. Just as I was about to put down the teacup, the sound of someone violently opening the door rang through the restaurant.

Feeling that the commotion would subside a little, I stared towards the entrance.

At the entrance stood Seon Yu-un, out of breath. She ran so quickly that she could barely lift her face, with her back half folded. It was a face that looked very urgent.

“Clan Lord! “It’s urgent!”

Considering Seon Yu-un’s usually calm personality, I don’t think she would say something unnecessary. It really seems urgent.

“Urgent? What happened?”

“An individual summons has been issued from Istantel Row!”

“… Not just a summons order, but an individual summons order? In Istantel Row?”

“Yes, yes! This is also a summons to the entire clan in Monica.”


When I looked at him wondering what he meant, Seon Yu-un took a deep breath. Then, as he seemed to catch his breath, he suddenly got up and spoke in a slightly calm voice.

“It was just officially announced by the central management body in the evening hours. … “They say they are declaring an attack on the Steel Mountains!”

And at that moment, the commotion in the restaurant completely subsided.

An official declaration of the assault on the Steel Mountains.

… So, has it finally happened?

With all eyes on me, I slowly stood up. And then he opened his mouth in a low voice.

“If it is an individual summons… . Send a messenger to Istantel Row right now. “The Mercenary will respond to the call.”

It seems that the peaceful days end today.

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I know a younger brother who is serving in the military. He is a very close younger brother. I met him at school last year, but he is really close to me. In fact, I believe that relationships with people deepen the longer you hang out with them, and he is the guy who broke that formula.

Originally, I was planning to go out overnight in early May, but I suddenly got a call saying I was going out today. I asked why he came out so quickly and he said he was going to Ansan Gojan Station. They even said it was a victim’s family. So I didn’t ask any more. Just looking at the profile picture is enough to tell… .

I don’t usually tell my acquaintances to cheer up. Rather than just telling them to cheer up, I thought it would be better to just quietly watch them. But what I regret a little, no, a lot now, is that I keep thinking that I should have comforted him in some way when we spoke on the phone back then.

My heart was so tight that I spoke for a long time.

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