MEMORIZE Chapter 536

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00536 Two months later. ————————————————– ———————-=


The light faded. And the moment I saw that the angel had been summoned to the point where it was touching the ceiling, I felt an unexpected sense of relief at the same time. okay. miracle. Why didn’t I think of that?


Ansol’s breathless cry burst out immediately. Then the angel’s quietly closed eyes gently open and look down at me.

Soon, a brilliant radiance appeared throughout the angel’s body, and at the same time, the waves of magic that had surrounded Marr rose up in size. I stared blankly at the scene.

Eventually, the moment the light and the waves collided, a huge boom resounded around the area, as if lightning had struck.

The point of the roar is right in the middle. The two forces collided exactly in the center, causing colorful lights to explode and flutter like crazy, causing a severe discharge phenomenon.

A wave of brilliance that somehow tries to break through, and a wave of magic that somehow tries to push it away.

The two powers engaged in a close combat, and were in a standoff for a while. I, and even Helena, were watching the battle between the two forces with fascinated eyes.

Then, at some point, I suddenly realized something. The fact that the angel had his face frowning and his whole body was shaking. And the fact that, although little by little, the brilliance is gradually fading away.

“Yes! Ugh! Ugh! … Baa, paa!”

Marr’s moans, which had been cut off, suddenly flowed out. On top of that, he called out to me with difficulty and even trembled.

Is it because of a collision? The sight of him looking for me with his extremely pale face was so pitiful that it almost seemed pitiful. Without realizing it, I grabbed my fern-like hands and prayed quietly in my heart. I hope Mar overcomes this.

It was then.

– O, Ego Sum Cantus. Numquid A, Adipiscing Vitae, Usque Nunc, Filii… .

It was a song. It sounded like a song. A beautiful angelic song that I have never heard before, even when saving thousands of mythical heroes.

– Bamboo Caecus Quis Audierit. Omnes Vult Superesse Tibi. Puer, Parvulus Enim Est… .

It was truly amazing.

As the angel’s song continued, the radiance that had been weakening gradually began to regain its shine. Not only that, but it soon splits into hundreds and thousands of branches and begins to push with force. Like a candle that is burning its last moments and is about to go out.

I can’t hear anything anymore. The presence of clan members and the sound of gusts of wind that filled the warehouse. Only the angel’s song could be heard faintly, ringing in my eardrums.

result… .

Slowly, very slowly, the waves of magic power are rolling in.

I don’t know what’s happening now. I don’t even know what kind of phenomenon that is. There was only one thing I could do now. I held Marr’s hand tighter and focused my attention on the front.

At that time, the wave of magical energy that had been steadily surging and rushing for so long finally stopped for a moment.

Then, as if he had been waiting for this one opportunity, the angel opened his eyes wide and stretched out his hands.


– Factus Est. Miraculum!

At the subsequent shout, my vision turned pure white once again without warning.

At the same time, I could definitely feel it. Even though you can’t see it, the waves from Mar’s body are crashing down. And the angelic light pours out in thousands of ways and colors Mar’s body.

After a while. The warehouse sank like a lie as the angel disappeared with a tired look on his face, as if he had finished his work. The noise, the gust of wind, the song, and the brightness all disappeared in an instant. If there’s only one thing left… .

I slowly looked down.

And before I knew it, I could see Mar sleeping with a comfortable face, with 13 wings shining softly on his back.


The graduation ceremony has ended.

Since there were only a small number of people, there was nothing to do, so we were able to finish it quickly. Immediately after completing the simple graduation ceremony, I waited for the trainees with Helena in the lobby. Still, I had to give myself time to pack my bags and come down.

“Isn’t that really too much? In front of all the trainees… .”

When I turned my gaze to the grumbling coming from next to me, I saw Helena rubbing the bulging lump on the top of her head. As she stared, Helena blinked her eyes with a puzzled look on her face. You have made known your sins.

“I sent them to educate you, but they are just talking nonsense. what? love? pregnancy?”

“I just simply told a story about old times. “There are also things that satisfy my desires.”

“so. “Well done.”

“Because it’s the last day. And since we don’t have much time left in our lives, shouldn’t we do whatever we want to our heart’s content?”

At those words, I stopped sighing and looked at Helena. There isn’t much left in life. If you think about it, it is true. Because a dragon’s soul is not a suitable vessel for a human body in the first place.

“How much is left?”

“well. “Three or four years?”

“Three, four years… .”

“Considering acceleration, it may decrease further. I don’t know what it’s like from a human perspective, but from my perspective, it’s just a moment. So please understand.”

Well, I originally came out to explore the human world and seek revenge on the great hero, but after being stuck in this place for two months, I was likely to be dissatisfied.

I nodded my head quietly, thinking I understood a little bit.

“… Now that this matter is over, let me loosen up a bit. Good work.”

“It’s a nice sound to hear. “There’s already a place I really want to go to.”

“A place you want to go? where?”

“ah. I plan to visit a building called Changgwan. In other words, it could be said that she acts like a prostitute. “I think we’ll see some pretty interesting reactions.”

Interesting reaction. It is obvious even without looking who he is talking about. I thought it was really bad taste, but it had nothing to do with me anyway. I waved my hand to tell him to do as he pleased and decided to change the subject.

“Anyway, I finished the graduation ceremony like this. What do you think?”

“Are you talking about the trainees? “That’s as much as I can.”

“It was a long explanation. Simply.”

“hmm. Trainee Cha Hee-young did exactly what I expected. She showed some decent potential for growth and development. She, of course, is from the perspective of a user. And Jegal Haesol trainee… .”

In fact, Cha Hee-young’s potential can be considered to be at the highest level among users, but the voice heard was nothing but annoyance. However, considering the Magna Cartime period in which Helena’s true nature was called the dragon of the end, wouldn’t this be a rather generous evaluation?

Anyway, I thought it would be a good idea to check with my third eye later, and I waited for the words that would lead to an interesting feeling. Now it was Jegal Haesol’s turn. What kind of evaluation did Jegal Hae-sol receive on Dragon of the End?

“… … .”

“… … .”

However, no matter how long I waited, Helena’s words did not continue. Her mouth is open as if she is trying to say something, but her face looks ambiguous.

“Why aren’t you talking?”

“that is. Didn’t you say you don’t like lengthy explanations? But no matter how much I think about it, I can’t just say it in detail like I did before.”

Helena protests in a very difficult tone. I was lost in thought for a moment, then touched my chin and spoke.

“Is it because of these words? The eyes of wisdom looking down at the sky. For example, understanding the principles of magical power, or having the minimum qualifications to reach the source.”

Helena looked at me in surprise. Then, his eyes look at me, drawing a soft arc.


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“like. Where did you hear that again? “It is a very accurate expression, as long as you understand its meaning.”


When I tapped her heart, Helena nodded with a strange look on her face. She then quietly crossed her arms and looked back at her stairs. As she turned her senses in that direction, she caught sight of two figures coming down her stairs. It seems like I packed my luggage yesterday.

Helena continued speaking in a low voice.

“To put it in one word, I would like to make him my successor.”

“Is it that much?”

“Of course, it is impossible to have a human as a successor, but in any case, a person named Jegal Haesol is like that. A human being who has lived for thousands of years and has that level of talent… . Maybe he saw like 5 or 6 people? Perhaps if he had been born in the ancient Hall Plain, he would have definitely dominated an era.”


This was a sufficient evaluation.

Eventually, I calmly got up. Before I knew it, the sound of chattering and footsteps had gotten closer.

The moment I turned around, intending to go back right away, Helena’s voice suddenly caught me.

“Actually, I also have a question. Clan Lord.”

“You didn’t call me mother, so I’ll give it permission.”

As I said that, I heard Helena laughing lightly.

“It is no different. By any chance, is the child doing well? “I’m quite curious about the situation since I haven’t seen him in two months.”

“That kid… . Mar?”

I paused for a moment and looked away. And after checking the two women slowly appearing with a bag in one hand, he spoke quietly.

“You’re doing well right.”


After taking the two from the mercenary academy. As soon as I finished some work, the day came to an end in an instant.

After dinner, I returned to the office to finish working overtime, but I guess I ate too much. Feeling a little bloated, she buried herself in a chair to relieve herself for a moment. And Mar and Dodo playing on one side… . No, when did this guy come up on the desk again?

Soon, the dodo, which was staring at me intently, flew over with its wings flapping and bit my neck.

I sighed and shook my head. What kind of enemy did you have against me in your past life? I would bite wherever I could just look, but in fact, I had almost given up now. And with this level of grit, wouldn’t it be worthy of recognition?

Thinking that, I just stared at Marr, ignoring Dodo, who was biting his mouth and tasting the flesh(?) of his neck. Of course, I also activated my third eye.

1. Name: Mar

2. Class: -(Undetermined)

3. Nation: -(Undetermined)

4. Affiliation (Clan): -(Undecided)

5. True name • Nationality: ? • Fairy Forest

6. Sex: Female (0)

7. Height • Weight: 114.1cm • 20.25kg

8. Tendency: Lawful • Pure

[Strength 7] [Durability 12] [Dexterity 21] [Stamina 17] [Magic Power ???] [Luck ???]

– It is an entity that cannot be defined at present. It is an object that should not exist in the first place, but it can literally be said to be a miraculous presence that is the result of a combination of the person’s will and a strange phenomenon.

– The power of the new wings is still sleeping inside, and is gradually melting into the power of the target. You can’t use all your power yet. However, when the day comes that fairies are able to control their power to a certain extent through the common awakening process, they will be transformed into definable beings. (In the aftermath of a strange phenomenon, their subsequent growth will accelerate significantly.)

< Achievements (0) >

< Unique Ability (1/1) >

1. Ganesha’s Blessing (Rank: EX)

< Special Ability (1/1) >

1. The unquenchable light of wisdom (Rank: EX)

< Potential (1/3) >

1. Miracle in the Sky (Rank: S Plus)

2. -.


So much has changed in Mar. True name, height, weight, abilities, situation, abilities, etc.

It is not yet possible to quickly conclude whether these changes are good or bad. As it appears in the third eye, I think I will be able to understand it only when the day comes when Mar goes through the awakening process and becomes a definable being. So for now, she is thankful that her life was barely saved and she is growing up healthy, and she just waits for that day to come.

At that time, Mar, who had been sitting still in one place and reading something intently, suddenly raised his head and smiled brightly. Then she raised her body with a groan, toddled over, and held something out to me with a proud look on her face.

“Dad. Okay, this book will be finished today.”

That something was a book. It’s also a fairly thick book.

I calmly opened my mouth.

“Marya. What book is this? “Who gave it to you?”

“Yes. “Just give it to me.”

Blink? ah. Vivien.


At that moment, I immediately looked at the title of the book. Mar was already growing at the speed of light in all aspects. But what if you read a strange book?

However, I was soon able to see a title about magical power, and I was able to heave a sigh of relief.

“Hello. thank god.”


“No, no. Anyway, isn’t it great? “Did you really read this whole thing?”

“Yes! Look at this. Doing this… . Yay!”

That moment.

So, the moment Marr shouted a cute cheer, a pop sound was heard and sparks flew out in front of his eyes. Immediately when she came to her senses, she saw Mar frozen in shock, and felt the glory of the hot sun on her waist.

Shouting “Long live anti-magic power” in my mind, I immediately hugged Marr.

“Marya. You cannot use that kind of power carelessly. “If you use it carelessly, you or other users may get hurt.”


“are you okay. You won’t have to do that next time. yes?”


When I urged him gently, Mar nodded his head vigorously. Then, she wrapped her hands around my neck and started pampering me, saying “I like you daddy” and “I love you daddy” over and over again. hmm. It doesn’t feel too bad. Is this why her dads are making fools of their daughters?

While patting Mar on the back, I turned my gaze and stared at the door. This is because I felt someone slowly approaching from afar.

And after a while.


As expected, there was a knock on the door.

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