MEMORIZE Chapter 530

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00530 Big decision. ————————————————– ———————-=


“The Steel Mountains… ?”

“okay. “The Steel Mountains.”

After replying, I looked at Jin Su-hyeon’s expression. From the looks of it, he doesn’t seem to be very surprised, but he doesn’t look calm either. Rather, he looks dazed. I probably know the general idea, but I don’t think I usually pay much attention to it.

“The story came up in the central management organization the other day. Now, get ready.”

“When you say preparation, how long do you mean?”

“well. It may vary depending on the situation, but as early as 6 months? “It will probably depart within a year at the latest.”

“6 months to 1 year… .”

Jin Su-hyeon tilted his head with an ambiguous expression. I smiled to myself. okay. It might be ambiguous.

“It usually takes that much. Attacking the Steel Mountains is different from excavating other ruins. “It’s not something that can only be conquered by one clan; the entire Northern Continent must join forces.”

“Now that I think about it, I heard that there was an attempt to attack it once before.”

“That’s just roughly the number of people. Strictly speaking, it was just a kid’s joke. “There is no comparison.”

“Well, really? If that’s the case with you, it seems like that… . “Umm.”

Jin Soo-hyeon was drooling and holding his head as if he was in deep trouble. I tried my best to show my why face. Tilt your head once here. … At times like this, I envy Ansol’s ability to put a question mark on the top of his head.

As I was just watching, Jin Soo-hyun suddenly raised his head.

“older brother! older brother!”


“That’s it. “If you have to do it, it’s better to do it, right?”


“The attack on the Steel Mountains. As you said, wouldn’t it be a good idea to participate if an attack order is given within a year?”

“ah. That’s nagging to say the least. In fact, the possibility of death is high, but that’s something you always have to deal with. Also, I think the possibility of an attack this time is quite high.”

It’s true. Because this time I will participate.

“In fact, the northern continent can be considered almost saturated now. Should I say there is nothing to pick out?”

“ah. I think I know what you mean. That’s why I also went to an unexplored area.”

“yes. Because this same case can be seen with Barbara. Just as you pioneered an area and discovered Barbara, if you conquer the Steel Mountains, a new continent will appear. lets think. It must be a completely new world there, right? “If you just go outside the city, you’ll find ruins lined up like sausages.”

“Oooooh… .”

Perhaps because he had the tendency to be hot-blooded, Jin Soo-hyun didn’t seem to care that the possibility of death was high. He only responds with admiration.

But that was only for a moment. As I was chatting hard and pulling out as many sweet fruits as possible, I could see Jin Soo-hyeon slowly turning sullen.

“That’s why it’s good to participate. Those rights are given priority to those who participated in the attack. and… .”

I continued talking, but stopped mid-sentence at the right moment.

“From the rumors I heard, if the attack is successful, the ability points will also be… . Jin Soo-hyun?”

“Yes, yes?”

“what’s the matter? “I suddenly become sullen.”

“ah. Did it look like that?”

Jin Soo-hyun smiled sheepishly and sniffed. And until you lose your appetite again.

“Sniff. It’s all good. Actually, it may have nothing to do with my brother… . “I’m suddenly worried about something.”


“yes. Listening to what my brother said, I really want to participate, but my situation is a little different. “Do you mind if I participate as an individual?”


It would be nice to have an expression like you didn’t even think of that.

“hmm. Come to think of it, I see. There is a higher chance of being selected as a clan rather than as an individual. “And that’s mainly from large clans.”

“I guess so, right?”

“To put it bluntly, yes. “You say there is a clan, but there are only two people, including you, right now?”


“then… . I think it might be difficult. “It may not be entirely unlikely, but the selection ranking may be very low.”

“… … .”

Then, half disappointment and half fear visibly appear on Jin Soo-hyun’s face. Jin Su-hyeon also knows this, as he was once a clan lord. How difficult is it to grow into a large clan in less than a year? In other words, I would like to participate, but circumstances do not allow it.

Of course, this was exactly what I was aiming for. From now on, you can go out just like you did when Woo Jung-min.

There was silence for a while. After remaining silent for a while, I quietly opened my mouth.

“Actually, there isn’t really a way.”

At that moment, Jin Soo-hyun’s shoulders lifted up loudly. If you look closely, he reacts really well.

“You have to make a choice first. Should I participate in the assault on the Steel Mountains, or should I take a breather and gather my strength?”

“Of course, we are participating in the assault on the Steel Mountains. Because the vision is clear. Anyway, what method is it?”

“It’s simple. To put it bluntly, try merging clans. Then the road will open.”


Jin Soo-hyun seemed to be deep in thought for a moment. Then he suddenly made an awkward expression and spoke in a somewhat bitter voice. As if he had guessed that I would say this.

“to… . “So you’re telling me to join your clan?”

I calmly gathered myself together. I expected this kind of reaction anyway. It’s important from here.

“ah. Did it sound like that? If so, I’m sorry. “We can’t take your clan from our clan.”

“… yes?”

Jin Soo-hyun asked back with a shocked look on his face. It’s like, ‘Uh. ‘This isn’t it.’ Do you feel like you’re saying that? I smiled softly and shook my head.

“The Mercenaries are a mercenary clan. That’s why there is no concept of a merger in the first place.”

“What is that… ?”

“To put it simply, we are mercenaries. Free mercenaries, to be exact. Although you are registered as a clan member, it is actually a different concept from a clan member of another clan. Of course, there are users who are active because they really like Mercantile, but there are also people who join to gain experience or earn gold coins.”

“Oh, no. Does it still matter?”

Jin Soo-hyun seemed to have finally gotten the hang of it and asked right away. I nodded my head without hesitation. There are great examples of Woo Jung-min, Seon Yu-un, and Won Hye-su.

The problem is that instead of thinking about leaving, they now think that they are Mercenary Clan members to their core.


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“then. It doesn’t matter. I accept it as long as there are no flaws. I repeat, I’m a mercenary. From that perspective, there is no better environment than this, right? “It’s about helping each other out.”

“Mutual aid… .”

As Jin Su-hyeon continued speaking quickly, he muttered in a low voice.

Thinking that this was enough, I stretched as hard as I could and stood up. Jin Soo-hyun’s eyes follow me.

“Anyway, I guess I said something pointless. Still, think carefully about the merger. If you want, I can introduce you to a good clan. then… .”

It was then.

“Now, just wait a moment. older brother.”

Suddenly, Jin Su-hyeon jumps up and grabs my hand. As I gently turned my gaze, I was met with eyes that seemed somewhat urgent, but cold.

“huh? why? “I’m tired.”

And after a while.

“I’m sorry, but can you tell me a little more about that free mercenary?”

I was able to smile inwardly.


After finishing communicating with Salmun, I walked to the place where the clan members were waiting.

On the way, I keep getting strange feelings. I decided to do this from the beginning, but I still feel empty in a corner of my heart.

What can I say? It’s a pity, too. I’m also anxious. Or maybe you can’t believe it.

… In fact, if it weren’t for Jegal Hae-sol, I wouldn’t have gone this far.

Soon, clan members began to appear in front of me and I shook my head vigorously. Although it may not be the best, it is the next best option. Although it’s only about getting things done, Salmun is the most trustworthy guy after Go Yeonju.

okay. It’s like it’s already over, so what should I do now? I don’t know if it’s guilt or regret, but I still don’t want to be held captive.

Thinking like that, I calmed my still pounding heart and stared ahead.

Cha Hee-young is tightly next to Ahn Hyeon. And next to them, Jin Soo-hyun and Maeng A-ra were also seen. I thought it might have arrived while I was away.

Fortunately, Hayeon seemed to be speaking with a straight face, probably because she had said it in advance, and Jin Soo-hyun didn’t have an awkward attitude at all. On the contrary, as soon as he saw me, he even waved his hands and seemed quite excited.

On the other hand, Maeng A-ra was showing an extremely mixed attitude. It was to the point where I could feel a hint of resentment in her eyes as she looked at me.

In fact, embracing Jin Su-hyeon meant that a guardian must also be brought into the clan. However, this was done with sufficient consideration in mind. Maybe it’s Lee Hyo-eul. If it was a sprout, it wouldn’t be much of a threat, and now many of the angels had turned towards me.

“older brother! “We’re here!”

After raising my hand in response to Jin Soo-hyun, who pretended to know me, I immediately opened my mouth.

“It looks like everyone is here.”

“yes. ah. Shin Jae-ryong said he would be a little late. He has to stop by the central management, so I asked them to tell him that he will go separately after the end… .”

At that moment, Hayeon answered and I smiled bitterly.

“It’s a crime to be a general instructor. Anyway, let’s get out there. “It’s crazy because there are so many users.”

It certainly was. The surroundings are full of loud noise. There are already a lot of people, but this graduation ceremony brought in hundreds of people. Is that all? Outside, it will be crowded with users trying to catch people who didn’t receive the offer.

Everyone quickly nodded as if they were thinking the same thing as me, so I immediately left the user academy and walked towards the warp gate.

Except for the fact that there were a lot of users, the road was smooth. While I was moving at a fast pace with the desire to get to Monica as soon as possible, Ahn Hyun just kept glancing at me. Soon, I even openly hesitated in front of the warp gate, but I paid for Anhyeon’s use without saying anything.

After moving to Monica, I had to make one important decision.

He decided to walk a little, or as far away as possible, leaving Jin Soo-hyeon and Ansol trudging behind him. As if we were not in the same group.

“Ahem! That building is also our mercenary building! “It’s a blacksmith shop, and it’s very well-known and makes a decent income.”

“Wow~! “So are you also airlifting equipment from there?”

“No~. That’s just a store that sells it, that is, a branch. The head office is inside the clan house, right? “We never sell equipment from our main store, and we only specialize in making weapons used by clan members.”


“And that building. It’s a love bar. Hanna and Yujeong run the business together, so you have to be careful. Hanna’s food is okay, but Yujeong’s food is really… . ouch! Why are you hitting me! The truth is… ! Uh, huh? Yu, Yujeong’s older sister? … “Onii-chan!”


… When on earth did we become so close? Of course, this is not only a bad thing. Good compatibility means you can adapt quickly.

But no matter what, it’s embarrassing. As if I wasn’t the only one who felt that way, Seon Yu-un and Cha So-rim were also walking next to me.

Eventually, the Mercenary Clan House came into view.

Suddenly a thought passed through my head, and I spoke to Cha So-rim.

“User Cha So-rim.”


“I’m sorry I couldn’t come back sooner.”

“… “Hiccup.”

Cha So-rim hiccuped quietly. Then she looked at me calmly, and her face blushed again. And she slowly started to take her steps backwards.

The reaction was so calm and natural that by the time I started laughing, it had already disappeared.

Actually, I wanted to chase him and tease him more, but I gave up right away. Because we had already arrived at the clan house.

Feeling the presence of dozens of people lined up inside, I immediately walked inside.

The front door was already wide open.

As expected, in the garden, dozens of clan members were standing side by side around the main gate. And in the center, Jo Seung-woo, with a gaunt face, smiled warmly and welcomed me.

“User Seungwoo Cho. The face… .”

“Oh, welcome. I was really waiting. Clan Lord.”

At that moment, the clan members bowed their heads and greeted each other at the same time. At the same time, the loud noises that had been constantly coming from behind stopped. Fortunately, I thought he had sense of it, and I gestured upwards. It was a signal to raise your head.

“Everyone was there. “I’m on my way right after the graduation ceremony.”

“yes. “I heard more details from user Jeong Ha-yeon yesterday.”

“Good. “So, nothing special happened?”

“ah. That’s it. actually… .”


It was then. Just as Jo Seung-woo was about to continue speaking, he suddenly felt a flow of magical power in his arms. I reflexively tried to put my hand in, but paused for a moment.

However, Cho Seung-woo, who was quick-witted, immediately memorized the spell and cast a block field, and as soon as the field was formed, he took out a crystal ball for communication.

Communication at Salmun. Is it really finished already?

I immediately poured my magic power into it.

(Merchionary Road.)

“What. “Have you finished it already?”

(We really want to ask you this. You are not kidding. What on earth were you thinking when you requested this?)

“What do you mean by that? “What are you thinking?”

(I really am. …but Mercenary Lord is not the kind of person to joke around with. Ah. Do you mind if I tell you now?)

“doesn’t care. “Because it’s in the block field.”

Then the crystal ball remained silent for a moment. I don’t know what the hell he’s talking about, so I bring the crystal ball closer, and the guy wrapped in black cloth moves away.

(Okay. First of all, I definitely found the chick you mentioned. Jegal Haesol. Is that right?)

“That’s accurate.”

(Then, please quickly enter the clan house. It looks like you don’t even know Mercenary Lord, so please check and contact us again.)

“… why? “I just entered the clan house?”

(Good luck with that. You’ll find out soon. …And be careful. That girl doesn’t seem like an easy girl. I approached her without letting my guard down, but I almost got caught.)

“… what? “You guys?”

(Anyway, that’s all we have to say. So, that’s enough.)

“wait for a sec… .”

However, before he could finish speaking, the crystal sphere’s communication was cut off. As I stood there dumbfounded, I felt the block field slowly disappearing.

After a while.

Seungwoo Cho glanced at the crystal ball and opened his mouth in a worried tone.

“Are you okay? Clan Lord. “Your face doesn’t look good.”

“… It’s no big deal. are you okay. “Anyway, what was it you were trying to say earlier?”

“ah. It’s no different. A customer came to visit us a little while ago. “He said he wanted to meet the Clan Lord, so I showed him around first.”

“A guest?”

When asked right away, Seungwoo Cho looked back towards the main building and nodded his head slightly.

“yes. “You were wearing User Academy attire?”

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