MEMORIZE Chapter 526

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00526 Date. ————————————————– ———————-=

It was a cool morning. I could hear rain during the night, but it didn’t seem to fall that much. A drop or two dripping from the window sill occasionally?

Thinking that the weather wasn’t that bad, I got out of bed.

Eventually, after washing my face more carefully than any other day and putting on the clothes I had carefully chosen last night.

“brother! Fighting today!”

“noisy. men and horses.”

I left the dormitory, leaving behind Ahn Hyeon, who was raising his fist. The wind blew just right and I was able to have a more pleasant morning than I expected.

Today is the last weekend of training and at the same time, it is the day I promised to meet Han So-young.

I remember that the meeting itself was promised a few weeks ago. However, I had been putting it off for various reasons, but just before the promotional parking lot, I had a good excuse to talk about it again.

Compared to how difficult it was to say it, ‘I like it.’ Thinking of Han So-young, who readily gave me permission, I put my hands in my pockets. One thing that is shiny and long is caught.

Originally, I was planning to give Cordelia, one of the achievements obtained in the Dragon Sleeping Mountains, as a gift. However, given Han So-young’s personality, if you suddenly give her a gift like this, there is a high possibility that she will never accept it. So, first, relieve the burden with a small gift like this, and then give it later when you get used to it, so the chances of receiving it will be higher.

Thinking that I could finally give it to him as I had prepared it separately in the first place, I walked around the hallway with light steps. Although we showed up a little, or significantly, earlier than the scheduled time, waiting is also part of the fun.

But when I reached the entrance to the building, I couldn’t help but be very surprised.

Instead of having fun waiting, Soyoung Han showed up first at the meeting place. That wasn’t all. When she saw Han So-young waiting for me, she was surprised again.

Her forehead was revealed with her bangs flipped over, and her hair was tied up neatly and neatly. The end of the hair hung down gently like a well-groomed tail.

Plus, ivory-colored pants that cling to the legs and show off the shape of the legs, and reddish-brown ankle bones that are quietly exposed. And the loose-looking shirt, reflecting pure white light in the sunlight, gave off a refreshing feeling.

To put it mildly, her appearance was so unique that I was confused as to whether she was the Han So-young I knew, but even that appearance blended harmoniously with her original charisma and radiated a unique charm. It’s almost like she’s a mix of half Yoo Hyeon-ah and half Han So-young.

“Merchionary Lord?”

Han So-young must have sensed a presence and calmly turns around, calling out to me. Only then did I come to my senses, so I walked at a brisk pace and caught my breath.

… Suddenly, I was worried that I might have mistaken the time.

However, upon checking, there was still over 30 minutes left until the appointment time.


After exchanging formal greetings, Soyoung Han and I immediately left the entrance. And then I started walking slowly down the streets of the user academy under the bright sunlight. Of course, we didn’t just walk without saying anything to each other, but we talked appropriately.

In fact, even if you meet Han So-young like this, the distance you can go and the topics you can talk about are limited. In the first place, they were not sitting intimately whispering love to each other, and even if they went to the user academy, where would they go? We only share what is absolutely necessary, as each person has his or her own position.

But it’s still good.

“At that time, a trainee said that. He suddenly raised his hand and asked me what my relationship was with Istantel Low Road. so… .”

“okay. Actually, I have been embarrassed more than once. “Still, I thought I had to endure it, so I ignored it, but I guess that wasn’t the best solution.”

Soyoung Han listened quietly to me, and occasionally shared her opinions or stories about Istantel Row.

okay. Even if the only stories that can be told are the attack on the mountain range where the dragon sleeps, the establishment of the mercenary academy, or the incidents that occurred with the magic talent trainees.

Even if it’s just this, it’s happiness that I can’t handle right now. Walking down the street side by side like this… .

It was one of the many things I had been longing for since Han So-young died in episode 1.

As we walked for a while, chatting wildly, we suddenly felt that the number of times we opened our mouths had decreased significantly.

This was a signal. It’s not that we’ve run out of things to talk about, it’s an unspoken signal that we should now get to the point. In other words, the idea was to turn the topic to a story about promotional parking.

As I looked at Han So-young’s lips pressed tightly together, I decided to speak first.

“By the way, the User Academy will also enter its 10th week starting tomorrow, right?”


“then… . hmm. I’ll just ask politely. “Who does Istantel Row have in mind for this trainee?”


Han So-young let out a faint sigh. Then she stops walking and slowly raises her head and looks up at the sky.

A face that seems to be in deep thought. As I was looking at that face blankly, the eyes that had been looking towards the sky suddenly glanced at me. Without realizing it, I quickly looked away.

After a while, a voice comes from somewhere and sticks to me.

“I think it’s about one or two or three people. “They are all magical talent trainees.”

“oh. You’re almost like us. “I think there are two Mercenaries with magic talent.”

“That’s not good news.”

“I think it’s still too early to tell. May I know which trainees you are thinking of? “I want to avoid a recruitment war with Istantel Row as much as possible.”

Han So-young lowered her head. Two endless, seemingly deep eyes are staring at me.

“The trainees who participated in this Secret Class and trainees Kim Hee-cheol. And I’m a trainee named Jegal Haesol.”

Secret Class and Kim Heechul. and… . Jegal Haesol?

“Jegal Haesol?”

When asked in a loud voice in surprise, Han So-young calmly nodded.

“yes. “Do those trainees overlap?”

“… “Umm.”

“are you okay. Anyway, it’s unfortunate that we overlap, but at the same time, I feel fortunate.”


“The fact that Mercenary Lord took the picture means that at least my eyes weren’t wrong.”

“ha ha ha.”

What Soyoung Han was saying was that all the users I had recruited so far showed good growth and decent performance.

In an instant, many complex emotions come to mind. Jegal Haesol’s official grades are not very good. That’s because I never dreamed that Han So-young would think about recruiting him.

But then, a sudden thought passed through my head. I opened my mouth right away.

“Why did Istantel Low Road consider recruiting Jegal Haesol? “That trainee’s grades won’t be very good.”

“well. Should I just say it’s a feeling? “What you see is not everything.”

It’s a feeling.

If a user who does not know the situation hears this, they will think that I am speaking vaguely on purpose. But at least I don’t think so. Because I have a third eye, I felt like I knew the identity of the persimmon that Soyoung Han was talking about.

Looking at Han So-young’s user information, she has an ability called extrasensory perception. Extrasensory refers to the acquisition of information obtained through the mind by perceiving detailed changes in the surrounding environment without the help of physical sense organs. In some ways, it could be said to be a more enviable ability than the third eye, as it is an ability that can be applied very broadly to both living and non-living things. It was probably EX rank, right?

It is highly likely that Han So-young’s attempt to recruit Jegal Hae-sol is related to extra senses.

After organizing my thoughts up to that point, I quietly fell into deep thought.

… Maybe this could also be a good method?

Up until now, I had been thinking of killing Jegal Haesol if I couldn’t recruit him. The idea was based on the fact that no one would be recruited.


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But what if Han So-young recruits Jegal Hae-sol?

That can be good as is. The Mercenary and Istantel Row are clear friendly clans that are currently in an attack/defense alliance.


If Jegal Haesol goes to Istantel Row, it would be helpful and at least not harmful.

At that moment, I suddenly felt eyes staring at me. I guess I was thinking about it for too long. Still, I can sort it out to some extent, I said as I faced Soyoung Han.

“Then let’s do it like this.”

“… … ?”

“For our two clans only, I will first hand over the recruitment of Jegal Haesol to Istantel Law. And if you fail at Istantel Row, then try Mercenary. How do you feel?”

“That’s what you said. Are you saying you are giving in?”

Han So-young’s voice penetrates like a piercing stab. I slowly lifted my shoulders.

“It doesn’t matter what you think. “I just don’t want to fight with Istantel Row over something pointless.”

“As I said before, I’m fine. “I think this is also a healthy competition.”

“It seems you misunderstood. I have no intention of making any concessions in publicity. “It is right to give the opportunity first, but doesn’t the right to choose lie with the trainee?”

“… Come to think of it, that’s right. “Then there is no reason to refuse.”

Then Han So-young immediately accepted it without any hesitation. It may not be that kind of personality to begin with, but it probably means that he wants to recruit Jegal Haesol.

It was then.

Just when we thought we had resolved a potentially sensitive issue in a pleasant way.

“Huh, hmm. Mercenary Road.”


“Thank you for your kindness… .”

“… … ?”

Suddenly, Han So-young’s face, which had been expressionless, changed strangely.

He was still looking straight at me. However, the lips twitched and moved until they trembled. It feels as if you are forcing motionless facial muscles to move. … Why is it doing this all of a sudden?

At that time, I was just blinking because of this unexpected feeling.

The corners of his mouth, which had been moving twitchingly, suddenly moved and tilted to one side.

And at that moment, I stared at Han So-young as if I had been hit by a hammer.

It was clumsy and sloppy, but it definitely took the form of a smile.

In other words, Soyoung Han smiled at me.

“Hey, Istantel Low Road?”

This is the first time Han So-young has smiled in both episodes 1 and 2. The moment she asked back, feeling like she couldn’t believe it, Han So-young’s smile faded in an instant. Then her small voice flows out.

“Oh, my legs hurt after walking for a long time. “I want to sit down somewhere for a while.”

Then he suddenly turned his head and started walking forward at a fast pace.

I turned my gaze to chase after Han So-young, but when I missed it, I stuck my hand in my pocket. And he hurriedly chased after Han So-young, holding on tightly to her long body.



A raindrop fell from the sky. It stopped raining lightly in the early morning, but it looks like it’s showing signs of falling again.

Soon, after a long time, countless raindrops hit the ground, and stains begin to appear on the dry ground.

Soon, raindrops wetted her beautifully tied hair and ran down her face, but Han So-young didn’t care at all. She walks down the street slowly, as if there is no need to rush.

‘I thought it would help organize my hair as well as Gishin. I’ve also added some magic to it, so you’ll be able to use it conveniently.’

In Han So-young’s hands, there was something white and long. It was a comb.

It was a gift from Kim Soo-hyun, who had just broken up, and was a special comb made from the bones of a dragon from the mountain range where the dragon slept. In addition, it was carefully crafted by a blacksmith from the Mercenary Clan, known for its skill, making it a very pretty comb that any woman would covet at least once.

Today, Han So-young met Kim Soo-hyun. Of course, it was not a date between a man and a woman, but an official meeting between clan lords. In that sense, it is an encounter that can be neither fun nor sweet.

However, if you asked her if it was meaningless or if it was boring, Soyoung Han could confidently say no. Rather, I would say she had a good time. Although it is true that she only talked about hard work, for Han So-young, meeting Kim Soo-hyun was meaningful in itself.

This is due to extrasensory perception, which is one of Soyoung Han’s abilities.

Suddenly, a group of trainees appeared across from Han So-young. She runs quickly to avoid the rain that suddenly started falling, but slows down when she sees Han So-young walking across from her.

“uh! This is instructor Soyoung Han! hello!”

“Oh~. Instructor Soyoung Han? Instructor Han So-young!”

Han So-young only nodded at the voice calling her. She quickly passed her trainees without even giving her a glance, suppressing goosebumps running down her entire body.

The ability of extrasensory perception brought both blessings and misfortune to Han So-young. It was certainly a blessing that there were so many uses for it, but it also forced us to accept information we didn’t want.

This is true even if you look at the trainees just a moment ago. The white shirt soaked in the rain clung to Han So-young’s skin and clearly showed off her curves. The trainees’ eyes naturally focused on that place, and Han So-young accepted the information contained in those gazes.

no. It had to be that way.

Dark information containing all kinds of ugly desires, such as sexual desire, lust, lust, and lust.

Han So-young gently closed her eyes as the raindrops gradually became heavier. She then remembered her man named Kim Soo-hyun.

In fact, the reason Han So-young thought Kim Soo-hyun was special was due to that extra sense.

It’s been like that since I first met the Golden Lion summons. Let alone the same woman, every time Han So-young met her man, she felt like ten times out of ten.

The first time I realized that was when I met Kim Soo-hyun at the Golden Lion’s Convocation.

‘I have heard of the reputation of Istantel Row, the representative clan of the southern small town of Monica. It’s an honor to meet you. I am Kim Soo-hyun, Lord of the Mercenary Clan.’

Han So-young still could not forget the information she saw, or rather, felt through her extra senses.

It wasn’t just one or two pieces of information.

Worry, concern, agony, regret, regret, respect, admiration, sorrow, sorrow, etc.

From Kim Soo-hyun’s perspective, the ugly desire he had just felt from the trainees was nowhere to be seen, even after washing his eyes. She felt only a deep and sorrowful feeling of endless concern and protection.

That was actually the case. In the beginning, Istantel Row took care of Mercenary a lot, but later on, Mercenary actually took care of Istantel Row. So much so that there is no comparison.

In fact, Han So-young still doesn’t understand why Kim Soo-hyun views her that way. But regardless of whether she understood or not, she didn’t feel bad for feeling that way.

Isn’t that right?

Although it is expressed incorrectly.

And although he was in a position where he had to shoulder the burden as he stood at the top of Istantel Row.

Beyond all that, it was definitely a good feeling to know that there was a man who cared for me and cared for me. Because of her super senses, she has closed her mind and has an iron-blooded heart, but Han So-young’s nature as a woman does not change.

By the time Han So-young reached the entrance to the dorm, the rain had already stopped. It looks like it only got off for a short time this time. Han So-young walked straight into her dorm.

The accommodation was empty. After looking around for a moment, Soyoung Han closed the door and sat down in front of the crystal mirror. She then let down her hair, which she had carefully tied up. She then stared intently at the comb in her hand, then moved her gaze to the crystal mirror and slowly combed her hair.

The comb sucked up all the moisture and gently brushed down the hair.

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