MEMORIZE Chapter 503

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00503 Witch. ————————————————– ———————-=

It certainly seemed like the incident had exploded. The proof was that even though it was late at night, bright light was still shining through.

In the second week, it is normal for unqualified users like me to not even come to the user academy. However, considering the special nature of the situation, I was able to receive guidance after going through a strict verification process.

“The Mercenary Lord has arrived.”

Soon, when we entered the room where the guide opened the door, we could see 10 users already seated.

Lee Hyo-eul, who looks tired, and an unknown woman with her head down.

Likewise, Ahn Hyeon with his head down and Hayeon with a miserable face.

Jo Seong-ho quietly closes his eyes and a man with a mean-looking face. She was also a confident woman sitting next to him. I remember seeing her once or twice, and I think she was probably a diplomatic official of the Goryeo clan.

And three guys who look like chicks with slightly anxious faces.

There was an awkward silence in the room. Without saying anything, I placed my butt next to Hayeon. No one spoke up. Only for Jo Seong-ho to open his eyes and gently lower his head.

After responding by bowing my head, I turned my attention to Lee Hyo-eul.

Then Lee Hyo-eul scratched her head a few times before softly opening her mouth.

“Then, since the Mercantile Lord has arrived, let’s talk about it in detail… .”

“well. Do you think there is a need to do this? “You’ve already figured out the situation, right?”

The user who interrupted Lee Hyo-eul was the woman sitting next to Cho Seong-ho. He looked at me with a confident look on his face and handed out a record.

“Merchantry Lord? I am Kim Min-seo, the current head instructor of the User Academy and a diplomatic officer of the Goryeo Clan. This is a record of the circumstances of this incident. Please take a look first, and if you have anything to say, please do so.”

If you have anything to say, please say it.

I crossed my arms and glanced down at the records.

『Circumstances of the incident.』

1. Kim Seong-woo, Lim Eun-gyu, and Joo Joon-ho (hereinafter referred to as three people) had sexual intercourse with Cha Hee-young in a warehouse with consent.

2. Han Chae-hyuk (a Goryeo clan member) discovered this fact by chance and at first approached Cha Hee-young to help her, but soon stopped his actions after hearing that they were having consensual sex.

3. At that time, Ahn Hyeon (merchantary clan member) first broke in for the same reason as Han Chae-hyuk, and threatened the three with a weapon, ignoring Han Chae-hyuk’s attempt to explain the situation. Han Chae-hyuk had no choice but to fight back to protect the three and Cha Hee-young in accordance with the User Academy rules.

4. In this process, Han Chae-hyuk and three others were unilaterally assaulted by Ahn Hyeon.

As I glanced over it, I suddenly burst out laughing for no reason. And I thought I didn’t need to look any further, so I flicked on the record. The record, which soon flowed like a stream, landed squarely in front of Kim Min-seo.

Then Kim Min-seo smiled and looked at me.

“I guess you’ve already read it?”

“I heard it to some extent before I came. “It doesn’t seem like much has changed.”

“yes. that’s right. I’m sure you read it. Ho ho ho.”

“… … .”

I quietly closed my eyes. Then Kim Min-seo spoke in a confident voice, probably thinking that they had won.

“Anyway, this is the situation that has been identified so far, and no additional circumstances have been revealed. And if this situation is confirmed to be true, we will make two demands in total from the Mercenary Clan. The first is the retirement of all Mercenary Clan members currently in the User Academy. And the second is Mercenary Lord’s official apology. That’s it.”

Just looking at the way he spoke, it seemed like a kind of notification that Ahn Hyun’s guilt had already been confirmed.

I picked up the water bottle in front of me and took a light sip. And then I quietly looked at Anhyeon. Anhyeon was still lowering his head.

“That’s the story that will come out when the circumstances are recognized as true. “I think it’s still too early.”

“Is it premature? But as I said before, there are no additional circumstances… .”

“Are you kidding me? You keep using the word “circumstances,” but circumstances are not true. It cannot be evidence. But I don’t know why you keep trying to create a crime based solely on the circumstances.”

“… under. is it so?”

Kim Min-seo seemed shocked, but as if she had hit the nail on the head, she exhaled violently. However, he soon showed his calm face, lifted his shoulders and spoke.

“So you’re saying the Mercenary Lord can’t acknowledge this record?”

“of course. because… .”

I put down the water bottle I was holding. And still looking at Anhyun, he quietly opened his mouth.

“The Ahn Hyeon I know can’t do that.”

And at that moment, Ahn Hyun’s body flinched once.

“pooh! I think that makes sense now… .”

“What I mean is, we need to hear our side of the story as well.”

As I spoke with strength, Ahn Hyeon’s head slowly lifted up. I made eye contact with Ahn Hyun once and then looked around the conference room.

Ahn Hyeon said he didn’t think that could be possible. She didn’t say it without thinking. From the moment I entered the conference room, I kept an eye on all users.

The guy named Han Chae-hyuk and the three other men looked nervous somehow. The woman, Cha Hee-young, could not see her face clearly, but the parts of her that were visible at first glance had slight swelling or minor wounds.

This showed that Cha Hee-young had resisted, and was highly probable evidence denying the fact that the relationship had been consensual.

Of course, it is still only a possibility, but the idea that we should at least listen to Ahn Hyeon has not changed.

It was then.

“A little while before that. “Before listening to the Qigong Spear Master, there are some things the Mercenary Lord must take note of.”

A low, cold voice similar to mine echoed through the conference room.

The user who requested the right to speak was Cho Seong-ho. As Lee Hyo-eul and I nodded, Cho Seong-ho calmly picked up the record containing the circumstances. And he smiled bitterly, albeit briefly.

Suddenly, strangely enough, that smile caught my eye. It clearly contained a feeling of regret.

“Merchantry Lord. Sorry to break it to you now, but I need to correct a few things about what you heard earlier. “This record only records the statements of Han Chae-hyuk and three others, and does not record any statements by the Qigong Chang master or Cha Hee-young.”

And then the bombshell announcement followed.

Everyone in the conference room looked at Jo Seong-ho with surprised faces. However, Jo Seong-ho continued speaking with an expression that did not seem to bother him at all.

“The Qigong lancer said he would talk when the Mercenary Lord comes, and Cha Hee-young… . Since I had just arrived, I don’t know if I was shocked or threatened. In any case, there are no disagreements with the current statement. So, as the Mercenary Lord said, I think it is right to listen to the Qigong lancer.”

“Clan Lord?”


“Clan Lord! What now… ?”

Kim Min-seo looked at Cho Seong-ho with a new voice, but soon froze. Rather, Cho Seong-ho glared at Kim Min-seo with cold eyes. He then looked at me and Lee Hyo-eul in turn, then slowly lowered his head.

“I would like to apologize on behalf of the diplomatic staff for the disrespect I committed to the two people earlier. I’m really sorry.”

I stared at Jo Seong-ho with a slightly curious feeling. Suddenly, the bitter smile that had formed on Jo Seong-ho’s lips a moment ago appeared.

Perhaps Cho Seong-ho had similar thoughts as me.

The moment they listen to Ahn Hyun’s words and begin the process of verifying the circumstances, there is a high possibility that they will be at an infinite disadvantage.

Additionally, Cho Seong-ho was a user who directly participated in the Baek Seo-yeon incident led by Mercenary. Therefore, you probably know that uncovering the truth is not difficult if we put our minds to it.


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If so, it could be said that Cho Seong-ho made the most clan load-down decision in the current situation.

Eventually, Jo Seong-ho let out a long sigh as if he had finished what he wanted to say. Then I tapped the table and opened my mouth.

“Ahn Hyeon. “Now that I’m here, we can talk now, right?”

“yes. “I will tell you without lies.”

Anhyeon answered obediently, and I decided to begin the interrogation right away.

“Why did you go to the warehouse?”

“I was on patrol.”

“Auxiliary patrolling?”

“Hayeon asked me to do it.”

Hayeon quickly nodded as if what Anhyeon said was correct. I was able to accept that it wasn’t something that was completely out of the question.

“What did you see when you went there?”

“… “This is the scene where user Han Chae-hyuk and three others forcibly rape Cha Hee-young.”

“The records say the s*x was consensual?”

“It was nothing like what I had seen. Cha Hee-young persistently resisted and told me to stop, and even asked me, who was watching from the hole, to help me.”

“Then why didn’t you tell me about this before?”

“… At first, he claimed innocence, but Cha Hee-young did not give any testimony or even the slightest reaction. So, following what Hayeon said, I was waiting for the clan lord to arrive first.”

As Ahn Hyeon said, Cha Hee-young remained silent the entire time. I don’t know if he did it because he was threatened or because he was so shocked.

Either way, since Cha Hee-young kept quiet, there was a possibility that Ahn Hyeon’s words would have a disadvantageous effect, and she may also have created a new excuse to match Ahn Hyeon’s words. If you think about it that way, Hayeon’s decision to silence Ahn Hyeon was a good choice.

Because the truth will come out anyway.

I kept asking questions.

“so. Did they go inside and assault him unilaterally? To save Cha Hee-young?”

“It is true that I went in to save him, but it was not a one-sided assault.”

“Well, don’t lie! You first struck me with that black spear… !”


Han Chae-hyuk must have realized that the situation was going out of the ordinary and screamed loudly. However, before he could finish speaking, Cho Seong-ho shouted again and was simply drowned out.

Han Chae-hyuk looked at Cho Seong-ho with a look of injustice, but Jo Seong-ho still had a cold face and nodded to Ahn Hyeon as if telling him to continue.

Ahn Hyeon cleared his throat once or twice and then continued speaking cautiously.

“At first, I went in, identified myself, and asked them to stop. However, user Han Chae-hyuk refused, saying it doesn’t matter, and the three others also didn’t follow what I said. It is true that you took out your weapon first. But I only brought it out to save Cha Hee-young, nothing more or less.”

“Keep going.”

“In the end, I tried to separate those three people with a spear, but then suddenly user Han Chae-hyuk rushed at me. So the fight broke out… .”

“Then what does one-sided assault mean?”

Anhyeon ate his appetite. And she seemed a little hesitant and then opened her mouth saying she had no choice.

“that is… . Because I’m so weak… . I just swung it lightly two or three times and suddenly fell down… .”


indeed. Was it like that? So anyway, it is true that it was a one-sided assault.

I let out a light laugh and then turned my attention to Minseo Kim.

“As you heard, the situation on our side is like this.”

“like… . Ho Ho… . “It’s a little different from ours.”

“It’s not just a little bit different, it’s a lot different. Anyway, without further ado, I think we should now start the process of confirming who is right.”

“Yeah, I guess so?”

Min-seo Kim nodded hesitantly, wondering where his confident attitude from earlier had gone. Seeing that, I was able to understand the situation to some extent.

Jo Seong-ho said he had just arrived. And Kim Min-seo was the general instructor of this user academy. In principle, the general instructor is responsible for incidents that occur at the user academy. Then, Kim Min-seo would probably have been the first to report the incident.

It seems that Kim Min-seo was trying to somehow steer the case to his advantage, but that was a very complacent idea for me and Jo Seong-ho.

Kim Min-seo glared at Cho Seong-ho with a look of resentment for a moment and then secretly looked at me.

“Well, then, how do you go about verifying the facts…” .”

“There are many ways. “Isn’t there a way to have an archer investigate the traces, or is there a way to use mental magic?”

“Yes, but traces are only circumstantial and cannot be facts. And when using mental magic, there is a high possibility that the user’s mind will be contaminated. So I reject both options.”


I quietly touched my chin. Then Kim Min-seo, her eyes shining, quickly turned to Cha Hee-young and continued her words.

“Ji, the only way for now is to listen to Cha Hee-young… .”

“We will reject that.”


“It looks like the shock was quite severe. I don’t even know why I was shocked if the relationship was consensual in the first place… . Anyway, I have a better way.”

I had no intention of allowing it unless I went crazy. As she is the victim of this incident, Cha Hee-young’s testimony can definitely be the strongest evidence. However, even if Cha Hee-young testifies, there is no guarantee that what she says is unconditionally true. In other words, there was a possibility of cajoling Cha Hee-young into giving unfavorable testimony.

“Clan Lord. “It may be a pointless meddling, but there are currently a few Truth Crystals left in the Mercantile Warehouse.”

“ah. “That’s really nice.”

Hayeon seemed to have realized from the moment I said there was a better way, and she spoke up with good timing. I nodded his head to indicate that it was completely okay, and then crossed my hands. And then he calmly opened his mouth towards Kim Min-seo, who was biting her lips.

“In order to determine the exact right and wrong of this incident, I would like to propose using the correction of truth. Of course, the burden is on us.”

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