MEMORIZE Chapter 501

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00501 Witch. ————————————————– ———————-=

I could feel Hanbyul startled. I was a little surprised, but I soon calmed down and looked at Ansol. His face looks hazy, as if he has just woken up.

But it looks strange somehow. I can’t say for sure, but should I say that Ansol doesn’t look like Ansol? The eyes looked blurry and empty, and the tightly closed lips gave a feeling of boredom.

For a moment, it felt very unfamiliar, but at the same time, it wasn’t that unfamiliar. This is because I have seen Ansol’s contradictory appearance three or four times before. Of course, it happened very occasionally, but it definitely wasn’t the first time.

Time passes. They just look at each other without saying anything. When Hanbyeol slowly withdrew her hand, perhaps sensing something unusual, Sol An, who had been staring at me, finally opened her mouth.

“Brother… .”

“… … ?”

“My brother… . “You should be in the User Academy by now, right?”

“Anhyeon? yes.”

I don’t know why he suddenly brought up Anhyun’s story, but I gradually improved my hearing. As you have experienced this many times, your body automatically knows and reacts. When Ansol awakens, it is best not to miss even the smallest words.

After a while.

Ansol nodded his head, yawned widely, and spoke.

“is it so… . That’s it then… . “Huh~.”


“No matter how stupid and stupid my brother is… . It’s okay to believe it at least once… . Maybe it’s not that bad… .”

“What on earth are you talking about?”

“therefore… . Depending on what choice my brother makes… . Brother’s nightmare… . Hehe~. Hmmmmmm… .”

“Ansol? Ansol!”

At that time, Ansol, who was in the middle of talking, suddenly lowered his head. As she nudged her side, thinking she needed to hear a little more, Ansol flopped around, letting out a scream from her. However, when she returned, she could not find the same awakened look on her face as before. Her empty eyes have turned bright, and her tightly closed lips are poking out.

I had to feel helpless as I watched Ansol burst into tears.


next day.

After clearing the camp and eating, I announced the start of the march early in the morning. Although we were almost out of Delirium Mountain, the next area we planned to enter, the Valley of Hallucination, was about a day away from the city.

Still, as a result of marching diligently, with as little rest as possible in between, we were able to place the ancient magic city of Magia right in front of us, past noon and afternoon, and well into the evening. (We had already cleaned up several times, so the monsters attacked. There was no such thing, and the time was also shortened because field effects were canceled.)

“Heh, heh… .”

“I really hate these stairs… .”

Some of the clan members were sprawled out on the floor. Since it is a city built in a canyon, there are stairs that must be taken before entering, but they are so long that it takes some time to climb them all. Clan members with high stamina were livable, but those with low stamina or residents had no choice but to gasp.

One way or another, I was able to get to the city like this, but I couldn’t avoid worrying. The time zone was too vague. It might be better if we arrived in the afternoon. It was a little, no, a lot late to do anything.

Still, I thought I’d give it a try for now, so I clapped my hands a couple of times to attract attention and then looked at Helena. Helena was looking around the city with a very interesting face. One thing that was unusual was that the eyes looking at the city were burning green.


“like. This is really amazing. The layout of the building creates a huge magical structure, and there are countless magic circles engraved on the floor… . no. What is this structure? no way… ! “Are humans challenging the realm of God?”

“Helena Lou Ayens.”

“How foolish! But it’s pure. Yes, it’s so pure. Only humans with a pure passion for magic… . ah. “Did you call me?”

Helena, who was muttering to herself as if she had lost her mind, immediately looked back at me with an agitated look on her face. However, looking at her burning eyes, I could see that she wanted to get into the city as soon as possible.

I opened my mouth quietly.

“How long does it take to install a warp gate?”

“yes? “What do you mean by that?”

“Will it take a long time?”

“… “Didn’t I show you one last time?”

Helena gave an expression of confusion and took out the Memoria Stone from her pocket. She then tapped it and continued her words.

“Obtaining such a refined Memoria Stone is just a matter of picking stars in the sky, but once you have it in your hands, activating the warp gate is not very difficult. Of course, since I started the car, there is no such thing.”

“That’s right.”

“Please select a suitable location and the estimated time required is 17 minutes and 27 seconds. “We have to connect the calculated coordinates and space, and the size also needs to be larger than before.”


Thinking that this was a needlessly accurate time calculation, I nodded my understanding. He then turned his attention to the two residents who were finally catching their breath.

“What about you two?”

“Yes, yes?”

The resident who answered was a hairy man with a bushy beard.

“If you want, you don’t have to overdo it. Would you like to wait for the warp gate to activate and come back tomorrow morning?”

The two residents blinked and looked at each other in turn. And after a while, the hairy man quietly shook his head. It seemed to her that this man had decision-making power.

“Uhm. I am endlessly grateful for your words, but then there is no reason why I went through the trouble of following them. It doesn’t take that much effort to see buildings or places. And didn’t you say that it’s best to start construction as quickly as possible?”

“That’s true, but as you can see, the time zone is like this. “It doesn’t matter to our users, but you two might have some trouble viewing the building.”

In fact, there were not just a few but many difficulties. As a user, you can improve your eyesight even in the dark of the night, but the two residents can’t do that. I don’t know if it’s a resident with abilities like Mavolo.

However, the hairy man spoke without any concern.

“I would like to get help from people here in that regard. “Please turn on the lights.”

“You mean the whole city? that… .”

“That would be nice, but it would probably be difficult. haha. So that’s it. Actually, there’s something I thought about when I came here… . Is it okay if I make a suggestion? If done well, we may be able to shorten the construction period considerably.”

“What did you have in mind? yes. “Tell me.”

Then the hairy man took a step forward and looked back at the city. The man’s gaze seemed to be looking at a towering fortress that was vaguely visible even on the outskirts of the city.

Finally, the man opened his mouth with his eyes still focused on the castle.

“Perhaps it is the most central building in this city. Or, is there a building that can be called a base?”


Two weeks have already passed since the Inn of Beginning was activated and the User Academy began.

2 weeks. It was short and long, but it was enough time for at least one person to adapt to the given environment. And Anhyeon was no exception. Since I had been living like a non-combat user for several months, I felt awkward when I first put on the equipment.

But it was awkward for a moment. These days, Anhyeon was spending every day in a good mood. Although I wasn’t able to follow Kim Soo-hyun and go to the front line like I did in the past, I was happy to wear this equipment and work as a combat user. Now that he has lost the things he once took for granted, I would say he is finally realizing how precious the things he has are.

Also, Ahn Hyeon knew. This assistance is an opportunity provided by Ansol and Hayeon. As Ahn Hyeon is human, he also has his face. Ansol is her own younger brother, so even so, if she gets into an accident again, she won’t have the courage to see Hayeon anymore.

Thinking like that, Ahn Hyeon clenched his fists. And she opened her mouth with an indignant look on her face.

“From now on, all I can do is study. No, it’s not studying. “I’m going to be really careful from now on.”


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“study? mental? Anyway, my spirits are good.”

At that time, just as he was burning his will to somehow return to the Mercantile, a clear voice suddenly flowed from behind Ahn Hyeon. Anhyeon was startled and looked back at the door. Standing at the door was Hayeon, yawning and tapping her mouth elegantly.

Anhyeon scratched his cheek and laughed. This is because a sudden feeling of embarrassment came over me.

“uh. “Hayeon’s sister is here.”

“Ugh~. “I just finished training.”

Hayeon looked very tired and massaged her neck and stretched as hard as she could.

“You finished later than expected? “The others were going to dinner earlier.”

“I guess so. “After the training ended, there was a two-hour delay due to questions being asked.”

“yes? “Two hours?”

“That’s right. Anyway, there’s something strange about the chicks that came in this time. It doesn’t seem like users who just came in. “You adapt very quickly and have a lot of curiosity, right?”

Anhyeon nodded his head.

“Now that I think about it, I think I also heard what you said. There is a rumor that the chicks who joined this team have even captured the boss monster.”

“Is it true? Come to think of it, one person also joined the Secret Class this time, so there’s no way you can’t catch it.”

“swimming. “You mean that spirit commander?”

“huh. Oh, you haven’t eaten dinner yet, right? Let’s talk as we go. “I have something to ask you at the moment.”

As if she had no intention of continuing to chat, Hayeon pointed towards the door with her thumb. It meant going out. Since he had declined the offer to eat together earlier, Anhyeon walked away as if he had been waiting.

After such a delicious dinner, Ahn Hyeon returned to his lodgings and prepared for tomorrow’s training.

Before I knew it, darkness had fallen on the window frame. Time flew by while we carefully prepared and reviewed each item.

But Anhyeon did not fall asleep right away. Instead, he glanced at the window and stood up, tidying up the messy records on his desk. And he walked out the door, holding his favorite black spear.

“Then, let’s go out soon. “Did I say you only need to go around the academic information center and the warehouse?”

The reason Ahn Hyeon left at this time was because of Hayeon’s request, which she heard during dinner earlier. The request was to patrol a certain area of ​​the User Academy at midnight today. Of course, patrolling was originally the job of life instructors, but sometimes there were people who came along as assistant instructors.

In fact, it might have been a patrol within the dormitory where there was an opportunity to get to know the chicks, but an exterior patrol without any contact was no different from a kind of security. However, Ahn Hyeon left the building, even humming a song. In the first place, he was the type of person who didn’t care much about such things, and he thought it was good to take a light walk before going to sleep.

“see… . The academic information center is nothing more than that. Heh, it’s still the same here.”

After looking around the academic information center that stood quietly, Ahn Hyeon walked out, locking the door tightly. Then, she suddenly remembered the time when four people secretly had a drink here three years ago, and she looked up at the building with slightly faint eyes. Then he smiled and walked leisurely towards the next patrol area, the warehouse.

“Ahh… !”

It was then.


At the moment when the building under thick dusk and the large boxes and old containers piled up here and there were slowly appearing, a strange and faint noise flowed into Anhyeon through the wind. However, the noise was immediately buried by the wind and disappeared without a trace.

Anhyun reflexively stopped walking.

‘The most important thing when you have to hide your presence is to remain calm.’

The moment Kim Soo-hyun’s words suddenly came to mind, Ahn Hyun’s body began to react automatically.

The humming stopped, and the excited eyes quickly calmed down. And at the same time as she grasps her black spear, her wide-ranging magic power detection begins to spread secretly. Although his detail and speed were not comparable to Kim Soo-hyun’s, Ahn Hyun’s instincts were faithful to what he had learned.

Ahn Hyun quickly closed his eyes and began to analyze the information needed to detect magical power.

‘Inside the third container from the left. The number of people… . ‘Four, no, five.’

Ahn Hyeon immediately opened his eyes, looked around, and then quickly moved towards the container. But the door was firmly closed. However, rather than going in blindly, she felt that she should first understand the situation, so Ahn Hyun made as little noise as possible and walked around the wall of her container.

Eventually, as he moved along the left wall, Ahn Hyun was fortunate enough to find a hole large enough to fit two thumbs into. Because it was such an old container that it was used as a warehouse, there were rare holes here and there.

Anhyeon slowly caught his breath. Then, he calmly used his magic power to increase his eye strength, and then held his breath and placed his eyes on the hole.

And at that moment, hot air quietly touched Ahn Hyun’s eyes.

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