MEMORIZE Chapter 487

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00487 A peaceful time. ————————————————– ———————-=

“Then, as of this time, I hereby declare that Clan Hamill is recognized as the representative clan of Halo!”

The moment Lee Hyo-eul finished speaking, his older brother slowly stood up next to him. Then, he looked at Lee Hyo-eul standing on the podium, then calmly walked forward and climbed onto the podium as well. Starting with that, everyone started applauding.

At first, only a few people could hear the sound, but soon the conference room was filled with applause from the majority and cheers from some. I also applauded with all my might and stared at the podium with a happy heart.

Today is the day to select representative clans to manage the western city. In fact, it’s a bit hard to call it a selection; the representative clan had already been confirmed a few days ago. In other words, can we say that this is simply a place to make an official announcement?

Of course, that doesn’t mean there’s any clan that would complain about the Hamill clan’s justification for taking over Halo. Not only was there no clan that had achieved enough results to cause dissatisfaction, but the Koran Alliance was stripped of its qualifications and the Mercenary voluntarily gave up its qualifications.

Anyway, I think it’s good. It’s really over now.

“thank you.”

My brother was smiling slightly and bowing in greeting. Just a simple word, “Thank you,” without any rhetoric. In some ways, he could be seen as the most brother-like greeting.

Clap clap clap! Clap clap clap!

Clap clap clap! Clap clap clap!

The applause was still going on. Lee Hyo-eul waved her hand and signaled to stop, and only then did the applause slowly begin to die down. Nevertheless, there were users who constantly gave weak cheers, and those were the Hamill clan members. It looks pretty good.

Soon my brother came down from the podium. And as expected, to the Hamill Clan members… . No wait, what? Why is that person coming to me?


“Ouch! how how! Wow!”

My brother, who called my name, approached me with his arms wide open. I looked around in confusion. Suddenly, from somewhere, crazy cackling and cheering could be heard.

At the same time, I felt stinging stares from somewhere else.

When I looked back, I saw several women glaring at me. Kahi, Jinha noona, Hyerin noona, etc… . Looking at her outfit, she seemed to have put all her effort into decorating herself with flowers today, and I could see why she was glaring at me.

I sighed and greeted my brother.

“congratulations. brother.”

“Congratulations. I feel sorry for saying that. Originally, your clan… .”

“And again, and again, and again. I told you. We gave up because of Magia. And Hamill is a worthy clan. So, try to be happy today.”

“… haha. Yes, yes. Anyway, thank you very much.”

My brother smiled shyly and ended up hugging me once. I smiled awkwardly, desperately hoping this would look like brotherly love. But why do we occasionally see people holding crystal balls? Is that a crystal ball for recording?

“now. Everyone please be quiet. This concludes the selection of representative clans for Halo, Beth, and Dorothy, but there is still more to tell you.”

After a while, Lee Hyo-eul, who had been away for a while, returned to the podium. Then, the cheers finally subsided, and the first solemn atmosphere finally settled in the conference room. As he looked at him with gratitude, Lee Hyo-eul narrowed his eyes once. Then he looked around and continued speaking.

“A lot has happened in the past two years. From the war, to the situation with the former Koran Union that was not here right now, but not long ago. … Actually, I think the Northern Continent has had a really difficult time. Could this be seen as a kind of decline? Maybe it was planned since the failure of the Steel Mountains… . Anyway, what I want to say is that it starts right now.”

Starting right now. There are signs that something unusual is about to happen. Other users must have had the same thought as they all looked at Lee Hyo-eul with serious expressions. Soon, the voice that had been amplified by magic rang out quietly.

“There is a saying called turning point. It’s a word that means a turning point. I consider today, when the owners of all cities in the Northern Continent are decided, to be a turning point. After a long period of decline, it is now a turning point to enter a revival period. And when this resurgence reaches its peak, I think it will be time to take on the Steel Mountains again.”

Turning point.

“Do you know what I mean?”

Lee Hyo-eul’s words were simple. In short, he used the word turning point to show his will to challenge the Steel Mountains again. In other words, the message was to not fight for no reason and to save up strength in preparation for that time. Well, I think I know who I’m shooting at.

Anyway, after concluding the speech with the mention of the Steel Mountains, Lee Hyo-eul declared that the position was canceled.

One by one, the users stood up from their seats. And the inside became cluttered, with users just leaving and those celebrating their selection.

“Let’s go now.”

One way or another, the official selection process must be over, and I got up with the thought that I should now head back. But I don’t hear an answer. When I looked back, I suddenly saw empty chairs. Apparently, Go Yeon-ju, Nam Da-eun, and Lim Hanna were present at the event, but all three suddenly disappeared.

But when I looked to one side, I was immediately able to find the three missing women.

“older brother. long time no see. “I really congratulate you today.”

“Oh, no, sister-in-law. “It’s all thanks to you, Master.”

“yes yes. “Oh, how are you, uncle?”

“As you can see. Master, your complexion has become brighter.”



… The three missing were with members of the Hamill clan. They congratulated each other by giving and receiving, but when I listened to the conversation, I thought it was very lame. My brother must have been thinking the same thing, and his face looks blank. I tapped his side.

“brother. I’m going.”

“huh? Uh, huh? Are you going? “Where?”

“Where? I have to go back to the clan house. “I’m busy today.”

“okay? Still, why don’t we go have a meal together? I was planning on having a private meal with you today… . “We talked about various things.”

The older brother spoke, unable to hide his expression of disappointment, as if his heart was welling up with regret. Looking at his sullen appearance, his heart weakened, albeit slightly.

It’s definitely not a bad proposition. Especially on a day like today.

But I couldn’t do that. Just as we listened to the other side, the other side was also listening to our story. Soon, looking at Hamill’s women with laser beams coming out of their eyes, I calmly shook my head.

“I’ll leave for today. And you’d rather spend it with your clan members than with me, right?”

“They are kids you can see at any time. “But you’re not.”

“Sorry sorry. It’s because I’m really busy. “Next time, I’ll prepare a place for you.”

“okay… . i get it.”

After saying that simple goodbye, my brother trudged towards the direction where the Hamill Clan members were. On the contrary, three Mercenary Clan members approached my direction and showed bright smiles on their faces. If that makes me feel like I did a great job, am I mistaken?

Soon, I saw my brother being grabbed by several hands and being dragged outside. Only after confirming it was I able to sigh deeply.

“huh? Su-hyun? Why are you sighing? “On a good day like today, may you be blessed.”

“It’s just that I’m worried. “I’m worried.”

“Are you worried?”

“yes. “My brother.”

Go Yeon-ju tilted her head and asked, and I clicked my tongue and shook off my concerns. Not only because there was no way to suppress the tightness in my heart, but also because I was truly worried about my brother.

Go Yeon-ju said.

“why? It’s rare to find a perfect man like you… .”

“I know that well. However, even jade has flaws, and people are not aware of them. There isn’t much to do without it. Look at it a little while ago. There are so many women beckoning like that, what if they come to me?”

“… Well, that could be true. “Soohyun is my younger brother.”

“No matter what. I’m always hoping that my brother will meet a good woman. But since you’re so clueless, I shouldn’t worry… . Hehehe. Anyway, do you really not know or are you just pretending not to know? .”

“… … .”


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“Actually, I sometimes have doubts whenever things like this happen. That kind of doubt, wondering if it was really true that we were born in the same womb… . Tsk. My words have become unnecessarily long. “Let’s go.”

I sighed heavily and walked towards the entrance. However, before I could walk even ten steps, I had no choice but to stop. This is because there was no sign of him following behind.

Finally, when I looked back again, I saw three women standing in their seats. And the three of them were all looking at me with sad eyes.

no. Why are you looking at me like that?

I tilted my head.


The next morning. I was able to have a normal morning for the first time in a long time.

Get out of bed, wash your face, and eat. And when Ko Yeon-joo comes up to the office with a cup of tea, Cho Seung-woo soon follows him in and begins the morning report. The feeling of drinking tea with the morning sunlight shining through the window is perfect.

okay. This was the first time in a long time that I felt leisure and happiness.

“Brother, open up your accomplishments! Open up! Open up!”

“Oppa, open the castle of the mountain range where the dragon sleeps! Open up! Open up!”

… If it weren’t for that voice coming from outside the door right now.


Is it because I put down the teacup too hard? Seungwoo Cho, who was just organizing the records, trembled. Then he looked back at the door and smiled happily.

“… I think it’s Ansol and Yeji. haha. Clan Lord. “In order to stop that cute sit-in, I think we need to open up the results now.”

It’s a cute sit-in protest. I stared at Jo Seung-woo. That thing looks cute because I thought my tastes were really unique.

Anyway, thinking it was nonsense, I moved my fingers. Then the new attendant who was standing silently took a step towards me. I pointed gently to the door.

“User Seon Yuun. Go grab them one by one. “Very hard.”


After calmly answering, Seon Yu-un immediately opened the door and went out into the hallway.

“Hahaha, hahaha!”

Cho Seung-woo burst into laughter, probably thinking what I said was a joke.

But that smile didn’t last long.



Not long after, the sound of people bursting into tears instead of a sit-in protest echoed through the hallway. They must have kicked it out completely, and soon even the cries began to slowly fade away.

“Done. Clan Lord.”

“yes. It’s a bit quiet now. Thank you very much for your hard work.”

Seon Yu-woon, who soon returned to his calm expression, smoothed his fists, and Jo Seung-woo suddenly stopped laughing. And he blinked rapidly. He woke up and looked embarrassed.

Anyway, I thought it was a bit quieter now, so I finished off what little tea was left. Then he stretched as hard as he could and opened his mouth.

“User Seungwoo Cho. I think I clearly told you to open up the results yourself… . “Why on earth do you keep telling us to open up?”

“ah… . That’s it. In fact, all of this is because of the red box.”

“yes? A red box?”

“That’s right. This is the result that user Heo Jun-young obtained during his previous exploration of the Mountains Where the Dragon Sleeps.”

ah. You were talking about Pandora’s box. Could it be that it hasn’t been opened yet?

Then Seung-Woo Cho continued speaking as if my thoughts were correct.

“In fact, wouldn’t a user be curious about what’s inside? So, several clan members demanded that it be opened. User Heo Jun-young said they all rejected it.”

“no. why?”

“I doubt that too. Why are you hiding it so closely? . “Actually, I don’t have much to say, as the Clanlord recognized her as an individual achievement.”


Refuse to disclose. I didn’t understand it either, but since I knew Heo Jun-young’s personality, I thought there must be a reason. Thinking so, I nodded his head in understanding.

“All right. I will solve that problem. “Let me talk to Heo Jun-young.”

“sorry. “I think it made me worry about unnecessary things.”

Seungwoo Cho scratched his head with an expression of regret. I shook my head to indicate that it was okay and gestured for me to leave. This is because I finished the morning report anyway.

Eventually, even Jo Seung-woo left the door, and only Seon Yu-woon and I were left in the office.

Personally, I think the replacement of new attendants this time was truly a godsend. This is because Seon Yu-un does not say unnecessary things like anyone else and is quiet by nature, so it is no burden to have him by his side. The attitude of just silently doing what I asked was truly the image of an ideal attendant.

While I was lost in these thoughts, another achievement suddenly popped into my head. okay. In addition to Pandora’s box, there was one more achievement gained from the mountains where the dragon sleeps. That’s it… .

– swimming. Have you forgotten? No, did you just think of it now?

At that time, a beautiful voice flowed into my head from within. It was Hwajeong’s voice. The moment he remembered Eve’s lineage, he automatically reacted and spoke to her.

Now that I think about it, I’ve been so busy lately that I haven’t paid much attention, and I suddenly feel sorry. Wasn’t he Hwajeong who sang a song telling people to quickly build up their stamina?

Hwajeong must have sensed my feelings and spoke in a soft voice rather than a sharp one.

– no it’s okay. This body said it. The second awakening should be done with the whole body relaxed and in a place where no one is present.

‘Is that so? Anyway, is that why you waited this long without saying anything on purpose? ‘Until I remember?’

– Well, there was nothing like that. I was afraid that if I urged him to do something, he might get worried… .

‘and… . Hwajeong. This is really touching. They also show such deep consideration.’

– Ho ho ho. Just this much. Actually, it’s not necessarily for you. To be precise, I would say that I wanted to try it once. Anyway, it feels good to see that you are really moved. This is roughly what it felt like… .

‘huh? Have you ever wanted to give it a try? ‘This is what it felt like?’

Hwajeong’s words seem vaguely vague. I asked back in a puzzled mood.

‘Still, you’re a god in name and appearance, but is there anything you want to do?’

– then. Could it be said to be some kind of entertainment? I really wanted to try it! Why is there something like that?

‘What on earth is that?’

– therefore. In your world, should I call you an outsider? When her husband is busy with work and wanders around, the wife is disappointed, but she still tolerates it, thinking that she is doing it for her family, right? That kind of feeling.

I quietly thought about it and then spoke.

‘Then you wanted to feel the feeling of a wise mother and good wife.’

– huh. Actually, gourmet food is not my style. Ho Ho.

‘And she thought of me as her husband.’

– That’s it… ! uh… ?

It was then.

For a moment, a quiet silence passed between me and Hwajeong. Hwajeong, who was talking excitedly, suddenly stopped talking. Feeling a little embarrassed for a moment, I cleared my throat and scratched my cheek.

‘Hey, Hwajeong. therefore… . First of all, thank you… .’

– Everyone, shut up! shut up!

The answer came back very quickly.

Before I knew it, my tone of voice had returned to its original sharp tone. For some reason, I felt that Hwa-jeong was also embarrassed, so I decided to continue talking to her.

‘Hey, let’s talk for a moment… .’

– Poetry, noisy, noisy, noisy!

‘No, don’t be like that… .’

– I told you it was noisy! Well, I’m already embarrassed enough! Please, please be quiet!

In the end, I had no choice but to keep my mouth shut. This is because Hwajeong’s momentum was so great that I thought she might run out of control again.

Then, suddenly, my eyes caught sight of Seon Yu-un standing quietly next to me. She seemed to sense my gaze and opened her eyes slightly and opened her mouth.

“Clan Lord? Is there anything you want to say?”

“… Ah, that’s it. Actually, I have one question.”

Although I was a little worried for a moment, I was soon able to make a decision. So, this is the moment when I roughly dramatize the previous situation and ask for her opinion on the woman’s psychology.

– kill!

‘… … .’

– Do not say! I’ll kill you! Even if you open your mouth, I will kill you! I’m sure it’ll kill you!

‘… … .’

In the end, I decided to keep quiet and keep my mouth shut.

—————————= Review of the work ——————– ——-=

After the shadow war part, which was longer than expected, we finally started a new part. 🙂

The shadow war part is something I personally prepared very ambitiously.

First of all, the reason for organizing this part was in someone’s comment a while back. The content of the comment was, ‘Kim Soo-hyun is a user who has been in the dark for 10 years and has lived in the dark. However, if you look at the progress, he often forces it with the power he gained in the second round.’ In other words, it was pointed out that if the case had been kept in the dark for 10 years, the case could have been resolved in a different way, but only a nearly consistent method was shown.

The part I prepared because I thought that point made sense was the shadow war part. We focused on revealing Kim Soo-hyun’s meticulousness as much as possible. Someone once painted a picture of ruining the union not with a sword, as he said, but by blowing one’s nose without touching one’s hands.

As for this part, I don’t know. Compared to the time at the User Academy, it was okay, but compared to the war time, can we say it was a failure?

If the reaction was reversed due to Shin Sang-yong’s death during the war, this part seems to have had no highs or lows until almost the end. In fact, there are quite a few things that are disappointing. There were things I wanted to write more about, and I wanted to make sure I had a solid ending. However, in the end, we decided to cut out many parts and reveal the final details later in the process. I thought it would be better for me and the readers that way.

Some people may have been tired because the atmosphere in the work was almost dark, from the mountain range where the dragon sleeps to the dark war part. Still, I would like to express my sincere gratitude to those who supported me, those who made sharp comments, and everyone who read. ha ha ha. _(__)_

From now on, we plan to give Suhyeon, who has worked hard so far, a little rest. The goal is to open up the castle and retrieve the foreshadowing that has been spread so far. The dark atmosphere will change to a sweet and bright one.

The review has become quite long. I will leave for today. Have a restful night, all readers! 😀


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