MEMORIZE Chapter 486

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00486 A peaceful time. ————————————————– ———————-=

“If you are talking about disbanding the union… . great. “I accept it.”

At that moment, I stared at Seo Ji-hwan with a bit of surprise. I saw aloof eyes. There is not a trace of bravado in his eyes that asks, ‘Are you really going to ask me to do this?’ From the moment Seo Ji-hwan came to see me and got down on his knees, he showed a consistently serious attitude. Doesn’t this make you curious about user information?

< User Information (Player Status) >

1. Name: Seo Ji-hwan (6 years)

2. Class: Normal, Magician, Master

3. Nation: Barbara

4. Organization (Clan): Merchant Guild Clan (Clan Rank: A Plus)

5. Jinmyeong • Nationality: Sangdo • Republic of Korea

6. Sex: Male (42)

7. Height • Weight: 176.7cm • 87.6kg

8. Tendency: Chance • Safe

[Strength 37] [Durability 63] [Dexterity 48] [Stamina 51] [Magic Power 77] [Luck 96]

(The remaining ability points are 0 points.)

Although everything else was so-so, his true name, disposition, and luck were noteworthy. Especially tendencies. It was the first time I had seen opportunity and safety come together at the same time.

Now that I think about it, I remember that there was a lot of annoying internal strife in the Koran Coalition during the first round. However, that man named Seo Ji-hwan was one of the few users who maintained his position until the day the union collapsed. At that time, I just thought that he had a good way of dealing with things, but it occurred to me that he could be like that if his personality was like that.

“Are you really saying this?”

“yes. I know what kind of position this is. I don’t lie. “If that can take responsibility for this situation, I will gladly disband the coalition and withdraw from the Koran.”

“haha… . It’s a little surprising. “It seemed like the first condition could somehow be resolved with the Koran Coalition.”

“… Among the first conditions, you can freely accept the condition of handing over the apples of each clan and the discovered relics. Apologies are especially natural. However, compensation is an issue on a different level from the previous one.”

Literally, an apology is a given.

By the way. Those ruins are mine too, you idiot. I was saving it to give to my brother… .

Anyway, I waited for the words that would lead to a new feeling.

“The 20 million gold you requested as compensation… . It’s impossible. no. In fact, since I am also in charge of the merchant union, I think we can somehow make it if we squeeze out the entire union and the Koran as well.”

“yes. I thought so. But what?”

“But if we do that, the union will collapse. This means that not only we but all Klan members will be out on the streets. Is that all? If the union collapses, it will be obvious what will happen to Koran’s economy in the future. To users of the Federation. And I thought it would be better to disband the union and quietly withdraw rather than inflict such pain on the people living in Koran.”

“… hmm.”

I massaged my chin and savored Seo Ji-hwan’s words one by one. indeed. Is this what Jinmyeong was referring to when he said Sangdo?

After a while, Seo Ji-hwan bowed his head again. This time he reached all the way to the floor.

“If the Mercenary Lord adheres to both conditions, we will follow the second condition. However, my true intention is to ease the first condition. The Union learned a lot from this incident and reflected on it. “If you give me one more chance, I will definitely show you a change.”

“Relax. “I don’t know how much you want.”

“yes. I don’t even ask for the compensation to be reduced. “If you can ease it by paying in installments instead of a lump sum, I will put everything on the line to get it.”

“Payment in installments… . “Umm.”

Seo Ji-hwan is 42 years old. It must not be easy to do this to a young man, but he is giving up everything and clinging to it. It looks like you have a strong sense of responsibility… . If you’re a resourceful user, you might find yourself a little jealous.

I was finally able to make up my mind.

I’ll leave it at this.

In any case, the Koran Union now had to start from scratch. Water, Serengeti, Nambul, Artemis, Garisani, Moss. Of the eight main clans, six were almost ruined or had withdrawn. Also, since we have promised to accept mediation from the central management organization, it wouldn’t be a bad idea to give us some breathing room.

and… .

Now that things have come to this, it would be a good idea to have the Coran Alliance as a cooperative clan (disguised as an affiliate).

So, I lived up to the expectations of those who were waiting patiently to hear me.

“great. Then disband the union first.”

“… … … … yes.”

A sad voice. In the end, I saw her close her eyes tightly, as if she knew this would happen. After admiring his face for a moment, I tapped the table.

“User Seo Ji-hwan. Don’t feel too sad. From my perspective, the current coalition seems to be heading in a very wrong direction. The intention behind its creation was good, but… . Now that time has passed, would you say the water has become too stagnant?”

“… “I think I know what you mean.”

“Thank goodness. Then, disband the current union and create a new union.”

“yes… . yes?!”

Seo Ji-hwan suddenly raised his head at those words. I smiled softly and continued speaking.

“I have not yet told you to withdraw from the Koran.”

“That means… !”

“yes. “If the water has stagnated and become rotten, just take it out and pour new water.”

“the water… . Pour a new one?”

Seo Ji-hwan seemed to be deep in thought. Then he suddenly hit the floor and looked up at me with sparkling eyes. It seemed like he completely understood what was said. In other words, the current union should be disbanded and a new union created.

“I think it would be better to see a new union rather than a changing union. “Wouldn’t that be better for user Seo Ji-hwan’s wishes?”

Of course, it wasn’t something I just said without thinking. Although they laid the groundwork for a new union, there is no guarantee that the same thing will not happen in the future. Also, since we are giving up a large piece of the Quran, this decision must be guided in a direction that provides corresponding benefits.

In other words, insurance was needed. That insurance company that is smiling at me right now.

Thinking like that, I stared at Park Hwan-hee, who was smiling brightly, and quietly opened my mouth.

“Now, shall we ease some conditions? “Maybe one or two.”

“If there are a couple… .”

“First things first. From what I heard, Lord Su is currently missing… . Anyway, shouldn’t someone lead the situation as a representative while Lord Sue is away?”

“That is a fair statement.”

“Then let’s do it like this. Apple… . Now that I think about it, it would be cumbersome to apologize to each clan individually. So, let’s conclude with one of the people here, user Park Hwan-hee, stepping forward as the representative of the new union and offering an apology.”

“… Is it joy?”

Seo Ji-hwan blinked three or four times and looked back at Park Hwan-hee with a slightly dazed expression. Not only Seo Ji-hwan, but Min Baek-hwa and Woo Seol-hee also stared at Park Hwan-hee. She looked awkward at the idea of ​​that guy appearing as the representative.

However, here too, there is no problem if it is used as a justification. In fact, the Su Clan was playing the role of suzerain within the alliance, and the clan lord, Park Tae-jin, was currently missing. Therefore, it is not entirely out of the ordinary for Park Hwan-hee, Su’s second-in-command, to come to the forefront of the coalition.

Of course, appointing Park Hwan-hee as representative was also intended to influence the new coalition in the future. And if Seo Ji-hwan was a user with even the slightest sense of intelligence, he would have realized the meaning behind what he just said.

So, these conditions are just a transaction. Elect Park Hwan-hee as the representative of the coalition. A kind of deal that if you do that, the second condition, which is a huge amount of compensation, can be significantly reduced.

There was a quiet silence.


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Seo Ji-hwan, who had been looking at Park Hwan-hee for a while, soon turned his gaze and nodded his head calmly.

“Yes, yes. great. Anyway, if Taejin isn’t there, it wouldn’t be a bad idea for Hwanhee to take charge… . “There will be no problem until Taejin comes back.”

“That’s something that will be handled within the coalition.”

Seo Ji-hwan bet on the situation of Park Tae-jin. But I was able to respond eloquently. Because what Seo Ji-hwan added was based on the assumption that Park Tae-jin was alive.

“It’s good. Then the second condition is… . “We are thinking about reducing compensation and changing the payment method.”

Now that we have accepted the first condition, or rather the deal, it is time to relax the second condition, which is the main issue. Looking at the tensed faces, I looked one after another from the left.

“Originally, we were going to make the entire union pay compensation, but now that I think about it, I don’t think it’s right. Wouldn’t the clan that did something wrong be relatively less guilty than the clan that did something wrong? So, contrary to the previous apology terms, we will change this to a method in which each clan, rather than the entire alliance, pays compensation.”

“Well, then.”

“yes. Now that I’m out of words, let me tell you right now. Sue pays 3 million gold coins, the Merchant Guild pays 3 million gold coins, and Baekhwa pays 4 million gold coins. What are these conditions?”

“… yes? “Is that true?”

Seo Ji-hwan opened his eyes and asked a question. And I calmly nodded my head. In fact, 10 million gold coins was by no means a small amount, but it was reduced by half from the previous 20 million gold coins. This was a level that the assortment was suitable and the alliance could handle it without overdoing it to a certain extent.

“That’s enough… . Half a year, no no. It can be paid in full in 4 months. But really… . Are you?”

“I don’t like saying it twice. 10 million gold for the three clans combined. “With this, let’s finalize the second condition.”

Our clan has a lot of money. Barely swallowing the words that rose to the top of my throat, I lightly gestured. It was a signal to stand up now that the story was over.

“thank you! thank you!”

Seo Ji-hwan stood up in joy. Park Hwan-hee, who knew her situation anyway, had a subtle face that did not seem to be smiling. And the two remaining women, Woo Seol-hee and Min Baek-hwa, hesitated and stood up. I think I know why Woo Seol-hee is acting like that, and I face Min Baek-hwa, who is staring at me blankly.

“Baekhwa Road also probably knows about user Song Hee-seon. The reason the payment amount is higher than the previous two clans is because of user Song Hee-seon.”

“… yes. I thought so. But Mercenary Road. “There is one thing I want to tell you.”

“yes. Please speak.”

“It may be presumptuous, but… . “You probably know this kid named Hee-seon.”

I asked what he was talking about. Song Hee-seon. Of course I know. He is the one who made Kim Soo-jeong’s caravan submit a request to Mercantile under Shin Hyeok’s instructions.

Min Baek-hwa continued.

“Heeseon is currently missing. “Of course, he didn’t go missing. I think he lost contact and went diving.”

“yes. “I heard that too.”

Although I said this, I actually knew what Song Hee-seon was up to. Since Min Baek-hwa did not know the circumstances, he probably assumed that he had disappeared. Either way, I had no intention of leaving Song Hee-seon alone, so I decided to adjust the rhythm appropriately.

“I guess so. My crime has been revealed, but I am afraid of being punished. Isn’t that kind of mentality? Anyway, so?”

“… We at Baekhwa are currently actively looking for it. But if you find it, can you ask for mercy?”

“well. In fact, my current feelings toward user Song Hee-seon are nothing short of scandalous. Anyway, that’s the story after I find it.”

“If I find it, I’ll tell you. “Please remember today’s request.”

I bobbed my head as if telling him to do whatever he wanted. Then he stretched out loud and waved his hand at the same time.

“Anyway, let’s stop talking here. “I understand that the three of you have just reached an agreement, so you can leave now.”

“Yes, yes. Mercenary Road! Thanks again! “I will give you good news soon.”

“I won’t go far. “There’s still more to talk about.”

“Oh, I understand.”

Seo Ji-hwan greeted me with a much better look than before. And after glancing at the one person who was stiff, he quickly left the room with the remaining two people. He quickly moved out of the way.

After confirming that the door was closed, I turned my attention to the one remaining woman.

Woo Seol-hee.

What makes this woman different from other users is that she directly participated in this plan. Woo Seol-hee, perhaps aware of her own sin, was unable to meet her eyes.

Suddenly, I saw a shadow moving gently on the floor, and I softly opened my mouth.

“Artemis Lord.”

“yes… . Mercenary… . road… .”

“You probably know why I left you alone.”

“that… .”

“no. I won’t say much. Artemis is worth 10 million gold coins.”

“… yes?”

10 million gold coins. At that moment, Woo Seol-hee let out a sharp scream and looked at me. It’s a face that says nothing.

“Wow, that’s ridiculous! “Why, why me!”

“I said I don’t like saying things twice.”

“B-but… . It’s impossible! Artemis is not a top clan, and even if it is a top clan, it is difficult! “10 million gold coins is simply too much!”

“is it so? Then just go back. Of course, you know the consequences.”

When he said it clearly, Woo Seol-hee’s body suddenly began to tremble. I felt calm and did not miss every little action. Next, when I saw him biting his lip, I could see Woo Seol-hee approaching quickly and without any warning.

“Merchionary Lord!”

There was a huge sound that shook the floor. She barely got up and then fell back to her knees. As if that wasn’t enough, Woo Seol-hee grabbed the hem of her pants and spoke with a face that looked like she was about to cry.

“only once! Just take a look! Please forgive me! The result at that time was… ! Si, I just did what Shinhyuk told me to do! is it so! “I’m a victim too!”

“Let’s not do this so lamely. Yes or No. “You just have to tell me one thing. Is it that difficult?”

“Why are you doing this to me? yes? Please, please have mercy! I’ll do as you tell me! From now on, if I have to be a dog, I will be a dog, and if I have to serve you by my side, I will serve you! So please!”

“Do as you say?”

What you say when you say let’s hear it is a sight to behold. This was more than just clinging to it, it was just the truth. So, I was so dumbfounded that I asked myself a question without realizing it. It was then.

“yes! Do as you are told! “If I can handle it, I can do anything!”

Did he feel like I was being tempted? Woo Seol-hee, who was holding on to her almost like a crazy bitch, suddenly smiled awkwardly. Then she jerked upright and caught her breath as if she was trying to catch her breath somehow.

“Hey, me. It’s actually more useful than I thought. W, in many ways. “I think you will be satisfied if you try Mercenary Road.”

“use? “I have no idea what you’re talking about.”

“… therefore.”

“… … ?”

Woo Seol-hee hesitated for a long time. Then, her neck started to gurgle and her face became as red as a river in the twilight.

Woo Seol-hee suddenly, unexpectedly, and slowly pulled down her leather pants. Immediately, I saw pure white underwear covering my smooth thighs and thick mounds. When my pants went down and stopped at the calf area, I was relieved.

“Lord Artemis! “What are we going to do now?”

Then, Woo Seol-hee, whose eyes were filled with tears, opened her mouth in a trembling voice.

“Well, I told you. I’ll do whatever I’m told. Really. I’m really good at it. I can dance and imitate well. also… .”

“Dancing? mimicry? “Stop, stop, stop!”

Only then did I understand what it meant, so I screamed and got angry. And I stared at Woo Seol-hee with a pitiful feeling. It’s been a while since I felt very dirty.

“Mmm, Mercenary Lord.”

“I am indeed. The thought of just doing it… . So what are you going to do with that body?”

Woo Seol-hee must have sensed my expression, and eventually a sad tear fell from her eye. She seems to have felt ashamed and frustrated when she begged and showed even the most embarrassing parts, but it did not work. I shook my head excitedly. Suddenly, an unreasonable feeling of disgust soared to the point that I felt uncomfortable.

And it was that moment.


The shadow that had been swaying from before rose silently. The shadow that suddenly appeared took on the shape of a human being, then revealed itself completely, accompanied by a languid voice.

“Wow, look at him. Is this guy really funny? Ho ho ho!”

The identity of the shadow was Ko Yeon-ju. Ko Yeon-joo, who had been hiding in the shadows and observing the situation until now, finally revealed her existence.


Woo Seol-hee, who probably didn’t know that the Shadow Queen would appear, screamed again and rolled over in an unsightly manner. And I looked at Ko Yeon-ju with a puzzled feeling. I had given instructions that I should not come out on my own without permission, but I disobeyed the instructions and showed up on my own.

“High user performance?”

“Su-hyun. I’m so sorry. But just wait a moment.”

Then Go Yeon-ju immediately looked back at me, her eyes shining fiercely. I felt shaken. From Go Yeon-ju’s eyes a little while ago… . It seems like something or an emotion passed through me. And for some reason, it felt like revenge.

Could it be that Ko Yeon-joo and Woo Seol-hee are spherical?

I tilted my head and looked ahead.

“Look at him. This guy is so ugly. huh? “Is there anything you can’t say in front of someone else’s husband?”

“I, my husband… ? Sorry, sorry… ! I did not know… . yo. this… .”

Woo Seol-hee must have been quite surprised, hiccuping from time to time and not being able to speak properly. Go Yeon-ju looked down with a murderous smile and then quietly bent down and squatted down. Then he pushed her face close and whispered to Woo Seol-hee. I reflexively increased my hearing.

“Hey. “Do you know who I am?”

“yes? yes yes. Shadow Queen… . sir.”

Woo Seol-hee barely answered even though she was stuttering. Then Go Yeon-ju’s smile deepened.

“Shadow Queen? It’s not? “Someone who lives somewhere said you were a shadow prostitute?”

“Hi! uh… . how… ? It was definitely… back then. !”

“I am everywhere and nowhere. Did you really think I didn’t hear it? Taejin, won’t you tell me to watch my mouth?”

“Well, that can’t be…” . Oh, no, that’s not it… .”

“I died once because of a slip of the tongue.” Must see~. Spirit~. Let’s set it up?!”


Go Yeon-ju continued speaking lazily, but suddenly raised her voice toward the end. And at that moment, Woo Seol-hee seemed to have stopped breathing for a moment. As if the Rose of Sharon was blooming, even the slightest movements of her body had stopped. The lethality that Go Yeon-ju exuded was so cold and harsh.

I was able to get a general sense of what was going on. Perhaps Woo Seol-hee made a mistake with Go Yeon-ju’s words, but it seems that it somehow ended up in Go Yeon-ju’s ears.

In fact, such a reaction is not completely incomprehensible. Didn’t Banda-hee, who had said the same thing before, get stabbed in the neck and die? As far as I know, the only user who survived after taunting Go Yeon-ju by calling her a shadow prostitute is the Princess of Execution. Well, I guess it could be said that Woo Seol-hee was unlucky.

A moment later, Go Yeon-ju forcibly grabbed Woo Seol-hee’s chin with her delicate hands. Wu Xuexi trembled with fear and raised her gaze. Anyway, it’s all good, let’s put the pants back on. She honestly looks really badass since she keeps it down.

Go Yeon-ju said.

“you. Is it true what I said earlier? “You’re going to do as you’re told?”

“yes? yes yes! Really!”

“really? Do you have anything else to say later? “No?”

“Uh, none! I don’t do that! If I can afford it… !”

Even in this situation, are we worried about gold coins? Woo Seol-hee nodded vigorously. Then Go Yeon-ju, who burst into laughter, calmly stood up. And as soon as he turned around, he ran towards me with a smile like a melting spring breeze. The change was so sudden that it made me wonder if she was the same woman who had been exuding cold, murderous energy a moment ago.

“Suhyeon~. “I have a favor to ask.”

“… Are you asking me to hand over Woo Seol-hee?”

I think I know what the request is, so I hit the player in advance, and Go Yeon-ju nods with an easy-going face. I scratched my head for a moment. Woo Seol-hee had already made a plan on how to deal with it. However, if it is Go Yeon-ju’s request, things are a little different. Not only did he go through a very difficult time in this matter, but he also had no desire to protect Go Yeon-ju’s pride.

The worry was fleeting, but the decision was fleeting.

“great. Do whatever you want. Oh, you still have to report on the progress.”

Of course, I didn’t forget to add one word.

Go Yeon-ju answered yes with a deep smile, and then grabbed Woo Seol-hee and dragged her out of the door. One inconvenient thing is that the bottoms were still down until the door was closed.

Anyway, I don’t know how Go Yeon-ju got caught, but I clicked my tongue and mourned Woo Seol-hee’s misfortune. Then, he took out a piece of tobacco and buried himself deep into the chair. With the conclusion of discussions with the Koran Coalition, the long shadow war has come to an end.

No, not yet?


Blowing out smoke, I quietly fell into deep thought.

Taejin Park was declared missing.

Song Hee-seon, who we know has disappeared.

Shin Hyuk is in prison.

And Woo Seol-hee, who Go Yeon-joo said she would handle.

In fact, they are all already in my hands. However, the results have not been released yet. It may be early or late, but these are people who will soon be dealt with in some way.

It’s almost time to burn off the beginning of the year, enjoying the first break in a while. Suddenly, I felt the flow of his magic power throbbing in my arms. When I put my hand into his arms, I caught a hard bead. It was a crystal ball for communication. However, unlike a typical crystal ball, its characteristic feature is that it has a darkish glow.

Coincidentally, I thought the news had arrived at the right time, so I poured in my magic without delay.

Patchoux! Partschut!

Soon, the brightly heated crystal ball began to make an annoying sound. After some time had passed and the noise had completely disappeared, a black shape suddenly appeared on the outside of the crystal ball.

It was a murder.

(I am. Mercenary Road.)

“Oh my. “I just got some news.”


“No, no. It’s good timing… . okay. “How did things go?”

The moment I asked how things went, the scenery shown by the crystal ball changed completely. It looked like it was in a forest somewhere, and trees and grass began to appear sparsely in the crystal ball that was once black. Of course, what was important wasn’t the scenery.

Suddenly, someone’s face appeared in the crystal ball.

Drop, drop, drop, drop.

Something is dripping. I looked closely at the face reflected in the crystal ball.

The first thing I saw was a scene where drops of blood were falling. The neck area was cut cleanly, as if it had been cut with a single knife. When I looked up a little, I saw a wide open mouth, and then I saw rolled-up eyes. It looks like he was ambushed, and he probably died without even realizing when the knife was put to his throat.

“Okay. It’s definitely Taejin Park. great job.”

(Not much to say. Then what should we do with the body?)

“Burn it. But why did it take so long? “I thought I could kill him in one day.”

(Don’t say anything. Park Tae-jin is also a strong man. And the subordinates around him protected him so much… that he risked his life to help him escape, but he almost missed it.)

“under. It’s no big deal. “Salmun is crying all the time.”

(Still, you completed the request. As you wanted, we tracked down and killed all but three or four people, including Park Hwan-hee… Oh, by the way, I also captured a user named Song Hee-seon, right? Yes?)

“What do you want to say?”

(So, have you paid off all your debt with this?)

The scenery changed again, and a black figure asked in a soft voice. I shrugged my shoulders and snorted.

“gibberish. Why leave useful people like you alone? Anyway, stop talking nonsense and just take the gold from the request. But Duduk will take care of it.”

(…Is that why you want to kill us?)

“He’s not that much of a bastard. Still, I run a mercenary clan, and if you ask for a request, you have to pay a price. And don’t worry. I’ll tell you to tell it to Go Yeon-ju. “Maybe we can meet when you come to the warehouse in a week.”

(Warehouse…? Oh, you mean the warehouse in the Koran. I understand.)

Still, since he hasn’t said he won’t come, it looks like he wants to get the money. I giggled to myself, then opened my mouth as a thought suddenly occurred to me.

“do not forget. After a week… . Oops. “Is Song Hee-seon okay?”

(Don’t worry. My family is protecting me well. Oh, by the way, I have something to tell you. Mercenary Lord. What are you going to do about that user, Song Hee-seon?)


(Actually… Song Hee-sun, as you know, isn’t she a pretty famous actress in modern times? But in the end, there was a family member who couldn’t control her desire. I think we played with it three or four times.)

“iced coffee. doesn’t care. Because I’m going to kill you anyway. It doesn’t matter whether you do it or not, just save Go Yeon-joo’s life until he goes. “Because there’s one more guy coming into the warehouse in a week.”

(If that guy… is it Shinhyuk? I heard he’s in prison right now? Did he make some kind of deal with the central management organization…)

The voice, which had been extremely gloomy, changed again to a coy tone. This guy’s voice changes like this when he wants something or is curious about something. Although it seems like he himself is not aware of it.

“The story gets longer today. Since when did Salmun become interested in my work? Request, money. “This is your motto.”

(…I see. Excuse me. Okay then.)

Did he feel that he had made a mistake? Eventually, she said “excuse me” and the light that was flowing out went out.

I touched the crystal ball for a moment and then slowly put it back into my arms. However, instead of taking out his hand right away, he took out another piece of tobacco and put it in his mouth.

Taejin Park, who was declared missing, is dead.

Song Hee-seon, who we know has disappeared, is in a warehouse in the Koran.

Shin Hyuk is in prison and will be dealt with soon.

And Woo Seol-hee, who Go Yeon-joo said she would deal with… . Well, you’ll figure it out.

I smiled and took a deep breath of tobacco.

After a while, a wisp of hazy smoke slowly rose.


When I first opened my eyes, what I saw was a dark space where I couldn’t see anything.

“… … .”

Shinhyuk looked around and felt confused. He clearly remembers that after dinner, he fell asleep because he couldn’t overcome the sudden rush of water. And, he was clearly in prison by then. But when he opened his eyes again, everything had changed. One thing is certain: this is not a prison. here is… .


While thinking, Shinhyuk suddenly flinched. And it was then that he realized that his body was not free. There is a gag in his mouth, and his hands and feet are tied tightly with something. Among them, only one had an open view.

In this situation, Shinhyuk felt a sense of discomfort rather than fear. It was a strange feeling, as if this was not his first time here, or rather, he had been here once before. okay. He felt as if he had been there recently when he brought Park Hwan-hee… .


As soon as my thoughts reached that point, my breathing stopped for a moment. And Shinhyuk followed his instinct and slowly raised his gaze forward. Then, when he tilted his head back as far as it could go, Shinhyuk was finally able to see. A body swinging slowly in the air, making a pendulum movement from side to side.


A loud scream echoed throughout the dark space. A bright light soon turned on in the dark space. Then the corpse’s face was revealed in more detail, and Shinhyuk screamed even louder after confirming its identity. Song Hee-seon’s body was hanging on a line in the air.

“Uuuuuuup! Wooooow! Uuuuuuuuup!”

“Oh, it’s really noisy. sister. “I feel like I’m awake.”

At that time, a low voice reached my ear. Judging from the timbre, it was clear that it was a woman’s voice. Shinhyuk, who was screaming loudly, unconsciously focused on the sound he was hearing. Immediately afterwards, the voice of a woman presumed to be his older sister was heard.

“know. Because that guy was squirming when he woke up. By the way, how did you say Juyeon died?”

The voice itself had a very languid tone. However, it was a dark voice with a subtle, murderous quality to it. If I had to express it, would I say that I expressed the shadow with my voice? Shinhyuk felt goosebumps all over his body for no reason.

But the voices continued to be heard, paying no attention to him. Even though he knew that Shinhyuk was awake, it was as if he was intentionally telling him to listen.

“We couldn’t even find the body. “I think it was probably all eaten up by the dog that was raised here.”

“okay? Then you can do the same. After playing with it for a while, throw it away as dog food. Or let them be eaten alive.”

“Your sister.”

“Uuuuuuup! Wooooow!”

After playing with it for a while, you throw it away as dog food?

Only then did Shinhyuk come to his senses, raised his head and started shaking like crazy. He wanted to scream who he was and who was doing this. He wanted to tell me to stop, not to do it. But because the gag was so tight, no words came out. No, I couldn’t.

It was then.

“He glows. Anyway, take care of it, and I’ll be leaving.”

“Yes, Yeonjoo unnie. Please take a look.”

After a while, I heard the door open. And the street at night, revealed through the open door, came into the sight of the collapsed Shinhyuk for just a moment.

When Shinhyuk saw the outside scenery like that, he was finally able to be sure. He now knows where he was kidnapped.

But by the time I realized it, it was already too late.

It may have been the last sight I would see, but the door was closed so cruelly.


The sound of countless animals howling can be heard as soon as the door is closed.

purr… . Purr… .

purr… . Purr… .

Something slowly began to approach around me.

One step, one step.

As I felt the signs getting closer, an image of what I had done in this place suddenly appeared in my mind. okay. Shin Hyeok captured the woman he thought was Park Hwan-hee’s henchman and committed an unspeakable act. Was she the woman behind the counter in the window?

‘That bitch, she was such a harsh bitch. I tried everything I could, but he still kept his mouth shut. Still, it was a fun time. Sometimes I wondered how a person would react if they had s*x with a dog, and I was able to find out through this opportunity. Hehe.’

How did the woman feel at that time? Was she feeling this way right now?

When the feeling of regret came for the first time, black shadows appeared on Shinhyuk’s face. At the same time, an unexpected gloom seeped into his eyes.

Wudduk, wudduk! Tsk tsk… .

Wudduk, wudduk! Tsk tsk… .

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