MEMORIZE Chapter 485

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00485 The Downfall Of The Koran Union. ————————————————– ———————-=

After the Qur’an Alliance’s announcement of its position, the situation seemed to ease slightly. Not only did Park Tae-jin leave that day to form an investigation team, but some also argued that we should wait for the exact truth to be revealed. A public opinion of self-reflection was formed among users who thought it was reasonable, and as a result, the beehive-like Northern Continent seemed to calm down a bit.

But who really knew? The fact that that period will not exceed two weeks.

A week has passed since Park Tae-jin left, and another week has passed. A new incident has struck the northern continent.

When it first started, the joint investigation team had its own number of people. However, the investigation team that thought they were going to the mountain range where the dragon sleeps suddenly returned with only three or four people remaining. And some of them were in super-dead bodies.

Users were confused at first. However, the moment they revealed that they had been attacked by the Southern Expedition and Artemis within the alliance, rather than the truth of the incident, the Northern Continent was once again in a state of excitement.

As the coalition was being sucked into a vortex of road chaos, the central management organization quickly took action. The coalition decided that it was no longer capable of solving this case, so it announced that it would officially intervene from now on and at the same time formed and dispatched its own investigation team. Of course, this was not an investigation team heading to the mountains where the dragon sleeps, but an investigation team trying to uncover a new incident that had occurred this time.

And when another two weeks had passed, the return of the central investigation team’s announcement shocked the Northern Continent.

– … It turned out that this attack was led by the Nambeol Clan. … The central management body investigated this incident with two questions at issue. First, why did the joint investigation team camp in front of the ruins? The second is why Nambeol attacked the investigation team of the same alliance. … After summoning and interrogating Su Clan’s Park Hwan-hee and three or four surviving users, we were able to reveal surprising facts. According to one user’s declaration of conscience, the original purpose of this investigation team was not to investigate the truth, but to excavate ruins. … Judging from these testimonies, it is presumed that the cause of this Nambeol attack was the conflict surrounding the Mercenary incident… .


Southern small city Koran.

The union conference room was dark. And a solemn energy was flowing. However, there is one difference from before: the number of people filling the conference room is significantly lower. In the conference room where 16 people once stood, there were now only 3 people left.

It had to be that way. Park Tae-jin went missing due to this attack, and Baek Du-san was confirmed dead. Shinhyeok was in prison, and sailors Unhyeon and Gu Hyeongyu declared their withdrawal from the union. In other words, there were a total of three people left.

Merchant Guild Clan Lord Seo Ji-hwan had a sombre complexion, and Baekhwa Clan Lord Min Baekhwa had a sad look. There were faces asking, “How on earth did the situation get to this point?”

In the meantime, Min Baek-hwa occasionally showed signs of concern, and the cause was the fact that one of her favorite clan members had suddenly disappeared not long ago. When it was revealed that she had an affair with Shin Hyeok and that the user who gave the request to Mercenary was Song Hee-seon, she cut off all contact and went into hiding.

Meanwhile, Artemis Clan Lord Woo Seol-hee was restless. Even though her whole body is shaking, she keeps biting her nails. This is because although this attack was mainly composed of the Nambeol Clan, a significant number of the Artemis Clan were also included. As such, she was in a position where she could not avoid explaining why she attacked, but in fact, Woo Seol-hee was in a slightly ambiguous position. no. Should I say he was on the sidelines?

Shin Hyeok’s loyalists secretly visited him and showed him evidence and encouraged him to participate, but Woo Seol-hee did not participate because he thought the chances of success were low. He made a wise decision. However, even though they anticipated that they would attract some clan members, they failed to control it, so in the end, it cannot be said that they were not entirely responsible. However, if he revealed that fact here, everything would really be over, so he was just dismissing it as something he knew nothing about.

There was still dark silence in the conference room.

“… “It’s Seolhee.”

Then, suddenly, Seo Ji-hwan softly broke the silence. Her face was full of melancholy and her voice was extremely quiet. Wu Seol-hee, who was now chewing on her fingernails and even her hands, was startled and turned her head.

“… you. Do you really know nothing? Why did the kids attack Taejin? “Why did the kids stay in front of the ruins instead of going to the mountain range where the dragon sleeps?”

“Mo, I don’t know. You said you didn’t know. I really, really don’t know. I was just quietly reflecting on myself, but they did it on their own… . Oh, I don’t know! “I don’t know!”

In fact, she knew half of it and didn’t know half of it, but Woo Seol-hee focused on the latter. This is because I really didn’t know why Park Tae-jin suddenly went to the ruins. Then, a truly resentful look appeared on his face, and Seo Ji-hwan had no choice but to nod his head with a deep sigh.

“after… . The party’s mercenary situation has not been resolved, so why does this keep happening? No, before that, I need to know something so I can explain it or not. But I don’t know how things work… .”

Seo Ji-hwan’s voice revealed a feeling of frustration that could not be hidden. The tone was telling you to say something too. But I don’t have the courage to say anything. One of them has nothing to say because he doesn’t know anything, and the second he opens his mouth, he will end up in the same situation as Shinhyuk.

In the end, Seo Ji-hwan sighed again and silence fell in the conference room.

Just like that, some time had passed.

Crack, clap, clap! Crack, clap, clap!

Crack, clap, clap! Crack, clap, clap!

Suddenly, the sound of someone running hastily down the hallway was heard. no. It wasn’t the sound of one person running. It seemed like several people were running at once, and the sound was so urgent that the three people in the conference room turned their heads toward the door.


“I’m in big trouble!”

Soon the door opened roughly and about a dozen people rushed inside. Seo Ji-hwan frowned without realizing it. It is said that the situation is already out of control, but something has happened again.

“What happened again?!”

“Well, that…” ! “The Mercenary has declared war on the Confederacy!”

However, the moment the words “declaration of war” were uttered, Seo Ji-hwan’s complexion hardened. It was as if the expression had finally arrived. It wasn’t just Seo Ji-hwan. Both Min Baek-hwa and Woo Seol-hee had their faces turned white and their mouths open blankly.

Seo Ji-hwan quietly closed his eyes.

“… “Tell me in more detail.”

“Oh, that’s true. It was emphasized that the joint investigation team did not go to the mountain range where the dragon sleeps, but to the ruins. And finally, saying that I had waited long enough and that I had endured enough, I officially declared war on the Koran Union!”

“… In a central governing body? “Anything to say?”

“Mo, I don’t know. Ah, anyway, that’s not important right now! What should I do now? yes?”

The quiet conference room suddenly became cluttered. Seo Ji-hwan was still chewing his lips with his eyes closed, and each user who came in spoke and demanded a response.

It was then.

“Everyone be quiet!”

A nervous voice rang out along with the sound of someone hitting the table hard. Users reflexively closed their mouths and turned their heads. Where my gaze landed, Woo Seol-hee was standing, breathing heavily.

“Declaration of war? f*ck it! “I can’t stand it anymore!”

“Seolhee, calm down!”

Seo Ji-hwan rarely shouted loudly. Before she knew it, Woo Seol-hee’s hair had become scattered, and blood was flowing from her lips and fingertips. It’s been so extreme lately that I don’t think it’s in a normal state right now.

However, Woo Seol-hee opened her eyes wide and shouted angrily.

“Calm? Calm down?! It’s already so hard, how long do we have to stay like this? This is what Taejin Park and Hyuk Shin did! This happened while the two were having a dog fight! “What did we do so wrong!”

“Woo Seol-hee!”

“f*ck, what! They declared war first! It’s actually better, right? huh? After all, this is a world where user information and power rule! Mercenary? At best, there are around 50 people! Even if we end up like this now, if we get all the remaining kids together, there will be hundreds at most! “Let’s just use this opportunity to step on them so they don’t mess around again!”

“You really… ! under… .”

Is it because they thought it was impossible to communicate? Seo Ji-hwan shook his head and touched his forehead. Woo Seol-hee looked at him with burning eyes, then quickly turned his head and shouted.

“What are you doing? Aren’t you gathering the kids? You said you declared war? “Then I have to respond, right?”

A command was issued like frost, but the users hesitated and looked at each other in turn. I didn’t know if there would really be war. Woo Seol-hee must have sensed such a sign when her face suddenly distorted.

Crack, clap, clap! Crack, clap, clap!

Again, I heard the hallway rumble. Perhaps it was because she felt a hint of ominousness contained in that sound. Woo Seol-hee, who was about to get angry, had a moment of confusion in her eyes. And after a while, a user came in and shouted in a gasping voice.

“Wow, we’re in big trouble! Clan Hamill has also declared war on the Union! “It is said that we will participate in this war as part of the Offensive and Defense Alliance!”

The Mercenary Clan’s declaration of war was followed by the Hamill Clan’s declaration of war.

Crack, clap, clap! Crack, clap, clap!

But before I had time to startle, the sound echoing through the hallway continued again. And as expected, the user who came in panting shouted without even having time to catch his breath.

“It is said that the Istantel Low Clan also declared war! We are participating in this war as an attack/defense alliance with the Mercenary… !”

Declaration of war between Mercenary and Hamill. In addition, it is said that war was even declared on Istantel Row.

For just a moment, silence came to the conference room. It was an inexplicable silence that was on a different level from general silence, not even a sound of breathing.

“ah… ! this person… !”

Woo Seol-hee, who was about to say something, suddenly let out a loud moan and fell down. No, she didn’t just collapse. Before she knew it, her eyes were wide and her mouth was wide open. Then she ended up lying down on the floor, helpless. Many eyes were focused on the floor. From time to time, a muffled sound came out.

Seo Jin-hwan quietly stood up.


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“… Go to the central management body. “I will request arbitration.”

Then he opened his eyes, which had been closed until now, and opened his mouth in a sad voice.


“sorry. Mercenary Road. Originally, I should have found him earlier and apologized, but due to various circumstances… .”


“I have nothing to say. I’m really sorry. “I just hope for leniency from the Mercantile Clan.”

“Be kind… .”

As I dusted off the lit tobacco, I repeated the words, “Be kind.”

In front, Seo Ji-hwan was seen kneeling on the floor, his head bowed deeply. And behind them, there were three users equally kneeling on the floor and bowing their heads. Min Baek-hwa, Woo Seol-hee. and… . Park Hwan-hee had bandages all over her body, as if to advertise the fact that she was injured. (She actually had a recovery spell, so she wondered if she really needed it.)

As I remained silent, suddenly, Park Hwan-hee quietly raised her head and made eye contact with me. She then smiled softly. I gave a straight face to indicate that I should not laugh, and Park Hwan-hee lowered her head with a stern look on her face.

The reason they are here now is because of the declaration of war I announced yesterday. As expected, Shinhyuk attacked Taejin Park, who was busy excavating the ruins, and several users who took action to bring him back alive revealed the truth. Of course, not the real truth, but the truth as I intended.

There was no longer any need to look at the justification or the reactions of users. The words that concluded the declaration of war, ‘I waited as long as I could, and I endured as much as I could,’ were words that accurately reflected the current situation. At best, public opinion was formed to call for self-reflection, but in the end, the coalition successfully stabbed even that in the back.

The anger of users was enormous. To what extent, after the declaration of war, it was as if they were cheering enthusiastically to crush it rather than mediate it.

In fact, deep down, I was hoping for a situation where one person from the alliance would turn around and respond. However, as if they were not the only stupid people, as soon as they declared war, they quickly rushed to the central management organization and requested mediation.

‘hey! Kim Soohyun! ‘You guys really don’t want to go to war, do you?’

‘I’m not doing anything. If they respond, I will do it.’

‘I’m not responding! ‘I’m not responding!’

‘huh? ‘How do you know that?’

‘A request for arbitration has been received from the Union! You definitely said you would let him intervene in the end, right? So let’s get this over with now, okay? please!’

‘Tsk. It’s a shame.’

Suddenly, last night’s communication with Lee Hyo-eul came to mind and I giggled for a moment. It was quite funny how he hurriedly contacted me and went on a rampage.

Of course, the declaration of war had not yet been fully achieved. To be precise, would you say it was put on hold for a while? Since we had promised, we accepted the central management organization’s arbitration, and of course there were procedures for arbitration as well. In other words, mediation will be established only if the conditions proposed by Mercantile in the Koran Coalition are fulfilled.

Finally, when I looked ahead again, I thought, Oops. The four people who came to apologize and negotiate were still with their heads down. It must have been hard to kneel down, but how hard would it be to bow your head for a long time?

“Oh, I’m sorry. I was thinking about something else for a moment. Anyway, keep your head up. It’s burdensome. ha ha ha.”

When the words finally fell, the four slowly raised their faces. I took a quick look around and opened my mouth in a slightly playful voice.

“But I didn’t know the four of you would come here together. Even so, Nambul and Serengeti… . “Is it okay for Sue and Artemis to be together like this?”

This was aimed at the incident in which Shin Hyuk attacked Taejin Park not long ago. Although it is said that Nambeol took the lead, after checking the deaths, Artemis Clan members were also mixed in to some extent.

Then Woo Seol-hee’s complexion turned white to the point where it was pitiful to see. She then shook her head and begged with an infinitely pitiful look on her face.

“Oh, no, Mercenary Lord. I don’t know anything. Really. I have nothing to do with this situation. Please believe me.”

“is it so? “Then what was your intention when you came to me last time regarding performance?”

Perhaps because she had hit the nail on the head, Woo Seol-hee immediately closed her mouth. And she was constantly moving her neck and stuttering like an idiot.

“Well, that’s… .”

“Well, that’s enough. “You don’t have to listen to it to understand it, so let’s get to the point.”

I felt like it would be a waste of time to continue talking, so I cut him off right away and said I would get to the point. Anyway, Woo Seol-hee’s disposition had already been decided. The three clans that stood by were willing to turn a blind eye, but any user directly involved was going to be dealt with without exception. Of course, this is by mercenary standards.

“In fact, the mercantile conditions have already been communicated to the central government. “I heard that they also delivered it to the Federation, but I don’t know why you came here today.”

“yes. I heard it clearly. However, the conditions are currently too great a burden for the Union to bear, so I came to you to see if you could ease them a little.”

The user who answered my question was Seo Ji-hwan, who was in front. Since Park Tae-jin and Shin Hyeok are gone, he seems to be leading the remaining alliance. Now that I think about it, I remember hearing it a few times in the first episode, so I nodded my head appropriately.

“Relax. It is not right to use the expression ‘easing’ in this situation. However, if the first condition is difficult to handle, there are other conditions. how is it. Would you like to hear it?”

“… “I will listen.”

When I heard that I would listen, I smiled quietly and opened my mouth.

“The other condition is the dissolution of the Southern Liberty Union. In other words, withdraw from the Koran.”

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