MEMORIZE Chapter 484

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00484 The Downfall Of The Koran Union. ————————————————– ———————-=

As I closed the door and came out, I saw a straight passage leading straight ahead and prison cells arranged neatly on the left and right. It is almost empty now, but two years ago it was full of vagrants and Westerners. I heard that it was built like this to sell prisoners captured in war as slaves, but in fact, it felt more like a room than a prison.

“Ugh! Argh! “Park Taejiyiyin!”

Shouting is still heard inside the visiting room. After glancing back once, I turned toward the entrance. Then, he leaned his body at an angle and quietly waited for me… . I saw another me.

“Are you still doing that?”

“It’s been a while since I transformed into a man’s body. I’ve been in a bit of a mood for a while. mother.”

“Tell me how many times. I’ve never had a child like you? Anyway, I have to leave now, so get back to normal.”

“Ho ho ho.”

Another me straightened up with a feminine laugh. Oh, is this the feeling of self-loathing?

Of course, I know that’s not the real me, but they still look so similar on the outside that it makes me feel uncomfortable. Perhaps because he sensed my dislike, a group of bright lights burst out in front of me. And after a while, a woman with her jet black hair flowing down like waves could be seen smiling calmly.

It was Helena Lou Ayens.


The behavior of Shinhyuk, who was left alone, was quite interesting to see. His weak eyes are red and bloodshot, and his face is very distorted. The two hands holding his prize were visibly shaking, and his mouth was constantly moving as if he was muttering something. So much so that the guard who came to pick him up was startled.

It seemed quite comical to see a grown man shedding tears, but at the same time, it seemed somehow bloody. And a person who knew the situation, or rather, if there was such a person, might have stopped Shin Hyuk now.

“Kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk…” . amazing… . Very amazing… . I really got hit by a bully… . Kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk… .”

There is no need to think about the situation as difficult. Rather, it is very simple.

When we negotiated with the mercenary company and received the equipment, everything was as planned. This is certain. But after that, everything went awry due to Park Tae-jin’s intervention. He used Park Hwan-hee to allay her suspicions and keep her from distracting herself. And just before it happened, she hit the outsider in a nice way.

Why couldn’t I keep Park Tae-jin in mind? He has both the motive and the ability to act, and is the closest to the criminal.

okay. For Park Tae-jin, all of this fits perfectly. Park Hwan-hee’s words can also be explained.

‘no! I didn’t reveal my plan!’

If the other person is Park Tae-jin, there is no need to tell the plan. Because he already knows.

‘older brother! I’m not a spy!’

If the opponent is Park Tae-jin, this is also possible. Because you and Park Tae-jin belong to the same union. Even if he spied on himself, if it was for Park Tae-jin, the alliance would somehow become involved. There is a strong possibility that the Crystal of Truth did not respond.

In fact, when I heard Kim Soo-hyun’s words, I thought he might be the third person in the union. But now it has become clear that Park Tae-jin is a shadowy figure. Because that crystal ball was clearer and stronger evidence than anything else. If you think about it a little, you can guess what Taejin Park said.

Finally, after thinking for a long time, Shinhyuk straightened up, staggering. His mind was calmer than before, but it was still boiling. Like a volcano about to explode.

‘yes. It doesn’t matter. After all, the union is one family. Whatever the outcome, I will give in cleanly.’

“With that said… !”

The blood that had stopped flowing from my tightly clenched hand flows back down. Shinhyuk, who had already become quiet, stared in front of him for a long time with a face that seemed to be possessed by something. Then, at some point, a crystal ball suddenly placed under the window caught my eye. It was a recording crystal sphere containing videos of Taejin Park, Mt. Baekdu, and Seungwoo Cho. Kim Soo-hyun did not take it with him, but rather left it behind.

It was then. Suddenly, a thought passed through Shinhyuk’s head like a beam of light.

“… … .”

Maybe, maybe.

I wonder if he left it behind on purpose.

The hand that was about to grab the crystal stopped. It closes as if trying to catch it somehow, but then trembles and opens again and again. Why did you leave it behind? With this, is there something you want from me?

I hesitated like that for about 10 minutes. Shinhyuk suddenly raised his head. Taejin Park was sitting in front. Of course, he wasn’t actually sitting, it was just an illusion created by his complicated state of mind. And the illusion was speaking with a rather solemn expression.

‘Do you even have the right to say something like that! Who is it that caused the situation to become like this in the first place? All because of your foolish greed! Everything is a mess! … Anyway, just wait quietly. Because we’re not just playing around. But if I were you, if I were you… . He must have been responsible for this situation somehow. For the sake of the union.’

And at that moment, a strong expression flashed through those infinitely calm eyes. Then, without further hesitation, Shinhyuk placed his hand on the crystal ball and called out loudly for the guard. The guard who was called came running immediately. And as soon as I saw Shinhyuk, I was a little surprised.

“bittern. “There are users, or users, that I would like to meet personally.”

“Uhm. As a criminal, I cannot specifically request a visit… .”

“Then can you tell the users I’m talking about to come see me sometime soon? “If you do that, I will thank you greatly.”

“… “Then it doesn’t matter.”

Eventually, as he wrote down the names of the users he called out one by one, the guard glanced at Shinhyuk. When he first said no, I thought he would make a fuss. Even though I was outside, I heard all the yelling. However, instead of making a fuss, he speaks in a quiet voice as if he is admonishing.

But, this was even scarier. The face and voice are extremely calm, but there is a shining light flowing through the eyes. It was like watching a crazy person because it was shaking sometimes.

After hearing the final request, the guard quickly turned around. It seemed as if his entire body was being invaded by his anxious energy for no reason. Somehow I feel like I shouldn’t be involved in this matter. So, I granted the request for now and led Shinhyuk to prison, thinking that I would have to file an application for assignment soon.

Time passed like an arrow.

It took about four days for the jailer to relay the news of Shinhyuk’s request to the Koran Association. This is because it took some time to apply for appointment and wait for permission to be granted. Still, the guard who faithfully performed his duties left the prison with the luggage he had packed in advance after confirming that new guards and new users were coming.

The new users are not criminals, but Shin Hyeok’s subordinates, who also kidnapped Park Hwan-hee in the past.

In fact, the entire alliance was currently shaken, but the clan that suffered the most damage was Nambeol. As Shin Hyeok was the clan lord, he had to receive the most criticism, and the records posted by Kim Soo-hyun contained information about Nambeol’s attacks on other clans within the alliance. Of course, other clans were also at a 50-step pace, but the first thing that was revealed was that they were abandoned by the inside and outside of the Nakdong River Duck Egg.

As such, the largest number of users left and the largest number of affiliated clans turned away, but there were still users who remained. These were the loyal loyalists who had been with Shin Hyeok from the beginning.

As soon as they heard that the clan lord was looking for them, they came running without a second thought. And when I checked Shinhyuk sitting in the visiting room, I caught wind of it. This is because, comparing what happened before and after entering prison, his appearance changed so much. However, only the two eyes were alive, emitting intense light.

“older brother… .”

“Good regards. If you look at me now, you will know. By the way, did you know what I wanted you to know?”

“yes? Yes, yes. “I have come to know.”

“Then tell me. “What is Taejin Park doing now?”

“that… . It is said that they go to the mountain range where the dragon sleeps. “We are conducting an accurate investigation into the truth.”

“The mountains where the dragon sleeps? really?”

Shinhyuk’s eyes sparkled. Then she thought the man hesitated a little, but then she whispered in a lower voice.

“Actually, from what I secretly found out… . It is said that fact-finding is just a justification. … It’s just an action to show. In fact, there is a saying that they are going to excavate ruins in the same direction. “It looks like you asked for some information from somewhere.”

“So, you’re saying that the fact-finding is a piece of cake and you’re just going to cool off? “I also do a bit of cutting on the side.”

“… That’s right.”

“Still, I did it just in case, and it was like that. Taejin Park That guy never disappoints me. A gift from a mercenary? You fooled me until the end! ha ha ha! okay. In a way, it’s not wrong. “It’s not like I’m playing on the outside.”

Shinhyuk burst out laughing. The men looked at each other with puzzled faces. Shinhyuk soon stopped laughing and took out a crystal ball with a long sigh. And he immediately played the video and pushed it forward.

“Don’t say anything, just look.”

The men faithfully followed orders. It was quite funny to see several strong men gathered together and looking at a crystal ball. However, if you watch the recording or the men changing as the video progresses, you will never be able to laugh.

After a period of time that could not be said to be long, the light of the crystal sphere suddenly went out. All the men who watched until the end were silent. But soon, they all raised their heads and stared across the room with wide eyes. Shinhyuk was smiling. Then a man stuttered in an incredulous voice.

“older brother! Could it be that Taejin hyung… !”

“okay. What about you? “He is the main culprit of this incident.”

“no… . why? Why? Aren’t we family? How can they do something like this even though they are from the same family? !”

“Why? It’s obvious. Because I think I’ll eat Halo. Because I’m afraid of becoming number one. That’s why I did this dirty thing. To bring about the downfall of me and Nambeol. Friendly competition? family? To you, does this seem like friendly competition and family? “f*ck you!”


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“… … .”

“Should I just stay like this?”

Shinhyuk’s last words had quite a lot of meaning. The men, who were perplexed, looked at each other in turn and looked beyond the window with expressions on their faces as if they didn’t know what to do. Then Shinhyuk struck the statue and ground his teeth.

“okay. Now, I actually don’t care what happens. But not Taejin Park or you. “After I die, I won’t be able to see that guy leading the alliance while shouting about family, and I won’t be able to see you all being abandoned by the alliance.”

“then… . What should I do? “Are you going to blow this up?”

“No, no. That’s not enough. It has to be completely overturned. Since the justification is sufficient, we should punish Park Tae-jin and all the Yeon guys. “If we can win, we will at least be able to establish ourselves and live within the coalition.”

“… yes?”

The man asked back. This was because the current state of the Nambeol Clan was very poor. Also, despite the Serengeti, Su was the clan with the highest combat power in the alliance. Nambeol also had an ally named Artemis, but you wouldn’t know it if both were in normal condition. What if a clan war is declared in the current situation? Defeat was as obvious as fire.

“I know what the situation is. But don’t worry too much. “Because I have thoughts too.”

However, Shinhyuk spoke in a calm voice, as if he had already anticipated such a situation. His men gulped.

“From now on, listen carefully to what I say. If it becomes an all-out war, there is no chance of winning. So first of all… .”


dark night. The desert night was very quiet and gloomy. If during the day it was just a red sandy field with no visible vegetation, at night it was pitch black and seemed like an empty field with nothing to be seen. Only the moon rising in the sky illuminated the ground and the wind blowing from somewhere occasionally hovered around the campground.

“Uh~. It’s Hwanhee. Is it Hwanhee? Park Hwan-hee!”

A man is walking around the outskirts of the camp calling someone’s name. The man’s identity was Baekdu-san, a clan lord of the Serengeti and a user of the Hohyeongho system with Park Tae-jin.

The reason that Baekdu Mountain is currently in the red desert is because Park Hwan-hee’s request was accepted just recently. Taejin Park, who thought it wouldn’t be a bad idea to visit once, announced his first official statement since the incident.

In other words, he announced to the outside world that he was visiting the mountain range where the dragon sleeps for the purpose of a detailed investigation. Of course, the intention was to waste time, show action, and excavate ruins at the same time, but it was not an unprecedented story, and users were generally convinced.

Park Tae-jin is very generous to his subordinates who trust and follow him. That day, he selected only the users he could truly trust from the Su and Serengeti clans and informed them of the purpose of leaving the city this time. And while pretending to go to the mountain range where the dragon sleeps, he secretly went to the place Kim Soo-hyun told him about.

In fact, Taejin Park was skeptical at first, but now it has been a week since he left the city. They were indeed able to discover ruins.

“Park Hwanhee! “Where on earth has this guy gone?”

“I guess I’ll just go in first and sleep. “Stop it, brother, please go in and sleep.”

In fact, the reason why Baekdu Mountain is looking for Park Hwan-hee is because they were on watch together a little while ago. It was 10 minutes ago that they were making jokes while being wary of each other’s surroundings, but it was shift time and while they were briefly going to wake up the next guard, she suddenly disappeared. Baekdu-san let out a weak sigh and turned his head wildly.

“It’s not. He couldn’t do that… . hey. “Maybe he went into the ruins first?”

“What kind of nonsense is that? Hwanhee is not your older brother, and no matter how curious you are, there is no way that could be the case. And Taejin said that the raid on the ruins would start tomorrow morning. Or maybe you went to run some errands… .”

“iced coffee. Maybe so. I didn’t think of that. ha ha ha.”

“Anyway… . Anyway, we’ll see now, brother… . huh?”

Baekdu-san slapped his forehead and burst into laughter. At that time, the man who was yawning and tapping his mouth suddenly looked to one side as if he had discovered something. And then she quietly narrowed her eyebrows.

“Isn’t that strange? There is a sign of someone approaching… .”

“It must be joy.”

“No, no. I don’t think it’s just one person… ?”


The man, whose speech was slurred, took a step forward as if he wanted to find out more closely. And that was when she slowly lifted her head.



In an instant, an arrow flew out of the darkness and pierced the man’s head. Perhaps because it was imbued with magical power, the arrow pierced his head and shattered it into pieces. A fountain of blood burst out with a thud and the man’s body fell. Her body hit the sand, trembled three or four times, and then quietly stopped moving.

“… … .”

“… … .”

Baekdu Mountain, and that other man too. Everyone looked down at the fallen man in a daze. Because it happened so suddenly, my mind went blank for a moment.

And it was that moment.

Pubbung! Pubububung!

Shush! Shoo shoo shoo!

Suddenly, countless fireballs flew in the sky, lighting up the dark darkness, and a considerable number of arrows followed around them. They were falling, aiming precisely for the campsite.

Only then did Baekdu-san come to his senses and shout loudly in a loud voice.

“attack! “It’s an attack!”

But is it too late?

A moment later, a huge fire erupted from the camp, accompanied by a tearing scream.

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