MEMORIZE Chapter 482

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00482 The Downfall Of The Koran Union. ————————————————– ———————-=

The relationship between Kim Soo-hyun and Lee Hyo-eul is strange. Of course, they are not friendly with each other. Rather, it’s closer to dislike. However, the reason why Kim Soo-hyun maintains a close relationship with Lee Hyo-eul is because there are aspects of him that he values ​​highly.

It is the ability to act, which can be defined in a slightly different way as the ability to handle things. There are often differences of opinion when coordinating opinions, but once a decision is made, there is no fuss.

no. He pushes, helps, and handles things more clearly than anyone else.

Lee Hyo-eul showed off her abilities to the fullest in this case. Immediately after Shinhyuk was brought to the central management organization, the incident broke out publicly without the Koran Coalition having time to respond. Of course, it was natural that the Eastern Clan took the lead.

– Officially announced by the central management body. The Mercenary Clan’s attack on the Mountain Where the Dragon Sleeps was not done willingly. It was controlled by the Koran Alliance behind the scenes, and it deliberately drove them into a notorious area to invade the Mercenary Clan… .

Users reacted incredulously at first. Not only was it announced too suddenly, but it was also known that Mercantile and the Koran Alliance were on good terms with each other until a day ago.

However, the moment the recording crystal ball containing the conversation was released to the outside world and an announcement was made about the secret struggle to take over Halo within the alliance and the use of Mercantile as part of that effort.

– This crystal ball is the proof, and instead of offering an apology to the surviving Mercenary Clan, the Alliance once again acted deceptively. First of all, this crystal ball… .

The northern continent was turned upside down.

In fact, in these cases, justification is the most important in determining who is right and who is wrong. As such, there are many cases where dog fights occur to gain a cause, but in this case, Mercenary had a cause from the beginning. In other words, the perpetrator and the victim were already determined.

After the video was released to the public, users’ reactions also changed drastically. It’s also very hot. Criticism from thousands and tens of thousands of users began to rain down on only the Koran Association.

The coalition initially chose silence. In the first place, he was in a position where he had to endure criticism unless there was a justification, and now, no matter what he does, he will be criticized unconditionally. So, first of all, they endure this situation and show self-reflection.

And when the reaction seemed to have died down to some extent, I planned to make a public apology and at the same time cover up another unrelated incident.

Thinking like that, the coalition concentrated its efforts on internal control and quietly observed the situation.

And less than a week later, I realized that I had to retract my initial position. It had to be that way. Rather than calming down, the incident grew exponentially to the point where it was impossible to ignore.

The incidents continued one after another. Or should we say retribution? Beyond this incident, there have been instances where Mercenary has exceeded its achievements, and there have been continuous records of slandering Mercenary in the Koran. Other things that the coalition has done so far are starting to come into the spotlight again.

The Koran Coalition had many enemies, and once the users were fired up, there was no stopping them. There were people who were purely angry about this incident, there were users who secretly instigated it under someone’s orders, and there were also users who asked when they would publicly criticize the coalition if not this opportunity.

But whatever the motivation, the result is the same. Users rushed in like angry wild dogs. While we endlessly plucked, chewed, tasted, and enjoyed it, the image of the union deteriorated day by day. Even in Koran, which could be said to be its base, protests were in full swing demanding that the coalition, which had exploded with inferiority complex, step down.

This wasn’t the only thing. Records detailing the alliance’s misdeeds, no one knows where they came from, were spread throughout the northern continent. And users who saw the record were shocked and asked, ‘What is this?’

The Union always promoted the Koran under the banner, ‘We are one family.’ But when I looked at the records quietly, I found this to be truly awe-inspiring. The content of checking and attacking each other within the alliance was clearly revealed to the extent that it could not be considered a friendly competition.

Is this all? In connection with this record, the disappearance of Kim Yong-man, which was thought to have been buried, surfaced.

The coalition was literally on the verge of going crazy.

It was something that was meant to end with just one clan, but it soon developed into an incident that could shake the foundation of the union. Now, beyond the stigma of a violent attack, even the term “a corrupt alliance” was being used.

As the incident spread to this point, even the friendly forces began to turn their backs one by one. Dissatisfaction began to arise internally as well. Users are either trying to avoid getting caught or are leaving one after another, criticizing the management’s lax handling and incompetent response.

In the end, with no signs of subsiding, the coalition decided to break the silence and move. Of course, I didn’t move because I wanted to move. If I kept quiet like this, it would be like admitting everything, so it was almost as if more than half of the situation had been pushed aside.


A large crowd of people gathered at Barbara’s warp gate like a cloud. Taejin Park was just coming out of the portal, looked around, and touched his forehead.

However, the current situation of the Union was too ambiguous. We need to announce our position officially, but the situation is not very good.

Above all, it was a huge blow that Cho Seong-ho released the video without any modification or subtraction. Other than that, since I didn’t know anything, all I had to do was stick out my flippers and cover Shinhyuk. However, the words ‘You all knew, right?’ were currently accusing not only Shin Hyuk but the entire alliance as accomplices.

So in the end, I decided to bide my time somehow. It hasn’t been acknowledged yet. However, it was not a denial.

Since there was some agreement with Mercenary, they first announced that they would investigate the exact truth, showing that they were not directly related to this incident. And I planned to use the time later to blame Shinhyuk and apologize publicly.

But the problem is that these damn users won’t leave the union alone. The protests that took place every day in the Koran were enough to make my ears tingle. But how did I know that Barbara was coming today?

Taejin Park closed his eyes tightly while listening to the voices of users who had already settled in asking questions. He suddenly had an official interview.

I quickly crossed the entrance with the intention of rejecting the question, but the users swarmed around and blocked my way. Although the attendants secured the minimum amount of space, dozens of arms grabbed the crystal ball from left and right, pouring out rainwater.

“User Taejin Park! “What do you think about this incident?”

“Nothing has been revealed yet. “Currently, we are trying to uncover the truth at the joint level.”

“Does that mean you were unaware of this incident? Are you saying that Nambeol Road did it alone? But the video said that other clans in the alliance also knew about it?”

“As I said, nothing has been revealed yet. The conversation just happened to happen that way. The reason I came to Barbara today is because I wanted to meet Nambeol Lord and hear more details. Everything will be announced after the exact truth is revealed. Anyway, let’s stop. “I feel very uncomfortable right now.”

“Mr. Taejin Park. “He’s running away now.”

“Where did you get that crystal ball from? Don’t take a video! Don’t f*cking film it! “I lost my temper and told you not to f*cking film it!”

In the end, Baekdu Mountain pushed the surroundings hard with harsh words. Users who fell cried and expressed indignation. Park Tae-jin hurriedly continued his steps, leaving behind the words that we too had the right to know.

The place where Shin Hyeok is currently imprisoned is the underground building of the Central Management Organization, which was the former Golden Lion Clan House. In the basement, there was a prison where Western continental prisoners were kept two years ago, but it was now being used as a place to manage vagrants and criminals.

However, Park Tae-jin had no choice but to stop walking. This is because on the left and right of the road leading to the central management organization, users with white bands tied tightly around their heads were waiting for someone. They were all watching Taejin Park.

And the moment we made eye contact, the user at the forefront beat the drum and shouted.

“Why is the Southern Liberty Union silent about this incident now? The Coalition is no longer qualified to lead the Koran! The Heat Explosive Alliance retreats! “Go away, step away!”

“The Coalition must apologize to Mercantile! The corrupt alliance, step down! “Go away, step away!”

The people who were protesting in Koran followed Barbara. Because the tune was more exciting than expected, people around me slowly started to respond. Taejin Park chewed his lips. But he couldn’t be angry here, so he held back. And before the users gathered, he broke through the street at an almost running pace.

However, users did not miss Park Tae-jin. Instead, he followed behind them, repeatedly beating the drum and shouting slogans to retreat. Taejin Park gritted his teeth.

‘These bastards are really… .’


The underground prison managed by a central management organization has a unique structure unlike other ordinary prisons. There is a straight passageway in the center, and rooms for prisoners can be seen to the left and right.

The term visible here means that the front was plastered with reinforced crystal so that the inside could be seen clearly, a phenomenon that occurred when prisoners of war from the Western Continent were sold as slaves. It’s almost like a red light district, where users who want to purchase can see and choose for themselves.

In one room of such a dungeon, a man was crouching in the corner. Although his face could not be seen because his head was buried in his knees, there was such a gloomy aura flowing around the man that anyone who saw him would click his tongue.

It was like that. The man’s identity was none other than Shinhyuk.

After being taken to the dungeon, Shin Hyuk denied all charges during several interrogations. He thought that while he denied the charges, he would somehow get the case down with the coalition. And in fact, that was the only path left for Shinhyuk. If he had admitted to this incident, he might have been publicly executed by now.

But Shinhyuk was feeling a deeper sense of despair than anyone else in the world right now. This is because Taejin Park recently visited us under the pretext of a meeting and told us about the situation in which he was returning.

The situation was much more serious than Shinhyuk expected. It’s to the point where it’s impossible to resolve unless someone sacrifices itself. In the end, he couldn’t overcome the feeling of discomfort and shouted, “Why did you let it get to this point?”

‘Do you even have the right to say something like that! Who is it that caused the situation to become like this in the first place? It’s not just the Nambeol Clan’s problem! Do you know what the inside of the Union is like now? More than half of the affiliated clans have turned around, and the number of people who have left has exceeded 100! know? Did you know? What’s more, the Koran even says to step away! Do you think this is it? The Hamill Clan is provoking us by openly indicating its intention to wage clan war! All because of your foolish greed! ‘Everything is a mess!’

‘Anyway, just wait quietly. Because we’re not just playing around either. But if I were you, if I were you… . He must have been responsible for this situation somehow. For the sake of the union.’

Taejin Park’s last words before leaving contained a lot of meaning. And Shinhyuk, who realized the meaning, could not help but despair even more. In other words, the best way to resolve the current situation was to use his own poison.

But Shinhyuk couldn’t do that. As high as he had once climbed, he hated to give it up like this rather than die. It was the position of Inja Lee, who had achieved it after much hardship. And right in front of me, within reach if I just stretched out my hand, was the number one position. If only Halo had been able to take over, the Nambal Clan would have risen to the top of the alliance in name and reality.

But what the hell.

“how… .”

Did things end up like this? Shinhyuk, who was shaking his head, leaned helplessly against the wall. And he squeezed his hand so hard that it caused a wound in his flesh.

It was on the verge of failure, but there was still a glimmer of hope left. So I wanted to get out somehow. I wanted to go out and kill the guy who recorded the video, I wanted to step on Mercenary, I resented the union for letting it get to this point, and I hated Park Tae-jin for urging him to become a poet.

I just hated everything.

Before I knew it, a trickle of blood was flowing from Shinhyuk’s hand.


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It was then.

It rattled.

“hey. “It’s a meeting.”

The guard opened the door and came in to announce that a visitor had arrived. However, Shinhyuk did not even move his head, let alone raise his head. The guard clicked his tongue and came inside, familiarly raising Shinhyuk with restraints placed all over his body. And when they helped him and forcibly dragged him out, Shinhyuk finally came to his senses and opened his mouth in a boiling voice.

“Who is it. “Is it a union?”


“Then you are a reporter. I will refuse. “I have nothing to say.”

“I’m not a reporter, so why don’t you stop talking nonsense and follow me. Because he’s going to die hard.”

Then, a little bit of life appeared in Shinhyuk’s eyes. In the past, I would have just scolded the guard for being rude, but that wasn’t what was important now. Not the Union, not the reporters? Then who on earth came to visit me?

The question could only be resolved after arriving at the visiting room. Shinhyuk blinked blankly as he looked at the user sitting calmly in front of a crystal window. It was my first time meeting face to face like this, but the face was a user I had seen many times in my records.

Soon, I noticed a sword and shield symbol on a red background drawn on my right chest. A low, cold, yet somewhat amused voice quietly flowed through the window.

“This is my first time seeing you like this. Are you Nambeol Road, Shinhyuk?”

And Shinhyuk followed his instinct and opened his mouth.

“Merchantery… . road… !”

—————————= Review of the work ——————– ——-=

『Northern Continent Knight.』

(Content: Currently, the Hamill Clan is openly showing its intention to engage in a clan war with the Koran Union. This is actually closer to a provocation than an intention. So why is the Hamill Clan, who has no relation whatsoever, so angry about this incident? The reason is this: It is related to the Hamill Clan Lord and the Mercenary Clan Lord.

These two users are brothers and this is a rare case that came in two years apart… .

… Some critics say that the Hamill Clan’s provocation is too hasty. However, since the handsome faces of the two users became widely known, the Hamill Clan’s position is also receiving considerable support. However, there is one strange thing: the majority of support comes from female users, with men in the minority. In particular, doujin clubs and gay clubs enthusiastically cheered Hamill’s stance… .)

P.S. The fall of only the Nambeol Clan? no. The answer is in the subheading of this part. 🙂


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