MEMORIZE Chapter 473

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The visiting user was a young woman who looked to be in her mid to late twenties. She was a slim-looking woman of moderate height, and she was wearing leather armor that made her look active. Her face was quite beautiful, but her slightly raised eyebrows and stern eyes gave the impression that she looked quite strong. The light cut around her right eye is particularly impressive.

In some ways, he was a similar user to Lee Yu-jeong.

“hello? My name is Seolhee Woo, Lord of the Artemis Clan. nice to meet you.”

“This is Kim Soo-hyun, Lord of the Mercantile Clan. Nice to meet you.”

The woman, or rather Woo Seol-hee, smiled brightly and greeted me. When I held her hand, I felt a rough texture. Artemis is one of the four clans responsible for battles within the alliance, and Woo Seol-hee is the clan lord of Artemis. As such, she seemed to have some decent user information.

After a while and some exploration, Woo Seol-hee was the first to speak.

“yes. I’m already familiar with the reputation. “I am truly grateful that you allowed me to visit even though it came so unexpectedly.”

“Actually, I was a little surprised, but they are members of a prestigious alliance. “It’s something we can’t just ignore.”

“oh? “Are you speaking very honestly about your feelings?”

“I don’t like talking back that much. And because, apart from being honest, I am a dead man. ha ha ha. Anyway, welcome once again to Mercantile.”

I intentionally made a joke that was out of character. It was to gently relieve the energy before the story. Woo Seol-hee also opened her eyes wide and blinked, as if she had not expected such hospitality.

Eventually, I held out my hand and offered a seat. Then, I activated my third eye as I saw Woo Seol-hee lowering her smooth buttocks without hesitation.

< User Information (Player Status) >

1. Name: Woo Seol-hee (5 years)

2. Class: Rare, Victoria Elite Mercenary, Master

3. Nation: Barbara

4. Clan: Artemis (Clan Rank: A Minus)

5. True name • Nationality: Flower that blooms over death • Republic of Korea

6. Sex: Female (28)

7. Height • Weight: 171.3cm • 58.4kg

8. Tendency: Sharp • Obscene

[Strength 92] [Durability 84] [Dexterity 86] [Stamina 81] [Magic Power 85] [Luck 73]

Other than the rare class, I can’t find anything special about it. The tendency was a bit interesting, but when you think about our clan members, it actually doesn’t seem that strange. When I first saw the propensity for obscenity, I was quite shocked.

Anyway, I thought it was pretty decent and stared at Woo Seol-hee.

According to the information brought by Go Yeon-ju, Woo Seol-hee was a user who belonged to Shin Hyeok’s faction. And Shin Hyuk is a conniving man who planned and led this incident.

They probably wouldn’t have come to catch me and eat me. In that case, wouldn’t it be natural to ask him what brought him here in person?

“Then what brought you here today? In fact, I have never had any significant relationship with the Union until now, so I am quite curious as to why you visited like this.”

“ah… . In fact, it was almost like a relative of the Mercantile Clan. But maybe not from now on, right? Still, it’s the same southern clan. Ho Ho.”

Listening to Woo Seol-hee’s words, I was able to laugh inside. This is because I could imagine Shinhyuk’s heated state by now.

It was definitely a good thing that they sent the Mercenary to the mountains where the dragon sleeps. However, not only did they all survive, they attacked the mountain range where the dragon was sleeping, and even rescued other users except the client.

In short, the intention was good, but the result was a gutter. In other words, because the plan failed spectacularly, Shinhyuk’s position in the alliance, not only in this Halo selection, but also in the future, would be significantly weakened.

But that doesn’t mean there’s still no way. Shin Hyuk needs a trick to somehow make Mercenary give up Halo and turn the current situation around while taking some losses. If you do that, you won’t have too much to say when you state your position later.

I opened my mouth quietly. Anyway, first of all, I wanted to hear what he was saying.

“hmm. “I’m really looking forward to seeing what you have to say.”

“Uhm… . Since you say you don’t like talking back, I’ll tell you straight. So, I hope you can forgive a certain amount of rudeness. The reason I came this time was because of the mountain range where the dragon sleeps. That’s because our union has also been very interested in the mountains where dragons sleep. So, we were gradually gathering information, and soon we were planning to embark on the largest expedition ever.”

“It’s the mountain range where the dragon sleeps… . okay. However, the area you mentioned has already been conquered. And as you know, the mountain range where the dragon sleeps was not an area that belonged to anyone.”

“i know. Actually, I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t disappointed, but it’s meaningless to think about it now. But this time, what I want to tell you about the Union, or rather Artemis, is about the results you have achieved in the Mountains where the Dragon Sleeps.”

“… It’s an achievement. Are you really saying that we should look at Mercantile and share the results?”

“oh. Mercenary Road too. How do you view us and say such things… . “People are shameless, absolutely not.”

I felt my face stiffen for a moment, but I was able to immediately relax after Woo Seol-hee’s next words. She has been managing her facial expressions since Woo Seol-hee’s visit, but her performance is on a different level. Sole authority that no one can touch. Smiling in a humane manner even when this authority was violated, it was like certifying that he was not just a pushover, but a dog. I didn’t want to do that.

Woo Seol-hee looked at my face while smiling brightly, and then spoke quickly.

“When I listened to the stories of the users who were rescued this time, I heard that they took all the equipment of the deceased users. I mean, on our side too. There are quite a few Alliance users who have gone in to gather information about the mountain range where the dragon sleeps, right? “What we want is the users’ equipment, or rather their keepsakes.”

“A keepsake?”

“yes. Memento. Our union is truly like a warm family. We think of each clan member as family, not as a user. There are quite a few people who have actually formed families. As such, I would like to at least retrieve their belongings and soothe the sorrow of those who lost their families. Oh, of course, I will pay a reasonable fee to retrieve it.”

“oh… . okay. “I had no idea such a situation existed.”

This is not an entirely unconventional statement. It is not that there are no users among users who keep their acquaintances’ mementos, and that it costs money. In other words, there is no problem whatsoever with justification or procedure.

Also, from the mercantile perspective, this method of processing was not a bad thing. At least it would be better than keeping it in the warehouse.

But this is the union… . No, that would not be Shinhyuk’s true intention. As part of trying to figure out his true intentions, I decided to bring up a sensitive issue.

“How are you? Mercenary Road. “I don’t think it’s such a bad offer.”

“I understand your intention. That certainly sounds like a good opinion. However, our position is a bit ambiguous to accept it as is.”

“You mean it’s ambiguous? If there is any problem with anything I said… .”

“no. As long as we follow each other’s customs, there are no problems at all. But aren’t words different? In fact, there have been more than one or two records slandering Mercantile for absurd reasons. As such, I don’t know what other records will be released under the pretext of this incident. “I think it’s better to just stay still, don’t you?”

I narrowed my eyes and looked ahead. Then Wu Seol-hee immediately shut her mouth. In fact, what he said a moment ago was quite aggressive, with the intention of sniping. But if you know that the majority of those records come from the Qur’an, and if the clan that maintains the Qur’an is the Confederacy. Woo Seol-hee must have understood what I meant.

Finally, after a moment of silence, Woo Seol-hee opened her mouth in a low voice.

“I think there is a deep misunderstanding. Mercenary Road. I think you are referring to the fact that the record criticizing mercenaries comes from the Koran, and it is true. However, if you think that is the meaning of the union, I would like to tell you that you are greatly mistaken.”

Misunderstand. First of all, it was surprising that he admitted it instead of denying it. I was curious about what excuses they would make, so I listened in silence.

“i know. I know you’ll be upset. I am very sorry about that. But I hope you know that it is something we can’t help. The management policy of the Koran is to guarantee maximum freedom. There are quite a few users who find it attractive and stay there. If we put pressure on people to prevent them from publishing such articles, it would be tantamount to violating the policy we have maintained so far. And the records are not found only in the Koran, right?”

“hmm. “It is true.”

I made an excuse, but it was an excuse that made me laugh inside. Still, when she pretended to agree a little on the outside, Seolhee Ji’s eyes sparkled as she thought it was an opportunity.

“wait a minute. Mercenary Road. So how about looking at it like this? “Let’s take a big leap and give us all the results we have achieved this time.”

“… “You mean everything?”

“Of course, we have limitations, so we have to match the price to a certain level. However, if you do so, we will return all remaining equipment to your friend free of charge. However, on the surface, they are announcing that they were provided free of charge by Mercantile at the request of the Union. In other words, you can think of it as a kind of agency.”

“yes? No, why… . “Why are you saying the coalition will act on your behalf?”

“Actually, it is compensation for the displeasure that has been going on, and we also want to improve the image of the alliance and our relationship with Mercantile. If you do that, the relationship between Mercantile and the Alliance will be reorganized, and there is room for a significant reduction in the number of malicious records in the city. how is it? “Do you think we could have a win-win situation?”

“oh… . Hora. Well, I see. “It seems like a very good idea.”

At that moment, I could barely swallow the curses that rose to the end of my throat and barely managed to speak.

Oh, I see. But it’s really funny. Just a little while ago, they were talking about freedom, but now they are going to control it on their own?


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I didn’t say it outright, but it was definitely a nuance. I wanted to grab my hair and throw it on the table right now, or quietly play the beads and watch the process of my face change.

But that can’t be possible. The greatest weapon we have right now is the fact that the enemy is unaware of the current situation. Also, I can’t give up the script I’ve been thinking about for three days and nights for a moment of catharsis. okay. Let’s be patient for now.

I pretended to be lost in thought for a moment, and in my mind, I repeated countless times that the woman in front of me was Han So-young. In fact, if the person who said this had been Istantel Row, I would have gladly accepted it. That’s because the opponent is a coalition.

After some time had passed, I smiled brightly and held out my hand. Then Woo Seol-hee also smiled beautifully.

“I have no reason to refuse you if you do this for me. great.”

“Then if we hold hands, is the deal concluded?”

Nodding her head, Woo Seol-hee let out a pleasant laugh and held the outstretched hand.

Then, suddenly, Woo Seol-hee opened her mouth with a look on her face.

“ah. In fact, is it okay for us to announce our position this time? In fact, this plan came from user Shinhyeok, a clan lord of Nambeol, not from the entire alliance. “I want to include his name in addition to mine.”

“It doesn’t really matter. However, Mercenary is expected to make an official announcement soon, so I don’t think there is a need to do so.”

“yes? An official statement?”

“yes. There’s something to be said about this mountain range where the dragon sleeps… . Anyway, there are other things to consider. “I think we can talk about this transaction later.”

Woo Seol-hee looked at me with deep eyes, nodded, and looked away. Then she spoke softly, in a tone that seemed to be spilling her words.

“If this or that… . Oh~. Come to think of it, the western city will soon become vacant. There is a lot of talk about Mercenary becoming the representative clan this time. Should we celebrate this in advance? Ho Ho… .”

And finally, Woo Seol-hee took the bait.

Since I had been waiting for these very words, I calmed myself and opened my mouth. It starts now.

“yes? “A sergeant?”

“Oh, isn’t it?”

“I am indeed. I made an announcement once last time, and there were many people who misunderstood it. The Mercenaries have no interest in the western cities. No, I do not plan to participate in the selection process itself at all.”

“No, why?”

“The magic city of Magia alone is too much, when will we manage other cities as well? There is a saying, too much is too little. Anyway, I plan to make that clear through this official announcement, and at the same time, I will also tell you what we talked about today. Well, appropriate adaptation will be involved. Anyway, can I talk about today’s story not with the entire union, but with that person named Shin Hyeok and Woo Seol-hee?”

“yes yes? yes Oh, please do that. Oh no. yes yes! “I would really appreciate it if you could do that.”

Woo Seol-hee showed a blank face for a moment, but then nodded her head. She then jumped up and wiggled her hands. Her eyes are blinking rapidly, and it looks like she wants to go out and tell this news as soon as possible.

Well, I kind of understand it. The fact that I came back made reality turn into hell, and suddenly the rope fell.

“no. Are you going already?”

“yes! I want to share this happy news even just for a moment, and since it looks like I’ll be busy in the future, I need to prepare in advance. Ho ho ho.”

“haha. Still, it would be nice if you could at least have a meal.”

“Ho Ho. I will only accept it with gratitude. Hoho, hohohoho! Well, I’m a little busy, so I’ll wake up first. “Sending off is okay.”

Woo Seol-hee quickly exchanged greetings with me and then ran outside as if she was flying.

Soon, I looked around the empty living room, hearing the sound of footsteps rushing and getting further and further away. At the same time, he smiled softly.

This is because Woo Seol-hee running away with a smile on her face, not even knowing if it was a rotten club, was quite funny.


After Woo Seol-hee left, I immediately returned to the office. Even though a considerable amount of time had passed, Cho Seung-woo was still standing in the office.

“okay. “Did you watch the video well?”

“yes. “I saw them both.”

He calmly sat down and spoke to me, and I saw his face tense up.

But he doesn’t seem angry. No, even though I came to meet the union user a little while ago, I didn’t say anything. I just slowly look at my face. It seems as if he is more concerned about what I am trying to say rather than expressing his resentment about this incident.

okay. This is exactly why I chose Seung-Woo Cho.

After thinking about Cho Seung-woo’s tendencies for a moment, I continued speaking in a relaxed voice.

“You’re probably curious. “Why was user Cho Seung-woo chosen as the clan member to replace user Jeong Ha-yeon?”

“… yes.”

“User Seungwoo Cho. I am. I don’t have a good personality to just sit back and let things happen. No, rather, the theory is based on the proverb that you give in return and receive in words. Do you know what this means?”

“I think I understand. No, you are correct.”

Although many words were omitted, Cho Seung-woo would probably have understood. In other words, there are many difficulties in having Hayeon as a partner in future work. So, the question was whether you could do what Hayeon couldn’t do.

“By the way. “I changed my mind a little bit a little while ago.”

“What do you mean by changed?”

“Originally, I was planning to give in return and receive only words. But looking at the little guys doing it, I think I should at least get a bag, or rather a stone, to ease this temper.”

“… okay. “Then what can I do?”

And Cho Seung-woo answered that he could do it.

I swung my chair around. And when I looked ahead, I could see a window with bright sunlight pouring in. Immediately, I slowly took the tobacco out of my arms and continued speaking quietly.

“We’ll probably be very busy for a while. There aren’t just one or two places I’m going to stop by, and I also have to lay down various ingredients. However, user Cho Seung-woo, first of all, please prepare an official presentation at Monica’s Square tomorrow.”

“then… . “Are you saying you’re going to make an official announcement?”

I nodded my head calmly. And after taking a sip of the lit tobacco, he softly opened his mouth.

“yes. That will be the beginning of real revenge.”

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