MEMORIZE Chapter 472

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00472 Give in words and receive in words. ————————————————– ———————-=

“Su-hyun. “What’s so funny?”

Soon I heard Go Yeon-ju’s voice and I glanced away. Go Yeon-ju still had a puzzled look on his face.

However, there is an unexpected confidence in the eyes that look at me. As expected, he is quick-witted. Maybe he has some idea of ​​why I’m smiling or what I’m thinking.

I tried to suppress the laughter that kept bursting out, and turned off the video that was still playing.

“Then isn’t it funny? The names of users are the lords of a clan, and they lead that huge alliance… .”

“why. “What you’re doing is petty?”

“no. No matter what you do, if it only benefits you, who’s going to say anything? But that’s because I’m stupid, because I’m stupid. In particular, a guy named Shinhyuk is the best asshole among assholes. ha ha ha.”

“Hmm… .”

Still, I thought it was complicated because I had an intuition that there must be something to it as the opponent was the opponent, but now there is no need to think like that. Just think about it as it is.

I put all other thoughts to one side and summarized the situation only from the coalition’s perspective.

So, this incident was planned and led by Shin Hyeok, the clan lord of the Nambeol Clan. And the user who actually took action was Song Hee-seon, a member of the Baekhwa Clan. It is clear that these two have some kind of relationship.

I think there are probably three reasons why Shinhyuk planned this incident. He wanted to take revenge (of course, from the alliance’s perspective), deteriorate Mercenary’s reputation, and use this incident to strengthen his own position.

In other words, the temporary representative clans of western cities will step down in a little while, and it seemed like this was done to give strength to the selection of regular cities such as Halo.

okay. If you summarize it without thinking too much, this is it.

then… .

It was then. While I was trying to continue my thoughts, I suddenly came to my senses and raised my gaze. Go Yeon-ju is looking at me with interest. The eyes seem to be observing something. At that moment, a thought occurred to me, and I quietly opened my mouth.

“Uhm. High user performance. “Other than this crystal ball, do you have any more information about the Southern Liberty Union?”

Go Yeon-ju didn’t say anything. However, he responded by tapping his own head.

“I enjoyed watching the video. But while watching the video, I had a few questions.”

“What question?”

“From what I understand, I have heard that the Koranic Union is almost like a family. An alliance in which each clan’s role within the alliance is defined and each clan pursues mutual development through friendly competition. But some of the users in the video were anxious because they couldn’t catch each other.”

“ah. That’s simple. “After Kim Yong-man, who once ruled the union, died, the family-like union that Su-hyeon spoke of disappeared.”

At Go Yeon-ju’s words, I gently raised one eye.

“It sounds like Yongman Kim was murdered, not just dead. I don’t know the details… . “I understand that Kim Yong-man’s death was an accident during an expedition.”

“no? “Is that intentional murder?”

Go Yeon-ju said with a bright smile. And I felt saliva running down my throat. What I said a little while ago was a fact that I also didn’t know in the first round.

“… then. “The current internal situation of the Union may not be very good.”

“yes. It’s not that bad, it’s just shit. To give an example, on the surface it appears that city management takes place on a monthly basis, but in reality, they are splitting up and competing against each other.”

“It’s about dividing sides and competing.”

“The profits from the city go directly to the representative clan. Anyway, among the videos Suhyeon watched a while ago, there are two users who should especially remember. Taejin Park and Hyuk Shin. What the two have in common is that they rose to power after the death of Kim Yong-man and his associates and took over key positions in the coalition. Currently, the user who officially took over Kim Yong-man’s position is Park Tae-jin, and is called the undisputed number one person in the union. And Shin Hyuk is evaluated as the second-in-command who threatens Park Tae-jin.”

“Park Tae-jin and Shin Hyuk… . All right. “Then what is the status of other clans?”

“The clan that supports Park Tae-jin is Mt. Baekdu in the Serengeti. The clan that supports Shinhyuk is Woo Seolhee of Artemis. “Except for these, the other four clans are currently quietly maintaining their neutrality, led by Seo Ji-hwan of the Merchant Guild.”

Every time I asked one question, Go Yeon-ju flowed out the information without stopping even once. There are no more interesting looks. His tone and attitude were just like a tutor teaching a student, so I was able to laugh to myself and feel relieved at the same time.

There were some things I didn’t know about Go Yeonju that I had heard so far, but there were also some things I did know. Comparing it to the first episode, you can roughly guess the situation.

Nevertheless, the reason why he asked them in detail one by one is because Go Yeon-ju is quick-witted.

Currently, the Southern Liberty Alliance appears to have no problems externally, and this information is not yet known to the continent. As such, if Go Yeon-ju had stumbled in the first inning and made a mistake in his words, he would not have been able to avoid suspicion.

Actually, I don’t think there would be any problem if I got caught, but for now, I was just being as careful as I could.

Anyway, this gives you all the information you need. Now there is only one thing left to do. I slowly got up and grabbed one of the crystal balls on the desk. Then Go Yeon-ju’s listless gaze suddenly turns towards me.

“So, what are you going to do now?”

“hmm? “How can you do it?”

“It’s strange. “Are you really asking because you don’t know?”

“ha ha ha.”

I naturally laughed and threw the crystal ball in my hand. The crystal ball rose to the head, then descended again and landed in the hand. After repeating the throw and catch three or four times, I quietly opened my mouth.

“What should I do? “Now I have to work.”


Go Yeon-ju asked back in a puzzled voice. Looking at Ami who was frowning slightly, I repeated the words with a slightly teasing tone.

“Let’s work. Day. Ah, this job was really hard. High user performance.”

“… yes?”

After a while, Go Yeon-ju’s face turned blank.


Time passed quickly. Three days have already passed since Ahn Hyeon and Jeong Ha-yeon left Mercantile House.

In the meantime, Kim Soo-hyun had to stay busy without much notice as he had to deal with a mountain of work. Although he faced a huge event called the Union, in fact, it was not the only thing.

Of course, there is a very simple way to solve this case. The method is simple. All you have to do is reveal the two crystal balls Go Yeon-joo brought to the outside world. Then, those involved will not be able to avoid severe punishment, and the image of the Southern Liberty Union will fall to the ground.

But Kim Soo-hyun didn’t do that. No, I didn’t exactly intend to do that. Kim Soo-hyun’s personality does not allow things to go on like this.

Kim Soo-hyun planned to handle this incident in a slightly different direction, as he usually believes in the proverb, ‘Give in return and receive in return.’ That’s why he just sat quietly and watched the situation.

So, he turned his attention to other things first, but now Kim Soo-hyun had nothing to worry about. As there are currently more than 50 members of the Mercantile Clan, there were several capable users.

On the third day, when the morning sun rose in the sky.

Cho Seung-woo finally received a call from Kim Soo-hyun.

After Ha-yeon Jeong, who was in charge of Mercenary’s overall internal affairs, left, it was Seung-woo Cho who took over the position.

Cho Seung-woo was very nervous when he received Kim Soo-hyun’s first call. He was able to take over while Kim Soo-hyun was off to the mountains where the dragon sleeps, because the workload required was no joke.

That wasn’t all. Ahn Hyun and Jeong Ha-yeon left Monica. One was the most favored clan member, and the other was the clan member who was most vocal along with Go Yeon-ju.

If that were the case, I threw it away just because I made one mistake.

Of course, it was a very big mistake, but this decision revealed Kim Soo-hyun’s personality and at the same time clearly raised the awareness of clan members. To that extent, Jo Seung-woo did not let go of tension, but at the same time, he felt excited.

Each and every member of the Mercenary clan is formidable. You can’t show off without some user information. Seungwoo Cho was also not a user who would stand out significantly by Mercantile standards.

However, after Ha-yeon Jeong stepped down, an unexpected opportunity came to Seung-woo Cho.

okay. This was an opportunity. That too is a huge opportunity. You can’t stand out just by working hard as a clan member and doing what you’re told to do. Because that was something everyone did.

However, the sudden arrival of a position in charge of Mercenary’s internal affairs must mean that Kim Soo-hyun wants something. Cho Seung-woo, who thought so, pledged that he would accomplish anything. Then he swallowed his saliva and stared at Kim Soo-hyun sitting in front of him.


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“The performance report said I would leave today… . We plan to dispatch personnel who returned from a business trip again today… . That’s good. It seems like things are finally settling down again. Oh, what happened to the client?”

“After the invasion of the Mountains where the Dragon Sleeps, all the knights who slandered our clan disappeared. The Northern Continent’s reaction to this attack was half surprise and half curiosity about how they achieved it. Additionally, his client Kim Su-jeong paid the balance without saying anything. And as a thank you, I would like to visit you sometime… .”

“okay. Once you pay the balance, you don’t have to see it anymore. Please tell me I politely decline, and what is it like inside the clan these days?”

“Since the return of the Clan Lord, there has been a clear center of gravity. Everyone is currently concentrating on their assigned tasks, and some are saying that they should be especially careful in their future actions after this incident. ah. And there are some opinions as to when the castle will be opened.”

What Seungwoo Cho said was true. Right now, even Cho Seung-woo felt reassured in his heart as he looked at Kim Soo-hyun sitting in his office.

In Mercenary, Kim Soo-hyun was that kind of person. He is a user who has never made a wrong decision and has achieved success in everything he does.

Jo Seung-woo, who reflected on the thought that he was only an agent, looked at Kim Soo-hyun, who was shaking his head.

“It’s about performance and openness… . That’s good too. But user Seungwoo Cho. Rather than that. There are more important things to do now. “It’s something much more important.”

“Is it important?”

Kim Soo-hyun kept his mouth shut for a moment, then quietly raised his hand and gestured. It was a signal to come closer.

Eventually, as Jo Seung-woo took a few steps closer, Kim Soo-hyun put his hand in his arms and placed something on it. When I looked closely, I saw that it was a crystal ball. Not just a crystal ball, but a crystal ball for video recording.

Kim Soo-hyun said.

“What does this look like?”

“It appears to be a crystal ball for video recording.”

“That is correct. However, it is not an ordinary crystal ball sold commercially.”

“then… .”

“It was when we attacked the magic city of Magia before. I once received an achievement called Marvolo’s Preservation Magic Bead. To put it bluntly, this crystal ball is a special crystal ball that contains some fragments of magic beads for preservation. “It is a new item created by Vivien, and has the function of arbitrarily controlling the flow of magic inside and maintaining it permanently.”

“… Is that possible?”

Seungwoo Cho is also a wizard. As I understood Kim Soo-hyun’s words right away, I couldn’t help but feel a surprising feeling. If that was true, the crystal ball in front of me was like a hidden camera with some kind of protective coloring.

“ha ha ha. There is no need to understand it in detail. “Would you like to grab something and look at the contents first?”

“… All right.”

Seungwoo Cho blinked once or twice and then carefully nodded his head. And he slowly stretched out his hand and composed his mind. In the morning he finished several reports, but none of them were really important. To be precise, these are the basic things you have to do once you take on this position.

Kim Soo-hyun said it was definitely important.

In other words, the real thing begins now. Depending on whether or not you can handle the tasks assigned to you by looking at this crystal ball now, it will be decided whether you will remain an ordinary user in the future or whether you will become a user who can speak out a little more.

Thinking like that, Jo Seung-woo gathered his trembling heart and stretched out his hand toward the crystal ball.

Then, at some point, Seungwoo Cho reflexively stopped his actions. Suddenly, the corners of Kim Soo-hyun’s mouth rose slightly, and his lips parted to reveal his pure white teeth.

Seungwoo Cho closed his eyes tightly without realizing it and then opened them again. Then he could see Kim Soo-hyun as usual, nodding his head as if telling him to turn around quickly.

But Cho Seung-woo clearly saw it. Kim Soo-hyun’s face did not appear to be in shadow, but the person underneath her clearly remembered it.

Of course, he may have merely laughed, but he is a man who rarely smiles to begin with. And the atmosphere that came out was one that felt a sense of distance, quite different from the Kim Soo-hyun I had seen so far.

‘Was he originally like this?’

Seungwoo Cho tilted his head. But now that he was there, he couldn’t really do anything, so he calmly placed his hand on his crystal ball.

It was then.

smart! Knock knock!

“Brother! Brother! “We’re in big trouble!”

There were several knocks on the door, followed by an urgent voice flowing through the door. It was Ansol’s voice.

Jo Seung-woo, who was just about to infuse his magic, looked at Kim Soo-hyun in surprise. Then Kim Soo-hyun took a deep breath and shook his head.

“You don’t have to worry. It won’t be a big deal anyway. okay. “What’s going on?”

When Kim Soo-hyun shouted, the door burst open and Ansol walked in. Her eyes were blinking rapidly compared to her calm gait.

“Brother! huh… ?”

Ansol, who was just about to open his mouth, was shocked for a moment when he saw Cho Seung-woo. Then he cleared his throat a few times and straightened his neck and back. And Jo Seung-woo smiled bitterly as he watched her make a solemn face. Yes, he is also an attendant, so this is it.

“Brother, no, Ansol, the Clan Lord’s attendant, will tell you. ah. “This is important, so user Seungwoo Cho, could you please leave for a moment?”

“Don’t fuss… . after. “It’s okay, so I’m just going to say it.”

As if he didn’t like Kim Soo-hyun’s words, Ansol folded his arms cutely. She then cleared her throat and then quietly opened her mouth.

“A guest has arrived. “They say they’re the Southern Liberties Union, and they want to see the Clan Lord.”

Finally, the moment Ansol spoke, Kim Soo-hyun’s face changed completely.

And after a while.

After a moment of silence, Kim Soo-hyun stood up and said a word.

“It’s a big deal.”

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