MEMORIZE Chapter 469

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Tuk! Fight!

The water droplets falling as rain dotted the ground. The sun that rose in the morning was still high in the sky, but small, round liquid condensations were slowly flowing down from the sky, as if it was due to rain.

Around this time, the ground, which was slightly dusty, became somewhat wet.

Anhyeon was looking at the pond with slight ripples. After being dragged out of the conference room, the place I ended up at was this pond.

But are you really looking at a pond?

The pupils are blurry. Looking at the pond but not seeing it.

The mouth is slightly open. I don’t think anything.

No, before that. I don’t even know why I’m here right now.

The only raindrops that landed on my head were falling in a single stream that passed my eyes.

It was like that. Looking at the pond, Ahn Hyeon’s mind was extremely cloudy.

But one thought did not leave my empty mind and continued to echo.

‘first. As of this moment, I will no longer recognize Ahn Hyun as a Mercenary Clan member.’

‘second. We will retrieve all the equipment you provided as a clan member. Still, I acknowledge that I have made some contributions so far, and I will acknowledge the ownership of a rare class Qigong lancer.’

‘third. ‘I will not keep my employee Ahn Hyeon in the Monica branch and order him to be transferred to Prinsica.’

‘As I said earlier, I will not receive any objections to this decision. That is all.’

Four declarations ending with ‘That’s it.’

Each of those declarations was no different from Kim Soo-hyun’s death sentence to Ahn Hyun. It is probation, but it is not probation. He is no longer a Mercenary Clan member, his equipment has been confiscated, and he cannot be in Monica. In fact, it was the same thing as expulsion.

Expulsion from Mercenary.

Who would have predicted Ahn Hyeon’s expulsion?

For Ahn Hyeon, it was an unbelievable declaration.

It’s a relationship that started when we entered the rite of passage.

I’ve been following it since the User Academy.

After the caravan era, he was also present when the Mercantile Clan was founded.

I have been by Kim Soo-hyun’s side for the longest time, longer than anyone else.

If so.

No, maybe that’s why I couldn’t believe it even more.

The fact that he was abandoned by the person he trusted and followed the most.

The fact that now I can’t even face cold eyes, let alone warm eyes.

Ahn Hyeon suddenly remembered the gaze in the conference room and cupped his face with both hands.

It was then.

“I asked where he was… .”

“… … ?”

A low, calm voice that can be heard at first glance. Thinking that it might be Kim Soo-hyun, Ahn Hyun quickly turned around. OK.


A small pouch flew in front of Anhyeon. When I suddenly accepted it, I felt a heavy weight. Anhyun fiddled with her pockets for a moment and then looked up blankly.

“You were shivering here alone. “Thunder Naked.”

So, contrary to what was expected, the person standing in front of Ahn Hyun was not Kim Soo-hyun. Sharp facial features and neatly organized long purple hair. He was Heo Jun-young.

Ahn Hyeon, who had just opened his mouth, suddenly realized that his throat was tight. After making it discreet once or twice, Ahn Hyeon spoke vaguely.

“older brother… . This… .”

“Gold and some jewels. “We heard that we would be kicked out penniless, so the clan members collected it without the clan leader’s knowledge.”

“Oh, no. Something like this… .”

“Then why don’t you take it back? Anyway, I made it clear.”

With those last words, Heo Jun-young turned his body like a sword. However, just before taking a step, he half-turned his head and spoke in a slightly lowered voice.

“… Or you can just put it in your arms. “I didn’t put in that much anyway.”

“… thank you.”

“hmm. then… . Oops, I forgot one thing. Brother Sangnam and Sister Nono were looking for you. “If you’re feeling a bit nervous, let’s go give it a try.”


Brother Sangnam and Sister Nono were a husband and wife user who managed the Mercianry restaurant. Because his cooking skills were so good, Ahn Hyeon often used him even when not eating, and they developed a close relationship with him.

Ahn Hyeon asked back, but Heo Jun-young was already walking forward like the wind. The distance increases in an instant.

Ahn Hyeon watched the back moving away for a long time. Then, when he was completely out of sight, he put the bag he was holding in his hand into his bosom. And he took his steps slowly, very slowly.

“Ha, I still can’t believe it… . Employee, confiscation of equipment, transfer to Prinsica? There’s no branch there, right? “At best, there are only bars and inns, right?”

“Yes. In fact, Hyeoni is not an ordinary user or a user who deserves to be treated like this. “This is just like telling them to get out of the mercenary.”

As soon as she opened the door and entered the lobby, several voices flowed into Ahn Hyeon’s ears. I raised my head from afar. On the lobby bulletin board was a record of the results of today’s meeting. And in front of it, a couple of clan members are standing around talking.

“Besides, Hayeon is also moving out… . At least Hangyeol is on probation. Isn’t the clan load really too much? No matter how much you have a position… .”

“I am indeed. Dongseok oppa is also very funny. “I said that I would be disappointed if the morning went by without a hitch.”

“Ah, who would have thought it would be this severe? Actually, I was annoyed by this incident, but it wasn’t that I disliked Hyeoni on a human level. “In fact, he was someone I liked.”

“That’s right. When this happens, I feel so sorry for you. Me too, Hyeon… . uh? brother Brother!”

Then, as if she finally realized that Ahn Hyun was there, the woman who was in the middle of talking suddenly stopped talking.

Anhyeon immediately turned his head. Then, I reflexively turned and walked quickly into the passage on the right. There were faint sounds behind him, such as someone calling his name or clearing his throat, but Ahn Hyeon walked into the restaurant without turning around even once.

The restaurant tables were empty. Even though it’s not meal time, there might be one or two people sitting there occasionally, but there’s no one in sight.

Only a couple, a man and a woman, are standing near the kitchen, gesturing for Ahn Hyeon to come this way. Then, I am guided by a hand gesture and approach with a feeling of being possessed. Soon, when he saw the food on the table, a thought crossed An Hyun’s eyes.

Anhyeon had to try hard to somehow remain calm. The man with her sad eyes and cool features, and the woman with her intelligent appearance smiled warmly and gazed at Ahn Hyeon, even though she seemed to be a threat at first glance.

The man’s name was Sangnam, and the woman was called Nono. Of course, her name wasn’t really Nono, and she wanted to be called that, so everyone was calling her Nono.

Nono said, twirling a kitchen knife with a rose pattern engraved on it.

“I heard the news. “I heard you’re leaving this time?”

“Uh huh. honey.”

Sangnam smiled and warned in a polite voice, but Nono blinked with a puzzled look on his face. His attitude was that he had said something wrong. Soon, when Sangnam stared at him, Nono shrugged his shoulders, quenching his appetite.


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“Anyway, it looks like Junyoung said it well, right? I called you to have a hearty meal before leaving. Since she is the second most loyal customer to our restaurant after Vivian, we will provide this level of service. Hehehe.”

Ahn Hyeon smiled faintly at the kind words.

“thank you… . Now that I think about it, what about Yerin… ?”

“I’m sleeping soundly now. By the way, straighten your face, man. If you don’t have anything to say… .”

“haha… .”

“Ugh. But how on earth did this happen? you… .”

Nono asked with a curious look on his face, but immediately stopped talking. This is because Sangnam grabbed Nono’s arm again. Sangnam quickly shook his head and opened his mouth in a grave voice.

“I made it with what you usually like. “I hope you eat and gain some energy.”

“… … .”

“If you remember me from time to time, don’t hesitate to contact me. You can either go directly, or we will tell you when the Clan Lord is not there. haha… .”

“… … .”

Ahn Hyeon didn’t say anything in response to the endlessly warm words. No, I couldn’t.

Eventually, Sangnam quietly retreated, dragging Nono with him, and the restaurant became completely empty. Anhyun was left alone in this huge restaurant. Anhyeon sat down in her seat as if she was collapsing as she looked at the food that was so full that she thought her upper legs would break. She then looked down at her table in bewilderment.

How much time has passed like that?

After a long time has passed, Ahn Hyeon’s hand, which had been stopped, begins to move slowly. And he slowly moved his hand toward the foods he had often eaten in the past. As he ate the food little by little, Ahn Hyun gradually began to realize his reality.

After today, I have to go to Princica tomorrow. Now I am not a clan member, I have no equipment, and there is no one who looks after me. When I thought about that, I felt empty and distant.

One spoon, two spoons, three spoons, four spoons.

I was using the spoon mechanically, but I couldn’t feel any taste. It was definitely the food I usually ate and it tasted the same. However, Anhyeon’s current feelings were too complicated to savor each bite. The pressure that was slowly coming on me even oppressed all the senses in my body.

Ahn Hyeon, who had been putting in food again and again, suddenly realized that no more food could be added. His mouth was full and his throat was tight.

Still, the moment I forced the spoon in, my throat got clogged, and my eyes suddenly became sore and tears welled up in my eyes. What I had been holding in for so long came pouring out. It wasn’t a raindrop.

Anhyun reached out his hand to grab the cup and drank it to the fullest. After Mokuldae moved three or four times, Ahn Hyeon took a deep breath and buried his body. Meanwhile, the streaks running down his cheeks were stretching and leaving marks.

Are the tears coming out now out of sadness, or are they crying out of a sore throat?

Ahn Hyeon, who asked himself the question, looked up blankly at the ceiling. The soft light is fluttering dimly. As I quietly closed my eyes, many thoughts passed through my head.

The meeting started without any time to compose yourself. Kim Soo-hyun’s gaze. A declaration that was so heartless. Clan members’ gaze. Many stories surrounding yourself. All of this flashes in Ahn Hyeon’s mind and then subsides.

And, it was that moment.

‘Besides, Hayeon is also moving out… . At least Hangyeol is on probation. Isn’t the clan load really too much? No matter how much you have a position… .’

When Ahn Hyun remembered what she heard in the lobby, her closed eyes opened wide.

“Ha-yeon has moved out… ?”

Ahn Hyun was not standing alone in the center of the conference room. Hayeon and Hangyeol were standing together. However, his hair had turned gray since he first heard the declaration, and he did not even realize how he got out of the conference room. Ahn Hyeon was unable to pay attention to the two people.

Thoughts were long, but actions were quick. Anhyun quickly got up and opened the restaurant door without any delay. The place Hayeon usually goes is her private lab on the 3rd floor or her dorm. Among them, the location chosen by Ahn Hyeon was the laboratory on the third floor of the main building.

“omg! omg!”

I ran out of breath and climbed the stairs frantically. She quickly reached the third floor, and the moment she opened the door to her personal laboratory, Ahn Hyeon stopped in her tracks as if it were a lie.

Hayeon was also alone in her personal lab. She has a calm face as always. However, she is carrying a rather large bag in both her slender hands. The magic books that were neatly placed and the research equipment that were neatly lined up.

The lab, which was always neatly organized, was suddenly empty.

“oh. “Is Hyeon here?”

Finally, when Hayeon turned around and smiled, Ahn Hyeon felt like his breath was taken away. This is because her unexpected expectations have come true. For some reason, her inexplicable guilt and self-loathing came crashing down like waves.

After just watching for a while, Anhyun stumbled inside. And he spoke in a stuttering voice.

“Sister, why are you… .”

“huh? iced coffee. I also received an order to move out. So I was in the middle of packing. Ho Ho. There are a lot of them, by the way. Could you please help me… .”

“Sister… . It’s not you… !”

“… … .”

Hayeon naturally spoke. However, as Ahn Hyun’s screaming scream continued, she closed her mouth for a moment. Then she raised her clear eyes and looked straight at Anhyun.

Ahn Hyeon said. No, he shouted.

“I-I was wrong. It’s definitely my fault! But why did you… !”

“no. “It’s my fault too.”



Hayeon spoke in a soft voice, but lightly cut off Ahn Hyeon’s words. She continued her words with a slight smile.

“Stop acting like a fool. I took Soohyun’s place and granted your request. “The moment a request is stamped, it is an undeniable fact, no matter the circumstances.”

“but… .”

“Now that it’s all over, what… . it’s okay. Don’t worry about me, worry about yourself. I am still a clan member and my equipment is still the same. At least I’m better than you? Ho Ho.”

“under… .”

Hayeon said nothing was wrong and started packing her bags. Anhyeon looked around with a helpless expression on his face, and then he clenched his teeth. Then, suddenly, my thoughts went crazy to the remaining person and I asked in a lost mood.

“Hangyeol. What about Hangyeol?!”

“Hangyeol? He’s on probation. But unlike you, I’m just on probation. However, they said that I was on probation and that I needed to recuperate. I guess my mental state is really bad right now. They say that if the aftereffects are severe, mental illness may develop… .”

“… What, what? Aftereffects? Mental illness?”

“huh. From what I’ve heard, it looks like the soul was pulled out and then put back in somehow. Anyway, I’m worried. If something goes wrong, you’ll need to recuperate for quite some time… . But you didn’t know?”

I didn’t know the exact circumstances. When I came to my senses, I was in the city, and upon returning, I was ordered to leave almost immediately.

Hayeon carefully packed her bag and placed it lightly on the desk. Then, when she could no longer hear Ahn Hyun’s words, she tilted her head and looked towards her door.

And, I could see it.

Hayeon looked at Anhyeon and slowly stretched out her hand with a slightly surprised face.

“Hyun, you… . Did you cry? “Are you crying?”

It was like that. Anhyeon was crying. Her mouth was tightly closed, but tears were continuously flowing from her eyes. The tears that had been gathering in my eyes and slowly leaking out came pouring out like a dam as a result of the huge shock I received from the words I had just heard. As she had Ansol as her younger brother, the shock Anhyun received was indescribable.

And finally, a thought slowly began to rise within Anhyun.

It wasn’t a denial of reality that I couldn’t believe. It wasn’t even a grudge against Kim Soo-hyun. It wasn’t a trivial worry about the future.

That’s right.

“why me… .”

Why did I do that?

“What did you… .”

What have I done now?

The true nature of the problem finally emerged within Ahn Hyeon.

Thinking was no longer limited to individuals.

What did you do? And what was the result of that action.

Ahn Hyeon was finally able to realize it.

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