MEMORIZE Chapter 466

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“Business… . hey. Let’s not be too hard on each other. Because killing him was a joke. huh? Is it really necessary to go to the extent of killing Go Yeon-joo? ha ha ha.”

After gently releasing the pressure on your eyes, speak soothingly in a calm voice.

Anyway, since I was in the position of asking for a favor, once I had tightened my grip, it was time to gently loosen it. Also, one way or another, the opponent was a slut who reigned at the top of the food chain in the shadows of the hole plane.

“okay. Let’s call it a request, a request, not a business. Our Mercenaries are also a mercenary clan. “If you handle this matter well, I’ll take care of you so you won’t be upset.”

(Hmm. It’s a request… Is there anything to do with your departure to the mountains where the dragon sleeps this time?)

“okay. The incident between Ahn Hyun and Baek Han-gyeol… . You probably know at least a little bit, right? “A caravan that I’ve never heard of has requested us, but the request process is somewhat unclear.”

(Hmm…. It doesn’t make sense….)

The voice coming from the crystal sphere was much quieter than before. Since Salmun is building the same system as Mercanary, his mind seems to have relaxed a little when he changed the word to ‘request’.

After taking a moment to think, I heard a man’s rough voice.

(Perhaps the real client is not Kim Soo-jeong, but a user named Song Hee-seon. She is currently a user for two years and is one of the members of the Southern Freedom Alliance. Her clan is the Baekhwa Clan. The upper part has a user named Min Baekhwa as the clan lord. It is a clan. It can be said to be a large clan to some extent as it is responsible for one axis of its finances.)

Listening to the man’s words, I was slightly impressed. Even though we haven’t even gotten to the main point yet, the information was flowing out of us as if we knew what to ask.

In fact, it was information that I knew up to this point, but it showed that Salmun’s information power was still alive and well.

“okay. I know up to that point. So, this means that there is a high possibility that the Southern Liberty Union was involved in a trick… . Honestly, it’s hard to believe that the Hundred Flower Clan did that.”

(Yes, the user Baekhwa Min has a reputation as a user who does good deeds, but in reality, she is not a user worthy of doing something like this rather than being good. She is a woman who only cares for herself and her clan. As such, it is unlikely that she acted alone. It’s one of three: an accomplice, a bystander, or unaware.)

“There is a high possibility that another clan was involved… . But there would be no reason for them to attack us, right? “I don’t remember bumping into each other.”

(That’s one side of the story. Mercenary Lord. There is no attack without reason. The other party has a good reason for doing this. They may have a grudge or they may have used it as a scapegoat. Especially in the case of a neutral clan like Mercenary. That’s right.)

I thought I knew what he was talking about, so I nodded my head.

“is it… . It’s pointless to argue now. Anyway, I understand. “Is there any other information?”

(Well, all I can tell you right now are superficial things. We need to find out the details now. So, which one should I look into first?)

When asked to specify my demands, I opened my mouth without any hesitation.

“Go Yeon-ju has probably been active for two to three weeks already. I will tell you separately, so you can just help Go Yeon-joo. “You know what I mean, right?”

(Really? The Shadow Queen? She must have gone to the mountains where the dragon sleeps….)

The man asked in a surprised voice. And I smiled inwardly. The fact that Salmun didn’t know was proof that Go Yeon-ju was carrying out the instructions I gave him excellently.

“iced coffee. “I secretly sent him back as soon as he arrived at the mountain range where the dragon sleeps.”

(Huh… I was wondering why you asked us to do this…)

The man muttered in a dejected yet disgruntled voice.

It was then.

“then… .”

(In that case, I will not accept this request.)

Just as I was about to say thank you, the man expressed his intention to refuse. I wondered if I had heard wrong, but no. For a moment, my face frowned and I quietly opened my mouth.

“Are you kidding me?”

(I’m not kidding. If the Shadow Queen is already active, there’s no room for us to interfere.)

“what? “What do you mean by that?”

(Literally, Mercenary Lord. Don’t you underestimate the Shadow Queen?)

That wasn’t it. I am well aware of Ko Yeon-ju’s abilities. Nevertheless, the reason I contacted Salmun like this was because I thought I could not rely solely on Go Yeon-ju.

“I know what you mean. Good things are good things. “Let’s be a little more clear.”

(This is… I don’t know how to explain it… Mercenary Road. As an aside, do you know how many people our group originally had?)

I shook my head. I suddenly wanted to ask what he was talking about, but I swallowed it in my throat. I knew very well that the man reflected in the crystal ball right now was someone who didn’t say white things carelessly.

(At its peak, there were 24 people. With the Shadow Queen leaving, the number was reduced to 19, and now there are 18 including myself. And thanks to someone a year ago, only 7 remain now.)

“… “There’s no need to tell me who it is.”

(…To put it bluntly, it was a time when we were at our peak. Even if all 23 people except the Shadow Queen rushed in to collect information, it would be similar to or worse than gathering the information by the Shadow Queen alone. The Shadow Queen is that kind of being.)

“… … .”

I scratched my head with one hand. So, are you saying that there is no need for them now that Go Yeon-joo is active?

(Not only that. The Shadow Queen is a very proud user in this regard. Our involvement will offend her.)

“I’m good at that…” .”

(Ah. Of course, we will be laughing in front of Mercenary Road. To be honest, that is hard to believe… Anyway, but not us. We will definitely be at a disadvantage in some way.)

“No, how can you be so sure of that?”

(This is a user I raised. But don’t you know? We’re scared of you, but we’re also scared of the Shadow Queen.)

“… Tsk.”

I weakly lowered the crystal ball. I’m saying this because I have nothing else to say.

Then, perhaps because I realized my vision had changed, I heard a cough or two from below.

(Hmm. First, receive the Shadow Queen’s report, and if you feel it is not enough, please request it again at that time. However, we cannot find information that is difficult for her to find out, and we will give up information that she cannot find out. Please keep this in mind. Please contact us.)

“Are you asking me to contact you or not? Anyway, I get it. “I’ll contact you again later.”

Seeing that he constantly emphasized requests, it seems like he still wanted to build up some pride. With that thought in mind, I mercilessly cut off the spell. The crystal ball made a small noise and then slowly returned to its dark color.

I sighed for a moment and then put the crystal ball into my arms. I felt a little embarrassed. Because I had no idea that Salmun would bend this far.

In fact, even if you don’t know much about Go Yeon-joo because you’ve always seen her look soft and supple, you know how vicious Salmun is.


A group that is cruel, vicious, and has a lot of pride. Although we never actually encountered each other, there was a rumor going around that even the murder brigade would avoid murder.

If that’s the case, since Go Yeon-ju is there, they don’t need them?

It didn’t really hit me yet, but I heard Salmun’s position and the contact eventually ended. So, I thought it would be better to first go back and listen to the information Go Yeon-ju had gathered, and then decide whether or not to use Salmun in the future.

So, I calmly turned around and walked towards the campsite.

Before we knew it, complete darkness had descended on the surrounding desert, creating a gloomy atmosphere.

While I was walking aimlessly, a thought suddenly passed through my head.

What kind of life did Go Yeonju live in the early days of Hol Plain? What kind of life has he lived so far that he doesn’t say a word about his past?

I’m curious. I’m so curious.

I thought about asking, but quickly put it out of my mind. It’s not that I don’t have curiosity, but I know that I have no right to ask that question carelessly.

Because I, too, was hiding about my past.


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I smiled and looked up.

Before I knew it, the lights of the camp were starting to appear again in the distance.


When Ahn Hyeon first opened his eyes, what he saw was a blurry and vague world.

It wasn’t visible in detail. It was just a small, weak light that kept moving as if it would disappear, and there was an unknown noise coming from around it. That was all.

“eww… .”

Suddenly, a strong feeling of dizziness struck and Ahn Hyun immediately closed his eyes. She tried to move somehow, but her whole body had no strength. She instinctively opened her mouth, but only dry sounds came out. Her head awoke slightly, but no thoughts occurred to her.

Just everything was confusing.

Eventually, when the dizziness that threatened to split his forehead subsided slightly, Ahn Hyeon gently opened his eyes.

It’s better than before. But it still wasn’t normal. I was able to distinguish objects, but it felt like the whole world was shaking. It feels like looking under water.

The first thing I saw was the dark night sky and two women.

Hanbyeol Kim and Vivien.

Kim Han-byeol was looking down at Ahn Hyeon with surprised eyes, and Vivien was turning her head somewhere and opening her mouth with all her might.

Soon, Ahn Hyun quietly closed his eyes as he felt a rush of pressure coming from one side. Although his mind was trying to stay awake a little longer, his body was complaining of extreme fatigue. In the end, unable to overcome the darkness that gradually came to her, Ahn Hyun collapsed and closed her eyes.

How much time has passed? How much time has passed?

Although the film cut off a few times, Ahn Hyeon’s mind was still holding on to his senses once he woke up.

Then suddenly, Anhyun felt a strange feeling. Or should I say it’s a strange feeling. She didn’t feel it, but every now and then, she felt like her body was shaking.

Ahn Hyeon soon opened his eyes gently, and immediately opened them wide.

I think I saw the night sky just a moment ago, but what I see now is not a dark night. On the contrary, it was a brightly lit morning world, and the surrounding scenery was passing slowly in one direction.

The moment Ahn Hyeon reflexively looked away, he realized. He realized that he was riding on someone’s back.


Soon a strange sound was heard, and from that moment on, the world Anhyun saw began to slowly change again. Against her will, she saw the sky and felt a soft touch on her back.

“ah… .”

Ahn Hyeon opened his mouth again. But the sound that came out was still a dry moan.

Anhyeon suddenly felt dry in his throat and desperately searched for water. Then, as if he knew what he was feeling, something round was pushed into his mouth. And cold liquid quietly flowed through it.

As if the liquid was the water of life, Ahn Hyeon drank it without hesitation. Then his dry mouth became moist and his burning thirst gradually subsided.

The moment he felt a ray of cool energy cutting through his chest, the reason that had been sleeping inside him awakened and slowly invaded Ahn Hyeon’s mind. Her return of reason allowed her Anhyeon’s mind to think normally, and she began to see and hear things around her one by one.

“Hey, hey! Anhyeon! are you okay? “Can you see me?”

“Ahn Hyeon-gun! Do you come to your senses? Ahn Hyeon-gun!”

“Look at this guy. I woke up as soon as I reached the city gates. “You damn thunderbolt.”

“Oh, kinda. “Why do you keep doing this to my brother?”

Anhyun looked up blankly. She saw red hair blocking out the bright world and red eyes staring down at her. At first glance, she looked fierce, but her trembling eyes were showing concern.

At the same time, many familiar faces came into view through Anhyun’s vision. Lee Yu-jeong, Shin Jae-ryong, Heo Jun-young, An Sol… .

“older brother! older brother! Are you okay now? Are you awake? “Answer me, brother!”

When Baek Han-gyeol’s face appeared, Ahn Hyeon finally came to his senses.

Ahn Hyeon blinked once or twice and opened his mouth with difficulty.

“one… … … … texture?”

“yes. that’s right! “Brother, it’s me.”

“Uh, how… .”

“You don’t have to worry about anything now. “Suhyeon saved us!”

Soohyun’s brother? Saved it? Brother saved us? Ahn Hyeon, who barely managed to organize his thoughts, reflexively stood up. But he immediately fell back down. Reason has returned, but senses have only just recovered and are not yet complete.

“Lay down. “Thunder Naked.”

“Clan Lord! “Ahn Hyeon has regained full consciousness!”

At that time, the moment Ahn Hyeon heard the word Clan Lord, he gritted his teeth without realizing it. And he desperately raised his eyelids, which were trying to close.

“Ugh… … !”

When I finally raised my head, I saw the face of a man staring down at me from in front. It was a face I had missed so much and missed so much. At first glance, he looks expressionless and cold, but sometimes he shows warm eyes… .

“brother… .”

Anhyeon slowly, very slowly raised his hand.

It was then.

“Well, I’m glad.”

Anhyun’s hand, which had been slowly rising, suddenly stopped.

“Anyway, since we’ve arrived in the city, let’s go back to Mercenary House. “Everyone will be waiting.”

‘Well, that’s a relief.’

‘Anyway, we arrived in the city… .’

The tone was quiet as always, but for some reason, Anhyeon could hear it clearly.

No, before that, Kim Soo-hyun’s gaze pierced my heart. Those eyes were very cold. The eyes were not polite or contained even the slightest warmth, but rather looked as if they were looking at ‘another person’.

Of course, Ahn Hyeon didn’t want a celebration party just because he woke up. She had no intention of doing so, and she knew she had done wrong.

However, it was Ahn Hyun who always received Kim Soo Hyun’s attention first. However, when she suddenly saw such a reaction, a sad feeling that went beyond unfamiliar feelings surged into Ahn Hyeon’s heart.

But either way, Kim Soo-hyun continued speaking as if he didn’t care at all.

“by the way… . Did you contact the crystal ball? “I think everyone will be surprised.”

“yes yes? ah… . “I just put it in to user Jeong Ha-yeon.”

Finally, the moment when Kim Soo-hyun inadvertently turns his head and says the word Doran-do to someone.


Ahn Hyeon’s hand, which was slightly shaking, fell weakly.

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