MEMORIZE Chapter 463

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00463 Another war has already begun. ————————————————– ———————-=

『Eve’s lineage.』

4. In accordance with the wishes of user Kim Han-byeol, new conditions were opened through the power of Ganesha. The new condition is the designation of the ability score to be decreased.

However, the user Kim Soo-hyun does not have the option to specify the ability level to be lowered, and it has already been designated by Ganesha’s will.

When selecting the fourth condition, the user Kim Soo-hyun’s physical strength is reduced by 2 points and returns to 4 points. (All other conditions except this are applied as original.)

User Hanbyeol Kim’s Amor Nuntios: This is the effect of a wish expressed solely by user Hanbyeol Kim and user Soohyun Kim.

After leaving the second basement level, I stared blankly at the message floating in the air.

Eve’s lineage renewed the conditions.

No, to be exact, should I say addition? The total number of options increased from three to four.

It’s a definite benefit. When the fourth condition is activated, the physical strength level drops to 90 points. However, the lost 2 points are immediately returned to 4 points, and the doubly converted points can raise the ability score below 91 points depending on the conditions.

What this means is that you can raise your physical strength again without being subject to the conditions. In the end, it could be raised to 94 points, so it was like raising an additional 2 points.

But this is not all. There are currently 6 free ability points remaining. If you increase these points additionally, you can eventually increase your physical strength to 100 points.

In other words, although it may not be up to 101 points that can fully handle Hwajeong, it can be raised up to 100 points that can achieve the second awakening.

– Ah… . hey! Is there anywhere I can get an extra 2 points, or even 1 point?

Hwajeong had been complaining a little while ago, as if she was upset about the current situation.

2 points or 1 point.

I was quiet and lost in thought. But I was able to open my eyes right away. This is because a way to get additional points suddenly occurred to me.

Steel Mountains.

All users who conquer the Steel Mountains and enter Atlanta are given 1 free ability point. First of all, just by using this method, you will be able to increase your stamina to at least 101 points.

So, this means that fully using Hwajeong is no longer just a dream. With my heart suddenly pounding, I stared at the user information window helplessly.

Anyway, shall we try raising it to 100 points first?

– no. Don’t post it right now.


– Post it later. In a quiet place where no one will disturb you. Anyway, that’s enough for now, let’s quickly go to that place called the Steel Mountains. hurry!

no. I need to at least roughly explain why that is the case.

“brother? brother?”


That’s it, I’m just trying to appease Hwa-jeong’s torch by telling me to hurry up and go to the Steel Mountains.

As I looked up to hear voices calling in succession, I saw Yujeong taking off the equipment of a deceased user.

“No matter how many times I called, there was no answer. What were you thinking? Do you think my hair is pretty? Hehehe.”

Yujeong was shaking her ponytail hair and fussing. Still, I thought it definitely suited him well, so I nodded my head lightly.

“huh. It’s pretty, though. But really, why did you call me?”

“… Yes. Nothing else. “I wonder if we can do this.”

“Is it okay to do this?”

“Does not matter.”

The moment I asked again, an answer came from right next to me almost simultaneously. When I glanced back, I could see Woo Jeong-min holding a load of equipment in his arms. In the swamp below, a nearly naked user was lying, but as expected, he was already dead.

“We attacked this ruin, so of course we have the authority to do this. It’s no different from the implicit practice of the hole plane. Isn’t that right, Clan Lord?”

“iced coffee… . That’s right. “This can also be seen as an achievement.”

I immediately agreed to Woo Jung-min’s words, which seemed to ask for consent.

With the 2nd basement level, the final attack on the mountain range where the dragon sleeps was almost complete. However, since there were still things to take care of and take care of, I later divided the clan members into three groups.

For now, the first group, including me, remained on the first basement floor.

We did not go up to the ground level immediately after coming up from the second basement level. The situation had to be explained to several awakened users, and the equipment of the users in the swamp area was also intact. In other words, the users were taking off the equipment they had worn while alive and taking care of it one by one. This can also be a major source of income, and sometimes you can hit the jackpot.

And the second group consisted of two people, Vivien and Helena.

Two people were left behind on the second basement floor. Because it was the tombstone of desire. It was shown to function normally even after thousands of years had passed. So, thinking that it could be used in the future, I gave Helena a special order. Strictly seal the second basement floor, and if there is any important device needed to activate it, please bring it with you.

Also, I intend to move the wish stone if the conditions are right, so I gave Vivien an instruction. Vivien was already potentially the owner of the magic city of Magia. If it could be moved, there would be no better place than the magic city of Magia.

Lastly, the third group was all users with good strength, and they were sent to the ground along with users who had not yet awakened, including Ahn Hyeon. Additionally, the corpse of Magna Carta still remains on the ground, so that was also an important achievement to take care of.

I confirmed earlier that it was carrying a sleeping user and whining as it climbed up, so it is probably in the middle of dismantling the dragon’s body right now. By the time the clan members remaining underground finish their work and go up, the dismantling work will be almost complete. Then you can get on the way back right away.


Still, it must have been relatively recent. After taking off the equipment of a man who was still in his original form, I lifted my bent back.

And as I looked around, I could see six or seven clan members working hard to strip dead users. Most of the visible dead were almost naked. I thought I could probably finish this task after going back and forth once or twice.

Strictly speaking, this was not a very pleasant process. In fact, it might have been a little unpleasant, but I couldn’t find any such sign from any of the clan members. In fact, you can even hear a humming sound from time to time, indicating that they are excited about going back soon.

After the group gathered up their equipment, I walked straight outside.

There was a lot of equipment released as the number of dead users exceeded nearly a hundred, but we had the Chaos Mimic. Since I brought my entire family, including father, mother, and baby Chaos Mimic, I will be able to take not only equipment but also the dragon’s corpse.

As I walked carefully to avoid falling, the outskirts slowly began to come into view. On the outskirts, some users who had woken up were sitting far away, and Ansol alone was comforting them. And next to him, his slightly bulging father, Chaos Mimic, was breathing heavily.

As I was walking, wondering if I should take out my mother Chaos Mimic, a clan member suddenly caught my eye.

“… … .”

It was a starry night. My hands are empty, as I happened to have been to Chaos Mimic.

After staring intently for a while, I turned and walked toward Hanbyul. I was thinking of saying thank you, but I also thought of asking briefly what happened.



Just as I was about to call his name, Hanbyul suddenly raised his head and looked at me.

“Nana… . … “Yes.”


After making eye contact for about 3 seconds, Hanbyul suddenly turns his head. Then, he mumbled something in a whisper and then quickly ran away in one direction.

I had to feel dumbfounded as I watched the star disappearing in an instant. No, why are you running away?

Although I was carrying a lot of equipment, including heavy armor, my agility score was 98 points. Hanbyeol’s agility wasn’t bad, but compared to mine, it was way above the bottom. As I wondered where he could possibly run away, I quickly started chasing Hanbyeol without any delay.

Then, as if he realized that I was following him, Hanbyeol took over.

“huh… ? uh? Oh, brother?!”


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“huh? why?”

“Why are you acting like this all of a sudden?!”

“no. Why are you like this? “Just stand there for now.”

But Hanbyul didn’t stop. Instead, he increased his speed even further, and now it was almost at a running pace. So, I also doubled my speed accordingly.

Just as the distance seemed to be gradually decreasing, I had no choice but to suddenly stop walking.



This is because Hanbyeol tripped over the body and fell with a single scream. Perhaps because he was too busy running to look down, Hanbyeol ended up landing in the swamp, creating a faint splash.

“… omg.”

For a moment, there was silence.

Hanbyeol was lying face down as if dead, then placed both hands on the floor and calmly raised her upper body.

Eventually, Hanbyeol’s eyes looked back at me and her eyes were very bright. I wasn’t sure, but I thought I had made a mistake when I bit my lip and looked at him with resentment.

“… “Black.”

“… sorry.”

I immediately turned around. And then I quickly walked towards my first target, where my father, Chaos Mimic, was.

No, why are you crying? What on earth did I do wrong?


After about an hour, we were able to remove all the equipment from the deceased users. And after receiving a report on the progress of the work from Helena, who was in charge of the second basement floor, I ordered to go up to the ground level immediately.

When we finally arrived on the ground and moved on, we were able to see the dismantling work, which was almost at its end, as expected. It seems like the participating clan members paid a lot of attention. The skull, torso, and wings had been dismantled one by one and neatly stacked, and only the tip of the remaining tail was left.

As Hangyeol handed me the bag next to me, I quietly looked away. Then I could see Helena Lou Ajens looking at the dismantling work with a happy face.

After taking a quick look around, I whispered in a quiet voice.

“How does it feel to see your dead body? “Is it unpleasant?”

Helena glanced back at me and smiled prettily.

“I think you have really good bones.”

“Ohh. “I guess it’s not that unpleasant?”

“not really? I decided to live as a great hero anyway. “I don’t really feel that way, so please use it to your advantage.”

“… “If that’s the case.”

Helena shrugs. Feeling lucky that he had a cool personality, I rummaged through my bag. Dad Chaos Mimic is full, so there is nothing we can do, and we have to take out the remaining Chaos Mimic.

However, I couldn’t get my hands on it, so I looked inside and saw a baby Chaos Mimic hiding in a corner and its mother covering the baby.

Without much thought, I took out the baby Chaos Mimic. This is because the taste of tearing open the box was better because it was not yet ripe.

After a while, when I picked up the baby Chaos Mimic, I could see the mother coming up with her cub in her mouth. It looked as if the child was begging for nothing, but I cruelly pulled the mother away.

Next, I looked down and saw a baby Chaos Mimic with its muzzle pursed, even though it was shivering.

I grabbed both sides of the Chaos Mimic’s muzzle and ripped it off with all my strength.


Perhaps startled by the sudden scream, the clan members all turned to me with surprised faces. But soon, as if they had confirmed the Chaos Mimic, everyone nodded their heads and began to concentrate on the work again.

“Beep… . Beep… .”

“It’s noisy, man.”



After punching the crying cub, I approached the place where the dragon bones were piled up. Then he grabbed one of the piled up bones, pressed it into his snout, and shouted.

“now. Just take this with you and you can finally leave. Clan members who did not participate in the disbandment, please help me.”

Then the clan members rushed over and started picking up Ururu bones and putting them into the Chaos Mimic. Among them, there were clan members who wanted to leave quickly, and you could occasionally see them hurriedly putting their hands together.

“Pfft… . Beep… .”

In the midst of such mournful sobs, we were able to calmly gather our final accomplishments.

Now the only thing left to do is to leave.

—————————= Review of the work ——————– ——-=

『443rd comment settlement (total 101 votes).』

『Character (name) / Votes / Ranking / Remarks』

1. Soyoung Han / 16 votes / 1st place / Advances to the second round.

2. Nam Da-eun / 14 votes / 2nd place / Advances to the 2nd final.

3. Vivien / 9 votes / 3rd place / Advances to the second round.

4. Cha So-rim / 9 votes / 3rd place / Advances to the 2nd final.

5. Hanna Lim / 6 votes / 5th place / Advances to the 2nd final.

6. Kim Soo-hyun / 5 votes / 6th place / Not able to advance to the second round (reason: votes may be concentrated on the main character. The purpose of this vote is to find out which character is the most popular among the characters other than the main character, and also the main character I plan to request illustrations before it is completed anyway.)

7. Royumi / 5 votes / 6th place / Not able to advance to the second round (reason: -_-).

8. Kim Yu-hyeon / 4 votes / 8th place / Advances to the 2nd final.

9. Seraph / 4 votes / 8th place / Not able to advance to the second round (reason: illustration already exists).

10. Yumi (Unicorn) / 4 votes / 8th place / Not able to advance to the second round (reason: illustration already exists).


11. Yoo Hyeon-ah / 3 votes /

12. Ko Yeon-ju / 2 votes /

13. Kim Han-byeol / 2 votes / • / Automatically advanced to the 2nd round (reason: one of the two people with the lowest votes in the 1st round).

14. Ro Yu-jin / 2 votes / • / Ah, a bit.

15. Baek Han-gyeol / 2 votes /

16. Hyeon Ahn / 2 votes /

17. Yeon Hye-rim / 2 votes /

18. Park Da-yeon / 1 vote /

19. Seon Yuun / 1 vote /

20. Melody / 1 vote /

21. Shin Sang-yong / 1 vote /

22. Shin Jae-ryong / 1 vote /

23. Woo Jung-min / 1 vote /

24. Lee Man-seong / 1 vote /

25. Lee Yoo-jeong / 1 vote / • / Automatically advanced to the 2nd round (reason: one of the two people with the lowest votes during the 1st round).

26. Jeong Ha-yeon / 1 vote /

27. Heo Jun-young / 1 vote /


『Characters who advanced to the 2nd character voting finals.』

1. Yuhyeon Kim.

2. Hanbyeol Kim.

3. Nam Da-eun.

4. Vivien.

5. Lee Yu-jeong.

6. Imhanna.

7. Cha So-rim.

8. Soyoung Han.

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