MEMORIZE Chapter 462

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00462 Another war has already begun. ————————————————– ———————-=

Ganesha’s angry voice swept through the hall like a storm.

What on earth happened? What happened?

My already complicated mind feels even more disorganized. I pressed my itchy forehead. Then, trying to remain as calm as possible, I opened my mouth.

“Ansol, Vivien. “Tell me what you wish for right now.”

But there was no answer. No, rather, both of them are quietly avoiding eye contact. When I saw those images, I was able to feel it instinctively. Those two are the cause of Ganesha’s anger.

Even though I kept waiting, there was no sign of him opening his mouth, so I forced him to open his mouth.

“Aren’t you going to tell me?”

Ansol and Vivien shrugged their shoulders in shock. Then he looked at me awkwardly and spoke in a quiet voice.

“Ki, Kim Soo-hyun is too much. Why do you do this to us? Maybe it’s not us… .”

“Yeah, that’s right. And even if it could be us, we each decided to keep our wishes a secret… .”

Where had the fight from earlier gone? Ansol and Vivien clumped together and expressed their refusal. I cupped the hand that had been stroking her forehead and tightly grabbed her hair. Anyway, my head only spins when things like that happen.

“I don’t really care?”

At that time, Yujeong took a step forward, shaking her red hair. Then, she looked at the idiot duo who was shaking and gurgling, and she gently gathered up her suddenly long hair with both hands. oh. The ponytail looks good too.

“And no matter how much we decided to keep it a secret, the situation has come to this and we have to say it. “Are you really going to not listen to me?”

Yujeong had already taken out a sumbaek and was twirling it around with her middle finger. But Ansol and Vivien shook their heads vigorously, as if they really didn’t want to reveal it.

“Si, I hate it! This is absolute privacy! “You guys didn’t even reveal it!”

“Oh, that’s right! “If you keep pushing me like this, I’m going to lie!”

Yujeong slowly raised her eyes.

“okay? Then you can say it. I asked Sangyong to save my brother. Are you done now?”

And as he let out a refreshing snort along with spit, Ansol and Vivien stared at Yujeong from afar. His face looked like he was asking where something like this could be found.

But before the two idiots could open their mouths, Hangyeol and Shin Jae-ryong spoke at the same time.

“Uh, Yujeong noona. me too. I also prayed for Sang-yong to save his brother… .”

“her. Yoo Jeong-yang. “Did you have the same wish as me?”

So, does that mean those three people expressed the same wish? And not all were accepted?

After a while, the clan members began to tell their wishes one by one.

It is said that Seon Yu-un already knew, and Woo Jung-min prayed for Won Hye-soo to come back to her senses. Hannah asked where the power of the one remaining ancient shaman rests.

Eventually, I don’t know why, but it was Cha So-rim’s turn, who looked anxious.

“Poetry, actually!”

Perhaps thinking that if things continued like this, they would have to remain silent, one of the two idiots opened his mouth in a quiet voice.

“me too… . I also had a similar wish… . that… . Please save Shin Sang-yong… .”

“Me too, me too. Actually, I did the same.”

Ansol quickly added a hint to Vivien’s words. I thought there was a high possibility that it was a lie because the ending was blurred, but it wasn’t an entirely out of the ordinary story. Vivian is the clan member who spent the most time with Shin Sangyong, and Ansol has also been with him for a long time.

“So, five people said the same wish… . Are you getting annoyed because you keep making the same wish?”

“Yes, that’s right. Didn’t Ganesha keep saying what kind of wish it was? keep on. huh? So, ultimately, she is a narrow-minded goddess. “Ganesha was at fault.”

Something doesn’t seem to make sense, but when Vivien says it, it strangely seems to make sense.

I tilted my head and looked at the monument in the center. Then, the tombstone, which had been quiet for a moment, shone a bright red light again, and soon Ganesha’s angry voice rang out in the air.

– what? Who did you ask to save? A narrow-minded goddess? Shut up you bitches! How dare you lie about safety?


– That’s really shameless! Your bitches for sure! This, this, this, unspeakable, shameless act… !

“Aaaah! Come Pierre! Come Queritus! “Aaaah!”

“Brother! You can’t listen! Ugh! Ehhhh!”

At that moment, Vivien started screaming and making a fuss, and Ansol also screamed and quickly ran over to me, covering my ears. I think I even heard him say he was outrageous, but I looked down at Ansol in bewilderment.

After the storm-like turmoil passed, we were barely able to continue the work of making our wishes. (She may have been called a narrow-minded goddess, but Ganesha did not commit the atrocity of closing the portal just because she was angry. )

There were only two clan members who had not yet made a wish, Hanbyeol and Heo Junyoung.

And of the two, the clan member who said he would enter first was Heo Jun-young. It may have been burdensome because Ganesha was extremely angry, but Heo Jun-young walked into the central space with a face that didn’t seem to bother him in the first place.

After watching Heo Jun-young kneeling for a while, I turned my gaze to look at Han-byeol. I don’t know what kind of wish she has in mind, but her face looks blank.

Then, suddenly, Hanbyeol must have felt my gaze, and slowly turned around to face me.

I opened my mouth quietly.

“Hanbyeol. request.”

“… yes?”

Hanbyeol opened her eyes slightly. I pointed to the two idiots crouching in the corner, burying their heads in harmony.

“You shouldn’t do that.”

“ah… . yes.”

Hanbyul smiled awkwardly and nodded his head. Thinking that Hanbyeol couldn’t possibly do that, I quenched my appetite and looked away again.

It was then.


Heo Jun-young’s body glided out, and at the same time, the tombstone shed a bright light, illuminating the surroundings. The color that colored the central space was yellow. He cannot be considered a success, but he has not failed either.

“brother. I’ll go now. And don’t worry too much.”

“huh? Uh oh. i get it. “I hope you succeed.”

Hanbyeol slightly lowered her head and walked briskly.

Soon, Heo Jun-young calmly turned around and approached us at a slow pace. In both of Heo Jun-young’s hands, he held a reddish box large enough to cover his entire chest. Since it was my first time seeing the box, I couldn’t help but have doubts.

“after. “It’s heavier than I thought.”

“Hey… . Frozen. What’s this?”

Immediately, I put the box down so hard that it made a thud sound, and Vivian, who had crept up to me, tilted her head and asked. It seems that curiosity is inevitable.

Anyway, it’s frozen. Is this a word that describes ice? If so, it definitely suits you.

However, Heo Jun-young’s reaction was cold.

“Pay attention. “Shameless woman.”


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“Well, what! why me! “It’s not like that!”

“hmm. “Then shorten it to ‘Chinyeo.’”

“No! And why are you talking like you care about me?”

There were signs of another commotion, so I decided to turn off the attention. It only takes a day or two to get him to be quiet. Why do thorns grow on my tongue if I’m not quiet even just a little bit?

Hanbyul had already entered the central space and was slowly kneeling. Thinking that I should now get ready to go back, I floated the user information window into the air.

Before returning, I planned to check the dragon’s power first.


– State your wishes.

A calm, yet somehow rigid voice rang through the space.

Hanbyeol knelt down and gently opened her eyes. But God was nowhere to be seen. The only thing in front of me was the green tombstone.

– What are you doing without saying anything? Is it because you don’t want to make a wish?

“no. I’ll tell you now. “Before that, I have one question.”

Hanbyul was usually quite quick-witted. Since it seemed that Ganesha’s anger had not yet completely subsided, she thought that the longer she waited, the better.

So, Hanbyeol tried not to offend as much as possible and opened his mouth without delay.

“Lord Ganesha. “A wish is something that can be expressed to someone other than myself, right?”

– That’s obvious. So what you’re saying is that you’re going to express your wishes not to yourself, but to someone else?

“yes. Could it be Soohyun’s older brother… . no. Among us, do you remember the man who first entered this monument?”

– … what? Surely again?

Hanbyul blinked her eyes quickly. Ganesha’s reaction was stranger than expected, and she was worried that she might have said something wrong.

Of course, there was no problem with Hanbyeol’s words themselves.

However, there was a reason why Ganesha’s reaction was not positive.

In fact, at first, Ganesha felt very happy. Not only did she get to see God to the point where she couldn’t believe it, but the talent shown by the first man who came to her was also very interesting.

Also, the shy yet selfless confession of the second woman brought a soft smile to Ganesha’s lips.

The wishes of the humans who came in after that were not particularly interesting, but they were still reasonable wishes. It was not much different from the aspirations of the humans who had come here so far. At least we can say that we have not deviated from our principles.

As they were sending them off one by one, a woman knelt in front of Ganesha. And when she learned that the woman was a priest of the now-defunct Angelus Order, Ganesha felt her slightly waning expectations swell again.

The way the Angelus Church selects priests is very strict. We select people who are good in nature and without greed, and control their inner self through extreme prayer and training.

Most of the priests who went through such rigorous training and entered the world were renowned enough to be revered as saints or saints.

Of course, he looked young for a priest, but Ansol said, ‘God, God. When she said, ‘Isn’t it possible that other people will know about the wishes I have expressed here?’, she was like Ganesha, smiling like a mother without even realizing it.

‘I’m sure you remember your brother who first came here.’

‘Ho Ho. Anyway. Of course I remember.’

It was okay up to this point.


Ansol’s subsequent wish shattered not only Ganesha’s expectations but also the spirit of the god.

‘sure. What I want is simple. To me. I wish you would give me the ability to sleep naked in the same bed, hugging you, anytime, anywhere. And I want to use that ability for the rest of my life.’


‘yes? ‘Would you like me to say that again?’

‘no no. What you’re saying is… . Are you really talking about the physical relationship between a man and a woman?’

‘yes that’s right! Sex, sex!’

‘What, what? This girl! ‘I don’t know if the woman who is the priest of Angelus is ashamed!’

Ganesha burst into extreme anger and blew Ansol away without a single thought.

Then, before Ganesha had time to come to his senses, another woman suddenly came inside.

‘My name is Vivien La Classidus. As Espinion’s most beautiful alchemist, I will tell Ganesha, the god of language and wisdom, the wish of her life.’

Aside from being the most beautiful woman. Although it was difficult to speak informally, Ganesha smiled and welcomed Vivien. The expression on her face and the energy flowing around her were quite solemn because it seemed like she was about to say something very important.

However, when Vivien also asked if she remembered the first man who came in, Ganesha felt the anxiety he had managed to calm down revive. This is because it was exactly the same repertoire as her previous Angelus priest.

‘The man made a very important promise to me. But it’s not protected yet.’

‘like. It’s a promise. ‘Thank goodness.’


‘No, no. Then, do you want the man to keep that promise?’

‘That would be nice, but no. I think promises are only meaningful if you make them yourself.’

‘Oh my. okay? So what should I do? ‘Go ahead and say it.’

Even up to this point, Ganesha would have thought Vivien was amazing.

However, Vivien’s subsequent wish not only confirmed Ganesha’s spirit and killed him, but also caused him to explode with the anger he had suppressed until now.

‘Make my ass desirable.’

‘… what?’

‘I mean the butt, the butt. Is that the guy I mentioned earlier? What I’m saying is that every time that guy sees my ass, I want him to make it so desirable that he can’t resist hitting it at least once. Slap slap! ‘Don’t you know this?’

‘Hey, these bitches really! ‘Let’s see, let’s see!’

Vivien must have thought that Ganesha did not understand, so she stuck her butt out and tapped it with her hand to demonstrate.

And Ganesha finally exploded with the anger he had been holding in and blew Vivien away.

– after.

When he remembered what happened a moment ago, his anger boiled up again, but Ganesha could barely hold it in. She relaxed a little because she had made a more interesting deal than expected with her ex-man, and the woman in front of her had not yet committed any crime.

Even though it was still a win to some extent.

– good night. Tell me your wishes. However, if you think that your wish is unreasonable, you had better be prepared.

“… yes?”

Hanbyul swallowed his saliva. As it was the last turn, I had already thought about my wish, but Ganesha’s reaction was harsher than I expected.

However, no matter how much he thought about it, he did not think it was an unreasonable wish, so Hanbyeol quietly opened his mouth.

“The man I told you about earlier… . I mean, he just wishes him well.”

– Hmm. I just hope it goes well. Are you referring to the man’s luck you mentioned?

At Ganesha’s interpretation, Hanbyul thought for a moment and then shook his head.

“no. “I don’t mean that.”

– You don’t mean that? Then the aspirations you mentioned are very broad. Let me be a little more specific.

“embodiment… . all right. There are times when he is having a hard time. It seems like a physical problem, but since you don’t tell me clearly, I’m not sure what the problem is. So, wouldn’t he be able to increase his stamina just a little bit?”

– okay? If that is your wish, it is impossible. then… .


– ?

Ganesha, who was about to send Hanbyeol out, stopped talking for a moment. She then looked down at Hanbyul on her knees with interest.

-Why? You probably already know the limitations that prevent your wishes from coming true. Nevertheless, are you saying you can’t give in?

“It doesn’t mean I can’t give in. But since I know the limitations, I can’t understand it even more.”

In some ways, these were very bold words for a mere human being.

However, rather than feeling bad, Ganesha was calming down. Hanbyeol’s wish was not unreasonable, and more than anything, her eyes were challenging. It seemed as if she was trying to have a conversation with herself, the god of language and wisdom.

As Ganesha thought so, he felt his interest, which had faded to pieces, rise sharply.

– Ho Ho! good. Then let me convince you. Let me ask you first. Why do you wish that man well? ah. Out of anger, I hope you don’t think about lying to me.

In response to Ganesha’s question, Hanbyeol quietly closed her eyes. And after 10 seconds, she quietly opened her eyes and said:

“… “Just.”

– It’s just that. No, no. Since you don’t seem to be able to speak, let me guess. You are very careful about her attitude and feelings when talking about that guy. Also, the cold-looking eyes turned into affectionate ones in an instant. Maybe she’s indebted to her man or thinks he’s special. In other words, it can be defined as a feeling called liking or love. It is certainly a beautiful feeling, but that is why your wish has no choice but to be connected to greed. Because the feelings you have now are probably one-sided.

“… … .”

– Ho Ho. There are no words. Do you understand now?


It was then.

Hanbyeol, who immediately denied it, looked at the tombstone with calm eyes. Then she parted her lips and began to argue in a quiet voice.

“is it so. “It is true that I have received grace, and I will not deny that I think of him as special.”

– If you acknowledge that, you will naturally acknowledge what follows… .

“no. I’ll just admit it up to that point. But the words like or love… .”

– No?

Hanbyeol and Ganesha stopped talking to each other once in a while. Hanbyeol’s eyes were cold as she spoke, and the green waves on the tombstone were flowing elegantly. At the moment when they were exchanging words without losing an inch, Ganesha took a step back at Hanbyeol’s next words.

“no. I don’t know.”

– … I do not know?

In a voice that sounded a bit dazed, Hanbyul calmly nodded his head.

“yes. I don’t know. In all my life, I have never liked anyone, let alone loved anyone. So, I don’t know exactly what the two emotions you mentioned are.”

– … Keep trying.

“And the one-sided feelings you mentioned. This is correct. Although I think of him as special, he may not think of me as special. no. Probably not. But, that doesn’t mean that. I don’t want to advance my relationship with him through this wish. “Do you feel like what I’m saying right now is a lie?”

– … … .

Ganesha didn’t say anything to Hanbyeol’s question. It was proof that Hanbyeol’s words were not lies. And the moment she felt that Hanbyeol’s words were true, Ganesha felt her own arguments being refuted one by one.

“I don’t want to have a special relationship with him. I don’t want him to look back at me because of this wish. When he is having a hard time, I feel distraught, and when he falls down, my heart aches, and sometimes when he calls my name and smiles, I feel at ease. But I just wish him well. Literally just. “He just wants to do well.”

– … It’s just that.

“yes. Just like that. Actually, I don’t even know how I feel. In a way, you could say it’s cowardice. So, Ganesha, please tell me. If what I’m feeling right now is a feeling of like or love, I’ll just accept it and walk away. But if not, please listen to my wish.”

– I know what you mean. Surely you are confused about your feelings right now… . That’s fascinating. You want the happiness of others, but you don’t associate it with yourself. This is a feeling that even parents who want their child to do well can find difficult to show. no. Rather, was it possible because they were complete strangers?

Ganesha muttered quietly.

In fact, Hanbyeol’s words were exactly putting Helena’s words into practice.

Human emotions are strange, complex, and subtle. And Ganesha’s judgment is subjective.

Hanbyeol is handing over this judgment itself to Ganesha and asking for another answer. In a way, it could be said that he expressed two wishes at once.

Ganesha was deep in thought. And she soon realized that she could not answer anything clearly.

Human emotions were not something that could be described with a single correct answer. How things may change under certain circumstances. Especially when it comes to emotions that are being created through a certain process, even God cannot set a standard because he doesn’t know how it will change at the end.

– Certainly, it is difficult for even me to judge the intention of the wish you are talking about. It is difficult to see that this is clearly connected to greed. No, even if there is, it is not a top priority.


When Hanbyeol agreed, Ganesha smiled cheerfully.

– Ho ho ho. Hey kid. Actually, I still don’t think I was completely wrong. You can say it like this. What you are feeling now is most likely to develop into the feelings of liking or love mentioned above.

“That’s right.”

– However, I don’t think what you say is wrong. Because you were wishing for that man, but you weren’t really wishing for anything. When I couldn’t answer your question, I had no choice but to say this. In the end, it’s the difference between the present and the future… . Really, really ambiguous.

“then… .”

Hearing the tone of what to do now, Ganesha took a moment to gather his thoughts. Then, I suddenly remembered the conversation I had with the man just before, and was able to make a decision right away. In this ambiguous case, there was only one option left.

– It’s a kid. Then why not try doing business with me?

“Deal… ?”

Hanbyeol asked curiously. After a while, a slightly playful voice rang out from around the space where Hanbyul was standing.

– okay. transaction. Or should I say it’s a gift? First of all, I will listen to your wishes within a reasonable range. And I’ll work with you to help you find the answers to your questions yourself. Ho ho ho. How do you feel?

“… yes?”

Hanbyul tilted his head.

Meanwhile, at the same time.

“Oh, I’m really curious!”

“go away. “You bitch.”

“Why don’t you tell me a little bit!”


Amid the commotion surrounding the box brought by Heo Jun-young, Kim Soo-hyun was calmly staring into space. Then he let out a very satisfied groan and smiled slightly.

“Uhm. What you can use now… . Polymorph and Balaur. “It’s a bit restrictive, but it’s really good.”

Kim Soo-hyun, who eventually closed the user information window, stared at the reddish box that Heo Jun-young brought.

Kim Soo-hyun didn’t know the exact identity, but he felt that the energy surrounding the box was unpredictable. In some ways, he looked like an ominous box, and in other ways, he seemed like a lucky box.

Kim Soo-hyun said.

“Heo Jun-young. What is that? “Why don’t you tell me if you can.”

“iced coffee. It’s no big deal. “They say it’s Pandora’s box.”

“Pandora’s box?”

“okay. Originally, I asked for a Chaos Mimic. I’ve always been curious after hearing you guys. But Ganesha said he was ambiguous, so she asked to make a deal. So this is what I received.”

Vivien looked as if she had run away from home as she watched Heo Jun-young explain in quite detail. That’s because he didn’t tell me that when asked, but when Kim Soo-hyun asked, he told me right away.

“hmm. “It’s Pandora’s box.”

Kim Soo-hyun, feeling a little curious, activated his third eye and looked down at the box.

It was then.


The yellow light emanating from the tombstone colored the hall.

Kim Soo-hyun was just about to check the box when he reflexively turned his gaze to stare at the central space.

In the center, there was a yellow light that soon faded away, and a star that glided out. There was a look of embarrassment on Hanbyeol’s face that could not be hidden.

Eventually, it was the moment when Kim Soo-hyun and Han Byeol made eye contact.

『For user Kim Soo-hyun, user Kim Han-byeol made a wish!』

『Conditions for use of Eve’s bloodline have been updated!』

Two messages appeared in the air that Kim Soo-hyun could see.

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