MEMORIZE Chapter 456

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00456 Rescue Ahn Hyeon. ————————————————– ———————-=

“yes… ?”

Ansol took a deep breath and asked back in a weak voice. But her man did not open his mouth again. She was just looking up at her Ansol, asking for his unspoken permission.

“ah… . Ha, but… .”

Perhaps because his gaze was a bit burdensome, Ansol just turned his head here and there to avoid the man. Then, she finally looked at me with pleading eyes. He looked like he didn’t know what to do, as if he was saying, “Brother.” It seemed like he was asking, “What should I do?”

‘Please give us one chance to save you and your loved ones?’

I have no reason to refuse. After hearing the words roughly, I could smell a reward.

Still, it’s true that I’m a bit too sensitive to ask for it outright, so I just smile softly instead.

Ansol blinked once or twice. Then she lifted her hand, rolled it up loosely, and brought it to her mouth. The way her neck is gurgling seems to be quite complicated in her mind.

After a while.

“Are you really okay…?” ?”

Fortunately, Ansol did not commit the atrocity of upsetting the dinner table. Her face was still filled with the look of “Is it okay to do this?”, but she soon nodded her head.

Ansol’s permission was finally given. A bright smile spread across her man’s face, as if her words about repaying her favor were not empty words.

-Thank you for your permission. Savior. Now, we’re going to perform a simple ritual, so don’t be too surprised.

Ansol carefully nods his head again.

Suddenly, I felt like I could roughly understand what Ansol was feeling right now. I’ve always been the one chasing after myself, but now that I’m faced with a situation where I’m the center, I can’t help but feel awkward.

The man slowly stood up. Then she lifted the sword in her hand high into the sky, gently closed her eyes, and opened her mouth.

– In the name of Istantel, I swear to the sun rising in the sky.

‘… what? In the name of Istantel?’

A familiar word came out and I quickly looked at the man.

But it was difficult to put words to it at the moment. Not only did the man recite the spell very quickly, but the sword in his hand was slowly rising.

– … Therefore, we promise once again to protect the Savior who brought us the light of miracles.

The man chanted the spell at a rapid pace for about a minute. Before I knew it, the black sun rising high in the sky was blazing brightly. As the light from the sword became brighter, the light flowing through the souls gradually gave off a brighter brilliance.

– … Complete your soul’s pledge according to the laws of Istantel.

When I heard that it was finished, it seemed like the simple ritual the man had mentioned was over.

I paid attention to the last word. The law of Istantel is, in other words, Istantel Law.

For a moment, curiosity arose as to what he meant, but given the atmosphere, it was still not an opportunity to speak.

Thinking that I would just ask Han So-young later when I had the chance, I stared at the man.

And, it was that moment.



A brilliant light shining in all directions emanated from the sword floating in the sky. At the same time, the light flowing through the souls’ bodies also began to radiate and resonate with the light emitted by the sword.

The man seemed to be concerned about Ansol, who had been looking sullen the entire time, and said with a grin.

– Don’t make that face. Savior.

“but… .”

– We are happier, more proud, and happier than anyone else right now. We are finally able to walk the path to liberation that we have longed for for thousands of years. Nothing would make me happier than to be able to use my power one last time for such a savior. So please do not reject our small gesture of kindness.

Did I receive some comfort from the man’s earnest words? Ansol’s listless face brightened slightly.

Suddenly, the light flowing through the man’s body seemed to become stronger, but on the contrary, his soul gradually began to fade.

Eventually, the man who was slowly looking around the fortress with vague eyes looked back at me with eyes that seemed a little vain.

– If you don’t mind, I have a favor to ask you.

I nodded my head to tell him to speak.

– We will follow our oath right now, but we will leave this child behind for a while. And if you follow this child, you will probably be able to reach the first basement level without difficulty. and… .

The child the man was referring to was the woman with golden hair who treated my body earlier. The woman made eye contact with me and she smiled slightly. Does she mean not to worry?

The man paused for a moment, then calmly continued speaking, as if he had made a decision.

– If you finish your business on the first basement floor, there is a path to the second basement floor.

“On the second basement floor?”

– yes. The second basement level is where Magna Carta was sealed, and where the great hero finally walked into on his own. If I were to guess, the great hero might still be there.

“… okay.”

I stared at the man. For some reason, I felt like I knew what was going to come next.

– So, when you finish your business, could you please go to the second floor and meet the great hero once?

“Are you asking us to save even the great hero?”

– No, no. Just as we were saved unexpectedly, I will leave that to you. just… . I would like to meet you once and just listen to my story. And when we meet again in the future, I want to hear her story about why she did that.

I told him I understood because it was a simple request. Her man smiled at her with much relief and she calmly lifted her eyes to the sky. Before she knew it, the souls around her were turning into a single light and flowing into the sword one by one.

Suddenly, the man nudged the woman next to him. As her woman turns around in surprise, her man whispers in her ear. She then glanced at me, and the woman laughed loudly and hit her man hard on the side. Her man let out an exasperated groan, but her face was still smiling. She felt like she was seeing a living person.

– Well then, I look forward to seeing you again… . Hello everyone… .

Eventually, the man said goodbye and a ray of light entered the sword. Finally, she fell helplessly from the black sky that flashed an intense light, and Ansol caught her in a hurry. I activated my third eye and looked at the fallen sword.

『Sword of oath.』

(Explanation: In the days of mythology, far beyond ancient times. Dragons and humans fought a great war for control of the continent. … Thus, the heroes of mythology were liberated from thousands of years of suffering through the miracle achieved by the Priest of Radiance.

This oath is a kind of pledge to the savior who guided the sword light. Just once, the user can summon the mythical heroes who participated in the final battle whenever they want. Those who have finally returned to their hometown will come running without hesitation at any time when the user calls. It is impossible to measure how much power it has.)

Simply put, it meant that you could summon an army of mythical heroes. For me, this was a very valuable achievement. Although there was a one-time condition attached, their power had already been keenly felt.

‘I guess I should only use it when it’s really necessary.’

“Brother… .”

Just as I was thinking that, Ansol, holding the sword of oath with both hands, approached me and carefully held out his arm. I woke up from my thoughts and stared at the eyes fluttering here and there. In some ways, this achievement was almost as if Ansol had achieved it alone.

I thought for a moment and then calmly shook my head.

“Do you want to keep it?”

“yes… ? “Oh, no.”

“These are the people you saved. So, keep it carefully, and tell me later if you feel you need it.”

“… Yes. “Really?”


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Ansol tilted his head for a moment, but raised his innocent eyes and held the sword tightly in his arms. And seeing her look down at the sword with sad eyes made me feel happy.

Anyway, as if he thought it was okay now, a bright smile finally appeared on Ansol’s face. I smiled and stroked Ansol’s head.

“okay. You’re smiling now. “Our fortune.”

“… “Am I lucky?”

“then. Anyway. You did really well. “I was so surprised.”

“Wow… ! “I was praised.”

Ansol spread his arms wide. At the same time, she often walked towards me, looking as if she wanted to be held in my arms.

However, at the same time, Ansol’s open arms were grabbed by someone.

“Hi-Hi. Our luck is really special. Come on, don’t just go to your brother, come to your sister. You mean thing. Where did you secretly… .”

“Uh, uh… ? Yu, Yujeong’s older sister? Why are you acting like this all of a sudden? “Why are you holding my arm?”

“oh my. Our Sol, come here. Who on earth do you look like to be this pretty? “Seeing you do this really makes you look like a fox.”

“profit… ! What do you mean! Oh no, why is Da-eun grabbing my arm again? Let me go. I’m asking you to leave it alone. This profit… !”

After checking Ansol being dragged by Yu-jeong and Da-eun, I quietly raised my gaze and looked around.

The sky is clear and blue. The shining sunlight illuminates the fortress. Suddenly, the souls that had filled the surrounding area were gone, and only broken statues and charred walls remained.

And a dragon’s corpse, with nothing but bones left standing alone. In a way, this could also be seen as an achievement, so for a moment I was lost in thought.

‘How do I deal with that dragon…’ . And we also need to find out why the devil has horns.’

At that moment, I felt someone suddenly tap my shoulder. When I calmly turned around, I saw the lone soul staring at me. Her woman gently pressed her breasts as she made eye contact with me. Then she puffed up… . no no.

‘Are you telling me to follow you?’

At that moment, I cried out with a feeling of regret. Come to think of it, there was still work left to do.

“Everyone pay attention! Thank you for your hard work so far. But we still have work left to do, so let’s share the joy of the strategy after we finish everything. Sort it out quickly.”

“Kim Soohyun! That dragon! “What are you going to do with that dragon?”

As expected, seeing Vivien pointing at the dragon’s corpse with greedy eyes, I quickly waved my hand away.

“We can’t take it now, so let’s leave it here for now. Anyway, let’s talk as we go, as we go.”


Vivien pursed her lips, but in the end she let out a disappointed sigh and walked away.

The clan members also quickly gathered and lined up, probably remembering Anhyun’s presence in the basement. After completing the alignment, the woman’s soul began to calmly move towards somewhere. We followed behind her woman at a brisk pace.

Now, the attack on the mountain range where the dragon sleeps is slowly coming to an end.


Finding the way to the basement wasn’t that difficult. This is because, just as the man said, a large hole was found a little away from the central square of the fortress. When the dragon appeared, I thought there was a huge earthquake, but it seemed like it was probably caused by the dragon forcing its way up from the second basement floor.

The hole was not as deep as I thought, so we were able to get to the first basement level very easily.

First of all, the melee classes went in and landed first, and later took the falls of the wizard and priest. And they didn’t forget to secure a way for the last user to come down by installing a rope to go up again later.

Eventually, after everyone came down to the basement, we had to walk down a straight passage.

There wasn’t anything special about being underground. Since I was just walking along a straight passage along the left and right walls, it felt similar to exploring a regular cave. Of course, we got in easily thanks to Magna Carta, so I don’t know what difficulties we would have to get in normally.

The slope of the passage was almost flat, but judging by the feeling of walking, it had a slight but gentle curve downward.

I hurriedly followed the woman and calmly lost myself in thought.

I was wary of having to fight again, but no monsters came out of the basement. As I was just walking quietly, I thought it would be right to see it as a hidden area of ​​the ruins. Of course, you have to be careful until the end, but should I say it’s a kind of bonus stage?

‘yes. The second basement level is where Magna Carta was sealed, and where the great hero finally walked into on his own.’

If that’s the case, then there is a high possibility that there will be some remaining compensation. There are a total of four rewards we have received so far. The sword of oath, the dragon’s corpse, and Hanna and Cha So-rim.

Hanna and Cha So-rim were quite unusual cases. On coming here, I asked what kind of conversations they had with the spirits earlier, and as expected, one of them was Arcus Valkyrie and the other was a twilight shaman. In other words, from the souls’ point of view, these two people were like juniors.

After talking for a while, the two souls gave each junior a small gift, and that gift was power. In other words, it was ability.

It is said that Hanna was given the ability of intaglio tattooing, one of the three powers used by ancient shamans, and that Cha So-rim’s protection of Valhalla, one of her potential abilities, evolved into an ability called the Blessing of Astera. In lay terms, can we say that both of them got along?

Honestly, the Sword of Oath alone could be seen as a huge reward. But isn’t it said that human greed has no end?

And now, Ahn Hyeon’s rescue is almost certain. I calmly woke up from my thoughts, anticipating what kind of reward I would receive on the second basement level after being rescued. This is because I felt that the woman’s soul, which had been maintaining a constant speed, was gradually slowing down.

Looking ahead, I could see a point where the previously gentle slope curved up relatively sharply. At first, I thought it was just a bend, but upon closer inspection, I could see traces of human hands, albeit a little. This place probably served as a staircase in the past.

The woman’s soul paused for a moment in front of the curved point. At the end of the upward slope, there was a huge darkness. If you climb up here, you’ll find a certain place, but you can’t see anything because of the deep darkness.

The woman’s soul, which had stopped for a moment, soon began to move again.

As we carefully followed the woman up the slope, empty darkness greeted us. Seeing nothing but black was like looking at drawing paper painted in jet black.

Heo Jun-young must have been thinking the same thing as me, as he stood at the end of the slope and muttered calmly.

“I can’t see anything.”

Did you hear that? Likewise, the soul of the woman in the forefront slowly raised her hand.

The woman hadn’t said a single word until this point. For a moment, she thought she was dumb, but when she thought about it, she wasn’t dumb. It was this woman who cast her translation spell on her man, and I am sure she was heard reciting her spells as she healed me.

It was then.

Suddenly, my curiosity arose, and as I was about to check the woman’s information with my third eye, the woman lightly shook the hand she raised.

At the same time.

Papa papa papa pap!

As if dozens of fluorescent lights were turned on at the same time, a bright light illuminated the previously dark space above.

I immediately raised my arm and covered my eyes. The light was so dazzling that it was blinding for a moment.

After waiting a while, I felt the light slowly fading to the point where I could now look.

And with the restored vision, the space where the darkness had been removed gradually revealed itself.

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