MEMORIZE Chapter 447

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00447 The Last Fortress. ————————————————– ———————-=

“Because there are two of us like this… . Reminds me of the old days… .”

Yujeong muttered quietly as if she was talking to herself.

I quietly looked at Yujeong. The eyes seeped into the light and turned red. The pupils were constantly fluttering as if a flame had spread within them.

Suddenly, Yujeong smiles softly.

“brother… . I remember? “I was bitten on the thigh by a poisonous cat once.”

“… … .”

“It wasn’t completely cured, but I foolishly walked around suffering internally. But how come only you noticed? Suddenly, I was asked to take off my pants during a watch call… . I was very surprised at that time and also very embarrassed. Hi-Hi.”

“… okay.”

A calm answer. Even when I heard it myself, it was a calming voice. Yu-jeong must have sensed it as well, as the barely visible smile faded in an instant.

At that moment, a hint of regret came over me, and without realizing it, I shifted my gaze to the bonfire.

I didn’t mean to say this. I could have said it a little better.

Why do I keep saying things I don’t even mean to say?

The face that was leaning on its knees slowly fell. Yujeong straightened her head and smiled brightly again. However, it is not a laugh that comes from within, but a weak laugh that is quite forced. It looked like he was trying to say something.

“swimming. ah… . I’ve been really awkward these days. I always use only a two-handed dagger, but suddenly I try to use only a one-handed dagger, so I keep making mistakes. “I guess it’s because I’m not used to it yet.”

“I guess so. Then, when fighting, don’t force yourself to fight, just stay back with Hangyeol. “If you do something wrong, you could get hurt.”

“… Yes. Anyway, it’s a little disappointing. “I used Skurepp very carefully.”

“I’ll get you something better next time. “For now, I’m using it as a thumb bag.”

… The smile disappeared again. Yujeong stared at me with blank eyes for a while, and then lowered her eyes in a very sullen manner. Her face is full of regret, making her look very sad.

It’s embarrassing. For me, these words were said with as much comfort and encouragement as possible. I told him to stay back because there was a high possibility of getting hurt if he fought in an awkward state, and he actually planned to get me a better weapon.

“… “I hate you, brother.”

However, Yu-jeong let out a cry and buried her face in the knees she was hugging. When she saw that, a thought crossed her mind that she had said something wrong, or rather, that she had focused wrongly.

After a while, sobbing words came out from my lowered head.

“that… . Black… . My brother gave it to me himself… . It’s something really meaningful to me… .”

“… … .”

“okay. I don’t even remember… ? You idiot… . idiot… . mutt… . Sea cucumber… . sea ​​anemone… . sea ​​squirt… .”

“… … .”

‘It really says a lot.’

I laughed out loud, but didn’t show it outwardly.

I quietly accepted the words. After that, Yoo-jeong continued to talk for a long time, but eventually got tired of talking and closed his mouth.

I waited a little longer, and when I thought it was over, I picked up another tree branch. Then, while stoking the bonfire, he calmly opened his mouth.

“okay. “After swearing so much, will you feel better?”

“I wasn’t swearing. “You idiot soccer brother.”


“Ssi… .”

In fact, what I just said doesn’t even fit into the category of swear words. When I thought of Yujeong’s usual eloquence, I couldn’t help but nod my head.

At first glance, one thing I felt fortunate about during this time was that my voice became softer than before.

Yujeong slowly raised her head and looked at me. I tapped the seat next to me.

“Come on.”

Yujeong immediately lowered her head. Then, the way he hugged his knees even tighter showed his will to never come. I laughed bitterly.


As soon as he got up from his seat, Yujeong’s body flinched once. I also noticed that her head slightly lifted and then buried itself again.

I slowly approached and placed my butt next to Yujeong. And then I gently hugged her small shoulder and calmly pulled her towards me.

“no… . don’t do it… .”

But Yoo-jeong held on, twisting her body here and there. There was minimal resistance, but I stopped pulling right away. If you think about it, Yu-jeong is definitely a woman. She just thought of him as her younger sister and hugged him without thinking much, but if you think about it, it was an action that would have made her feel uncomfortable.

As I was about to take my hand away, an oil well suddenly flowed in like water and buried its face in my chest. Soon, Yoo-jeong, who was squirming, carefully raised his head and pursed his lips, which looked full of dissatisfaction.

“Why is this happening all of a sudden…” . I don’t like it… .”

“No, you… .”

Following my instincts, I could barely hold back the conversation. Although my dazed mind had not gone away yet, I returned the hand I was about to withdraw and placed it on the top of Yujeong’s head. And then he began to slowly sweep down his fine hair. Then, Yu-jeong started rubbing her face here and there, as if she was trying to show off all the childishness she had been unable to show up until now.

“Yes… . so?”


“What my brother was trying to say earlier… . you? I said… . Ugh… .”

“… I’m worried. “I’m worried about you.”

Wouldn’t this be a great ad-lib?

Now it looks like it has been rubbed to its heart’s content. He rubbed his face as if he were going to knock me over, and then a very satisfied moan came out of his chest.

“huh… . really? “Are you really that worried?”

“… “Why do you like it?”

“just. “I’m glad that my brother cares about me.”

“What on earth is that?”

I tightly grabbed the hair I was stroking at the ridiculously blunt words. Yujeong said, “Purring.” She lifted her head. As soon as I gently comforted him and made him calm down, he buried his head in my arms again. Although it was only for a moment, I began to wonder if I had really turned into a cat. I laughed bitterly.

“really… . You and Ahn Hyun are the same. “Is it really that good for me to worry?”

“huh? “You’re saying that I and Anhyeon are the same?”

“Yeah man.”

“omg… . “I don’t think so.”

When I spoke forcefully, Yujeong pursed her lips.

Suddenly, Seraph appeared in my mind.

‘That’s why it’s worse. User Kim Soo-hyun, do you really want to see me worrying?’

okay. In some ways, I don’t have the right to say this.


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I said, smiling quietly.

“Nope. It’s just a little different. One of them is okay with everything else, but he doesn’t even listen to me. “The other one listens well, but he’s a bomb that might explode at any moment.”

“My, what did I…” .”

“Are you asking because you really don’t know? Then, take a look at your user information. “I wonder what it will be like.”

“Si, I hate it. “That’s my privacy.”

Yujeong stubbornly refused. However, he immediately showed a sullen expression, as if he was clearly being stabbed.

I stared at the well for a moment. And I decided to put into practice the idea I had in mind all this time.

‘I should apologize.’

With that in mind, I slowly opened my arms and took Yujeong in my arms.

“Oh, brother?”

A panicked voice tickled my neck. However, I opened my mouth right before Yujeong continued speaking.


At that moment, I felt Yujeong’s breathing stop.

“I’m sorry for making Skurepp like that, and I’m sorry for doing that in front of everyone.”

“ah… . No, brother! Hey, don’t apologize! huh? Oh, I don’t want my brother to apologize… . It’s my fault, too… !”

Yujeong began speaking incoherently, but I shook my head to indicate that it was okay. Then she patted his back for a moment and then spoke quietly.

“Yoojeong. But I want you to know this. “I really care about you.”

“Ah, ow… .”

I slowly took Yujeong out of my arms. And then he slowly raised his head and made eye contact with Yujeong. His face was flushed red and he didn’t know what to do, and he lowered his eyelids to avoid looking down.

I grinned. When the child who always looked like a good boy showed this side, I felt a different charm.

I slowly opened my mouth.

“Yoojeong. Think about it carefully. Hall Plain is not a permanent world. We will return to Earth someday, and until then, it is only a temporary transit. yes?”

“Uh, uhm… .”

“Then, let’s imagine that we have returned to Earth. you. “In my current state, will I be able to adapt to modern, ordinary life like before?”

“Ordinary life… ? adaptation… ?”

When an important topic was brought up, Yujeong finally raised her gaze and carefully made eye contact with me. At a distance where our noses were touching, I calmly nodded my head.

In fact, what I just said didn’t just apply to Yujeong. This was true for me too. But I was already late. We have already come too far to turn back.

Nevertheless, the reason I decided to come back like this was because I had made up my mind from the beginning. and… .

‘Yujeong, it’s not too late.’

Yujeong is still in his third year. Compared to me, there is still a good chance of going back.

Was there some sincerity conveyed? Yu-jeong hesitated for a while to open her mouth, but then she carefully opened her mouth.

“brother… .”


“we… . “Can we really go back to Earth?”


It was a voice full of anxiety, but I nodded my head willingly.

Yujeong’s eyes turned round.

“… really?”

“okay. I really can go back. So don’t worry about that at all, just trust your brother. But in preparation for that time, you should take care of yourself now, right?”

When asked one question after another, I answered back with confidence. It was not unfounded confidence. Because I was a user who actually saw the end of the hole plane.

Of course, Yu-jeong was not aware of this fact, but she could soon see her complexion brightening.

“huh… . “No, yes!”

“Kick. “Anyway, I’m good at answering.”

“no. Really? “I clearly understood what you said.”


When I narrowed my eyes and looked at him, Yujeong narrowed one eye prettily.

“huh. I will definitely be careful from now on. Hi-Hi.”

“ha ha ha.”

Yujeong and I burst out laughing at the same time. It was the first pleasant laugh I’ve had in a while.

“Hi-Hi… . he… . … Yes.”

“haha… . under… . … Hmm.”

But after a while, an awkward silence suddenly fell. This is because their faces were so close that their noses were touching. I made eye contact because I was telling him what was on the inside, but it wasn’t until we ended the conversation that I realized that it was a very awkward situation.

For a moment, there was silence.

“hmm. then… .”


As soon as both of them were breathing slowly, a small whisper came from Yujeong’s lips.

“me… . Do you really just have to trust your brother? Just like now, and always… .”

“… okay. “You can trust me.”

“good… . then… .”

“… … ?”

And Yujeong quietly closed her eyes. At the same time, she slightly pushed out her lips. My eyes opened wide without me realizing it. Unlike my older brother, I was a perceptive person, so I realized what Yujeong’s actions meant.

My throat suddenly felt dry and I had to swallow. At the same time, several women passed by.

Ha-yeon Jeong, Yeon-ju Ko, Hanna Lim, Da-eun Nam… .

Should I do this or not? I’m sorry if I do that. But won’t it hurt if I don’t do it?

Just as my mind was about to become complicated in an instant.

“Ouch! Haha… . Hahaha!”

Yoo-jeong’s face suddenly brightened and she started laughing until she was out of breath. Then she shook her head and shouted, “I don’t know, I don’t know.” I stared blankly, feeling like I had been hit with a hammer.

Finally, Yujeong placed both hands on her cheeks and gasped.

“Ah, awesome. I’m going crazy. “Isn’t this completely embarrassing?”

“Uh, huh?”

“Oh why~. It’s always like that in movies and novels. When the mood is good like this, when the female protagonist closes her eyes, the male protagonist kisses her. So I tried to give it a try, but it was really embarrassing. I was so embarrassed that I almost died. Hahahaha!”

“… haha.”

Suddenly, a feeling of helplessness came over me, and I ended up laughing.

‘How dare you make fun of my brother now?’

But when I saw Yoo-jeong smiling and waving his hands, those feelings soon disappeared.

‘Come to think of it… . Is he also twenty-five now?’

When you’re 25, you’re no longer a child. Rather, as a woman, it is a ripe age to bloom.

I quietly placed my hand on my chest. And the heartbeat that I can feel through my hand is definitely pounding… .

‘… ‘I don’t.’

I smiled quietly and looked at Yujeong. I’m so happy that I’m still laughing. When I saw that, I felt happy. Although she has definitely matured as a woman… . Perhaps because of the time we spent together, she still seems like a childish little sister.

So, with the intention of returning the prank from earlier, I calmly stretched out my left arm.

I brushed Yujeong’s hair with my left hand and gently supported the back of her head.

And then he slightly stood up.

“Carr… . huh?”

Yujeong opened her eyes and looked at me. But I didn’t say anything.

Instead, this time he stretched out his right arm and gently covered Yu-jeong’s eyes with his hand. Yujeong’s laughter suddenly stopped. She seems to have finally felt something unusual.

“brother… ? “What’s wrong with you all of a sudden?”

“Shh. quietly.”

As I whispered in a low voice, Yujeong’s neck moved. I could feel my eyelids constantly tickling my palm as if I was blinking, but I didn’t care and slowly brought my face to it.

Eventually, she moved her fingers to remove her bangs, revealing long, thin eyebrows and a fair, white forehead.

silent Night.

A quiet forest.

And in the middle of a mountain range where countless starlight pours down.

“from now on… .”

“uh… . uh… ?”

I gently kissed Yujeong’s forehead, which was clearly exposed.

I felt the touch of smooth skin. After savoring the touch for a moment, I slowly lifted my face and saw Yujeong’s frozen face, except for her covered eyes.

“… Let’s try our best.”

I smiled slightly and finished what I had left unsaid.

It didn’t take long to thaw. Yujeong’s lips, which had been tightly closed, slowly began to open.

And after a while… . From wide open lips.

“flaw… . ok… ?”

A new voice came out in a daze.

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