MEMORIZE Chapter 443

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00443 Hatred, and conflict. ————————————————– ———————-=

If we define the area of ​​the mountain range where the dragon sleeps, it can be summarized in one word.

It is vast and infinite.

It was so wide and large that the end was not visible, so even during the first round, not all areas could be cleaned.

However, if we set the destination as a place with ruins rather than the end of a mountain range, we can estimate how far we have left. Anyway, the key to any strategy is the ruins.

Anyway, if you think about it that way, as we are now approaching the second and third days since rescuing Hangyeol, we can say that we have gone about one third too far. In other words, the first gateway, Entrance, and the second gateway, ‘Land of Wandering,’ were passed safely.

And when you reach the crossroads, which is scheduled to arrive tomorrow, you will finally enter the third gate.

The third gateway to the mountain range where the dragon sleeps is unusually divided into two areas. In other words, I would say that a crossroads acts as a kind of fork.

If you go to the right, you will come to an area called ‘Land of Hatred’, and if you go to the left… .

“I think I understand a little bit now.”

As I was quietly continuing my thoughts, Vivian’s unique clear and clear voice woke me up. When I glance up, I see three women surrounding a small burning bonfire.

Hanbyeol Kim, Sorim Cha, Vivian. These three people were on guard duty with me. In other words, the other nine clan members were in sleeping bags.

There was a reason for taking a break now. First of all, the rescue of Han-gyeol was successful, but the rescue of An-hyeon cannot be guaranteed.

In addition, the clan members were either knowingly or unknowingly exhausted from the forced march and battles. Even considering the rest of the journey, I needed to regain my stamina even a little bit.

“Kim Soohyun. I think I finally know a little bit now? huh?”

Vivien spoke again. The tone of voice contained an unspoken plea to please respond or to take a look at yourself.

‘It seems like I’m quite upset that I picked the wrong branch.’

I smiled secretly. Cha So-rim and Kim Han-byeol are very quiet people, so they didn’t feel bored with being on watch, but fortunately, Vivien opened up the conversation.

In an effort not to show that I liked it, I opened my mouth calmly, poking at the fire.


“Why was Baek Han-gyeol wandering around the place? So, furthermore, I think I know what kind of place this mountain range is.”

Vivien’s voice was a little triumphant, and for a moment I had the urge to say, “Just don’t do it.” Because then I felt like I could see Vivian burying his head between his knees, crying for the first time in a long time. Well, honestly, there was a high possibility that these were stories I already knew.

But I immediately changed my mind when I saw Kim Han-byeol and Cha So-rim with their eyes shining brightly. It wouldn’t be a bad story to hear at least once, and the situation wasn’t one to play around leisurely.

I stopped stoking the fire and calmly stared at Vivien.

“good… . say it.”

“what. Those arrogant eyes. “No, I will say no.”


“Oh, no! That’s not it! that… . Yes, you brought up the term field effect before, right? So, based on that, I thought differently!”

I felt like I heard something very profane, but I decided to ignore it as I wasted my efforts to quickly change the topic.

When he nodded to indicate that he should continue talking, Vivien continued speaking with a much relieved look on his face.

“Hmm. therefore… . The dead originally meant a person whose life was cut off, right?”


“okay. Then, from that perspective, for a person whose life is cut off, everything stops. The heart, body movements, and thoughts. But since entering the mountain range, the dead people I have seen somehow don’t seem like dead people. Would it be said that sometimes he could hear words, memorize spells, and even his fighting style seemed almost similar to that of a living human being? So here’s the problem. “They are clearly human beings whose lives have ended, but how can the dead people who appear here act like humans?”

“Vendetta, obsession, resentment, curse, etc… . well. “A similar thing happened in the frozen forest, so there must be several factors that make what you mentioned possible.”

I answered quietly and then looked at Vivien. Vivien nodded her head sharply as if that meant so, and he continued speaking excitedly.

“Good good. So let’s go back to the discussion and go back to field effects. lets think. “Why on earth did this field effect occur?”

“… There are two conditions for this to happen. “Someone created it artificially, or it occurred naturally when certain conditions were met.”

“that’s right. Among them, I focused on natural generation. “Because after putting together the stories you’ve told me so far, a hypothesis emerged.”


Vivien touched her nose for a moment as if she was trying to gather her thoughts, and then stretched as hard as she could, as if she was a little tired.

“Eudadada. huh. In the final part of the myth, Magna Carta, the dragon of the apocalypse, placed a curse on humans. And the vengeful spirit, obsession, resentment, etc. that you mentioned a moment ago?”

“Things like that… . By natural occurrence, does this mean that the curse of Magna Carta and human vengeance, obsession, anger, etc. were mixed together to create a field effect?”

“That’s right! But, but… . Kim Soohyun. Why on earth do humans harbor resentment towards this place? “Is it really because the dragon cursed me?”

“… … .”

I silently waited for Vivien to speak. Before we knew it, Kim Han-byeol and Cha So-rim were also focusing their attention on Vivien.

Vivien glanced at the three of us and said with a deep smile.

“no. They fought a war for decades to regain control, but they must have made their own decisions as they entered the mountain range, their final destination. But as the battle is almost over, you feel resentful that the dragon just cursed you? I think no. Of course, there may be some degree of connection… . It is clear that there is a slightly different, more direct reason for humans’ resentment. “For example, a very important event that has not been told in history occurred here.”

Vivien finally finished her long story. At the end, he seemed to be slightly out of breath, perhaps because he spoke so quickly without taking a breath. And I stared at Vivien with a new heart.

“how is it? “My story?”

‘That’s almost correct.’

In the first round, users came up with various hypotheses about the mountain range where the dragon sleeps. Among them, the hypothesis that received the most support was ‘There is an incident that we do not know about.’ Vivien’s words were almost consistent with that hypothesis.

Of course, this is just a hypothesis. In other words, it may be true or it may not be true. The answer may be buried in the ruins, but ultimately, by sealing it in Istantel Row, the truth was buried forever.

Anyway, I think it certainly makes sense, but for some reason, I felt like I didn’t want to admit it. There is no particular reason. Let’s just say that I don’t want to see Vivien say “ahem.”

In the end, I just answered by shrugging my shoulders.

Vivian seemed not to be very pleased with the reaction and took a moment to taste it. Then she turned her head and looked at Kim Han-byul, who was quietly warming herself by the campfire.

“Jewel. how about you?”

“Doc… . It’s noisy. Why am I a gem? “I told you not to call me that.”

Kim Han-byeol raised his eyebrows, but then calmed down after taking one look at me. My guess is that you were probably just trying to say, “Shut up.”

“What’s wrong? “It’s a gem because it’s a wizard who uses gems.”

“Don’t do it. Why do you keep doing this when you say you don’t want to hear it? If you keep doing that, I’ll call it a pension too.”

Kim Han-byeol was fiercely opposed. Vivien pursed his lips and grumbled, then turned his head to Cha So-rim, who remained still this time.

“Then how about Changchang? “Did you hear what I said?”

“… Vivien La Clacidus. It is not good to talk excessively while on watch. Please be careful.”

It’s a spear. Does it mean that it is a spear because it uses a spear?

Anyway, Cha So-rim’s voice was calm, but her hand was gently stroking the Arcus Valkyrie spear. I think it’s a pretty interesting name, but the person who actually calls it doesn’t seem to like it. The tone of the last words, “Please, be careful.” was so full of life that even I felt it was sincere.

As I was giggling to myself, I saw Vivien’s shoulders droop. His complexion looks glum, and he is disappointed that he came up with a plausible hypothesis but the response was lukewarm. As expected, I thought that that face suited Vivien and I calmly began to admire it.

It was then. Vivian, who had been babbling for a while, suddenly raised his head. Seeing the indignant look on his face, it seems like he is feeling angry for no reason.

Soon, I felt like he was about to open his mouth towards me, so I struck him right away.


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“shut up.”

“Then Geomgeom… . why! what!”

“Don’t call me that.”

“no! It’s my heart! “What’s wrong with this?”

“I give this order in the name of the contract. Please keep that righteous mouth forever… .”

“I was really wrong.”

Vivien, who was still angry after farting, immediately fell flat on her back. It was a very simple suppression.

The night deepened like that.


next day.

After taking a break for 2 hours in 3 shifts of 4 people, I immediately announced the departure to rescue Anhyeon.

In fact, the clan members still don’t know the details, but since they confirmed Ahn Hyeon’s disappearance, I had already concluded that I had to go into the ruins. Because missing users are most likely there.

Of course, this is also just a first-round hypothesis. The mountain range where the dragon sleeps was an unexplored area where nothing was certain.

Although they said they left in the morning, the mountains were so steep and the trees were so dense that it was hard to tell whether it was morning or afternoon.

So, after a total of three battles, we were able to arrive at the crossroads that Hangyeol mentioned two hours after setting off.


There will be a fork in any mountainous area, but this fork is a little special. The road was divided into two branches by a large tree, to the point where anyone could clearly see that it was a fork.

“here… . “A crossroads?”

Perhaps the aftereffects of the battle 20 minutes ago were still lingering, Nam Da-eun muttered to herself in a voice that was still panting. Nam Da-eun’s eyes were fixed on the large, dry, twisted tree in front of him that looked like it would crumble if touched.

I looked at the left road and the right road once, then looked down at Hangyeol, who had an anxious face next to me.

“You mean you took the right path from here?”

“yes yes. “I’m sure.”

“How deep did it go?”

“It didn’t go into that much. Ten minutes… ? and… .”

Hangyeol tried to speak again, but suddenly grimaced and let out a weak moan. The anxious look that he had when he was first rescued has decreased a lot, but the shock still lingers in his mind and he seems to be confused.

“Once you see the place you entered at the end, tell me. “Let’s talk again then.”

“… yes. sorry.”

Hangyeol bowed his head and turned to the rear. As soon as I saw Hangyeol walking helplessly, I immediately called Shin Jae-ryong. Currently, the user in overall charge of Hangyeol is Shin Jae-ryong.

I opened my mouth quietly.

“Is Hangyeol’s condition very bad right now?”

“If it’s not good, it’s not good. “How much are you talking about?”

“… “If I push myself a little too hard, I wonder if I can participate normally in the current rescue team.”

“Absolutely not.”

Shin Jae-ryong shook his head without a word. It was a firm voice.

“… Is it that much?”

“yes. “I feel like I want to go back right now and let Hangyeol rest.”

“… phew.”

“Of course, I know I’m doing this now because of Ahn Hyun’s rescue, but… . If you manage it well from the beginning, you can eliminate as many aftereffects as possible. I don’t know what you were thinking, but Clan Lord. Please reconsider Hangyeol’s participation. Perhaps just continuing to be in this place may be a burden to Hangyeol-gun now.”

In response to the earnest tone that followed again, I nodded my head to show that I understood. And looking at the crossroads in front of me, I sighed deeply again.

Suddenly, the words Vivien said yesterday came to mind. First of all, it doesn’t really matter whether the path to the ruins is right or left. However, the road on the right that Ahn Hyeon entered was a road with a terrifying field effect called ‘Land of Hatred’.

Therefore, in order to be protected from field effects, a consistent defense ability is essential, but if you force it in the current state… .

‘Would you rather eat Jeongsimdan?’

The thought came to mind because there was a Jeongsimdan prepared just before departure, but I immediately shook my head.

Although the quantity in the warehouse was completely swept away, the inventory held in the first place was insufficient. It was barely enough to be returned to each clan member one by one. Moreover, because we were leaving in a hurry, we did not have time to manufacture Jeongsimdan, which had an effect that would be effective in this mountain range.

Also, considering the field effects of the remaining areas, it was more effective to use Jeongsimdan at the fourth gateway than at the third gateway, ‘Land of Hatred’.

‘Let’s go in for now.’

For now, the only way left is to get to the place Hangyeol remembers. In the end, I thought I had no choice but to crash into it, so I immediately calmed down and walked away.

I took a step to the left for a moment, then immediately turned to the right. Then, he turned his head and looked at his clan members.

“Then, let’s leave.”

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