MEMORIZE Chapter 442

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00442 Hatred, and conflict. ————————————————– ———————-=

When I opened my eyes again, I saw a dim gray world through my blurred vision.

Where is this place?

why am i here

What are you doing here?

I still don’t know anything, but I’m not curious anymore. She only felt a dark despair settling in her heart.

Sasak! Sasasak!

Because it’s a scene I’ve already seen dozens or even hundreds of times. From a while ago until now, this situation has been repeated countless times.


I desperately cried out in my heart… . Actually, she already knew. No matter how much I hate it, there’s no way the guy who manipulated this situation will stop.

Sasak! Sasasak!

I knew it.

As if my thoughts were correct, after a while, I felt a gentle sensation tying my neck. Then, against my will, my body slowly rose into the air. Soon, I started to feel like my throat was getting tight and my breathing was becoming difficult.

Now, after suffering like this for a while, I will faint again. And when you open your eyes again, you will face a gray world.


It was then. Just as I was about to close my eyes without thinking about the pain that was about to come, the slowly rising scenery suddenly stopped. As a result, I was shaken back and forth, the pressure on my neck loosened, and I opened my eyes without realizing it.

‘There’s no way it can stop already, right?’

When I finally turned my gaze around, I was so shocked that I was shocked. Because someone was approaching the place where I was hanging. I tightly closed my eyes in this unbelievable situation.

I thought it was all over now. I thought no one would come. I thought I would die after suffering like this. However, she began to hear a heartbeat in her chest, which she had never felt before.

Could it be a dream?

After some time passed, I slowly opened my eyes and looked down. And, before I knew it, I found my brother standing below.

‘older brother!’

It was my brother! I couldn’t see his face in detail, but at first glance, it was definitely my older brother.

no. Not only my brother, but also many colleagues were standing there. The moment I confirmed it, an indescribable joy filled my heart.

You can be rescued soon. You can get out of this situation that has been repeated dozens or hundreds of times.

Suddenly, I felt like tears were about to fall. Inside, where only pain and despair remained, the hope that I thought had disappeared began to emerge little by little.


At that time, the pressure on my neck that had relaxed for a moment suddenly tightened significantly. Amid the suffocating pain, I tried to look at my brother again. And the moment my gaze finally made contact, a strange sense of discomfort suddenly settled over me.

‘older brother… ?’

My stomach sinks for no reason. I wish I could save you quickly. I want to be free from this repetitive pain as soon as possible. By the way, why has my brother been quiet since a while ago?

No, before that. He doesn’t even look at me. Come to think of it, he couldn’t even identify his brother’s face. His appearance clearly resembled that of his older brother, but instead of facing me, he was quietly gazing straight ahead.

‘no way… .’

A thought suddenly occurred to me, but I immediately denied it. However, despite this, it was undeniable that the hope that had been growing slightly was suddenly dashed.

It was then.

Finally, my older brother slowly raised his head and began to look up at me.

Several thoughts crossed my mind at once, but I had no other choice. Even as my throat continued to tighten, I tried as hard as I could to look down and meet my brother’s gaze.

Then at some point, I saw it. My brother’s grave face.

‘That… . It’s not your brother… .’

For a moment, my brother’s eyes were so wide that they seemed like they were going to pop out. His skin became hideously distorted and rotted away. His mouth was torn all the way to his earlobe, and dark red blood flowed out.

okay. It wasn’t my brother looking up at me. That was the dead man who had been tormenting me for so long. In other words, this situation was also manipulated by the deceased.

‘… under.’

How much time has passed?

The deceased, who had been laughing at me for a while, slowly began to walk away. Their backs soon disappeared to one side, showing the appearance of their eternal companions.

A heartless laugh continued to leak out from within. Even though I figured it was definitely not the case and that the situation was manipulated by the deceased. Still, why do I feel like they might be leaving when I see them leaving?

‘under… . ha ha ha… . ha ha ha… .’

Eventually, when he completely disappeared, a single tear flowed down his cheek. At the same time, I felt something that had been barely connected until now suddenly being broken. As the hope I had barely managed to survive was completely trampled, I felt like I was going crazy.

‘… … .’

Now I couldn’t think of anything. All I could think about was that I wanted to leave everything and die.

– really?

At that moment, the moment I gave up everything, a whisper flowed into my head. At the same time, a shape appeared before my eyes. It was a very terrible shape, but I no longer thought it was scary or surprising.

I stared blankly at the figure. Anything is fine, so I just wanted to give up and be comfortable.

‘okay. Stop killing me now. please.’

– Hi-Hi! Hehehe! Heeheehee! That’s it, that’s enough!

At that moment, the deceased’s torn mouth opens wide and begins to approach as if trying to swallow me. Done? What on earth happened?

I had doubts for a moment, but I soon stopped thinking about it. And quietly closed his eyes. You only have to endure it once. If I get eaten by the dead soon, and if I open my eyes again. You will never have to repeat this situation again.

‘now… . It’s all over… .’

I waited, thinking it was over. I waited, waited, waited.

‘… … .’

However, the pain I expected does not come. I thought it would be painful, but I can’t feel anything.

Is it really over already? So what happens to me now? Will it happen again when I open my eyes?

Many complex thoughts came to mind and swirled through my mind. But I just shook my head. If I open my eyes again and the same situation repeats itself, it’s because I really didn’t have the confidence to endure it at that time… ?


I don’t feel any pressure in my neck. A voice comes out too. I also shook my head a little while ago. The body that had been confined regained its freedom.

And, at that moment.

– Ouch! Wow!

“Phew, I was almost late. thank god.”

A low, cold tone. The voice I thought I would never hear again flowed into my ears.

– It’s unfair! Almost done! It was right before! It’s unfair!


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“It’s noisy, dude.”

Quick! Pap-duk!

Soon, the sound of something being crushed and the screams of the deceased were heard. At the same time, she felt a soft touch lightly brushing her hair. This feeling… .

“Ansol! Shin Jae-ryong!”

I opened my eyes right away. Then, I was able to see a world that was no longer gray, but shining brightly.

There was another me there.


“and… .”

“oh… .”

Ansol and Vivien let out a weak exclamation. The phenomenon that is happening right now in front of my eyes seems quite strange. Actually, there isn’t much to be surprised about. All Hangyeol had to do was find his missing half and go inside. In other words, it is the process of two becoming one.

‘by the way… . It doesn’t look like it’s in good condition.’

“Uhm… .”

A weak moan flowed from Hangyeol’s mouth. I put aside any worries and stared at Hangyeol lying on the floor. As if the vision in front of my eyes was blurry, the pupils I could see through the slit were slightly fluttering.

“Hangyeol. “Are you awake?”

“Huh huh!”

Just as he was about to get closer, Hangyeol opened his eyes. Then he gets scared and screams. Judging by the way he twisted his head in the opposite direction, it seemed like he was trying to get away from me without realizing it.

Yu-jeong snooped around and slapped Han-gyeol on the cheek.

“Why is he like this again? hey! Baek Han-gyeol!”

“Si, I hate it! Do not come! “Don’t come!”

“Oh, look at him. Even though I came to rescue him… . Answer me. What on earth happened? And where is Ahn Hyun?”

“no… . no… . no… . no… . If you keep doing this… . Better kill me! “Kill me!”

Yujeong’s army frowned at the continued, meaningless reactions. The other clan members seemed to feel strange as well, so they came a little closer and looked at Hangyeol’s condition.

However, Hangyeol looked helpless and couldn’t do this or that, and eventually curled up with his eyes tightly closed. She appeared to be trying to defend herself. Shin Jae-ryong, who was watching quietly, exhaled weakly and shook his head.

“I don’t think I’m in my right mind. It seems like he was shocked by something and became confused… . I’m embarrassed. “Let’s try treatment first.”

“… “I don’t think this is a situation that can be treated with a holy spell.”

“If it was caused internally by an external stimulus, then yes. I hate to think about it, but… . It is most likely mentally ill. First of all, all we can do now is remove external stimuli and recover our physical strength. And absolute peace of mind and body. Considering Hangyeol-gun’s activities in Hall Plain in the future, he may be in a very dangerous situation right now. Clan Lord. Please remember user Won Hye-su.”


Shin Jae-ryong’s tone was quite serious. This certainly makes sense, and I also felt that it was not a light matter.

So, I quietly pondered Hangyeol’s words.

no. Do not come. If you keep doing this. Better kill me.

‘It’s not awkward. It leads to one thing.’

If so, let’s look back one by one.

If you keep doing this, I’d rather kill you.

It is presumed that this means that the deceased suffered something and eventually couldn’t bear it and ordered him to kill him.

And no, don’t come.

Connecting with the speculation just now, it is highly likely that these were words spoken to the deceased. Then, I don’t know why, but it means that they are now thinking of us as dead people.

‘I’m really embarrassed… . But I can’t rest here. I have to find Anhyeon too.’

To be honest, I didn’t expect him to be healthy, but Hangyeol’s condition was much more serious than expected. The good news among all the misfortunes is that it is still only the beginning? Anyway, as Shin Jae-ryong said, how we stabilize Hangyeol now will have an impact on his future activities.

A group of thoughts have been organized. After telling An Sol and Shin Jae-ryong to prepare the healing spell, I calmly approached Han-gyeol.

“Huh… . Hmm… .”

Hangyeol, who was still shaking, was now shedding tears. I looked down at Hangyeol for a moment and then carefully bent one knee. Then he placed a gentle hand on his slightly trembling head.


“please… . please… .”

“Hangyeol. It’s my brother. brother. “I’m here to save you, so open your eyes.”

“Do not lie… . no… . I won’t be fooled anymore… .”

I tried talking to him repeatedly, but no matter what I said, he wouldn’t listen. It was proof that his mind had become extremely exhausted. I don’t know what the deceased did, but it was clear that Hangyeol suffered unimaginably while he was alone.

In that case, it is important to first face reality as much as possible. I gently supported Hangyul’s head. Then he slowly raised his body and forced his eyes to open.

“Look Carefully.”

Where Hangyeol and I were looking, there was a dead man with his face split in half.

“Huh! “Huhhh!”

“Hangyeol. Look at me. The person who was harassing you is dead, and you were rescued. “It’s not a dream, it’s reality.”

“It is a lie… . Don’t be fooled… .”

“Why do you think it’s a lie? “What do you mean by being deceived?”

As he continued to comfort and give signals with nods, An Sol and Shin Jae-ryong, who had been preparing in advance, approached and placed their hands on Han-gyeol’s body.

“Angelus, guide the light to those who are wandering… .”

“───. ───. ───. Targeted user Baek Han-gyeol. Appnormal state, recovery!”

Ansol used the Angelus spell, and Shin Jae-ryong used the spell to recover from abnormal conditions. After confirming that white and yellow light were flowing into each, I unleashed the power of fire through the hand I placed on my head. The idea was to smoothen the flow of magical energy and refine the interior.

“Ugh… . Ugh… .”

Did it have some effect? I could hear Hangyul’s sobbing slowly subsiding.

And after a while, Hangyeol looked up at me with moist eyes. Her eyes were still full of disbelief, but she did not deny reality like before. When she was treated by three people at the same time, she seemed to come to her senses, albeit slightly.

Hangyeol parted his lips with a tired expression.

“… older brother?”

“okay. “Are you conscious now?”

“older brother… . older brother… ! I’m sorry… . I, I… . sorry… !”

“… “You have nothing to be sorry about.”

I shook my head saying it was okay.

To be honest, I was very angry when I first heard Hayeon’s story, but I don’t have the heart to push myself even in this situation. Also, Hangyeol was only swayed by Hayeon and Ahn Hyeon, so in reality, he was almost entirely innocent.

Above all, debating whether something is right or wrong here is just a waste of time. Moreover, the structure is only half completed. They were able to somehow rescue Hangyeol, but Anhyeon was nowhere to be seen.

I made eye contact with Hangyeol and quietly opened my mouth.


“Tongue, brother. As for how this happened… .”

“No, no. I already know the situation. As I said before, the deceased was defeated and you were rescued. You can relax now. I won’t ask anything now… . huh?”

“… “Tsk.”

“good. However, please tell me one thing. I thought Hyeon Ahn would be with you, but I can’t see her around right now. Do you know where it is? Or, can you tell me what happened to Anhyeon?”

Hangyeol couldn’t answer right away. She just gaped and gaped.

“Oh, I’m so frustrated! hey… .”

Then, perhaps because Han-gyeol was frustrated with his constant messiness, Yu-jeong came out screaming. But as soon as she looked, she quietly blurted out her words.

“User Lee Yu-jeong.”

“No, that’s… . “I can’t see Ahn Hyeon.”

“Quiet. So, I’m trying to find it now. “Remember what you said in the conference room.”

“sorry… .”

I let out a short breath. Of course, I was also very uncomfortable, but Hangyeol’s current condition was very unstable. If left like this, it is very likely that mental aftereffects will occur. So, the best way for now was to make him as stable as possible and let him open his mouth on his own.

I signaled him to stay still and then spoke in a low voice.

“It’s okay, just think about it slowly.”

As 10 seconds passed, Hangyeol’s eyes grew as big as a flower lantern. Hangyeol tried to get up, but fell forward.

“Long, Hyunni!”

“Did you remember?”

“Uh, where are you? Surely there isn’t one?”

“doesn’t exist. “You are the only one found here.”

I answered quickly. Before we knew it, Ansol and Shin Jae-ryong’s treatment spells had ended. But I still maintained the power of Hwajeong and embraced Hangyeol. I don’t know if it was thanks to that, but Hangyeol no longer seemed confused. Although his mind is complicated, he seems to be trying to understand the situation and accept my words.

“Hangyeol, tell me. “What happened to Anhyeon?”

“S-sorry… . We ran away together… . I got lost… .”

“are you okay. “So you don’t even know where it is?”

“yes… .”

Hangyeol nodded his head sullenly.

“good. So can you tell me what you remember about what happened here? “Anything you can say is fine.”

He flinched a little, but Hangyeol quickly nodded and put his head down. Then, after a while, he opened his mouth in a hurt voice.

“therefore… . Entering the Dragon’s Sleeping Mountains… .”

“Coming in?”

“Go in… . Keep going… . ah! Go, at the crossroads… !”

“wait for a sec. “A crossroads?”

The conversation was quite intermittent, but for now it was good. I stopped talking right away. Hangyeol frowned slightly and shook his head.

“yes yes. Crossroads… . “It was a road that seemed special.”

‘It’s a crossroads… . ‘Tsk.’

I looked back at the clan members for a moment, then put my face close to Hangyeol’s ear. And then he whispered softly.

“Are you talking about a place where there is a dry, twisted tree that is bigger than other trees?”

“uh… . Yes, that’s right… !”

“… shit. “I went left, I went right.”

“Oh, on the right. that’s right. It’s definitely on the right.”

Going to the right means that you ended up going in. For a moment, cursing rose to the top of my throat, but I could barely hold it back. This is because I, who once studied the mountains where dragons sleep, now know where the crossroads that Hangyeol spoke of are.

‘Crazy guys… . How on earth… . No, what should I do… .’

I slowly got up.

I was wondering how on earth I could get there, but it was even more of a problem if I entered the crossroads. This is because Ahn Hyeon’s disappearance has been confirmed.

Because that crossroads… .

“We’d better start again. It’s not good to stay in one place for a long time. … “For the rear personnel, please take care of Hangyeol.”

Because it was the crossroads leading to the ‘branch area’ right before entering the place where the ruins were.

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