MEMORIZE Chapter 430

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00430 A heavy heart. ————————————————– ———————-=

The flames that had reached their full extent died down and the thick smoke also disappeared.

The scene shown in the video that soon became relatively clear was Mammon lying on the floor and moaning, and a man grabbing the demon.

Soon the image illuminated the entire landscape. The fallen demon was not just one, and the user was not just a man.

Almost ten demons, centered around Mammon, had collapsed due to heavy fire. And in front of the fallen demons, at least one and at most three or four users were clinging to each other and taking individual actions.

– How dare these insect-like humans… ! Ah, ah! Argh!

– Haha, haha! Did you say demons? This female, the taste is quite special, isn’t it?

– Oh, it hurts! It hurts!

– Ugh… . Just kill me. Good, good.

A female demon crying on the floor, and users who call her a female and violate her. They took turns taking turns enjoying themselves, and then they plunged their swords into the female demon’s neck and slashed it vertically with all their might. The female demon’s body flinched once. And it never moved again.

-Stop it! Kkkkkkkkkkk!

– Sister, sister! Look at this. This monster has horns and wings? Don’t you think it would be quite useful? where… . Should I take a look at it?

– Wow!

– Okay, take out your heart first. The Clan Lord said that. If you take it, you might be able to increase your abilities.

On the other hand, I am anxious about dismantling the demons. They laugh at each other and cut off their heads, pull out their horns, tear off their wings, and pull out their hearts. In the end, the demon couldn’t bear it anymore and rolled over its eyes and stuck out its tongue. It was a miserable end.

The video again showed Mammon and the man.

The man also did not appear to be in a normal condition. Several areas of his body were scorched and his left arm was bleeding significantly. But better than the devil. Mammon’s limbs had already been cut off, with only his neck and body still attached.

– hmm… . Good.

The corners of the man’s mouth drew a soft line as he looked around. Finally, he looked at Mammon again and without delay reached out to his chest. Then he roughly tore the flesh, dug inward, and three seconds later pulled out again with force. He was holding something dripping black blood in his hand.

Soon, a clear flame began to burn throughout Mamon’s body. The man threw the burning demon away with a look that showed he was no longer interested. And as if he was playing a joke, he threw the heart he was holding in his hand and started walking slowly.

Hwareuk, Hwareuk!

In the video, flames and smoke rose again.

“That’s it.”

Then, the moment Satan’s voice rang out, the image disappeared and the light of the magic circle went out. The space was once again pitch black. At the same time, a quiet silence began to flow. All of the ‘Seven Great Demons’ were left speechless by the video they had just seen.

By the time everyone kept their mouths shut. Astaroth spoke, breaking the silence.

“and… . You devilish bastard. “This is a pure bad guy.”

“devil. we.”

Baal shouted back, hugging the teddy bear tightly. Astaroth lightly scratched his head and then quietly opened his mouth.

“therefore… . Asmodeus? How did things happen like that? Aside from other demons… . “Why on earth did you send Mammon?”

“It was Asmodeus’ original plan to send the demons led by Mammon. but… .”

The answer came from Lucifer. The ‘Fallen Angel’ paused for a moment, and then he continued with a short sigh.

“The order was reversed. Mammon was planned to appear after the work on the western continent was successful and enough seeds were sown in the northern continent.”

“no. “The West Continent ended in failure from the beginning.”

As Astaroth opened his mouth in an incredulous manner, Asmodeus lowered his head even further. Now he was actually pulling out his hair.

“Kel… . I know he was impatient. Ha, but! Mamon’s appearance was perfect. He worked so hard for so long that he was flawless! I, I am a way to turn around this frustrating situation… .”

“But it was completely blocked. They came right at the moment the summoning ritual was over? Oh~. “That’s why I was treated so foolishly.”

Asmodeus tried to protest somehow, but when Lilith sarcastically pointed out, “Kel.” He immediately closed his mouth. However, for a moment, his lustful eyes flashed and he glared at Lilith. The ‘Queen of the Night’ did not miss that gaze.

It was then.

“There was definitely no problem. Although there was no sense of haste, and I didn’t agree with the plan… . At least I didn’t have to worry about the summons being discovered. “I certainly thought so too.”

When Satan opened his mouth, all eyes naturally turned to the ‘antagonist’. Satan lightly tapped his armrest and spoke quietly.

“But just as Lilith said, they attacked as soon as Mammon’s summoning ritual was over. “It’s as if they were targeting us when we were weakest.”

“secret. outflow.”

“The traitor within. Things like that happen, too. But Baal. “In some ways, you might think differently.”

“differently. how.”

Baal tilted his head. Satan smiled brightly and removed his hand from his forehead. And then he finally raised his head and looked at everyone.

“Maybe he knew the summoning location in advance.”

“Are you saying the angels told you?”

“We can’t rule out the possibility, but there was no sign. In fact, even though Mammon had great influence, there was no significant change in causality.”

“then… .”

Astaroth asked back with a confused feeling. This is because he has not yet realized the meaning of what Satan is trying to say.

“well… . Anyway, let’s end the meeting here for now.”

At that moment, Satan slowly stood up. His height barely exceeds 180. If you look at his physique, he is just an ordinary man, no different.

“B-already? “Where are we going?”

Astaroth shouted.

Step by step.

However, when the ‘King of All Demons’ took a step forward, the quiet space suddenly shook. Satan took a step forward with his right foot and then leisurely took a step forward with his left foot.

“Today, the goal was achieved by showing the video.”

“No, even if that’s the case.”

“It’s still not enough. and… . “We can cooperate out of necessity, but aren’t we originally independent entities?”

“… If you don’t know, just say you don’t know. Or did you say that you would look into it now? Is there a need to say it so abruptly and in such a difficult way? .”

Astaroth grumbled softly. Satan made no reply.

As soon as Satan suddenly disappeared from space, the six remaining demons also rose up one by one.



A young man flies lightly like a bird and climbs a tree. And the moment he touched the thick branch, he kicked his foot again and was about to rise up in the air.


However, did I apply too much force? For a moment, the sound of a branch breaking was heard and the young man’s body shook from side to side. He hurriedly waved his hand to somehow regain his balance, but the young man ended up falling down.



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The young man fell to the ground. I reached out to his hand as if trying to reflexively stand up, but he fell down again.

“older brother!”

I heard someone running and shouting urgently. Judging from the fact that he called me “brother,” it was clearly a male voice, but it had a feminine tone to it.

“older brother! Brother Hyeon! are you okay?”

“… Okay. “I’m not dead.”

The young man, or rather Ahn Hyeon, managed to turn over and look up at the sky. Suddenly, a small head popped up in front of him and gave him a worried look. Anhyun smiled bitterly.

“Get out of the way, dude. I’m still dizzy… . head hurts.”

“Gwae, are you okay?”

“I don’t know. Turn and turn. The sky is spinning. The moon is spinning round and round. Separately, round and round.”

“Tongue, brother… .”

As Hangyeol lowered his head sullenly, Anhyeon stood up straight away. Then he let out a long sigh and quickly looked around.

I saw a forest. That was it. Beautifully sprouting trees, lush bushes, etc. The night in the middle of the forest was accompanied by an eerie stillness and silence.

Ahn Hyun’s eyes, looking at the forest, had a very tired look. My eyes are puffy and my mouth is dry. He was dressed almost like a beggar, so it seemed like the reason he couldn’t get up right away wasn’t simply due to the shock of falling.

“older brother. What should I do next… ?”

Did my anxiety soar because I didn’t say anything? Hangyeol eventually cautiously called Ahnhyeon. However, Anhyeon did not answer right away. She simply raised her hand to signal quiet and after a moment, she nodded and nodded.

“good. There is no one. “For now, I feel relieved.”

“Well then, how about taking a little rest? You’re very tired, brother. Ever since I got out of there… .”

“no. That’s not allowed.”

“Oh brother… .”

Hangyeol pleaded with a sorrowful voice, but Anhyeon firmly shook his head. Now that he had regained his senses, Ahn Hyeon raised his black spear and looked out in all directions.

“We’re not out yet. I just barely escaped from the worst part. Resting is not resting unless you leave this mountain. This whole mountain is like an enemy. Do you understand?”

“but. You’ve been wandering around the mountains for several days already. Rather than continue to overdo it like this… .”

But Ahn Hyeon seemed to have no intention of changing his mind. Soon she rolled down the window again and roughly stroked Hangyul’s hair.

“Hey dude. When his brother took us around, this was just a joke. “What should I do if you’re already complaining?”

“Well, that’s true though.”

Hangyeol also answered with a forced smile, probably because he didn’t want to fuss anymore.

There was a warm feeling in the air, but it only lasted for a moment. After a while, the two young men had to face the harsh reality again.

“Hangyeol. Let’s move first. First of all, you have to go downstairs. “Let’s focus on going down the mountain in any direction.”

Ahn Hyeon opened his mouth. Hangyeol nodded and soon began to follow Anhyeon, who was quickly walking away.

Sabagsabag. Sabagsabag.

How long did it take to walk like that? The days continue to get dark and the road is no longer visible. Anhyun and Hangyeol have been walking steadily, but it seems like they are walking on a path with no end in sight. The further I went, the more I felt like a dreary energy was coming over me. The sound of walking was the only sound in the small forest.

Hangyeol quickly looked away and opened his mouth in a weak voice.

“just. I should have listened to the clan lord. I’m not coming here… .”

“I also regret it. “I should have listened to Hayeon when she tried to stop me.”

When Anhyeon agreed, Hangyeol opened his mouth once more.

“Well, I’m sure the clan lord will be very angry when he returns, right?”

“Suhyun hyung? I guess so. He went out on his own to receive a request, but the request was a huge failure. We ran away, leaving our clients behind. It put a dent in the 100% quest completion rate so far. Plus, he initially told me not to receive any interest or requests regarding this place… . “He’s probably not just angry.”

As Anhyeon spoke in detail, Hangyeol trembled. This is because I have seen the Clan Lord get angry a few times during my time at the Mercantile. Maybe it would be better if I hit him. Although Su-hyeon wasn’t the type to get angry easily, Han-gyeol knew very well how harshly he would push back once he got caught.

Anhyeon smiled bitterly, perhaps sensing Hangyeol’s gloomy mood.

“don’t worry. Because you are not at fault. I brought it here by force… . Anyway, let’s find a way down first. “Whether I get scolded or not, it’s better than dying.”

“… … .”

“is not it?”

“… … .”

Anhyeon stopped walking. Because she suddenly couldn’t hear the answer or the footsteps that followed her.

So I quickly turn around, and I see Hangyeol standing blankly on one side. Anhyeon quickly approached.

“What’re you doing?”

“… older brother. wait a minute.”

Hangyeol lifted his head in a daze and held out something in his hand. When Ahn Hyun looked down, he was able to see that he was holding a broken tree branch.

“No, what is this… .”

At that moment, a fact quickly passed through Anhyun’s mind. Then, she suddenly raised her head and began to shake her head wildly and look around the forest.

Eventually, Anhyeon’s gaze stopped at one place. His eyes were looking straight at one tree.

The broken branch of the tree in the middle, and the branch that Hangyeol is holding now. That tree was the one that Ahn Hyeon climbed for a moment but then fell because she took a wrong step. The two had been going around the same place since before.

No, not everything was the same.

Klick… . Klick… .

Something slowly shook and the sound of wood grinding came through.

“Mr. Lee… .”

Ahn Hyun reflexively swore. It was because he instinctively felt that something was going wrong. Then she slowly, very slowly looked up from the base of the tree.

The first thing I saw was the dark blue stump of a tree.

The next thing I saw was what looked like black plastic gently swaying in the wind.

The next thing I saw was what looked like the feet of a dead body, shaking slowly from side to side and turning so pale that it wasn’t pure white. It was moving back and forth like a pendulum, as if something was hanging from a string above.

Klick… . simplicity and honesty… . Klick… . simplicity and honesty… .

Suddenly, Ahn Hyun thought. Strangely, the surroundings became dark. The moonlight that had been shining softly until just now disappeared in an instant.

Klick… . Hi-Hi… . Klick… . Hi-Hi… .

Anhyeon swallowed his saliva. Nevertheless, his throat was dry and he was thirsty.

Soon, Anhyeon completely raised his gaze and stared at the tree. And when he noticed the long hair that reached the ground and the blood-red white clothes.


With the sound of something breaking, the thing hanging was blown down like the wind.

Soon, an eerie laugh and a scream telling them to leave rang out in the dark forest.

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