MEMORIZE Chapter 428

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00428 10. Last story (9/9). ————————————————– ———————-=

When I opened my eyes, the bright sunlight obscured my vision. I tried to close my eyes reflexively, but instead I just lowered my gaze. This is because I felt an unknown warmth in my body.

Hannah was smiling. He is fast asleep with his arms around my neck. The smile on his face seems really pleasant, as if he was having such a nice dream.

From last night until this morning, we had s*x for the first time. Hannah had to be cautious as it was her first time, but she was relieved that she completed it safely.

One thing I regret is that I couldn’t make Hannah reach the climax. Still, considering that I continued to let out dirty moans at the end, I guess it was a successful first relationship.

As I stood up carefully so as not to wake up, Hanna’s naked body caught my eye. She thought she was as gentle as possible, but the traces remained more evident than she thought.

Lip marks engraved all over the breasts, and a white lump mixed with blood on the lower abdomen. It was leading into Hannah’s precious place.

Without even thinking about it, I took out a piece of tobacco, and suddenly Hannah caught my eye. I put the beginning of the year back in. And he gently stroked her head with the hand that was about to smoke a cigarette.

“Ugh… . color… . color… .”

Hannah tossed and turned for a moment, but then took a steady breath again and cupped her face with both hands as if praying.

I watched it for a while and then got out of bed. After putting some clothes aside, I left the dorm without making a sound.

There were square lights and shadows drawn in the hallway. It seems like morning has just arrived, with a mixture of cool chill and bright sunlight.

I stretched out as much as I could and took out the tobacco I had put away earlier. Then, I slowly walked down the stairs, thinking about going down to the restaurant. I felt comfortable in the calm and quiet.

However, by the time I smoked almost all of the tobacco.


I had no choice but to push the restaurant door open.

‘It’s a real mess… . ‘But what are they?’

I expected the restaurant to be a mess. However, it was unexpected to see Hanbyul and Yujeong glaring at each other at one table.

I thought, no way. Because I knew very well what their relationship was like. So, without thinking about anything else, I urgently shouted.

“The two of you now… ?!”

At that moment, Hanbyul and Yujeong looked at me at the same time. Both of their faces were bright red and they looked quite drunk.

It was then.

“brother… .”

Hanbyul gently stretched out his arm and called to me in a faint voice. I opened my mouth in a daze.

“… why?”

“I don’t know… . You idiot… .”



Hanbyeol immediately hit his head on the table so hard that it made a thumping sound.

As I was just staring at the unknown situation, Yujeong suddenly got up and cheered.

“Hehehe! Won! I won! As a result, Mercenary’s top leader is me, Lee Yoo-jeong! Everyone worship me! “Clap clap clap!”

The tension that had risen for a moment was relieved. Come to think of it, there were several clan members lying around the table, and it seemed like they were having a drinking game as a group. And all night long.

Yujeong, who was celebrating for a while, soon staggered towards me. He was still holding the liquor bottle tightly in one hand.

“Uh… . Oppa~. I feel like I’m suddenly feverish… . It’s so hot I’m dying. Oh, when on earth did your brother leave yesterday? “He suddenly disappears without saying a word.”

Yujeong was still dressed as a bunny girl, or rather as a cat girl(?). In that state, he pulls off his clothes with one hand, lowers his head, and breathes in. Giving a glimpse of her bulging breasts was something I thought was a good thing to do in front of a stranger.

“brother Brother. I won the Mercenary Boat Drinking Bet? Did you do well? Heehee!”

“… congratulations.”

“Oh. The winner will be given a free pass to do whatever he wants with his brother for a day. “This or that or anything.”

“Do not lie to me.”

I answered firmly. Yujeong muttered, “It’s sweet pumpkin,” and then shook the bottle and squinted.

“Now that I think about it, my brother is still here.”

“I have no intention of drinking in the morning. “I’ll give you a good rest today, so why don’t you just go in and sleep now?”

“Ah~. You couldn’t even have a drink with your brother during this festival. Just one drink. huh?”

However, because he kept pestering me, I finally allowed it with a sigh. Of course, he didn’t forget to set a condition: just one drink.

“Hehehe. wait. “I’ll pour it into a nice glass.”

Soon, Yujeong hurried away and I slowly looked around the restaurant. Although several clan members were lying down due to heavy heating, there were also a few people who could not be seen, such as Hayeon, Woo Jung-min, Won Hye-su, and Yeong-nim. I thought they probably got away with it too.

Eventually, while I was still looking at Ansol and Hangyeol, who were still down with a cross, Yujeong’s back suddenly caught my eye. She turns her head around, looks around, shrugs her shoulders and shoves something into her chest.

I had the delusion that a glass of alcohol was being placed on my chest. Because that was the way he dressed. However, she soon felt reassured when she saw Yu-jeong turning around her body. She was holding a bottle in one hand and a glass in the other.

Yujeong held out her hand holding the glass.

“Ta-da~! Come on, brother. Let’s toast together! “If you don’t pass it on as a one-shot, I’ll use the free pass I mentioned earlier!”

“Don’t worry, it won’t happen. Then cheers.”

I snorted lightly. Soon, they raised their glasses and bottles to each other, followed by the sharp sound of glass clashing.

“ah. brother. Actually, I have something to say. I was thinking about this throughout the festival yesterday… .”


Now, whenever I hear that I have something to say, my body instinctively shrinks. I picked up the glass and poured it down my throat in one go. And that was when I swallowed it.

『I took ‘Bloodline of Eve’! ‘Eve’s Bloodline’ is an item that increases the user’s abilities according to three conditions. The effect does not occur immediately, but the effect can occur when the user wants it.』

At that moment, my eyes opened as wide as a flower lantern. And I reflexively looked ahead, but I couldn’t see Yujeong.

“What can I say! I guess it would be better for you to drink it! Heeheehee~!”

At that time, a refreshing voice flowed from behind. As I quickly turn around, I see Yu-jeong constantly shaking the liquor bottle in his hand. He seems to be very excited as he laughs out loud.

When I stood there blankly forgetting what to say, Yujeong suddenly stopped laughing.

Then he opened his eyes and put his clenched hand to his face. Then, she quietly bent her knees and cried softly.


‘… … .’

“Kyahahaha! succeded! Success! You tricked my brother! Hahahaha!”

I let out a deep sigh as I watched Yu-jeong cheerfully running out of the restaurant.

‘That’s really… . Without even knowing my abilities… .’

Of course I understand. Since I was still in my senior year, Yoo-jeong probably didn’t think that all of my abilities were above 90.

But my abilities are all over 90 points. And the effect of ‘Eve’s bloodline’ had very strict conditions.


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If you think about it, the first condition does not apply to me, and the second condition only partially applies. And the third condition has many paths, but the risks are too great.

To put it bluntly, if the effect was triggered in its current state, the luck would increase by 1 point.

Of course, it’s not entirely impossible.

1. Kim Soo-hyun: 564/ 600~

(The remaining abilities are free ability points, with a total of 6 points remaining.)

[Strength 96(+2)] [Durability 92] [Dexterity 98] [Stamina 92(+2)] [Magic Power 96] [Luck 90(+2)]

‘This is the last option. One of the user’s six abilities is selected at random and lowered by 2 points. Then, multiply the deducted points by 2 to get 4 points back. The returned ability points can be freely raised. However, if the ability value exceeds the ability value corresponding to the tens place of the original ability point of the decreased ability point (the standard value is set as the ability point before the decrease), the tens place is the decreased ability point. However, the ones place is calculated as 0).)’

The third option based on my abilities and Eve’s bloodline. You should look carefully at the last of the options.

This means that the ones place of the ability score whose condition has decreased is calculated as 0 and the tens place is taken as is. In other words, if that condition is applied to me, the standard can be seen as ‘the ability level cannot be increased beyond 90.’ In other words, ability points above 91 cannot be raised.

To put it bluntly, it’s only half a possibility. If your strength, agility, and magical power decrease, your abilities will be reduced without meaning. Luck is not the ability I need, so the 4 points I got back are useless.

However, when durability, stamina, and luck decrease, the story changes. The abilities drop to 90, 90, and 88, respectively. In other words, there is room to use the 4 points returned.

The best case is when physical strength decreases. There are currently a total of 6 points remaining. The 4 points returned here add up to 10 points. Then, you can secure the minimum stamina ability point to 100.

What if you add up the points you get when you obtain achievements later? Maybe your physical strength will really reach 101 or higher.

However, that was the story that would have worked out for the best. Half the chance of success means half the chance of failure. Considering the demons and steel mountains we will face in the future, not even a single point can be wasted.

I soon woke up from my thoughts. And after sighing deeply once again, he hurriedly left the restaurant. It looked like he was very drunk, and I was worried that he might get hurt while running around.

Traces of the well continued through the hallway and outside the entrance. I quickly pushed open the door, thinking that once I got caught, I would get a spanking.

A cold wind blows and cools the body. The moment I looked in the direction of the front door, wondering where he was, I stopped.

Go Yeon-ju was standing there.

“Go, Go Yeonju? When did you come… .”

“A little while ago. And Soohyun? wait a minute.”

Go Yeon-ju raised his hand for a moment and then glanced to the side. Yujeong was draped right over her shoulder.

Soon, Go Yeon-ju raised his fist and punched Yu-jeong in the abdomen with all his might.



Yu-jeong’s body, which had been struggling with a single scream, goes limp. Go Yeon-ju clicked her tongue, threw Yujeong away, and gently approached me.

“Su-hyun. “He made fun of me yesterday.”

“You made fun of me?”

“Yesterday, they suddenly called me and showed me the festival site. is it so. That’s fine up to that point. But suddenly, they started teasing me… . “Black.”

“… “You did something right.”

“Yes? Even though my clothes were already falling apart, I was very upset. Now that I think about it, why does it look like that? “It looks like there was quite a fuss.”

As Ko Yeon-ju nodded his head hesitantly, he exclaimed with joy. Of course, I thought it was harsh to make him faint, but I just buried it in my head.

“Anyway, Suhyeon. “I really missed you!”

Soon, Go Yeon-ju opened her arms wide and embraced me. I also faced her, hugged her, and lightly stroked the top of her head.

“yes. “Thank you for your hard work.”

“Don’t even talk. I’m never going to the User Academy again, so just know that. joy.”

“haha. The festival will be held again next time, so make sure to attend then. ah. “Have you had breakfast?”

“no. “I came right away without eating.”

“There will be leftover food in the restaurant. I will market it. “It’s also a pre-dinner time, so let’s eat together first.”

I put my hand on Go Yeon-ju’s shoulder. But she didn’t leave me. Instead, I lifted my head even further and felt like I was sniffing.

“Go Yeon-ju?”

I called his name, but there was no answer. I tilted my head, but let him do whatever he wanted for now.

Go Yeon-ju, who had been rubbing her face for a while, slowly raised her head. Her face was smiling brightly when she looked at me. The corners of her eyes draw a crescent moon, and the corners of her mouth turn up… . I suddenly felt uneasy for no reason, or rather, for a reason.

Go Yeon-ju’s lips opened.

“Su-hyun? “How did this happen?”

“Yes, yes? “What do you mean?”

“Does my man smell like a familiar woman?”

“… “Isn’t it supposed to be that a strange woman smells like my man?”

“that’s right. “By the way, Sol and Hannah are not unfamiliar women.”

For a moment, I felt like I saw a ghost. Go Yeon-ju must have noticed my stiffness and smiled even brighter. And she started gritting her teeth. Her face was smiling, but the sound of teeth grinding could be heard, so it was quite scary.

“is it so. Would a sparrow just pass by a mill? Hoho, those… . “I was already anxious, so you took advantage of the time I was away to work?”

“Go Yeon-ju. That’s not it… .”

“yes~? “It’s not that, what is it~?”

Go Yeon-ju pushed his face forward and raised his voice as loud as he could. I reflexively avoided eye contact. And I looked up at the sky.

“The weather is really nice today.”

Go Yeonju laughed out loud and raised her head with wide eyes.

“Ohhohoho! Hohohoho! The weather is nice? Am I going to die from cold? see. The sky is gloomy, so where can I subtly change the topic? .”

It was then. Both I and Go Yeon-ju stopped talking at the same time. And then he raised his head and fixed his eyes on the sky.

Suddenly, something cold touches my face and quickly melts and flows down.


White snowflakes were falling from the sky.

“yes. “It’s snow.”

Go Yeon-ju spoke in a much more stable voice than before.

I watched the snow fall for a while and suddenly a good idea occurred to me.

So I walked calmly and picked up the bottle that was lying next to the oil well. If you shake it slightly and hear a sloshing sound, it looks like there is still some left.

I started moving again. Toward a certain place.

“Su-hyun? Where are you going?”

“Go Yeon-ju. “I’m sorry I ordered it right away, but could you please bring me some food from the restaurant?”

“Hmm~. After all, eating while watching the snow fall has its own mood. “But I’m not in the mood to eat right now?”

Eventually, I reached my destination and stopped quietly. There was a grave in front of me. I immediately turned around and stared at Go Yeonju. She was glaring at me with her arms crossed. However, the gentle glance rather than a real glare does not seem like he is really angry. Is this some kind of high-yield style ental?

“That’s not it, it’s because I forgot one more person besides Go Yeonju.”

“… yes?”

Go Yeon-ju opened her eyes and asked a question. I tipped the bottle and spoke calmly.

“Shin Sang-yong.”

The liquid flowing down from the bottle wets the grass on the grave. Go Yeon-ju stared blankly at the grave and then blinked quickly.

“Chi, how shameful! “If this happens, I somehow end up with nothing to say!”

“I had no intention of hiding it anyway. “Let’s talk about the details later when Hayeon wakes up.”

“under… . is it so. great. all right. What do you mean, let’s eat first and think about it?”

Go Yeon-ju grumbled vigorously and lifted up the oil well that had fallen in the garden. Then, he deliberately stepped on the floor hard and disappeared into the entrance. However, I did not miss the faint smile on her lips.

I sprinkled the alcohol evenly all over the grave. And then I raised my head again and looked at the sky.

It may have just started falling, but the number of falling snowflakes is gradually increasing. I brought the bottle to my mouth and took a sip. Then he slowly sat down and leaned his back against the grave. Perhaps it was because of the snow or the spilled alcohol, but I felt a wet liquid on my back.

After looking at the sky for a while, I drank again. And then he quietly raised his palm into the air. Then a piece of snow fell and melted in an instant.

Suddenly, a light laugh broke out.

“Ha ha ha ha ha!”

Even while laughing, I calmly turned my head and looked at the Mercantile House. It was quite a sight to see snow falling from all directions and forming to cover the entire building.

As I watched quietly, I suddenly felt like all my worries were melting away.

I muttered quietly to myself.

“Thanks to you, I survived for now. Thank you.”

Wow… .

Suddenly, a gust of wind blew past my body. It felt like Shin Sang-yong was smiling softly, telling me it was okay.

I opened my mouth once more.

“User Shin Sang-yong. If I finish the second round… . Just before I go back, I will bring you back to life. If zero code doesn’t work, do whatever it takes. It would probably be fun to be with Vivien. Oh, she also has a new clan member, Sasha Felix, so she might as well get to know him.”

The wind blows again. I quietly closed my eyes, feeling my hair blowing in the wind.

It just felt okay.

—————————= Review of the work ——————– ——-=

The side story has ended.

Now that the side story is over, to commemorate the occasion, I will dance the Nonochu dance that I learned from someone. (…….)

… yes. Sorry for posting this late today. The writing was completed at 23:43 on January 2nd (Thursday). Originally, I was planning on uploading it all in one piece, but I divided the content separately out of consideration for those who don’t like bed scenes. haha.

and… . The comments in the previous episode were very confusing, but I don’t know.

First of all, comments don’t interfere with the series at all, so you don’t have to worry. It has been serialized for over 400 episodes, and it would be a bit absurd to whine about how hard it is just because I heard legitimate criticism rather than criticism. Stopping the series makes no sense. Also, by my standards, I didn’t see any people who could be called malicious commenters. That’s because I sympathized with some of their opinions.

To be honest, I thought a lot as I finished talking about Nam Da-eun. Because I thought that if this episode was written right after finishing Nam Da-eun’s exciting part, it would have a neat ending.

But I chose to include Im Hanna. There are two reasons.

One is because I had a promise to my readers, and the other is because I wanted to write it down. I wanted to picture such a situation and deal with the conflicts that could arise. There is no other reason.

However, from the conflict to the bed scene, people’s opinions were very divided about Im Hanna’s part.

If you think about it, I can see that it was my biggest fault. Regardless of how hard I worked on conceiving and writing it, in the end, what I came up with did not resonate well with readers. Comparing it to the comments on Nam Da-eun’s part, I thought so.

I deeply apologize to my readers for this. From next time, I will try a little harder and pay a little more attention so that you can understand it a little more. So, I would greatly appreciate it if you could calm your excitement.

However, there is one thing I would like to tell you. Although there is no rule that a bed scene must be included in the adult section of Noblesse, Memorize was started with a bed scene in mind. Of course, I don’t like having bed scenes, and I have no intention of doing so. Rather than making the bed scene the center of the story, we plan to put it in as a licorice role.

I would like to ask for the understanding of some readers and conclude this long review.

I was so busy writing this that I didn’t even realize that the new year had passed.

It’s late, but I hope all my readers have a Happy New Year and be happy at home.

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