MEMORIZE Chapter 427

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I opened my mouth wide. Then, he weakly bit down on one of the two huge hills in front of him.



Hannah flinched. However, soon he was biting his lips tightly, clearly showing that he was trying to hold back somehow. While stroking her back gently, I started licking her wet mouth. It was so big that I couldn’t fit it all in one mouth, but I did my best to move my mouth.

“Ugh, uhhh.”

An unbearable nasal sound escapes through the gap between tightly closed lips. I raised my free hand and grabbed the remaining breast. Then he licked the nipple with his tongue and sucked the milk deep into his mouth.

“Oh, no… . Ah, ahhhhh!”

For a moment, the hair hanging down flutters violently from side to side. At the same time, I felt a slight resistance trying to push my head out.

But I didn’t fall. Instead, he clung to her more persistently and persistently teased her breasts. Stretch the nipple with your thumb and index finger, roll your tongue in a circular motion, and lick the entire grave. Of course, I didn’t forget to inhale properly every now and then.


The direction of force instantly reversed. Hannah’s hand, which had been trying to push away, did the opposite and started pressing down on her head. Even though she was shaking, she occasionally patted the top of her head as if she was begging for a little gentleness.


I soon took my mouth off the breast and raised my head to see Hannah gasping for breath. She was stroking her saliva covered breasts with her face flushed with a bunch of them. It looks like she did it worse than she thought, as red marks appeared on the once white hill. She suddenly felt sorry.

“Does it hurt a lot?”

“also… . Sisters said… . That’s right… .”

“huh? “What do you mean?”

“you… . chest… . I like it so much… . Hehe… .”

Hannah caught her breath while strangely curling the corners of her eyes. I cleared my throat once or twice and then took my hand away from playing with the breast. She giggles.

“why? You can add it… . you were really cute “This is my first time seeing something like this.”

“… “That doesn’t sound like a compliment.”

I felt a little embarrassed, but I don’t have anything to say. If she thought about it carefully, whenever she had a relationship with them, she always searched for her heart first. What should I do? I am proud to be self-employed.

In any case, it is not a good idea to only engage in foreplay with your breasts. Additionally, she said, Hannah was a virgin who had never been in a relationship before. To reduce some of the pain when inserting it later, it would be better to caress it thoroughly in advance.

“Kiss me again…” .”

The request came at just the right time, so I quickly turned my attention to Hannah. I was worried that her desk might be cold, but I let her upper body fall forward, thinking that it would soon warm me up. She kissed Hannah’s lips against hers, feeling a pleasant pressure pressing down on her breasts.

“hmm… . Umm… .”

Hannah’s lips are moving softly now, perhaps because she’s gotten used to it. I decided to be a little bolder in response to the more active response. So I gently rubbed my lips, and then slowly inserted my tongue into the open gap. Her narrow eyes open wide.

After entering Hannah’s mouth, I immediately moved to find her tongue. Hannah tried to avoid it by twisting around, but since she was already inside, the job was over. When I tasted the smooth, soft texture of her flesh, I quickly wrapped my tongue around her and entangled her. And just inhale without giving any time to rest.

“Yeah, tsk… . Tsk… . gulp! Ugh, tsk… . Tsk… . gulp!”

I supported Hannah’s neck and secured it. Then he slowly raised her body and sucked her strongly.

The positive response that had just been shown collapsed in an instant, and Hannah became passive again. Her tongue guides as she sucks and she drinks the saliva as it is given to her.

Eventually, when I sat Hannah down on the desk again, I finally let go of our lips.

“Puh-ha! ha ha ha… .”

Hannah shook her head and exhaled harshly. Her eyes were hazy and wet, and her breath was hot. It seems like the deep kiss left a huge impression.

But it’s not enough. I can’t say that I thoroughly enjoyed the foreplay to this extent. There is no feeling that it is insufficient to insert it right away.

So, to warm Hannah up a little more, I sat down next to her and lifted her up. Then he placed it lightly on her thigh. She sat on top of me, as if our bodies were overlapping each other.

“What are you trying to do again?”

Hannah’s voice seems to tremble slightly, perhaps due to the shock of the deep kiss on her breasts.

I naturally opened my mouth.

“I’m going to take off your bottoms.”

“Ha, why the bottoms?!”


“mole… ! Wow!”

Hanna quickly took off her bottoms in case she got angry and jumped up. Thinking that she was finally starting to scream more normally, I also calmly started to take off her clothes. At the same time, I admired her backside in front of me.

The biggest advantage of Hannah’s body is by far her large breasts, but the lines leading down are also beautiful. A mature S-shaped curve that comes out where it goes out and goes in where it goes in. In particular, the white, round buttocks reminiscent of a peach and the attractively fleshy thighs were truly showing off the charm of a mature woman.

I put my hands on both sides of Hannah without delay. Then she twisted her back to and fro and pouted her mouth with a disgruntled look on her face.

“You were surprised. “Can’t you tell me in advance when you do it?”

“I told you to stop talking and just do it.”

“Well, was it like that?”

Hannah answered with a shy face and looked forward again. She looked at the nape of her pale neck for a moment, then rested her chin on her fair shoulder. And she whispered softly in my ear.

“Don’t worry. Just stay still. got it?”

For a moment, her head shook as if it was tickling, but Hannah nodded and shook her head.

Slowly and carefully, I began to move my hands at my sides. From the sides to the abdomen, from the abdomen to the navel, and from the navel further down. I sweep down the parts I saw just a moment ago, one by one.

Eventually, as I was about to descend even deeper, I felt some resistance. Perhaps it was an instinct to defend her precious space, but Hannah clenched her thighs.



“Because it’s okay… . huh?”

Still, my thighs did not spread. However, the strength seems to have eased slightly and I no longer feel strong resistance. All at once, I squeezed his thighs together and burrowed inside. At that moment, I felt the soft texture of pubic hair with my fingertips.

The pressure on my hand starts to get stronger again. I smiled as I felt a soft yet warm sensation. After enjoying the feel for a while, we slowly set off again. Further down, into a woman’s most precious place.

Then, I finally realized that I had arrived at the end of the middle finger, where the crack in the valley begins. I scratched that part once.

Hannah’s body shrinks one after another and her thighs tighten even more. But I didn’t stop. Since you’ve already delved inside, there may be restrictions, but there’s no place you can’t go. As soon as I went down, I felt a vertical crack leading from the crack.

Along the crevice, I ran my hand in one go, all the way to the end of the crevice.


It was then. Finally, a moan escaped Hannah’s mouth. It was not a nasal sound flowing from her nose, but a sweet tone that boiled from within.

I wrapped my left arm around Hannah’s waist. Then he lifted her face from where it was resting on his shoulder and asked quietly.

“Kkeuang earlier. Now huh. “You are so unique.”

“Huh, huh, huh. No, don’t make fun of me?”

“haha. “How are you feeling?”


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“ha… . Because a man touches me… . It feels so unfamiliar… . “There’s definitely a difference, right?”

“… “Because a man touches me?”

“This guy. “I don’t think I’ve ever masturbated in my life.”

I was stunned for a moment by the unexpected confession, but I soon understood. Because there may be a difference between the way you appear to people and the way you really are on the inside. Isn’t that the case with me too? Or you could use Ansol as an example (for a moment, Ansol’s bright face came to mind and I violently shook her head).

Before I knew it, the pressure on my hands was slowly weakening. The thighs that had been closed so tightly began to open on their own. But Hannah was still looking straight ahead. I laughed to myself because it seemed like he was being pretentious.


I felt like I needed to be a bit bolder now, so I bent my middle finger into a ring. Then he started looking for a hole to insert into the tightly closed flesh gap. However, the gap was tightly closed, refusing the middle finger to enter. Even though I applied a little force, it was so stiff that only the last node went in slightly.

‘If I had put it in like before, it would have hurt a lot, right?’

Feeling relieved, I lowered my left hand from around my waist. The thighs were still spreading, so there was enough room to fit in.

I opened the prison door to the left and right with my left hand. Hannah’s hips twisted.

“eww?! Rice, pervert.”

“You can’t even see it anyway.”

I responded politely and carefully and sincerely touched the exposed flesh. Then, I slowly inserted my finger into the hole again. Soon, I felt my middle finger being buried in the soft wrinkles and elastic skin. As if she had no choice but to allow it, her insides tightened around the inserted finger.

The pointing of the finger ended with one word. I wanted to target the G-spot, a woman’s highest erogenous zone, but that was behind the hymen. That’s why I started gently waving my middle finger while saying only one word.

‘warm… .’

But surprisingly, Hannah showed no reaction. No, she wasn’t making any sound. As I secretly looked at her face, I could see her biting her lip with her arms gathered to the fullest. She occasionally shook her head and held her hands tightly closed. The gentle ripples coming from his back as he leans against my body show that he is doing his best to hold back the moans that are about to escape.

Could it be that you are doing this because you were teasing me earlier? Are you trying to somehow stop yourself from moaning?

‘Then I can’t just sit still.’

I quietly raised my face. When I look to the side, I see Hannah’s ears sticking out. It was a very desirable sight with the slime leaking out through the cracks of the long flowing hair. Finally, I couldn’t bear it any longer, and I bit her ear.


I almost succeeded, but I failed. Suppressing my regret, I gently nuzzled my ear. Then, I slowly climbed down and kissed her soft earlobe.

“Ugh… . Hmm… . Ugh… .”

Little by little, nasal sounds begin to leak out. At first glance, it seemed like a sobbing tone, but the trembling earlobes told us otherwise.

I didn’t even leave my left hand alone. I stopped opening the entrance and quickly opened the gap. Soon, in the crack I first touched, I felt a protrusion the size of a grain of rice, which I had not noticed before.

I paused for a moment, and then at some point I put my thumb and index finger together and tightly squeezed the protruding part.


At that moment, Hannah’s thighs were shaking greatly. At the same time, she lost her posture and leaned against me as if she was going to knock me down.

As the moans came out again, I thought it was time to get started. Before I knew it, I felt the touch of a smooth liquid on my right finger, which I had been steadily stirring. The thick love juice gushing out was gently soothing my sore vag!na.

I stopped stirring the inside and calmly took out my middle finger. She lifted her hand from caressing the precious spot and held it in front of Hannah’s eyes so she could see it. Her fingertips were covered in a rich liquid, and when she touched her thumb once and then removed it, the love liquid dragged along her thread and ran thickly.

“how is it?”

Hannah didn’t say anything. She just lowered her head with an embarrassed look on her face, and then she carefully opened her mouth and took in the tip of her nub. I think I’ve seen her somewhere before, where she was gently sucking her love juice off her middle finger.

“Shall we start now?”

“… huh.”

I was worried about whether he really understood the meaning of ‘beginning’, but Hanna quietly gave his permission.

We had already taken off all of our clothes. And my penis was also stretched a letter longer. The dark red color reflected on the pillar seems to be a place where blood is rushing.

I lifted Hannah’s hips and pulled her close to me. Soon I heard a weak scream as I placed her in the space between my abdomen and her raised pole.

“what’s this?”

“… “You’re not asking because you really don’t know, right?”

“Yeah, that’s true.”

“If you’re not asking about the biological implications, it will soon be inside you.”

After kindly adding, I began to lie down on the desk thoughtfully. Hannah’s body followed suit and was soon visible on the dark ceiling.

In the meantime, I occasionally felt a gentle touch or a poking sensation on the turtle’s part. Seeing a penis for the first time seems quite surprising.

Anyway, even though I thought I should take it slow, I was secretly moving in a hurry. Before I knew it, my hand had taken hold of the root and I was preparing to aim.

Since they were lying on top of each other and looking at the ceiling, I couldn’t see them in detail. However, using my previous experience, I calmly began to trace the wealth of the country.

Then, suddenly, I felt a slight vibration throughout my body.

“… … .”

Hannah’s body was shaking. Her nerves seemed to have soared again as she felt that she was about to start. It seemed like she didn’t speak because she was thinking of me, but her body was honest. don’t lie

‘I don’t think this is the right word to use in something like this.’

I tilted my head and let go of the ear I had been biting. And whispered in a quiet voice. The idea was to relieve some tension.

“Do you see the pattern on the ceiling? Close your eyes and count them one by one. “Just close your eyes and count them one by one and it will be over.”

“… really?”


Hannah did as I said and closed her eyes tightly. And she quietly parted her lips.

“Ha, one… . two… . three… .”

… I didn’t really mean to count it. No, before that, how do you count patterns when your eyes are closed?

I let out a cold laugh. Then, at some point, I realized that the man’s hair was hanging somewhere. She grabs Hannah with both her hands and slowly pushes her down. At the same time, the penis began to slowly push up in the opposite direction. It was finally the beginning of insertion.

“eleven… . Twelve… ? Ugh!”


Hannah screamed at the sensation of her precious area being forcibly penetrated, and I was amazed at the hot pressure tightening around her head. At that moment, the desire to penetrate it all at once arose, but I was able to control it. Instead, the part where it entered was carefully moved left and right. The intention was to make it as soft as possible by covering it with the love juice that had spilled earlier.

I am not sure how I will treat Hanna in the future. However, she was a woman who was on the fence and wanted to be hugged. So, she wanted to do the best she could and make good memories, at least while they were together. It was the same in her first relationship.

“After a while… . W, thirteen… . fourteen… . fifteen… .”

As I waited quietly, I heard Hannah’s loud breathing. Then, with the sound of counting again, I stabbed the man again. Take your time so you don’t startle.

Hannah’s insides were quite narrow, so the pressure and tightness was quite severe. But the penis entered steadily. As if it had been spread with honey, it was steadily moving forward, cutting through the wrinkles that were clinging and suctioning like crazy.

Then there was a moment. When I thought I was about a quarter of the way in, a subtle feeling of resistance suddenly appeared. I tried pressing it lightly, but it wouldn’t go in. The sticky mucous membrane with weak elasticity and elasticity does not allow invasion. Thinking I knew what this was, I quietly called Hannah’s name.


Hannah no longer counted. Her once neat and kind face was distorted by the overwhelming pain. Her eyes were still closed, but she was worried that she had bitten her raw lip so hard that it would bleed.

“I’m going in now. It might hurt a little, but don’t be too scared. got it?”

Hannah seemed to have difficulty even opening her mouth and could only nod her head.

Eventually, I calmly moved my penis. I pushed it in with infinite care, but soon the more the penis and the hymen came into contact, and the more the mucous membrane stretched, the tighter the feeling inside became. On the other hand, my penis expanded to the point where I thought it might explode.

I thought about it. Now that we have come this far, we can say that we have crossed the upper arm ridge. Originally, I was going to follow a slow rhythm until the end, but since it was so hard, I thought it would be better to finish it quickly. Although it may be painful for a moment, it would be better to insert it all at once and then stop moving to give it time to adapt.

I let out a long breath. At the same time, she placed her hands on Hannah’s firm buttocks and tweaked them once or twice. She also slightly lifted her hips, all ready for her forced penetration.

Did you feel something strange? For a moment, Hannah’s head turns and stares at me. And at that moment, I didn’t hesitate. Without delay, he grabbed her buttocks and pulled them down, while also thrusting his penis up with all his might.


It seemed as if his breathing had stopped for a moment, and a death-like scream rang out. At the same time, I felt the thin mucous membrane that had been resisting until the end being torn all at once. The penis tore through the mucous membrane and penetrated all the way to the root, just as I had intended. Finally, I succeeded in inserting it all the way. I felt Hannah’s rough struggle and reflexively hugged her.

“Hannah. “I went all the way in.”

“Ugh… ! Ahhh… !”

We were finally able to become one body.

But Hannah’s head was pounding violently. He was twisting her waist back and forth, twisting her body closely.

As the pain worsened, I hugged her so tightly that she could not move. Then he lifted his legs, wrapped them around Hannah’s legs, and buried his penis deeply. In that state, I leaned against the crook of Hannah’s neck as if to cover her face.

After a while, Hannah’s struggles subsided. But is the pain still there, or is it beyond imagination? A single tear was flowing down her white cheek.

How much time has passed? As I stayed still, the sound of rapid breathing disappeared, and faint sobbing began to be heard instead. I kissed the thin nape of his neck and whispered in a low voice.

“Does it hurt a lot?”

“… Yes. Suddenly I feel like my body is splitting in two… . Black. You, you… ?”

“I am… . “It feels really good.”

I just answered the truth. Because Hannah felt really good inside. It hugs the penis perfectly and comfortably even as it wriggles. It was so sensitive that I could vividly feel the hot, tight, and trembling sensation. It was to the point where I thought maybe it would melt away in this heat.

Some time passed again. The arms and legs that were wrapped around her body relaxed, but did not continue to move. Then, as if she had gotten used to it, Hannah gasped and opened her mouth.

“I-I don’t understand… . What on earth is this good? . “I’m dying from pain.”

“It’s because it’s my first time. And the intensity of pain varies from person to person. “Once you get used to it, you’ll feel something different.”

“I see… . Ah, anyway, is it over now?”

“It’s over. “It’s just the beginning.”

I smiled and answered. Hannah made a blank face for a moment, but she soon smiled brightly along with me.

“still… . This is really good. Hehehe.”

“… It can’t be good already, right? “Are you a nympho?”

“fool! … “It’s not that I like being held by you.”

As if she was out of breath, Hannah exhaled for a moment and then continued speaking.

“The reason you smile so softly and speak kindly to me… . “Do you know that this is a first for me?”

“Wasn’t it like that before?”

“… Even on the terrace, there was a sense of distance. A feeling of distance that I tried to reduce in some way, but could not be reduced. But now it feels like it’s decreasing little by little. Yep. It feels like something special… . Oh, of course, sometimes he looked at me with dark eyes. Especially whenever I see her breasts… . Ugh!”

I was doing well and suddenly started talking nonsense, so I moved my penis very slightly. Hannah’s reaction was fierce. Her body trembled for a moment, and she began to flail several times in the air. Soon I touched her rippling abdomen and quietly opened my mouth.

“I’ll give you a chance to correct your statement.”

“you you. Really, wait and see. As long as I get used to it later, I am prepared to suffer a fatal accident… . Yes! Oh, it hurts! Sorry!”

When I moved again, Hannah slapped my waist again and again and raised the white flag. We smiled at each other, but in fact, a part of our hearts felt fear.

This is because a memory came to mind of a relationship she once had with Go Yeon-ju that made her cry and even cause incontinence.

Did they say that if a woman harbors resentment, there will be frost even in May? After that, we had one more relationship, and I almost got killed by Go Yeon-ju, who woke up that day.

So, I hugged Hannah, who was grumbling, very carefully.

“how is it. “Is it okay if I move a little now?”

“… It’s better than before. “It still hurts, but I feel like I’ve adapted a little bit.”

“Then let’s start slowly.”


Hannah nodded her head passively. And I began to reciprocate slowly, very slowly. Instead of taking it out and putting it back in all the way, I started taking it in and out little by little.

Creak… .

This desk is not even a year old. And even though it was moving as slowly as possible, the sound of seams grinding could be heard.

“huh… . Ugh… . Yes… . Ugh… .”

Nasal and painful moans began to flow alternately. The only thing that is clear is that Hannah is trying to accept me somehow. Perhaps because it was her first time having sex, she awkwardly teased her waist, but after I slapped her butt a few times, she soon calmed down and left everything to me.

Hannah’s insides are still tight. When you gently pull it out, the tight vag!na gradually loosens, but when you push it back in, it suddenly contracts. Every time the loosening and tightening is repeated, extreme pleasure spreads through the penis and throughout the body.

Creak… .

“ah… .”

Creak… !

“ah… !”

As if to add insult to injury, Hannah moans every time the desk makes noise. However, the voice does not sound obscene at all. Rather, it was a sorrowful tone that made me want to ask if I was okay, if it hurt, or if I should stop now.


Hot breath leaks out from the corner of Hannah’s drooling mouth. I immediately covered her lips. A warm and sweet scent flowed through the gaping gap. Hannah also actively responded to her kiss, as if trying to forget the pain she felt in her lower abdomen.

Creak… . Creak… .

Soon, the sound of the desk and the odd sound of spit being sucked started to heat up the quiet room.

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