MEMORIZE Chapter 426

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00426 10. Last story (9/9). ————————————————– ———————-=

I parted ways with Nam Da-eun in the lobby on the first floor. There was no feeling of regret about breaking up, but since we confirmed our feelings for each other, there was no need to rush. It’s not like she’s disappearing somewhere, it’s because we’ll see her all the time.

After sending Nam Da-eun, who was trying to follow me, to the restaurant, I quickly went up to the fourth floor.

As expected, the office door was slightly open. I quickly entered the room.

When I pushed the terrace door and went out to the balcony, I found Hannah kneeling on the floor. Her floor was soaked with liquid from a broken bottle, and she was wiping it with her jacket.

I stared at Odokani Hanna.


Hannah was also looking up at me with blank eyes. Then, she quickly turned her face away and wiped her face with the back of her hand. But she had already seen her dilated eyes and the tears streaming down her cheeks.

‘You saw it.’

When I feel that way, I feel uncomfortable. For some reason, she felt sorry for Hannah.

What on earth should I say?

I thought about it for a while, but first I calmly took off my coat and covered Hannah. Then he knelt down next to her and pulled the clothes she was holding onto. Now that I think about it, it seems like you really like this outfit.

“I’ll clean it up.”

It was a throaty tone. I quietly shook my head. Then he took his clothes away and started wiping the floor.

After a while, I heard him trying to clear his throat.

“I-I’m sorry. I came in on my own… . The room is also a mess… .”

“are you okay. Just clean it up and that’s it… . Rather, I feel sorry. You said you were going to your dorm and then went out to the garden. “Have you been looking for it a lot?”

“Uh, a little… ?”

Hannah smiled. But she wasn’t smiling, it was a forced smile to hide her sadness. I sighed inwardly.

“Give it to me… .”

Hannah continued to try to take the clothes, but I lightly suppressed her movements.

All the way, rumbling.

After wringing out the soaked clothes, I started mopping the floor again.

“I said it was okay. “I’ll clean it up first, so go down first.”

“no. I’ll just clean it up, so you… .”

“Are you really okay? “You didn’t really enjoy the festival today.”

“festival… .”

A lot of trouble. Then, it seemed like she had finally given up, and Hannah muttered in a dejected tone. However, I don’t hear her entering the room, so she seems to be still standing there looking at me.

Afterwards, there was an awkward silence for a long time. I know why it’s so awkward. I felt like I had something to say, but I felt like I was just going in circles.

How much time has passed?

The floor, which had been stained purple, had almost regained its original color. After putting aside the clothes soaked in liquid, I reached into the pile of scraps that I had gathered neatly.

A faint voice flowed out.

“When I think about it, that’s right. I was really looking forward to this festival too… . “I don’t think I enjoyed it as much as I expected.”

“It won’t be too late to go down now. “I saw earlier that you seemed to be up all night.”

“Everyone must be drunk, but… . “Now that I think about it, I should have just told you right away.”

“why. “Is there anything you wanted to talk to someone about?”

Asking back, I grabbed the pile of pieces in one go. I felt a stinging sensation all over my palm, but it didn’t hurt. My durability wasn’t at such a low level that I was only hurt by pieces of a bottle.

I was just about to gently generate magical power, thinking of turning it into powder.

“… huh. Suhyun wanted to talk to you. “He really wanted to talk to you about something.”

Just as I was about to unleash a light explosion of magic power, the magic power circulating around the circuit stopped without my knowledge.

When I quietly turn to the side, I see Hannah looking at me with a vague smile on her face. The pitiful look in his eyes seemed like he was apologizing. What on earth are you sorry about?

“… “What are you talking about?”

“I want to confess something to you.”

I took a deep breath.

confession. A word with many meanings.

I suddenly felt like I wanted to get away. Because he had a general idea of ​​what Hannah meant by confessing.

After thinking about it for a moment, I quietly opened my mouth.

“It’s a confession. “If you’re trespassing and messing up the room, haven’t you already been caught?”

At that moment, Hannah’s eyes shook violently. I stared at her indifferently.

If it’s a joke, it’s a joke, but it wasn’t a joke meant to be laughed at. It could be said that the ultimatum, or rather the choice, was handed over.

If you take it as a joke, you can just laugh it off and move on. Then that’s it.

However, if you don’t take it as a joke… . Maybe Hanna would be hurt.

The decision was unexpectedly quick.

After a moment, Hannah’s lips opened.

“There’s that, but… . actually… . I saw it earlier. You and Da-eun at the pond… .”

And, she chose the latter.

I bit my lip slightly, then opened my mouth with a sigh.

“… “We met by chance.”

“I see. Well, then what did you two talk about?”

“Where did you start seeing this?”

“Poetry, actually, everything… . “I think it is.”

“I saw it all… .”

“… Did Da-eun confess to you earlier? to you?”

Otherwise, we wouldn’t have kissed. I nodded my head instead of answering.

Actually, I expected to see it.

When I saw the clear tear marks still remaining on my cheeks, I felt sorry for some reason. Because deep down she wanted Hannah to laugh it off and move on, and at this point she wanted to quit.

However, once Hannah was speechless, she opened her mouth again.

“Did you accept it? “Is that why you kissed?”


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When he called out to her, Hannah immediately shut her mouth. She seems to have realized that she felt too much.

“It’s a problem between me and Nam Da-eun.”

Again, there was silence.

It was very cold on the terrace where the cold wind blew relentlessly. However, it seems that the reason for the cold is not simply the wind.

Suddenly, I had a desperate thought about the beginning of the year.

“Hehe. That’s right. “I guess I was too picky.”

After a slight pause, Hannah quietly agreed. And she smiles awkwardly again.


The eyes are constantly shaking, the mouth is constantly moving… .

“just… . I’m worried… .”

It looked like he was about to burst into tears.

When I saw that, my heart weakened for a moment.

“… “What are you so worried about?”

“There are already two women next to you… ? Hayeon and Yeonju… . But if Da-eun does this too… . Hehe, hehe… . It must be really difficult to be a popular guy… .”

This guy is crying and getting straight to the point.

I quenched my appetite.

“That’s true, but that’s also my problem.”

“Yeah, yeah. however. Oh no. And you know what? after… .”

It was then. Hannah, who was rambling, took a deep breath for a moment. She then quivered her lips. Soon, what was staring me in the face was a face that had made up its mind.

Finally, Hannah let out a deep breath.

“me too… . Are you going to confess now?”

Hearing the sudden confession, I closed my eyes tightly.

“then… . What do we do? “Then what are you going to do?”


As I continued to tighten my grip, I felt the pieces crumble. I clenched my fists even harder. And I thought.

Now I have to say it. I didn’t want to hurt you, but I had to.

Actually, I had some idea of ​​what Hannah thought of me. During the bathhouse incident, she felt a little while listening to the story, and she could tell by seeing her kiss herself at the end.

But in reality, I have no feelings for Hannah.

No, it’s not that I don’t have any feelings. To be precise… . She certainly thinks well of her, but she doesn’t like her. She doesn’t even love.

‘Suhyeon, does your heart pound when you see me?’

I put my hand on my chest. Even though she heard the confession, her heart does not beat in front of Hanna. This was reality.

Still, I tried to be as euphemistic as possible.

“Hannah. I think you are a good girl. really.”

“why? “You don’t like me?”

“… That’s not right. “You are so pretty and kind that anyone who sees them will fall in love with you.”

“But you received Da-eun’s heart. Hayeon and Yeonju are there, so they accepted it. “Can’t I do that too?”

My heart ached. She simply said she was “a good girl.” However, as if he had anticipated her next words, the answer she gave had already gone beyond several numbers.

I was suddenly speechless, but I quickly composed myself.

no. There is nothing to refine. All you have to do is just tell the truth as it is. Even if those words are cruel.

I slowly got up. Then he approached the railing and opened his fist wide. The finely broken pieces are blown away by the wind and disappear somewhere.

“You can’t do that.”

Then he shakes his hands once or twice and continues talking.

“Hayeon… . My relationship with Hayeon started with a request for protection… . But it changed over time. Now I think our relationship is a little deeper than just a protective relationship. “Every time I see her, I think of her as my first woman.”


“Starting with Ko Yeon-joo? Actually, it was probably just curiosity. Me too, her too. But after that, Go Yeon-ju showed herself to be incredibly devoted to me, and I think my feelings have changed now. “She is very rare, but when I see her now and then, I find her lovely.”

“… huh.”

“And Nam Da-eun… . Actually, I don’t know either. Honestly, I thought having two women was enough. Earlier, when she received her confession, her heart was beating and her heart was fluttering. I still don’t know why… .”

“… … huh.”

As the story progressed, I felt that Hannah’s answer was delayed by half a beat. I quietly took a deep breath. Then he calmly turned around and stared at her. Eyes that seem to be possessed by something stare blankly at me.

“As you said, there are two, maybe even three, women next to me.”

“… … .”

“In this situation, I can’t hug you in the name of protection. The situation isn’t right, and I don’t think that should happen. But will I embrace you out of curiosity? no. I don’t want to do that simply because we are male and female. and… .”

For a moment I debated whether to say this or not, but I thought it would be better to just do it. If we stop here, everything becomes ambiguous.

I spoke in a high voice.

“And Hannah. I didn’t feel excited while listening to the confession earlier. Sorry.”

That was the moment those words came out.


Hannah’s eyes seemed to open wide for a moment, but then she closed them. Then, there is a movement in the mokuldae and he bites her lip.

“okay… . I see… . I… . “You’re one step too late.”

Well, I wanted to say it, but I held back. Even if Hannah had said she would do it before Nam Da-eun, it was unclear whether she would have accepted.

Time passes.

Eventually, Hannah slowly, lazily stood up. I stood in front of her terrace door and stared at her.

“okay. “Thank you for telling the truth.”

Was he shocked or cold? Hannah slowly hugged her arms. I quietly opened the door as the shaking was now clearly visible.

“Thank you. “I’m sorry.”

Silence fell. I thought about just leaving it like this, but I shook my head. Then he walked up to Hannah, grabbed her arm, and pulled her with force.

“If we’re done talking, let’s go in. cold.”

“Now, just a moment.”

Hannah resisted. It looked like he was trying to be calm or calm, but looking at his eyes that had lost their luster, it seemed like he was shocked.

“Suhyun. just… . “Can’t you go first?”

“Hannah. “Let’s not do this.”

“Oh, no… . It’s nothing else… . That’s because I want to stay here for a while. So, so… .”

However, Hannah was unable to continue speaking and lowered her head.

“… “Black.”

It looks like she couldn’t hold back the slight shaking of her shoulders and started crying. If it’s like this, how can I just leave it alone?

“… Let’s go in first. “Don’t stay here.”

I forcibly grabbed Hannah’s arm and dragged her. She resisted a little, but soon she collapsed and was pulled towards me.


After entering the office, I immediately closed the terrace door. The cold wind disappeared and the warmth of the room greeted us.

And Hannah was crying, covering her face with both hands. When she saw that, her stomach became upset.

Hannah is definitely an attractive woman. Face, body, personality, user information. She is a woman who lacks nothing. She felt so arrogant that she did. She was grateful that this woman told her she liked me, and she was really sorry.

Still, in the end, I thought this was the right answer. Right now, I don’t have the confidence to receive Hannah. In other words, I did not have the confidence to treat Hanna like Hayeon or Go Yeon-ju in the future.

I gently let go of the arm I was holding. Then I opened my mouth, trying to speak as softly as possible.

“Let’s go down together. Let’s go down to the restaurant and freshen up. “You didn’t even enjoy yourself today.”

“… sorry. I just want to be alone now… .”

But Hannah shook her head vigorously, and I let out a short breath.

“Then is there anything else you want to say?”

An answer never heard again.

I decided not to say any more. In this situation, nothing I say to her will bring her any comfort. It’s funny that I’m even saying this in the first place.

It would be better to get out of the way quickly than to continue to be next to him.

“Then I’ll be waiting. “Come down when you calm down.”

After a while, I slowly turned around. Then he slowly walked towards the door and opened it.


Eventually, a dark hallway appeared before my eyes. I was just about to start walking towards that place.

“don’t go… .”

At that moment, a faint, crying voice was heard. The infinitely sad and pitiful tone stops me from leaving. I turned around again as my footsteps refused to stop.

“don’t go… . please… .”

Before we knew it, Hannah had lowered both hands. Her chest was pounding and she was moving her neck, but she was approaching me step by step.

And as if to really tell me not to go, he put out both hands and grabbed my arms.

I lifted my hand and wiped Hannah’s eyes.

“don’t cry.”

“Why, why… . “Why on earth can’t I?”

Even while crying, Hannah looked up with sad eyes and stuttered as she opened her mouth.

“There’s no need to be excited from the beginning. There’s no need to have your heart pounding from the beginning. huh? This is the hole plane… . Like Hayeon’s older sister, like Yeonjoo’s older sister… . “Can’t I start the same way as my sisters?”

“Hannah. I told you before. I am… .”

“know. I know what you mean. Then I won’t ask you to share it. If you feel burdened, you don’t have to let me in on you. So, Soohyun. Can’t you just give me one chance? huh?”

I thought it was all over. But towards the end, the fire suddenly flared up. I could feel Hannah’s emotions gradually getting stronger. She really gave up everything and hung on.

“Im Hanna.”

So I called her name to calm her down, but Hannah violently slapped me.

“It’s just, I like just being next to you. Just give me permission to be next to you. Because I will take care of getting inside you. huh?”

If I had come this far, it would have been hard for me to just stay still.

“why? “Why on earth are you so obsessed with me?”

“do not be angry… .”

“It’s not that I’m angry, it’s that I don’t know. I really don’t know. Lim Hannah, do you still consider yourself a witch? Or is it still me with that person… .”


It was then. Hannah was the first to scream. At the same time, she and I both closed our mouths with a look of regret on our faces. I also didn’t feel like I spoke too much.

“no. I’m sure there have been times like that… . Not now… .”

The eyes, which were no longer pitiful, now look sorrowful.

My mind was a mess. Because I never thought Hannah would come out like this. In a situation where I couldn’t find an answer, I just sighed.

“Suhyun… .”

He looks at me like that and talks like this. What on earth should I do here?

‘It would be better if there were no women… . No, if she was a complete stranger.’

Then there would be no need to worry like this. But I know Hannah and she was a user on my fence. She is also a user she will continue to use in the future.

‘Head hurts.’

“I need time to think,” I said in a tired voice.

“… Wait, wait. I feel dizzy. So think about it… .”

But Hannah seemed to have no intention of doing so. She was still holding her arm, but she held it even harder.

Then, his eyes suddenly brightened and he spoke.

“know. I know. What I’m doing right now is really lame, and it’s also very selfish. And how did you feel when you said those words? But I really don’t want to lose you. no. “After hearing what you said, I don’t want to miss it even more.”

“… I say it again, you are a good woman, and there are many good men who will love only you. “But why do you want to tie yourself to me like that?”

It was then. Hannah’s mouth, which had been constantly opening, stopped. And then he started staring at me.

“Because I don’t want to be anxious again.”

Soon, I felt the hand holding my arm loosen slightly.

Hannah continued.

“Because I’ve been seeing you since you were at the Love House. “Now I want to forget about everything else and settle down in one place.”

“Look. you… .”

“And, because I like you.”

“… “I don’t understand.”

With those words, I closed my mouth.

Hannah continued speaking with a sad look in her eyes.

“… Do you really need a reason like that? “For a person to like someone else, does there have to be a 100% convincing reason?”

“That’s not it… . Phew, no. no.”

I’m exhausted. I was really exhausted. Even though I haven’t even fought, my whole body feels exhausted.

Hannah must have sensed that I was having a hard time, so she lowered her head sullenly. Then she came closer and carefully buried herself in my arms. Her slender rope tightens her back, and her warm breath tickles her chest.

“Sorry. Because it was hard. But my heart is sincere.”

Suddenly, a woman’s unique scent filled my nose. I quietly closed my eyes.

‘… Because the circumstances surrounding me were like that. My colleagues died, my brother died, and I thought you died too. When it got to that point, I thought it was just fate. ah. I am a witch. From then on, my fate took shape.’

‘Because I don’t want to be anxious again.’

Hannah has trauma from her past. In her rite of passage, she once lost all of her companions, came into Hall Plain, and experienced something similar. She thinks it’s her fault and she also thinks it’s her fate. She may be like that now, but she once thought of herself as a witch who would prey on her comrades.

Even after entering Mother’s Day, the trauma still persisted, and that’s because a situation that made me think that way happened. But I didn’t die. Hannah took a different path from her past colleagues. No matter what he went through, he survived and rescued his clan members.

Hannah probably thought of me especially from then on. And over time, it would gradually develop into a certain emotion.

‘There’s no need to be excited from the beginning.’

‘There’s no need to have your heart pounding from the beginning.’

‘This is the hole plane…’ . Like Hayeon’s older sister, like Yeonjoo’s older sister… . ‘Can’t I start the same way as my sisters?’

‘It’s just, I like just being next to you. Just give me permission to stay next to you.’

When I glance down, I see Hannah still shaking with her face buried. Even if you wash your eyes, you cannot find the polite and elegant appearance. It looked as if it would break at any moment, like a sand castle that would collapse at the slightest touch.

Is it really right to embrace her in this situation?

‘I don’t know.’

Maybe I would have just left earlier. No, you wouldn’t know if you hadn’t come at all.

But one thing is certain: once you turn around, you can’t leave it like this.

I really don’t know anymore.

I slowly dropped the hand that was smoothing my forehead. And it stopped in midair just before it reached the top of Hannah’s head. Did I feel something? I felt her body flinch.

Eventually, Hannah slowly raised her head and looked up at me.

“Suhyun… ?”

Hannah’s eyes held a hint of anticipation. If she refuses here, there will be no turning back for her.

‘In the end, is this what happens…? .’

Although I still wasn’t sure, I vigorously brushed Hannah’s hair away. Then he closed her eyes and quietly called her name.



“I’m serious? Really, are you okay?”

Finally, Hannah stopped crying. She lifted her wide eyes and nodded her head widely.

“huh. I’m serious.”

“… It might be hard. “You might regret it.”

“If it’s hard, I’ll endure it. Even if I regret it, I won’t show it. For now it’s just… . “I want to be true to my feelings.”

Hannah did not say that it was not difficult or that she would not regret it. Only then did she realize that the words she had said a moment ago were true.

“okay… ?”


There was no answer, but my heart itched.

And at that moment, I moved my hand, which had stopped in the air, and gently placed it on the top of Hannah’s head. As soon as he gently swept her, she immediately buried her face and let out her long breath. It was a breath that somehow felt like a sigh of relief.

“ha… .”

My heart felt hot.

“thank god. I held on to it thinking it was the last time… . I really thought what would happen if I just went away… .”

I didn’t say anything. Instead, he continued to caress Hannah’s hair and brush it down.

As some time passed, I saw Hannah’s face rise slightly as if she had tiptoed.


“… … .”

A soft voice flowed into my ear like a whisper.


Between night and dawn one day, when the moonlight seeping into the room was unusually bright.

Click, click!

The sound of a door gently closing, and then the sound of the door being locked.

“Are you sure you’ll be okay?”

Still no answer. As I quietly turn around, I see Hannah nodding her head sheepishly with tearful eyes.

What more needs to be said here?

He places a gentle hand on Hannah’s shoulder. When I gently pulled her back, she came into my arms as if she had been waiting. With our bodies pressed against each other, we walked to the desk.

As I took one step at a time, I felt eyes looking at me from below. So, I glanced down and saw Hannah with a nervous face. Her eyes were full of anxiety.

Suddenly, my heart tingled as if Hannah had read my mind. I was still unconvinced. Although I gave permission for the last hanging, I was still thinking about it.

Suddenly, several women flashed through my mind. Ha-yeon Jeong, Yeon-ju Ko, and Da-eun Nam… .

‘Let’s stop.’

I decided to stop thinking. Receiving Hannah’s confession is something that cannot be reversed. Rather than thinking, ‘What should I do next?’, it would be better to think, ‘What should I do next?’

In that case, it would be better to focus on Hannah for now.

Before I knew it, I had arrived at my desk. It’s a shame there’s no bed, but the desk isn’t bad either. It’s actually better in that we can look at each other.

No more hesitation. As I gently lifted her waist, she quietly sat down on the desk. Hannah said nothing. She just kept looking at me and following what I was told.

“Do you want to at least prepare your mind?”

The words were chosen carefully so as not to cause any misunderstanding.

Fortunately, the meaning seems to have been conveyed well. Hannah smiled lightly and slowly shook her head.


“You don’t have to.”

“no. “I want to put an end to what I’ve been pushing forward with today.”

Then, with an embarrassed look on his face, he spoke carefully.

“me… . It was really messy today, wasn’t it? I’m just being forceful… . Becoming selfish… .”

“are you okay. “It’s not the first time you’ve been in trouble.”

“A flock of birds?”

“You made a fuss saying you would follow me in the war. “You sure you don’t remember?”

Is there something you can’t remember? At that time, she thought she was going to explode and die.

Hannah’s cheeks blushed brightly. It seems like he knows she’s embarrassed because he quickly averts his gaze.


I decided to stop teasing him and start slowly.

This is Hannah’s first time. As this was my first relationship, I felt like I needed some lead and consideration.

“Then shall we begin? “Don’t be nervous and relax.”

“Oh, I didn’t. And don’t just say it, do it… . Because I’m embarrassed… .”

The moment permission was given, I lightly hugged Hannah. The sound of colorful breathing tickles my ears. He said he didn’t do it, but he seemed nervous in his own way. I laughed to myself and quickly played with my hands.

I immediately took off the coat that was draped on the terrace. Using his fingertips, he used magic power to cut down the remaining thin shirt vertically. Soon, the last remaining underwear was gently undone.

Eventually, it was time to completely dismantle the top.

“It’s so good… .”

Hannah closed her eyes and spoke in a calm tone. It looks like he didn’t know that his top was dismantled in an instant. I slowly pulled away, expecting to hear her scream soon.

As if she felt the warmth leaving her, Hannah raised her eyes regretfully and moistened her lips.

And it was that moment.

Grumble, growl.

As I take off my coat, the shirt with the back cut off falls off. Then, even the cloth covering her breasts fluttered and settled on her thighs.

Soon, Hannah’s beautiful breasts were revealed before my eyes. To either side of her long cleavage in the middle, her beautifully gathered, drop-shaped breasts flaunted their own size. At the top of her white tomb, her pale pink nipples, already swollen, were sticking out straight. Even though this was my second time seeing her breasts, I couldn’t help but admire them.


Did he feel my gaze, or did he feel something was empty?

Hannah blinked several times with puzzled eyes. The moment she lowered her face and looked down, an unexpected scream escaped her.



At the same time as Hannah jumped up, I instantly burst out laughing. Because her screams were so unexpected and funny that I couldn’t stand them.

“D-When on earth did you take it off?”

“Haha, hahaha!”

“S-Stop laughing!”

“Ha ha ha ha ha!”

Hannah looked at me with a dissatisfied face, raising her pretty Ami to the fullest. I tried my best to suppress her laughter and grabbed her arms covering her breasts.

“It was a really unexpected scream. “Kwaang.”

“Sir, you really are. Don’t tease me. I was really surprised. I thought he was just trying to hug me, but when the clothes… .”

This time, she slowly released her arms so as not to startle her, and her large, beautiful breasts were revealed once again.

“Now, wait a minute.”

“I can not hear you.”

After answering briefly, I calmly pushed my face towards the vertical cleavage. The moment warm, soft flesh touched my nose, I let out a thin sigh. after.


Seeing him twisting his body this way and that despite the light stimulation, I’m sure it’s the first time. But I didn’t stop and just kept rushing towards the end.

Eventually, a warm feeling gently presses both cheeks, and the tip of the nose becomes blocked somewhere and prevents you from going any further. I hugged Hannah tightly and slowly started rubbing her face. At the same time, I felt an infinitely cozy and cozy energy spreading throughout my body.

Hannah’s breasts were soft and comfortable, reminiscent of a mother’s embrace. I felt slightly out of breath along the way, so I took in as many breaths as I could. The woman’s unique meat scent penetrated deep into my nostrils.

“Yes. Ugh. Su, Suhyeon?”

“wait for a sec… . “Let’s stay like this for a moment.”

Hannah must have understood what I said, but she said nothing more. However, she soon felt a soft hand gently stroking her head. For a while, I was intoxicated by the smell of life and her touch. Then I remembered the scream from earlier and kicked again.

“Oh really~. “I told you to stop laughing~.”

Hannah seemed quite embarrassed and started hitting me on the head. However, as she thought to herself, her tone became much brighter than before.

I finally raised my head and faced Hannah. As expected, there was a very faint smile on her lips.

“okay. “Now you’re more like yourself.”


I carefully got up. Then he supported Hannah’s head with one hand and held her shoulder with the other. In that state, when she slowly tilts her body, her body also tilts automatically.


Eventually, I was able to completely lay Hannah down on the desk. Her hair was flying everywhere. Then, the light streaming in through the window penetrated her scattered hair and began to flow leisurely.

“look. “It’s nice to see you smiling like that.”

“Is that so?”



Hannah seemed a little surprised, and answered hesitantly. She is looking up at me from below with her eyes wide. I took a quick look at her face.

Eventually, a beautiful forehead without a single speck of dust came into view.

I slowly lowered my head and kissed him.


And he said with a grin.

“Please take care of me in the future.”

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