MEMORIZE Chapter 425

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00425 10. Last story (9/9). ————————————————– ———————-=

Since when did this become wrong? Where did it go wrong?

One thing is for sure, it wasn’t like this from the beginning.

The world called Whole Plain measures and evaluates human value through user information. Among them, I was recognized for its high potential and was able to have a decent level of user information.

– That user is the head of this user academy? Is your name Nam Da-eun?

– huh. They say that several clans are already looking at it. I hope so~

okay. When I first joined Holplane, I was definitely an aspiring user.

But it didn’t last long. With just one mistake, everything disappeared.

Who on earth should we blame for that? me? Or the perpetrator?

The answer was me. It is my fault for trusting people carelessly and my fault for making the wrong choice.

Because of that one wrong choice, the world I live in was forced to change from the user side to the outcast side.

I couldn’t believe it at first. No, I couldn’t believe it.

‘Renegade’ Lee Kang-san.

When I first saw him, he smiled warmer than anyone else.

Even when I was at the user academy, he was the one who took care of me to the point of annoyance, saying that it would be very difficult in the beginning.

– After this User Academy, I plan to create a new clan.

– Da-eun. Won’t you join me? I would be really happy if you would join me.

I said I would.

At that time, he was the only refuge for me that I could rely on in this barren world.

… no. I thought so.

After the User Academy graduation ceremony, my expectations were completely different. The moment I realized that my future colleagues were ‘vagrants’, my sanctuary instantly turned into hell.

And then the conciliation and threats follow.

– Do you know what they say to me outside? They said I was a traitor.

– Same goes for you. Why don’t you just give up and accept your fate? The tramp Nam Da-eun. Hahaha!

The vagabonds had to suffer all sorts of indignities that are difficult to describe. As each day passed, I felt my body and mind becoming more exhausted.

At first, I denied reality.

Next time, he begged to be released.

After that, I struggled to say no.

And, in the end, I gave in and accepted.

He decided to give up on being a user and submit to the fate of a vagabond.

But I didn’t completely give up. I promised deep in my heart that someday I would stab him in the same way and repay him for all the humiliation I received.

To do that, I first had to gain strength.

From then on, I completely became Nam Da-eun, a vagabond. Of course, it was just an act. On the outside, I pretended to obey and follow, but in my heart, I was always sharpening a cold knife.

A year passed, and time passed.

Did he think I gave up? At some point, the tramps’ suspicions about me began to diminish little by little.

At the same time, vagrant education was implemented. Skilled people began teaching me, and I gained a wealth of practical experience. As I gritted my teeth and improved my skills, life around me improved and treatment gradually improved.

That wasn’t all. I received the secret class ‘Geomhu’ discovered through the ruins, and I was also able to receive a sword called ‘Seol-ah’.

It was probably around that time that I learned that I was the user who had become a victim of the executive training plan.

It was only then that I realized a few things.

The first is that there is severe conflict between the vagabonds.

The second is that Lee Kang-san tried to make me a high-ranking vagabond executive.

And the third thing is that they tried to make me a high-ranking executive and use me for ‘something’.

Time passed.

One day, I felt that the opportunity I had been waiting for had finally arrived. The surveillance that had continued for a long time was lifted, and at the same time, an ‘order’ was given to Lee Kang-san.

– This is a mission that requires utmost secrecy. We have to move as small a group as possible, so please follow along.

Not long after, five people, including Lee Kang-san and I, set out on a mission. And when I thought I had gained some distance from the remaining tramps, I was finally able to take out the knife I had been sharpening for years in my chest.

One thing I regret is that I wasn’t able to kill Lee Kang-san at that time.

Still, it was okay. Although he could not kill Lee Kang-san, the city of users was in front of him. Since I had good memories of my time in the city, I was confident that I would finally be able to go back to the old days.

That’s what I thought until I went into the city and cut off the heads of the vagabonds I had killed.

But that was my mistake.

First of all, he was recognized for cutting off the vagrants’ heads and was able to return to the city.


-Who was that user? It looks quite familiar.

– Ah, Nam Da-eun. They say it’s called Secret Class Geomhu?

– Oh~. That traitor?

– Are you a traitor?

– I don’t know? He completed the User Academy and disappeared with the traitor Lee Kang-san. Oh, now that I think about it, should I say she’s the traitor’s concubine?

– really? So that means you are 100% stuck with a bum… . Why on earth did you come back?

The city wasn’t as warm as I thought.

In the city, Lee Kang-san was called a ‘renegade’. I was no exception. The way the ‘users’ looked at me was not much different from how they looked at Lee Kang-san.

Still, it was okay. I was confident that if I worked hard, I would be able to get rid of this label someday. So she ignored the messenger telling her to return to her tramp, and even killed the spy who delivered the messenger. It was an unspoken will to never go back.

However, getting rid of the label of ‘renegade’ was not as easy as it seemed.

– Did you hear the rumor? That person… . Aren’t you feeling anxious?

– Why are you acting alone? Isn’t there something else you’d like to do?

At some point, strange rumors began to circulate. Rumors began to spread that I was a spy for a vagabond. The word that I had switched to a disguise spread without knowing, and everyone, including users and clans, began to be wary of me.

I could instinctively sense that the tramp had leaked information about me. It was a ploy to make users distrust me and at the same time eliminate my place.

Of course, since I had a secret class called ‘Geomhoo’, there were places that occasionally reached out to me.

The man I met that day about joining the clan still remains vivid in my memory.


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– User information is acknowledged, but… . To be honest, it is true that the rumors surrounding the post-mortem examination are not good. There is strong opposition from within. well… . What should I do with this… .

– If that’s true, it’s not like there’s no way. How do you feel, Geomhu? Would you trust me?

The words were spinning, but the man’s eyes were burning ugly. It was similar to the eyes that Lee Kang-san revealed to me after revealing her true colors.

At that moment, memories of my previous misery came back, and I felt infinitely disgusted at the man in front of me. As he entered the city, the emotions he had barely buried, or rather tried to bury, exploded all at once.

Suddenly a thought occurred to me. Even though my body has moved away from being a bum, I still feel like a bum. I am influenced by vagrants, I can’t forget my memories of being a vagabond, and even users see me as a vagabond.

As a result, I was somehow able to join a clan. However, when I found out that it was a clan created somewhere to keep an eye on me, I just burst into laughter.

I thought it was the same. Nothing has changed either here or there. I barely returned to being a user, but I was also under surveillance.

It was only then that belated regret came to me.

I was too hasty. I should have waited a little longer before coming out. If I became an executive, I would have been able to know more important information about vagabonds. If I had known at least the list of spies among the users, I wouldn’t have been tied up like this.

The vagabonds were persistent and persistent. The spies spread rumors about me, restricted my activities, and did not slow down their surveillance. In the end, after my request to participate in what I thought was my last chance to participate in the ‘Vagrant Extermination Plan’ was rejected, I made up my mind.

Decided to go into hiding.

In fact, there was no alternative. There was nothing I could do in that situation, and I hated going back more than dying.

still… . We can’t continue to live like this, so let’s stay quiet and try for another opportunity. With that thought in mind, I began living a secluded life, avoiding the surveillance of tramps as much as possible.

The opportunity came faster than expected.

One day, the northern continent was abuzz with news of war. I heard news that Baek Seo-yeon, one of the vagabond executives, was taken prisoner.

I also received a new request. Ahead of the war with the West Continent and the Vagabond Allied Forces, I was able to receive a message asking me to join the eastern camp. After entering the city, the opportunity I had been longing for came.

Eventually, when I moved to the eastern camp, I was finally able to understand the situation. Baek Seo-yeon’s confession revealed all the ‘spies’ among the users. At the same time, it seems that the ‘spies’ who received orders about me confessed some of the facts as a side note.

Of course, that didn’t mean his innocence was completely proven. Most users still viewed it with suspicion. I understand. Anyway, when I was there, they probably thought I was a complete vagabond.

However, with the ‘spy’ completely hunted down, everything got better than before. No longer under surveillance, no longer restricted in behavior. Preconceptions still remained, but at least a way to change perceptions was opened. With that fact alone, I was satisfied.

To be honest, I was confused at first. When I woke up one morning, the situation surrounding me had completely resolved.

At the same time, curiosity arose. Who could it be? Who could accomplish something so easily that I couldn’t achieve no matter how hard I tried?

Who on earth brought me out of this hell?

I think it was probably from then on.

I became interested in a user named Kim Soo-hyun, the Mercenary Clan Lord.


“Honestly, when I first saw it, it was really strange. “I didn’t feel any of the disgust I felt before whenever I saw men.”

“How do you think I was?”

“that is… . How was it… .”

A cold wind passes by the tip of my nose. The corner of Nam Da-eun’s eyes curled as if it was nice to hear the sound of the trees and grasses in the garden rubbing against each other.

“I felt a sense of kinship.”


“Yes, sameness. Eyes filled with deep hurt and deep sadness. That’s exactly how they looked at me. “It was definitely my first time seeing it, but it was a look that somehow felt unfamiliar.”

‘So, are you saying that I am also a user who has similar wounds and sadness as Nam Da-eun?’

Nam Da-eun glanced back at me. Then she raised her infinitely serious eyes and quietly opened her mouth.

“Suhyun probably thought it was strange. “Then when I saw her in Princica, she was like a girl I was seeing for the first time and kept staring at me.”

If this is your first meeting, do you mean the Goryeo Clan’s control room? He definitely looked at me at that time.

“Actually, I wanted to at least say thank you… . Strangely, I was speechless. At the same time, one question arose. “What has that person been through to have eyes like that?”

“I never dreamed you would think that. I thought he was interested in me again. haha.”

It was just a joke thrown in to stop the atmosphere from becoming infinitely more serious. However, Nam Da-eun slowly nodded her head as if what I said was correct. And she smiled softly, resting her chin on one hand.

“yes. that’s right.”

“… Oh, is that so?”

“I was curious, and I was curious again. I wanted to take a closer look at user Kim Soo-hyun, a person named Mercenary Lord. So I secretly investigated it. “I probably wouldn’t have done it if I wasn’t interested.”

I smoothed my mouth. This mouth has always been a problem. Why do things sometimes turn out differently than I intended? I thought it would be better to just let things flow rather than keep doing this.

“What impressed me the most about Suhyun was during the User Academy. Even though he took the top spot and received offers from numerous clans, he went out into the world with the kids he met during his rite of passage.”

“that… .”

“Regardless of what Soohyun thought, it seemed really cool to me. If I were one of those kids, I would probably be very happy. Because that was the dream I had when I first came to Hall Plain.”

Nam Da-eun was still smiling. She looks pretty when she smiles. She has been smiling ever since she spoke. When she told me about her past, and now.

“During the war, it was the same reason why a special team was brought in to test Su-hyeon. “I wanted to talk to you, but I just happened to have a good excuse.”

“I also remember the sparring from back then.”

“me too. It was absurd. “A user with 0 years of experience overpowered me during our first exchange, and I almost lost Seol-ah.”

“haha… .”

“And even though I didn’t believe it, I ended up losing. It’s not just that. Seol-ah suddenly goes crazy when she sees Soo-hyeon. “Do you know how embarrassed I was at that time?”

“The man I was interested in suddenly turned into a strange man.”

Nam Da-eun nodded her head with an expression that made her wonder how she knew so well. At that moment, she and I burst out laughing at the same time.


“ha ha ha!”

A burst of laughter passed by, and I felt my head gently touch my shoulder. But I’m not as nervous as before. Maybe I heard a lot from Nam Da-eun. Now, only a feeling of comfort spread throughout my body.

“I was very confused at first. Why do my eyes keep falling on this man? “What started out as simple interest later became so complicated that I couldn’t even ask myself.”

“So you started avoiding eye contact along the way?”

“yes. “It would already be complicated, but Seol-ah kept vibrating when I stood in front of it.”

“Then what about now? It’s still complicated, I’m not sure?”

A bold statement that you wouldn’t normally say. But it’s different now. My mind is calm and I feel like I can speak smoothly. Before I knew it, the initial uncomfortable feeling had disappeared, and a strange air current began to circulate between me and Nam Da-eun.

Nam Da-eun shook her head.

“no. Not now. “I had an opportunity to find out what emotions I felt at that time.”

“If it’s an opportunity… .”

“Barbara, it was at Barbara.”

Soon, I felt the head that was leaning on my shoulder slowly fall. And as if trying to take a deep breath, Nam Da-eun took in her breath with all her might.

“after. “You met with Su-hyeon after the meeting, right?”

“I did.”

“At that time, when Istantel Low Road announced in front of Soo-hyeon that they would recruit me. “I felt strangely disgusted.”

“… “It seemed like it.”

“And when Soo-hyeon said she would welcome you to Mercenary. At that time, on the contrary, I felt happy. Not gonna lie, it felt really good. Feeling such conflicting feelings, I finally… .”

At that moment, Nam Da-eun stopped speaking. And then she finally looked back at me. The soft look in his eyes looked like he was about to say something important.

I paused for a moment, but then slowly nodded my head. It was an unspoken signal that it was okay to speak up.

“Afterwards, as I participated in the siege, I continued to reflect on the emotions of that day. And I was sure.”

“… Couldn’t it be just a favor?”

Nam Da-eun shook her head and opened her mouth in a calm tone.

“I’m sure it’s beyond goodwill. Because there’s one more thing.”

They say there is one more thing. Soon, Nam Da-eun’s lips drew a soft line.

At that moment, I suddenly felt as if my breathing had stopped.

A garden with faint moonlight shining through. Even though dusk had already fallen on the ground, the reflected light flowing along the waves was shining brightly around the pond.

In a dark garden, in a brightly lit space.

“therefore… .”

Finally, Nam Da-eun opened her mouth.

“I’m excited.”

And I asked blankly.

“My heart is pounding… . “This?”

Nam Da-eun nodded her head loudly and calmly took my hand and led it to her chest. I didn’t resist. Her arms relaxed and she was led as she wanted.

Soon, I felt the soft feel of my breasts against my fingers.


At the same time, a faint vibration is transmitted through the palm of the hand.

“When I heard that I had to come to Mercantile, my heart pounded.”

Excited, Excited.

It was like that. This pounding feeling was definitely the sound of my heart pounding.

“From then on, every time I see Suhyun, every time I hear Suhyun, and every time I’m next to Suhyun. Every time that happens, my heart starts pounding and beating so hard.”

“user… . “Nam Da-eun.”

“You asked why I chose Mercantile? This is my answer. Clan Lord, and Suhyeon.”

As Nam Da-eun’s earnest confession continued, for a moment, no thoughts entered my mind. She felt like she was just a blank slate as she was experiencing this for the first time in the first and second rounds of the whole plane.

This unfamiliar feeling that I have never felt even with Hayeon or Ko Yeonju. okay. I was definitely excited right now.

I stared at Nam Da-eun from a distance. She smiled broadly again.

“How are you, Su-hyeon? Soo-hyeon, does your heart flutter when you see me?”

I lifted my remaining arm and placed my hand on my left breast to feel it.


Then little by little. Just a little bit, though.

Exciting, Exciting!

I felt my heart beating slowly getting faster. The heartbeat felt in the left hand began to become similar in speed to the heartbeat felt in the right hand.

“It wasn’t like this before.”

I swallow my saliva and continue speaking.

“I think my heart started pounding a little while ago. Strangely enough, the speed keeps getting faster.”

“It’s not strange at all. “It’s an extremely natural phenomenon.”

“… is that so?”

“Of course. “It is also a phenomenon that makes me happy.”

Nam Da-eun came closer to me again and put her face on my right shoulder. Her captivating gaze caught her attention.

“thank you. Mr. Suhyeon.”

“thanks… . “It’s long.”

I reflexively removed my hand from her chest and lifted her chin instead. Very, slightly.

Soon, Nam Da-eun raises her slender head and quietly closes her eyes. Her eyes caught the long, thin eyelashes, the pretty bridge of her nose, and her plump, pursed lips.

Gently secure the lifted chin with your thumb and index finger. And, feeling as if I was possessed, I slowly began to thrust my face in. Close your lips and close your eyes.

Soon, we felt a warm touch on our lips as our breaths mixed together. Soft, sweet closing sentence. Soon, my lips begin to tremble at the maddening sweetness that spreads throughout my body. Likewise, her lips are also trembling.

It was then.

Clink… !

A faint noise sounded from one side. As soon as I opened my eyes, I could see Nam Da-eun with the same rabbit eyes open.

We quickly fell apart and stared at the 4th floor of the main building, where we heard the noise.

“Ahaha. field… . Did you turn it on?”

Nam Da-eun’s awkward tone flowed in.



Im Hanna quickly closed the door. And she immediately turned around and leaned against the wall.


I’m out of breath. Her whole body was shaking like an aspen and her hands were clammy for no reason. And then an unknown sadness comes. Im Hanna sat down, covering her face with both hands.

“me… . Come on… .”

A self-deprecating voice flows from between beautiful lips.

Eventually, the woman leaning against the window slowly closed her eyes.

A few months ago, Lim Hanna confessed her feelings to Kim Soo-hyun and even kissed him.

However, it ended there. Since then, the relationship has not progressed one bit.

Im Hanna tried to understand. Since he is always a busy person, he might come visit me at least once when he has time. So she suppressed her fears and waited, but she didn’t even show any sign of coming to talk to her.

Eventually, I got tired of waiting and decided to bring up the story first. Since there was a festival happening right now, I decided to take advantage of this opportunity.

But was it a twist of fate?

“Can you give me some time during this festival?” or “Can I talk to you for a moment?”.

I wanted to talk. But every time I tried to talk, it was always in vain. It’s only a few words, so how can it be so difficult to say it?

Then, I thought I barely got a chance during the festival, but the sight I got to see was… . It was Kim Soo-hyun kissing another woman. It wasn’t a one-sided kiss from the woman like everyone else, but Kim Soo-hyun actively responded.

It was a scene in stark contrast to the cold response received when Im Hannah tried to kiss him in the bathhouse.

When Im Hanna recalled the scene again, she smiled bitterly.

‘Are you avoiding it on purpose?’

And then, he smiled sadly.

In fact, Im Hanna knew it too. Maybe it would be better if it was Jeong Ha-yeon or Ko Yeon-ju. The situation I just saw had nothing to do with me. Because he didn’t have any relationship with Kim Soo-hyun yet.

‘Well, I’m a bad bitch too.’

Also, it was difficult to see Im Hanna in a good position. Next to Kim Soo-hyun were already Jeong Ha-yeon and Ko Yeon-joo. And she was trying to get through it. From their point of view, she and Im Hanna were in a position where they had nothing to say.

But still, why do I feel so sad and sad?


Im Hanna sighed deeply. Then she suddenly turned her head and stared out her window. Before we knew it, no one could be seen around the pond. Her man and woman had already left there.

“I guess I should clean it up… .”

Im Hanna slowly stood up. On the terrace, broken bottle pieces and spilled liquid were spread all over the floor.

Trespassing is also a clear example, and Kim Soo-hyun, who likes neat things, would definitely hate it if he saw it. Thinking like that, Hannah helplessly took off her top. She didn’t have the strength to go down to the first floor to get the cloth.


Whiiiiing, whiiiiing.

As I opened the door and stepped out onto the terrace, I was hit with a harsh cold that felt like biting my skin. Immediately, Hanna Lim quietly knelt down and began mopping the floor with her neatly folded clothes.

Sigh… Okay… .

As I collected the pieces and swept my hands, my clean clothes instantly turned purple. I felt small pieces poking my skin here and there, but it didn’t hurt.

Im Hanna concentrated on cleaning and cleaning without thinking.

Then, at some point.


“uh… .”

A small drop of water fell on the top of the clothes that had not yet been wet with liquid, creating a stain.

Tuk, knock.

“uh… ?”

The stains kept increasing. From one to two, from two to three, from three to four. And so on.

Only then did Lim Hanna realize that she was crying.

“ha ha ha… . ha ha ha… . Black… .”

The cold wind blew once again and hit Im Hanna’s whole body. She trembled and turned her clothes inside out. She then placed her hand on the liquid and flaky side.

“Well… . Black… . Black… .”

Crying out loud in case I got caught, I carefully started mopping again.

It was then.


The terrace door opened, and someone came in.

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