MEMORIZE Chapter 416

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00416 8. The user I wanted the most (3/3). ————————————————– ———————-=

Finally, the vampire’s owner appeared. It was effective to hang it publicly in a square where users frequented it the most. My heart fluttered with excitement at the thought of finally being able to see ‘her woman’.

‘What is this lady’s personality… . ‘How can she get her mind to move?’

Suddenly, a worry occurred to me. We’re holding a vampire hostage, and we have a cause. However, there is nothing to bow down to, but considering the other party’s position, it was a sensitive case to mess with. This is because the direction of solving the problem is ‘employment’ rather than ‘material compensation’.

‘It’s true that you have to take advantage of the situation, but you shouldn’t be lazy.’

So, rather than lashing out, it would be better to treat them with some formality and courtesy. However, like Nam Da-eun, there is a possibility that unexpected variables may occur… .

‘no. There’s no way she would do that.’

Anyway, I thought it would be better to look at user information and make a decision.

Eventually, while I was waiting, the thought of ‘her’ came to mind.

In fact, there were truly many talented people under Yoo Hyeon-ah. In fact, she boasted of her best squad, with four of the top 10 players in her prime being under Yoo Hyeon-ah.

Among them, there was only one user whom I really thought highly of. It is not ‘God of War’ Cha Seung-hyeon, ‘Crazy Bitch’ Band Da-hee, or a user with 101 magic power points.

It was Cha So-rim from ‘Flashlight’.

A user who supported Yoo Hyeon-ah with unwavering loyalty and had excellent spear skills like a ghost. He had good skills, but above all, he was an unprecedented user who had accumulated a record of being ‘undefeated’ in official battles.

Cha So-rim’s end was clean in its own way as she was executed by the ‘Iron-Blooded Queen’. Although she was caught in vain due to Yoo Hyeon-ah’s error in judgment, Han So-young, who respected her wishes, did not taint Cha So-rim’s final days.

‘Han So-young was also very disappointed when he was executed.’

Soyoung Han’s special ability, Cocked Pistol. Did he die surrounded by the Queen’s Army?

At that time, I suddenly heard the sound of footsteps walking down the hallway. As I was reminiscing about Cha So-rim’s final days, I suddenly stopped thinking. It didn’t take as long to wait as I thought.

Soon, I heard a light knocking sound and saw the door swing open.

“I brought you. Clan Lord.”

Ye’s blunt tone was heard, and Seon Yuyun appeared first. I smiled slightly and nodded her head slightly. Although it was not completely visible due to his body, I could tell that someone was standing there.

“Is the person behind you the owner of the vampires?”


“okay… . Thank you for your hard work. “I want to talk to you just the two of us now, so could you please leave?”

Seon Yu-un nodded his head as if he understood, and then quietly took a few steps back.

Soon the door was closed again, and only she and I were left in the office. Trying to look gentle, I pointed to the table in front of me.

“This is Mercenary Lord Kim Soo-hyun.”

“… This is Cha So-rim, a 3-year user. Thank you for allowing me to visit.”

Eventually, as I got closer, the moment I heard her name, a flash of light came to mind.

After a while, Cha So-rim sat down and I immediately opened my mouth.

“From what I heard, it appears that this incident was a solo act of the vampire.”

“yes. “I did not give any specific instructions.”

Stiff tone of voice. When I see the tone that ends in ‘da.’, a woman suddenly comes to mind. Did she say No Yumi? She was quite an interesting woman.

I immediately let go of the trivial thoughts and quietly opened my mouth.

“Still, the reason you came here… . We will assume that you are willing to resolve the issue.”

Cha So-rim nodded with a natural expression. Confident but not arrogant, and not servile either. Rather, I smiled to myself at her mature personality. And I looked closely at Cha So-rim.

The first thing I noticed was that the skin was so white and transparent that not a single blemish could be seen. The jet-black eyes that settle quietly beneath the slightly thick eyebrows add a smart look to the elegant features. Below that, the beautifully raised nose bridge and plump light pink lips also stand out.

The hair covering her slim face was long and straight with a nice texture. It was a common hairstyle that could be seen as a symbol of innocence and cuteness, but compared to Cha So-rim’s upright attitude, it did not give the impression of weakness. It was not a sad look that aroused sympathy, but rather a clean and strong beauty.

When I saw Cha So-rim’s neat appearance, I felt happy. I wondered what would happen if I was disappointed like when I watched ‘Invincible’, but it was because it was just as I remembered it.

‘It’s like this… . It’s hard to show that you’re sick.’

In other words, it was proof that Cha So-rim’s self-management was excellent. I also liked that there was no ‘pretending’. If he had deliberately revealed that he was in pain, he would have been very disappointed, but the straight attitude in his eyes showed his natural rigidity and calmness.

Did he feel awkward after not speaking for a while? She blinked her double-lidded eyes and opened her mouth in a calm voice.

“I heard the story. Mercenary Road. “How do I apologize for my colleague’s actions?”

“colleague? I heard it was a master-slave relationship… . Anyway, I’m curious what user Cha So-rim thinks about this incident.”

“Is there anything else to think about? This is a clear oversight that was not managed. It’s just an unspoken feeling. “Even if I had ten mouths, I would have nothing to say.”

He seemed to think for a moment and then lowered his head with difficulty. As if it is not a lie to say that I am physically uncomfortable, I sometimes notice the unnaturalness that appears in even simple actions.

“I will accept the punishment… . Still, if you have a shameless wish, I just hope that your life will be preserved.”

I quietly nodded at the tone of voice saying that I would wait for disposition. And with the thought that I should now get to work, I activated my third eye.

< User Information (Player Status) >

1. Name: Cha So-rim (3rd year)

2. Class: Normal, Lancer, Master

3. Nation: Barbara

4. Organization (Clan): –

5. Jinmyeong • Nationality: Quiet Hunter • Republic of Korea

6. Sex: Female (24)

7. Height • Weight: 170.7cm • 49.8kg

8. Tendency: Lawful • Belief

[Strength 89] [Durability 83] [Dexterity 95] [Stamina 88] [Magic Power 91] [Luck 77]

(The remaining ability is 2 points.)

(The lich’s mental attack has taken a serious toll on his soul. He is currently in a significant state, and if time passes, his life may be in danger.)

‘Remaining ability score is 2 points?’

I took a short breath while looking at Cha So-rim’s user information. Aside from the level, it was surprising that he still had some remaining abilities. It occurred to me that she was probably not taking her user information lightly and was researching it deeply.

Is it because I thought positively from the beginning? I felt like I liked Cha So-rim more and more.

“User Cha So-rim. “You said you would be punished, but the situation is not that simple.”

“… yes.”

“The items that the vampires tried to take away are items that require the utmost secrecy on our part. In other words, it is an object that has no benefit whatsoever from being known to the world. Do you know what that’s like?”

“I didn’t hear it clearly, but… . “I can roughly guess.”

Cha So-rim answered honestly. She said she had been searching for the elixir all this while, so there’s no way she wouldn’t know.

“The important thing is that the vampire succeeded in breaking into the warehouse and even brought out the elixir. “This is precisely what concerns me.”


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“He is a resident, so he is affected by the contract. I will renew the contract right away… .”

“Then we will find out at the temple.”

“… okay.”

“Also, it must be said that user Cha So-rim is now aware of the situation. User Cha So-rim? “Our current position is extremely difficult to limit this incident to a simple theft issue.”

Although he went on at length, what he meant was that he couldn’t deal kindly with you who found out about Mercenary’s secret.

As Cha So-rim went on, she became quieter. It looks like he has nothing to say even on his own. This was not a problem that could be solved with simple compensation. If I were in her shoes, I’d probably be cursing that the situation had gone sour.

“then… . What on earth should I do? “I just can’t figure it out.”

“The best way to maintain secrecy would be execution. “Can I and my clan members really trust you two?”

I answered immediately. At that moment, a dark shadow passed over Cha So-rim’s face.

‘I guess I’ll have to stop feeling guilty.’

No matter how true it may be, if you keep pushing it, there is a high possibility that there will be animosity. Now was the time to secretly open a way to live.

“Of course, I understand user Cha So-rim’s position. “This is something you did not order, so it will be very unfair.”

“no. Although my heart feels tight… . It is an unavoidable reality. “I have no intention of escaping.”

“… hmm. It seems like you care a lot about that vampire. If only he were a monster… .”

In fact, it doesn’t matter if you dispose of the vampire right away, but Cha So-rim was a slightly complicated case. She said she was going to take responsibility for it, so she was screwed, it wasn’t something she ordered, and I would have been pretty embarrassed if she had stretched out.

When he said this with the intention of giving it a sneak peek, Cha So-rim laughed bitterly.

“At first, it was burdensome and I didn’t understand why they were blindly chasing me. But one way or another, he is a colleague who really likes and follows me. And he is the only one who stood by my side when I was having a hard time. “I signed a contract, but I think of him as a friend, not a slave.”

Since he is definitely an icon of loyalty, the answer was as expected.

Cha So-rim continued.

“Merchantry Lord. Please. As I said before, my only request is that my life be preserved. “For that, I will endure any punishment.”

“hmm… .”

Cha So-rim nods once again.

I tapped the table. Then, while pretending to be deep in thought, he quietly opened his mouth.

“I also don’t want to use extreme measures.”

Cha So-rim’s head slowly rose as if she felt that a path was about to open.

“At first, I thought about execution, but… . Seeing user Cha So-rim’s posture breaks my heart. I wouldn’t have noticed if I saw you trying to shift responsibility or extend the blame even a little, but you showed serious thought about the problem and your will to solve it. To be honest, I have a crush on you. No, it happened a little while ago.”

“yes? ah… . Okay, thank you.”

For the first time, Cha So-rim’s face changed. For some reason, he looked like he didn’t know what to do. It seems like he was a bit taken aback by the direct way of speaking that he seemed to like. Still, seeing that my complexion has brightened slightly, I don’t think I feel bad.

“is it so. If you think about it, even if you don’t have to commit murder, you may be able to find another way. Of course, there must be the consent of the user Cha So-rim.”

“How is that?”

I grinned at Cha So-rim, who asked back with a smile. Then she quietly lifted her finger and pointed at her.

“It’s you.”


“User Cha So-rim. “I want you.”

It was something I said because I thought it was a word of conversion. However, Cha So-rim’s attitude suddenly became rigid. Then, a disappointment that could not be hidden appeared in his calm eyes.

‘Why are you doing that?’

I tilted my head. This is because, given Cha So-rim’s personality, she thought the best way to gain trust was to reveal her honest feelings rather than trying to guess things here and there. So I deliberately told her that I liked her, but her reaction wasn’t what I expected.

“You don’t like it?”

Cha So-rim did not answer right away. A face that is quietly lost in thought. Then she suddenly clenched her fists and opened her mouth in a trembling voice.

“Merchantry Lord. Hello… . Is that what you want?”

“Excluding the killer planthopper, there is only one method that comes to mind.”

That’s what it means to be part of the same family.

Cha So-rim closes her eyes tightly at my affirmative answer. And even trembled. He seemed to feel very ashamed of something.

‘Are we such a bad clan?’

Still, it was viewed favorably. As I was about to bite her lip, feeling a little disappointed, I heard Cha So-rim sigh deeply.

“After a while. I understand what Mercenary Lord means. If that’s the only way… . I will accept it. “I really think I’m not good enough, but please take good care of me.”

Then he opened his eyes and stared at me with sad eyes.

“Then… . how much… . Well, that… . Should I?”

Finally permission was given. I don’t know what I should do, but anyway, I calmly got up, thinking that I had caught half of it. Then Cha So-rim starts shaking.

I was deep in thought.

My consent was obtained. However, Cha So-rim’s membership was not a matter that would end with a simple announcement like the previous ones. There is a way to just sign up like this, but if a problem like this arises, the best way is to resolve it in advance. Only then will we be able to prevent discord that may arise in the future.

Therefore, we need to pinpoint the issues related to the previous incident and listen to the opinions of clan members. And if an opposing opinion arises, persuasion procedures must be taken.

I calmly opened my mouth.

“well. This time, it’s not a matter for me to decide alone. We also need to listen to the opinions of our clan members.”

“… yes?”

“The meeting won’t take long. So, could you please wait in the parlor for a moment?”

“to… . to?”

“… Why is that? Even if it’s uncomfortable somewhere?”

“ah… . ah! “Ah, ah, ah, no!”

Cha So-rim looked at me distantly with a blank face. That blank face felt quite unfamiliar, but I calmly took out the call box.

First of all, I was thinking of holding a meeting.

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