MEMORIZE Chapter 411

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00411 6. 101(4/4) ————————– ——————————-=

The sound of something exploding was loud, but the screaming was relatively weak. This meant that there was some distance from the scene.

“What is this… !”

I was dazed for a moment. Go Yeon-ju’s face immediately looked back at me, and his expression was noticeably calmer than before.

“Su-hyun. “I feel like something exploded.”

“Let’s go out. ah. “User Park Hyeon-woo, please wait here for a moment.”

Park Hyeon-woo nodded as if he understood. And then Go Yeon-ju and I quickly walked out the door.

“Can you guess where I heard it?”

“I’m tracking it now… . “It’s not that far.”

Go Yeon-ju’s walking speed gradually begins to speed up. So I also increased my speed and matched her pace, and we passed through her hallway in an instant.

Did I walk quickly like that for about 2 minutes? Finding the site wasn’t that difficult. We concentrated on walking without saying a word, and when we reached the first floor of the second annex (instructor-only accommodation), we found a place where people were gathered.

“What’s going on?”

“Choi, Instructor Chong! “We’re in big trouble!”

As if someone recognized Go Yeon-ju, he made a fuss and shouted.

I quickly looked around, chasing Go Yeonju who was soon wandering inside. I don’t see anything particularly strange. All that can be seen is the shocked faces of the users gathered around.

In fact, in the world called Hol Plain, dying is not such a big deal. You can simply die in a fight, you can die while going on an expedition, or you can die during a war.


What is special about this world and this situation?

This is the ‘User Academy’. Since there is basically no chance of death of users or trainees, the current situation could definitely be considered unexpected.

Eventually, I went inside through the crowd of users and was able to see the exact scene.

The first thing I saw was a grotesque corpse, charred and burned to pieces. And three users were gathered around the body.

“You son of a bitch! “What on earth have you done!”

“Well, I didn’t kill him! “I didn’t kill him!”

“Shut up! you! “You played a trick on Seonghun!”

“It’s unfair! What a masterpiece! “That’s why I warned you so much in the first place!”

“Do not lie! Well, then why is that woman… !”

A woman with a face full of tears grabs a man’s collar and shakes him, and a man who doesn’t know what to do and complains of his injustice. And she is another woman who, although not hidden by the two, seems to be trying to stop them.

It was then.

“Everyone stop!”

A loud voice full of magical power shook the first floor. The sound waves were so powerful that users nearby frowned.

The identity, of course, was Ko Yeon-joo. She looked around her with an expressionless face and quietly opened her mouth to the gathered users.

“You three there, get away.”

The woman holding him by the collar also looked to the side with a trembling head as if she recognized Go Yeon-ju. Her tears are clearly visible on her cheeks and her eyes are still bright. The woman seemed to be so upset that her face was distorted.

“Choi, Instructor Chong! but… !”

“I told you to get off. “Can’t you hear me?”

Go Yeon-ju’s voice changed completely, as if he was quite irritated. There was still no facial expression, but the tone was full of irritation.

The woman seemed to have felt it too and appeared to be shocked for a moment. She then reluctantly begins to slowly let go of her hand that was holding her man’s collar.

Soon the two took a few steps back in opposite directions, but the woman was still glaring at the man as if he were going to kill him.


Go Yeon-ju let out a short sigh, then looked back at me and said.

“Su-hyun. “I think I need to take a moment to assess the situation.”

“The chief instructor here is Ko Yeon-ju. I am just a guest. “The authority lies solely with Go Yeon-ju.”

This meant that from now on, there would be no need to ask for permission one by one. Go Yeon-ju nodded, shook his head, and calmly approached the scene.

Eventually, I activated my third eye as I saw her bending down in front of the corpse. It wasn’t that I had any other intention, I just wanted to provide at least a little help.

So, the first thing I did was stare at the three people who were breathing heavily.

『User Gong Chan-ho.』

『User Seong Hayan.』

『User: Minhee Kim.』


A name that is somewhat familiar to the eye. As I craned my head to the side with a growing sense of doubt, I saw a pure white thing hidden behind the man… .

No, just a moment. what?

“Gong Chan-ho?”

“Yes, yes?”

When I called his name, the man who had been absentmindedly stroking his neck turned to me.

And at that moment, I felt my heart stop.

Eyes full of melancholy under thick eyebrows reminiscent of song chung. But that didn’t mean his face looked blank. Looking at his distinct features and the scar on his cheek, he gave a rather sharp and warlike impression.

Our eyes meet and various messages float through the air. I stared into space, feeling my chin tremble.

< User Information (Player Status) >

1. Name: Gong Chan-ho (3rd year)

2. Class: Normal, Lancer, Master

3. Nation: Barbara

4. Organization (Clan): –

5. True Name • Nationality: Master of Surama Spear (壽拏魔槍) • Republic of Korea

6. Sex: Male (34)

7. Height • Weight: 191.3cm • 94.7kg

8. Tendency: Safety • Belief

[Strength 101(+6)] [Durability 85] [Dexterity 87] [Stamina 91(+2)] [Magic Power 78] [Luck 72]

< Comparison of abilities >


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1. Kim Soo-hyun: 564/ 600~

[Strength 96(+2)] [Durability 92] [Dexterity 98] [Stamina 92(+2)] [Magic Power 96] [Luck 90(+2)]

2. Gong Chan-ho: 514/ 600~

(The remaining ability points are 0 points.)

[Strength 101(+6)] [Durability 85] [Dexterity 87] [Stamina 91(+2)] [Magic Power 78] [Luck 72]

‘… Gong Chan-ho!’

It also tells you your name, true name, and abilities.

okay. The user information window I am currently looking at was announcing the appearance of Gong Chan-ho, a user with a strength level of 101.

‘No words… . no… .’

Eventually, I stared blankly at Gong Chan-ho, who was looking at me from afar, without thinking anything. And that too for a while.


Now that the Golden Lion has fallen, there are ‘instructors’ and ‘trainees’ from various clans in the current user academy. Then, if any problem occurs, the ‘instructor’ must take responsibility.

However, responsibility in this situation does not mean responsibility for everything. Responsibility for the problem itself lies with the perpetrator and the victim to be resolved, and the instructor only reveals and announces the truth of the incident.

In that sense, Ko Yeon-ju can be said to be unlucky. Her title is ‘General Instructor.’ What she meant by this was that the late Yeonju had an obligation to reveal and announce the truth of the current incident.

“After a while… .”

30 minutes have passed since we arrived at the scene. Ko Yeon-ju must have finally figured out the situation and exhaled with a troubled expression on her face.

I looked at Gong Chan-ho for a while and Sung Ha-yan next to me, comforting me that everything was okay, and then suddenly I turned my head.

“How is it?”

“well… . It is difficult to see it as murder. “I think the death will probably be determined to be due to negligence.”

The incident was like this. To summarize briefly without going into detail… .

Gong Chan-ho was recognized for his achievement in recapturing the Mule in this war and was able to join the User Academy as an instructor. And today he called his trainee, Seong Hayan, for an interview.

It is said that on his way back from the interview, he met two instructors with whom he had become close friends at the academy. The two people were the deceased, Kang Seong-hoon, and the victim, Kim Min-hee.

This is where the problem arose.

Kang Seong-hoon was curious about the weapon that Gong Chan-ho usually carries. Normally, it is nothing more than a long stick with a dark red glow, but the moment magical power is applied, its appearance changes significantly, which is said to be of deep curiosity.

It is said that Kang Seong-hoon repeatedly asked if he could take a look, but Gong Chan-ho continued to refuse, saying that he could get hurt if someone other than the owner touched it.

However, Kang Sung-hoon said that while Gong Chan-ho was dropping off Sung Ha-yan, she said, “Wow. “This is so heavy,” she said, and found him holding his weapon, the ‘Sura Magic Spear’.

So, as soon as he saw Sung Ha-yan, he thought that Gong Chan-ho had lied.

So, despite Gong Chan-ho’s restraint, he forcibly touched the ‘Surama Spear’ on the spot, and as a result, there was a huge backlash effect, and his entire body exploded and he died.

“I think so too.”

Having heard the story to some extent from the side, I also agreed with Go Yeon-ju’s opinion. However, the victim immediately raised his eyes and raised his voice as if this was not the case.

“Instructor Chong! That’s not it! Are you believing what that bastard says now?”

“I didn’t say the truth was revealed. “That means there is a high possibility of that happening.”

The woman gaped at the euphemistic answer. Go Yeon-ju pressed her forehead once or twice and continued her words softly.

“It’s still ambiguous. Did you say Kim Min-hee? Where are you, clan?”

“yes yes! “It’s a gathering of giants.”

“A gathering of giants? Anyway, come with me now, fill out a record and contact the clan right away. And if you’re willing to use the Crystal of Truth… . “You know what I mean, right?”

In fact, Ko Yeon-ju has already expressed her opinion. If this continues, there is a high possibility that a ‘death due to negligence’ judgment will be made, so if you want to be more certain, you should bring a ‘correction of truth’.

The woman paused for a moment, but then nodded her head hesitantly. Perhaps there is no ‘correction of truth’ or there is not enough power to obtain it.

However, since that was not his business, Ko Yeon-ju ordered the crowd of onlookers to disperse.

“There’s nothing more to see, so everyone please return to your seats. In addition, instructors are to preserve the scene as much as possible and wait until further instructions are given. and… .”

Soon, Go Yeon-ju looked back at Gong Chan-ho and Seong Ha-yan and looked a little worried. And at that moment, I quickly gave her a glance.

Did he get my signal? Go Yeon-ju tilted her head, but then came towards me and whispered secretly.

“Su-hyun. why?”

“Let me help you.”

“yes? There’s no need for that… .”

“It’s because there’s something I want to find out. “All you have to do is prepare a space for a moment.”

Go Yeon-ju looked at me blankly and nodded. And he looked at the two standing hesitantly and said.

“You two. After user Kim Min-hee and the witness’ statements, it’s their turn. “I’ll leave right after it’s over, so please stay with me for a while.”

“why? “What are you going to do if you run away?”

Kim Min-hee’s point was quite natural, but Ko Yeon-ju responded leisurely.

“He can’t talk because he’s with you. And don’t worry about running away. “He will be watching closely.”

“Who the hell is that?”

“My clan lord.”

“… yes?”

“My name is Mercenary Lord.”

The moment Ko Yeon-joo revealed my identity, faint exclamations came from all over. Perhaps my fame had spread to some degree after the war.

I slowly walked towards Gong Chan-ho and Sung Ha-yan. Then, facing Kim Min-hee, who was giving me a new look, I quietly opened my mouth.

“I will be keeping a good watch on you, so you don’t have to worry.”

“… all right. But you wait and see. “It won’t end like this.”

Kim Min-hee still seemed dissatisfied, but soon reluctantly nodded. Still, she shot Gong Chan-ho a look of resentment, making him flinch. It appears that he had a special relationship with the deceased Kang Seong-hoon.

“Then everyone disperse.”

Eventually, when Go Yeon-ju’s instructions were given, it was felt that the onlookers were scattering. Then I walked up to the two of them and spoke to the man whose face was still stiff.

“User Gong Chan-ho. “Would you like to talk for a moment?”

“ah… . yes… . All right.”

Gong Chan-ho scratched his head and timidly nodded. Looking at that, I couldn’t help but tilt my head. This is because there was a huge difference between this appearance and the appearance of ‘Invincible’ Gong Chan-ho that I remember.

‘Why are you here now… . How did you already meet Seong Hayan? Could it be that you two have already met?’

When I first saw it, I thought Seong Hayan was on hold. However, his mind became confused for a moment due to the unexpected appearance of Gong Chan-ho.

Anyway, I had more than one question, so I decided to move to a quiet place.

As I walked toward the entrance, I stared at the Surama Spear with my third eye.

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