MEMORIZE Chapter 409

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the next day.

After checking the list given by Go Yeon-ju, I put everything aside and moved to Barbara. There was only one reason.

“Welcome to the User Academy.”

“If you are involved, please state your name and clan affiliation.”

That’s because I needed to visit the User Academy.

I calmly opened my mouth.

“This is Mercenary Clan Lord Kim Soo-hyun.”

“Merchantry Clan… . We have confirmed that this is the participating clan. “Is the purpose of your visit promotional?”

“There are no major promotional plans yet. “I’m here to see if there are any new users worth scouting.”

“Scouting and inspection. All right. “The instructor is next to you, so I won’t tell you anything else.”

‘Chief instructor?’

When I looked to the side to see what he was talking about, Go Yeon-ju narrowed his eyes. It was my first time hearing about being a general instructor, but it seemed like a newly created position.

Eventually, I passed the user bowing his head and entered the academy.

‘… Holy white.’

The name Hayan on the first page of the list is a name that remains quite strongly in my mind. Of course, there is a possibility that it is the same person as the user you remember.

But still, I chose to check for myself. Last names are common, but white names are probably not common.

‘It’s not that difficult to see once.’

I slowly looked away, trying to control my heart that was pounding for no reason. Familiar buildings around me caught my eye. It still retains its old appearance, but did you say that the academy will soon be renovated?

As I was walking and thinking about the past, Go Yeon-ju quietly spoke to me.

“Oops… . Su-hyun. Now that I think about it, there’s something I forgot to say.”


“Lee Hyo-eul is here now. no. “I have been living and working here since the academy opened.”

‘Lee Hyo-eul?’

Lee Hyo-eul is the guardian of the northern continent. He was a user who had to hide his appearance as much as possible due to his job. Because I couldn’t understand why such a being was in such an obvious place, I tilted my head for a moment.

Soon, Go Yeon-ju’s words continued.

“She wants to meet Su-hyeon.”


“yes. I’m not sure why… . Well, I guess I have something to see personally. Anyway, why don’t you take a look after Suhyeon finishes his business? One way or another, she owed her her debt.”

It’s a debt. At that moment, I remembered the second request I made to Ko Yeon-ju.

‘That’s not entirely wrong.’

So I nodded my head and calmly organized my thoughts.

In any case, the most important thing to do is to check Seong Hayan’s user information. After that, it was time to check out other new users and find Lee Hyo-eul.

“Then where would you like to go first?”

“First of all, melee class. “Among them, I would like to see which class the prosecutor belongs to.”

I answered right away. When I looked at the list, the class Seong Hayan belonged to was class 1. I remember her as a woman who used a sword, so she was probably classified as a melee type.

Go Yeon-ju blinked two or three times, tilted her head, and asked.

“test? Are you planning to recruit a melee class?”

“just… . Do you want to do both?”

The uncertain look on her face was still there, but she soon moved her head.

“Hmm. “I will guide you.”

Soon, Go Yeon-ju was walking briskly, and I began to quietly follow him.

A little while later, surprisingly, the place where Ko Yeon-ju guided me was not the lodgings, but the academy auditorium. Because it was the weekend, she thought there would be no training, but unexpectedly it was packed with trainees (new users).

Of course, there are cases where training is held on weekends due to certain circumstances. However, considering that the academy is currently in its early stages of activation, it was a situation that felt relatively unfamiliar.


I looked inside, preparing to activate my third eye.

“this. “I guess it’s a joint class today.”

There were more than three hundred people gathered inside the auditorium. As Go Yeon-ju said, it seemed like all the melee classes were gathered together. Judging by the occasional dozing of trainees, it appears that it is probably a history or spiritual education class.

It was then.

Just as I was about to check each person from the left row, the instructor who was in the middle of teaching came out and looked at Ko Yeon-ju. He was so openly looking inside that he might have thought it strange.

The instructor’s eyes widened for a moment and he immediately stopped the lecture. Soon, I heard the door open and saw the instructor coming out.

“First, Instructor General. What’s going on here… .”

“ah. Just keep going. “I came to observe for a while with the clan lord.”

“If you are a clan lord… . ah. Are you by any chance Lord Mercenary?”

I nodded my head in agreement.

“nice to see you. “My name is Kim Hyeon-woo, a member of the Holy Clan.”

“This is Mercenary Clan Lord Kim Soo-hyun.”

A clan you’ve never heard of, and a name you’ve never heard of. I was greeted politely.

The instructor looked at me blankly for a while and then opened his mouth with a sad expression on his face.

“When you say visit, do you mean you came for publicity purposes?”

“It’s not publicity. “I guess it’s just a bit of exploration today.”

“aha. Then please come inside. “We will prepare a place for you.”


When I turned to Go Yeon-ju to ask if that would be okay, he shrugged his shoulders as if telling me to do whatever I wanted. So I decided to go inside and take a closer look.

“Then please excuse me.”

“haha. it’s okay. “It’s not something that happens once or twice.”

“I’ll just quietly observe and leave, so you can continue the lecture.”

After a while. Ko Yeon-ju and I followed Kim Hyun-woo into the auditorium, and at the same time, we were able to receive attention from numerous trainees. And it was that moment.


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“Hwiik~! “Hwiik~!”

“Wow~! Play sister!”

The male trainees erupted in enthusiastic cheers. For a moment, I couldn’t understand what was happening, but when I saw Go Yeon-ju, I immediately understood.

Ko Yeon-joo was performing a performance by kissing his hand and blowing a blow to the cheering trainees. In addition, he even blinks one eye.

“Su-hyun. “I have steadily built up Mercenary’s reputation, right?”

… I know what you mean. Regardless of whether it is good or bad, this can also be a method. I also had a case where I assigned a handsome man or woman as a life instructor.

‘It may have only been recognized among men.’

I smiled bitterly and opened my mouth quietly.

“High user performance. I’m training. Please refrain from any behavior that disrupts the lecture.”

“Oh, no. it’s okay. I was dozing off most of the time anyway. “It would be nice if I could at least wake up.”

Kim Hyun-woo smiled and shook his head as if it was okay, and Ko Yeon-ju also crossed his arms and showed off his charm.

“Ho Ho. all right. “I will stay quiet.”

Anyway, the instructor said it was okay, but I couldn’t push it any further, so I looked at the trainees in the auditorium.

Eventually, the instructor walked to the podium, banged on the desk to draw attention, and opened his mouth in a high voice.

“Everyone be quiet. “I will start the lecture again.”

Still, as faint cheers came out, he continued speaking once more.

“Two important officials are here now to observe. As everyone knows, one is the instructor, and the other is Mercenary Clan Lord Kim Soo-hyun, who has the instructor as a clan member.”

At that moment, the commotion subsided in an instant. She looked around at the audience that had finally become quiet and smiled as if she was satisfied.

“I’ve probably told you this many times. If trainees want to get off to a better start after graduation… .”

The cliche stories continued and I could feel the trainees’ eyes looking at me again. It’s obvious you’re thinking. Anyway, whatever, I activated my third eye and looked around the auditorium.

『Seo Yun-hee』

『Park Tae-jun』

『Goo Bon-kyung』

『An Boram』

… … … … .

『Holy White』


And at some point, I was able to find the name I wanted. It wasn’t that difficult to find. Should I say that my eyes were automatically drawn to the center?

I stared straight at a woman buried in the center of the crowd of users. Coincidentally, the woman was also looking at me, so our eyes met.

Silly eyes that don’t show a single speck. The jet-black hair flowing down her cheeks stood out, and her skin was so white that it reminded me of white snow. The long, thin neck and small shoulders look so serene as if they would ripple if touched.

The gaze was also subtle. At first glance, it seemed like he was looking at me, but his gaze was so mysterious that it felt like he wasn’t looking at me.

When I got there, I suddenly felt it. The fact that the Seong Hayan I see now is the same person as the Seong Hayan I remember.

< User Information (Player Status) >

1. Name: Seong Hayan (Year 0)

2. Class: Normal, Sword User, Beginner

3. Nation: –

4. Organization (Clan): –

5. True Name • Nationality: Snow On The Branches • Republic of Korea

6. Sex: Female (20)

7. Height • Weight: 165.5cm • 42.5kg

8. Tendency: Incision • Fidelity

[Strength 36] [Durability 42] [Dexterity 55] [Stamina 31] [Magic Power 47] [Luck 58]

(The remaining ability points are 0 points.)

‘She is a woman of integrity.’

While holding my tongue, I once again looked closely at the user information.

‘… … .’

But I don’t see anything strange. At least Jinmyeong’s ‘Snow On The Branches’ caught my eye, but that was it. His abilities were just okay.

I looked carefully and looked closely, but I couldn’t see anything unusual anymore. With a sigh, I turned my third eye to deactivated.

And I remembered what ‘he’ said during the first round.

‘She is the only woman who can accept me.’

Holy white. In her first round, she was a woman whom ‘he’ cared more than her own life, and who was also her lover. She doesn’t think they are just lovers, but I think their relationship is very deep. To put it mildly, their love story, which was revealed after ‘him’ death, spread throughout the northern continent.

then. To be honest, I would be lying if I said I wasn’t disappointed. She thought she was a woman with something special because he cared and protected her so much, but she was just a user with nothing special about her.

‘Seong Hayan… . ‘Hold it for now.’

After tasting once or twice, I motioned to Go Yeon-ju to go out. I was planning to put Seong Hayan on hold for now, assuming that the future may have changed. Since there’s nothing you can do until you complete the course anyway, it’s better to resolve the second request, which is an advantage you can take now.

After leaving the auditorium, Go Yeon-ju looked at me and asked me how I felt, but I responded by shaking my head. You would have to check each and every one with your third eye to find out, but apart from Seong Hayan, there was no trainee who had any special feelings.

“Su-hyun. So where should we go next? Wizard? Priests?”

I shook my head again as Go Yeon-ju asked again.

“no. “I will leave the trainees to look around.”

“yes? “You’re stopping here?”

“yes. “There is still a lot of time left.”

“Hmm. “It’s a big deal.”

Go Yeon-ju tilts her head. I can understand how she feels. As she is a woman with good sense, she must know that there is something I am aiming for. I don’t know if I could say it in a cool way, but she might have thought it strange to see her wandering around so meaninglessly.

But since I couldn’t tell the whole truth, I just smiled bitterly.

‘are you okay… . I thought it would be difficult to recruit Gong Chan-ho anyway.’

But still, the reason I found Seong Hayan was because I still had lingering feelings about the 101 ability level?

Gong Chan-ho. Thinking of the name of the user with the Strength 101 ability, I quietly opened my mouth.

“Go Yeon-ju. “What happened to your request for Park Hyeon-woo?”

“It’s just like I said. I’ve already finished the conversation and received Lee Hyo-eul’s permission. “But he wants to talk to the clan lord.”

“okay. “Did you say they are currently in a POW camp with you?”

“yes. But before that, how about looking for Lee Hyo-eul?”

I thought for a moment and then nodded.

“Let’s do that.”

Soon, I began to slowly walk down the hallway, guided by Go Yeon-ju.

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